Alright! Chapter 2 Time!

Chapter 2: Islands of Destiny

Am I dead? Did I hit my head hard and die? I couldn't tell for sure if I was alive, but I felt like I was laying in a void of darkness. My senses were out of control to the slightest sounds, even though there wasn't a sound in this place. That was, until I heard footsteps. That's when the darkness started to fade. I felt myself laying against a cold floor, maybe made of solid rock. It was getting slightly brighter, and my nose twitched in the humid yet stuffy air. Judging by these elements, I inferred that I was in a cave of sorts.

"...S...y...! ...Sl...!"

My ears then caught the sound of a voice. It was a faint voice at first, until it started to get more and more clearer as the seconds ticked by. It sounded like the voice of a boy. A boy that was calling out my name.

"Sly...! Sly, wake up!"

My body felt stiff, but I managed to push myself up to my knees. I also felt that strange gem still in my hand.

"Are you okay, Sly?"

I looked up at the owner of the voice and saw a boy with blue eyes standing before me. As I stared into the eyes of the boy, the memories of a dream I once had slowly flowed throughout my mind. This boy... He was in that dream I had. He told me his name in that dream as well. What was it again? As the memories of that dream played through my mind, his name slowly became more clear to me. Until finally...

"... Sora...?"

Sora. That was his name.

He nodded at me, relief evident on his face. Sora held his hand out to me and I accepted it. He was strong for... whatever he was, as he pulled me to my feet with ease.

"I can't believe you're really here, Sly," he said.

I was both surprised and happy to see Sora in this cave. I never thought I would see him before me again ever since that dream, but seeing him face to face cleared all of the doubts I had in my mind beforehand.

"I can't believe I'm seeing you again too, Sora. I honestly thought that dream was the only time I would get to see you," I said.

"Me too. It's great to meet you in person." We smiled at each other before Sora brought up a question. "But how are you here?"

I honestly had no clue how we were even meeting again.

"I don't know exactly. It's a bit of a blur." I looked around the cave and I saw all of kinds of drawings and sketches. "Where are we anyway?"

"This would happen to be the islands my friends and I live on. Destiny Islands," he said.

It took me a bit by surprise when I heard Sora mention "friends". Were there actually more of... whatever kind of creature Sora is here? And this Destiny Islands place... It wasn't a place I was familiar with. In fact, I never actually heard of a place like that before until now.

"Ah! The door!" he exclaimed in surprise. I turned around to see what he was talking about and all I saw was a black abyss. Then suddenly, it was sealed by a strange, wooden door.

"Wh-what just happened?"

Sora simply sighed and shook his head in disbelief.

"Sometimes, I feel like we'll never figure out anything about that door," he said. I suppose even he didn't know anything about the now closed door.

"So now that I found you, let's go meet up with the others." I felt a bit shaken.

"As in... more of your kind?" Sora gave me a questioning look before relaxing.

"I take it you've never seen a human before." A human? That's what his kind is called? It was an odd name, and yet it works.

"Yeah, we don't have those on the other continents." Sora looked a little confused.

"'Continents'?" Then, he look worried. "Oh. Right. Uh..." He seemed troubled about how to say whatever he wanted to say. "Let's find my friends. They can help me explain to you. Nicely." Nicely? Why was I getting the feeling I won't like the news?

"O-okay. Lead the way." Sora began walking to the other end of the cave. Down near the floor is an entrance you need to somewhat crawl through. Thankfully, I was able to squeeze through. Then, I realized something and I started to panic a little. I didn't have my cane!

"Where's my cane?!"

"Your cane?" Sora called. "We found it on the beach. Don't worry, it's just outside the entrance."

I felt relief wash over me. After a little crawling, blinding light invaded my vision and I had to shield them for a moment.

"Here we are, Sly. Welcome to Destiny Islands!" Sora exclaimed excitedly.

As soon as my vision had adjusted to the light, I found myself gazing in amazement at a large blue sea not too far from where Sora and I were standing. There were clouds dotting the bluest sky I ever laid on. It was beautiful.

"You really live here?"

"Well, this is more of a playground island. The main island is just a boat trip away. And here's your cane." Sora picked up my cane from by the entrance like he said. I immediately retrieved it from him.

"Thank you. This cane is very important to me." Sora smiled.

"I thought it was. Now, let's find my friends. Oh, by the way, theirs names are Riku and Kairi. Silver hair and red hair, you can't miss them."

"All right."

As Sora and I searched for his friends, I couldn't help but take in the amazing scenery of this island we were on. The cool breeze blowing from the sea was causing the leaves of the island's trees create a gentle sound of rustling. The noise of the waves lightly coming onto the shore of the beach had created a soothing sound that flowed into my ears. It was like I had slowly become part of this island's nature. And then, a fireball came my way. I yelped as I jumped out of its way. Then, my found my feet frozen together and used my cane to keep myself from falling.

"Who are you?" a serious, young voice questioned. I managed to turn without falling to see another human, only taller and a little older than Sora and a bit of a menacing aura about him with his straight, silver hair and piercing, bright colored eyes. "Is that the cane we found?"

"U-uh..." I felt completely helpless in this guy's presence. I couldn't believe how vulnerable I felt at that moment. "A-are you... Riku, by any chance?" The silver haired human narrowed his eyes at me. Could the guy get any more scary?

Suddenly, Sora shielded me and gave a rather stern looking glare at the silver haired boy. It was obvious that he knew who that boy was.

"Riku, knock it off! This is Sly, the one that I saw in my dream!" he said.

"This is the raccoon guy you told us about?" the guy asked suspiciously.

"Definitely! Now let him go!" The silver haired man, apparently is Riku, huffed a little before my feet were free. Sora turned to me with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry about Riku here. He's the very serious type out of us."

I would say that he was more scary than serious. I admit, I was somewhat hesitant to speak, worried that Riku would probably attack me with... what ever he did to attack me with again. After getting my bearings straight, I chose my next words very carefully, as to not get on Riku's bad side again.

"My name is Sly Cooper. I'm an acquaintance of Sora's. It's nice to meet you, Riku." I held back the urge to gulp in nervousness.

"You always seem to meet strange people, Sora." I hoped that was a good thing.

"You boys always leave me out!" a young girl's voice called. I turned to see a red haired human girl. She must be Kairi then. Wow, she was pretty, but probably not single. I'm not interested in her, mind you, I already have a wonderful wife. Sora suddenly smiled happily as soon as he laid his eyes on Kairi. I suppose he must hold a very close bond with her.

"You made it just in time, Kairi! I'd like you to meet Sly!" he said happily. He then moved aside to let Kairi get a better look at me. I waved nervously at her, hoping she wouldn't attack me like Riku did. To my surprise, however, she smiled very kindly.

"You must be the one Sora saw in his dream. My name's Kairi and it looks like you've already met Riku. It's nice to meet you, Sly!" she said in a kind tone.

I couldn't help but smile back. She was a nice young woman, I could tell.

"It's nice to meet you too, Kairi."

"Alright, introductions are done," Riku said harshly. I felt a shiver go up my spine. "Now how did you get here?"

"W-well, I..." I still was intimidated by this guy, even if he's probably a few years younger than me.

"He came out of the door in the cave," Sora explained.

Both Kairi and Riku widen their eyes a bit in surprise. It looked like they knew about the door in the cave as well.

"The door in the cave?" Kairi asked.

"I'm telling you, that door's still a complete mystery to us, even to this day," said Riku.

"How long has that door been there, may I ask?" I couldn't help but be curious about that door. How did I just come out of it? It couldn't be magical, could it?

"Before we were even born, Sly," Sora replied.

"But one thing we know for sure, nothing out of that door doesn't have a meaning," Riku pointed out. "So there's a reason you were sent here to our world." Did... I hear that right?

"Riku!" Sora shouted, a bit angered by what must've been something that shouldn't have been said. Then, he sighed. "So much for explaining it nicely."

"Sora, he doesn't really mean..." I couldn't find the words to finish.

"Yeah." He placed his hands behind his head. "To us, you're... in layman's terms, an alien. You're from a different world than us."

My eyes widen in shock. I was considered an alien in this world? Although, in their defense, I'm pretty sure they've never saw someone like me before in their lives and I've definitely never seen a human before back in my world either. Hold on. If I'm an alien, how were they so calm - uh, besides Riku - when they met me?

"A-are you serious? So I'm... like far from home?"

"Quite far," Kairi answered. "Several reason can exist as to why you're here."

"Um, quick question, though. I'm from another world, but you guys seem chill with me. How come?" Sora chuckled.

"Well, you're not the first talking animal we've met, believe it or not. They happen to be some of our closest friends. But they don't live on this world." I was even more surprised now. Where have these youngsters gone to that I couldn't even comprehend? This sounded like something Bentley would have a Field Day with.

"They're from another world too?"

"Yes. Very far from ours," Riku replied. "Maybe Mickey will have some ideas of what world you're from."

"Let's ask first," Kairi pointed out. "What's your world's name, Sly?"


"Earth..." The trio thought about it. Do they not know what Earth is? "Sorry Sly, I've never heard of that world before."

"Neither have I," Riku added.

"Even in my traveling, I never even heard the name," Sora commented.

tilt my head slightly and gave a slightly confused look. They actually don't know what Earth is? Although, I guess their defense, I'm considered an alien to them in this world of theirs. But still, the thought of these three not knowing what Earth is... To be honest, it left a bit of an uneasy feeling in me.

"But like Riku said, maybe King Mickey will have an idea," Sora said, trying to cheer me up. Did he really say "King"? The thought made me nervous, especially with Riku, who I noticed didn't use "King", meaning he was close to this person. If they found out about my occupation, it may be off with my head!

"You're friends with a king?"

"You're nervous," Riku stated bluntly, making me jump a little. Man, I've really lost all my usual calmness with this guy around.

"Don't worry, King Mickey's really nice," Kairi assured. "And he's really smart too. I'm sure he'll be able to help you."

"And find out what Sly is doing in our world instead of worlds like Radiant Garden or Traverse Town," the serious one pointed out.

"How many worlds have you guys been to?" I couldn't help but ask in surprise. Sora gave this goofy grin that was too cute for a young adult such as himself.

"Sly, you have no idea the places I've been," he commented. This guy just doesn't have a cheerless side, does he? Although, in the dream, he was very serious. He also had that weapon... What was it called again? Something like a "blade" or something?

"We should probably see Mickey right now," Riku suggested. "Would you do the honors, Kairi?" Kairi gave a beaming smile.

"Stand back then, gentlemen!" she exclaimed excitedly. We stepped back a little and the redhead held out her hand. In a flash of light, strange yet beautifully designed sword with a key on the end merged.

"Is... Is that a...?"

"Oh yeah, this is the second time you've seen a Keyblade," Sora realized.

The Keyblade. That's right. He used it against those "Heartless" creatures in the dream.

"Judging by what Sora said, I'm guessing you saw a Keyblade once before, haven't you?" Kairi asked with a kind smile.

"Well, yeah, but only in a dream I had with Sora in it," I said.

"There were Heartless there, so I didn't have a choice," Sora explained. Kairi and, surprisingly even Riku, stepped back a bit in shock.

"Heartless? He saw Heartless?" Riku asked.

"Yes." Riku groaned a little and stared at the ground for a moment.

"Then this is a very serious situation. We need to tell Mickey about this right away."

"Uh, are the Heartless that threatening?"

"We can explain more once we see King Mickey," Sora assured. "Kairi, would you please?"

"One corridor to Disney Castle coming up!" she announced. Suddenly, the end of her Keyblade glowed and a vortex of color appeared. I couldn't hold back my surprise. Was that really a portal?

"Whoa! H-how did you... without a device...!"

"As we said, we'll explain when we see Mickey," Riku said.

I couldn't help but stare at the vortex in shock. Where would this even lead to? Would this thing actually take us to see this King Mickey that the three of them knew? Sora noticed my hesitant behavior and gave me a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, Sly! Corridors like these are completely harmless! We use them all the time! Trust us!" he reassured.

"O-okay... Just had some unpleasant experiences with vortexes in the past. Long story."

"Again, you attract strange people, Sora," Riku chuckled lowly. So the guy could laugh after all. That's good to see. Kairi entered the corridor first, then Riku. Sora stated by my side with that goofy smile again. I knew I could trust him; he's the only person I can count on the most at the moment in order to get home. So with a deep breath, I stepped through the corridor with Sora following behind.