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Chapter 13: Revelations.

[Camera zooms out to show Hiro, Gogo, and Honey Lemon, all in their suits, riding on top of Baymax as he flies.]

"Nice!" Gogo exclaims, "That looks like fun!"

"No fair!" Fred explodes, "I want to ride Baymax.

Tadashi shook his head at the silliness of his friends.

[The camera pans down to show Fred flying in style while Baymax holds on to him and Wasabi clutching desperately at Baymax's other arm, they're also in their suits. Wasabi mentions his fear of heights.]

Everyone chuckles at the screen and then flat outbursts into laughter after seeing the look on Wasabi's face in real life, that was pale and frightened.

"I don't even like the look of that on the screen," he gulped out.

[Camera shows them zooming towards the island where Baymax saw the red light earlier. They see the entrance to the abandoned lab and Hiro tells Baymax to land there. As he's coming down Baymax lets go of Fred who's in a superhero pose and lands perfectly.]

Fred mutters, "Awesome!" And Honey Lemon smiles sweetly at her fellow geek.

[Baymax lands and everyone gets off of him and Fred celebrates their first landing as a team, always the comic book geek. Hiro whispers and gestures the others forward and Wasabi points out a quarantine sign and rhetorically asks if they know what it means and of course Baymax answers.]

Baymax answers the question at the same time as his screen alternative saying, "'Quarantine' Enforced isolation to prevent contamination that could lead to disease, or, in some cases, death." Hiro scoffed at the robot and he and Gogo rolled their eyes. Aunt Cass grew pale and stuffed another handful of popcorn into her mouth.

Tadashi, ever the good creator, smiled at the robot and told him, "Good job. Thank you Baymax," he then turned to his brother and friends and pointedly stated, "Maybe they shouldn't be there." Hiro shrugged and gave a slightly guilty look to his older brother before turning to the movie, sitting on the edge of the seat.

[Wasabi mentions that this one has a skull face. He very much looks and sounds like he doesn't want to be there.]

"You're absolutely right, Tadashi," Wasabi says as his face pales slightly, "We shouldn't be there."

[Hiro tells the others to be ready and they turn a corner with Fred acting like a complete weirdo doing different moves and stances as they round the corner to faceā€¦]

Everyone is on the edge of their seats and it's quiet, except for the crunching of popcorn from the direction of Aunt Cass.

[There are a small crack and everyone screams and starts using their suit 'powers' at the sound.]

Everyone jumps at the sound but starts laughing at the silliness of it all, especially after they see what it is.

Professor Callaghan, however, is looking sadly at the building in the background. The building that destroyed his life. The building that took his daughter from him. He knew that this was him. He knew that somehow he would make Krei pay for what he did to Abigail.

[The smoke clears and they all look down to see a small pigeon sitting the middle of a ring of blackened pavement.]

"We attacked a pigeon!" Hiro choked out between gut-wrenching laughs. It took a couple of minutes for their laughter to die down enough where Gecca thought it was a good idea to start the movie again.

[The bird flies away and they embarrassedly get out of attack mode and Honey Lemon mentions that at least their gear works.]

"That's a good point," Honey Lemon says softly though the only one that could hear was Gogo who smirked at the other girl.

[The camera view switched to an inside view and suddenly one of Wasabi's blades cut through the door and wall in a lopsided circle.]

"That is one horrible circle," Tadashi mentions and Wasabi just shrugs.

[A long creepy dark hallway is shown and then it switches to the grated floor as the team walks through and Fred sings the theme song that he made for them.]

Gogo shouts after like three seconds, "Will you please shut up!"

Fred looks hurt and answers, "That's actually a really good song in my opinion. Plus, your yelling at the screen." Gogo just blows another bubble and as it pops she rolls her eyes at the superhero nerd.

[On the screen Wasabi's actually the first one to say anything to Fred about the song and is pretty aggressive about it.]

"Wow! Nice going Wasabi. You do have some balls," congratulated Gogo and Wasabi blushes and concentrates on the screen. Everyone else just laughs at the big guy.

[Hiro quiets them and asks Baymax for an update. Baymax's view is seen and the red person light is flashing around the screen as he says that the building is messing with his sensor.]

'I wonder why that is. What is the structure made of? What part of the sensor can't get through? That wouldn't be good if he was helping firefighters by telling them if anyone was still in a building. I guess I'll have to put that on my list to fix.' Tadashi thought quickly to himself, rethinking part of his design.

[Wasabi complains and Honey Lemon notices a door slightly ajar and calls the others back to look at what's in the room.]

Everyone is becoming on edge again as the music darkens and they wonder what Honey Lemon could have found.

[Honey Lemon shoves the door open wider and they all walk in to find a room that's a wreck and holds what looks like a broken portal of some kind.]

"Wow! That looks bad," mutters Fred and everyone nods in agreement. Professor Callaghan's stomach clenches at the sight of the room where his daughter died. Gecca knowing how hard that sight must be for him sent Callaghan a sad look, after all he did think he had lost the only good thing in his life in that room and even if he was bad that's still sad.

[Gogo asks Hiro what he thinks it is and Hiro says he doesn't know but points out the same bird symbol that he saw before on a part of the portal.]

"We must be in the right places then," Hiro says under his breath and Tadashi puts a comforting arm around his little brother.

[Honey Lemon says his name and they all look towards another small room that looks like a control center looking in on the portal.]

"Well that's not creepy at all," Gogo says her voice dripping with sarcasm and Hiro smirks at the sentence.

[The door to the room opens and all six are seen in the doorway.]

Aunt Cass chuckles at the cramped look of the superheroes before returning to her popcorn.

[Hiro slowly enters the room hollowed by Gogo and Honey Lemon, then the others. Hiro walks towards a screen that shows the symbol he's been seeing across the entire screen.]

"What is that?" Hiro finally asks out loud and the others shrug.

"It's Krei's old project. It was funded by the government," Professor Callaghan spoke up. Most of the others jumped having forgotten that Callaghan was even in the room.

Tadashi turned to his favorite teacher, a look of accusation in his eyes, and asked, "Why didn't you say something before?"

Callaghan swallowed heavily and replies, "I don't want to talk about it." Tadashi looked about to say something else, but Gecca unpaused the movie as to not reveal anything when they were so close.

[Hiro presses a button and the screen turns into several screens, like security cameras, and in one of the top ones a frozen video with Krei in it can be seen.]

After seeing the hurt look on Hiro's face, Tadashi pulls his brother closer to his side.

[Hiro rewinds the video a bit. A presentation that Krei is giving to some military officials can be heard and the portal room with two portals and no wreckage can be seen. Krei is seen by one of the portals with the officials as he tells them that it is a new kind of transportation. The portals go on and it looks like a force field is created in the center of the circles.]

"Project Silent Sparrow," Hiro mutters under his breath and shutters.

[Krei asks then takes the Generals hat and throws it through one portal and a few seconds later it appears out of the other portal.]

"Wow! That's awesome!" Fred yells causing Wasabi to jump after the quiet that had reigned.

"Ya," Tadashi said quietly, "But, something has to go wrong." Hiro nods at the logic of his brother's statement.

[A worker throws it back through the other portal and it lands in Krei's hand seconds later. Krei says how his experiment and teleportation isn't science fiction anymore.]

Tadashi and Hiro both say, "Maybe it should be though." The others nod as even though it would be awesome, they had seen the damage to the portal room and it didn't look good at all.

[Krei takes his guests up to the control room that the team is standing in at that moment. He asks someone named Abigail if she's ready to go on a ride and she says that she is as she gets into a pod-like ship.]

Professor Callaghan gasps just a little at the sight of his daughter and his eyes start to water as he looks away from the screen not, not wanting to relive this moment.

[The ship is moved into position and one of the control people alert Krei to an irregularity, but Krei tells him to have it move on.]

"That bastard. He's going to kill that girl," Aunt Cass states and her nephews look at her surprised at her language, while Callaghan just nods his head.

[The ship is flung into the portal and after a few seconds it still hasn't re-emerged on the other side.]

Honey Lemon says quietly, "Oh, no." The others look down for a moment for this unknown Abigail and Callaghan wipes at his eyes with the back of his hand.

[Someone is yelling about aborting the attempt, but it's too late. They've lost contact and the second portal starts heating up. It explodes.]

In time with her movie counterpart, Honey Lemon repeats her earlier, "Oh, no."

[The scene that it was paused on goes by as the other portal starts to suck everything around it into the portal.]

"That's even worse," Tadashi breaths. Everyone is staring wide-eyed at the disaster that shouldn't have happened.

[The camera zooms in on the portal as it's sucked in and the entire building starts to shake with the general yelling at Krei to shut it down, which he thankful does.]

Aunt Cass is shaking as she angrily says, "He should have done that before that pilot went in." Everyone silently agreed and Callaghan again wiped at his eyes.

[The portal shuts down and the debris that was flying stops. The General gives an order to shut down the island. Hiro and Honey Lemon sum up that they think that Krei's using the microbots to steal the machine back.]

Callaghan shakes his head but realizes that it is the perfect ploy to frame Krei as he has almost the same amount of incentive as he does.

[In the background a large piece of concrete can be seen rising and then Baymax says oh, no.]

Everyone is at the edge of their seat and jumps with Honey Lemon, Aunt Cass, and Wasabi all screaming as the concrete flies toward the six on the screen.

[The slab of concrete flies at the group of superheroes and the Kabuki man or Krei as they think is seen turning away from the now trapped superheroes.]

"No!" Tadashi yelps and everyone wonders what happens next and Aunt Cass starts to cry silently sure that she had just lost her second nephew. Both Tadashi and Hiro give her a big hug as the others just stare transfixed at the screen until Gecca hits play once more.

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