The Red Dragon

The cage was forged from gold and magic, the chains from silver and blood. Rubies glinted in the metal of the slave collar, and the chains were fastened securely to the granite of the mountain. Great claws clenched, scraping over the mosaic tiles lining the gilded cage. The red dragon growled, stirring uselessly against its bonds.

The cage was as large as a castle, but it still barely fit the dragon. There was no space to move, no slack to struggle or even squirm against. Leg and claw, snout and wing, neck and tail – the great beast's every muscle was bound in chains of spellforged silver. It was barely even able to breathe through its gilded muzzle. The dragon was bound like a worm, given not even the slightest chance to struggle. All it could do was slowly scrape its horns against the golden bars, while the shining metal hissed against its scales. The dragon was bound by enchantment after enchantment of blood and fire, each one foul and horrible.

The dragon's scales shone crimson in the morning light. It could feel nothing but pure rage. Its black eyes stared unblinking over at the fine marble plaza housing its cage, built into the side of a mountain so high that it loomed over the lowermost clouds. A 'stable', the slavers called it. In the distance, other dragons were soaring over the surrounding mountains, and it could see black stone buildings and archways scattered over the jagged landscape. Down in the valleys below there were overcrowded slums filled with humans, but the mountain peaks were dominated by huge palaces, built from solid black or crystal white stone.

It had been trapped here for what felt like a lifetime. A low hatred drummed unending in its chest as the dragon stared at the world beyond the golden bars.

"A beautiful beast, don't you think?" a smooth, almost liquid voice laughed. Footsteps tapped over the courtyard, coming ever closer. "My finest."

Beady black eyes flicked, and the dragon saw them. They were silver-haired men with pale skin and violet eyes, looking down from the terrace above. They scuttled around like insects that the dragon longed to crush. They were walking along the shaped marble pavilion, laughing as they talked, sipping wine from golden goblets. The stink of their perfume burned the dragon's nostrils.

"He's a wild dragon, is he not?"

"Oh yes, my father was the one to capture him," the voice replied, in that infuriating high-pitched human chirping. "Older now, but he's never lost his fire."

"I have never trusted the wild stock." The other man turned his nose up. "They are too unstable."

"Unstable?" His partner laughed. "Try ferocious. In the last championship games, he brought down Prince Aeragon's mount – and thatdragon was nigh twice his size. I've never known a beast with half as much fury as this one."

The pale man stepped closer, fearlessly staring over the mountainous red dragon, so close that his hand hovered over the dragon's red scales. He was a weedy, tall figure – with a slim build, slicked back silver hair, and a hooked nose, wearing white and red robes. His purple eyes were narrowed and shadowed.

The dragon's blood boiled with hatred. A small gust of smoke billowed from its nostrils, but the silver-haired man only smiled.

"Ivaryx," the slaver whispered.

The red dragon wanted to roar, to flame, but then there was pain burning across its scales. The enchantments upon its ruby collar started to burn. The metal contracted, clenching around its throat. The beast tensed, but it wasn't even allowed to twitch in pain. It could not crush these bugs, even though every instinct in its body was screaming to destroy.

The other man only laughed. "You named your dragon after the god of war?"

"If you saw its rage, you would too."

"You're as bad as Gaemon, Alexys," the other silvery man said snidely. "He has no creativity in his names, either. I mean, Balerion? What a clichéd name – I swear that half the dragons on the lists are named after some god or another."

"It is often done." The slaver shrugged. "Our gods are defunct, but their names are still decent."

"I for one would never buy a dragon named such."

"As if you could ever afford to purchase a dragon such as this," the man snorted with derision. "This cage alone is more than you could ever hope to own. Ivaryx requires more bindings than any other dragon in this realm."

Dragonlords, these fools called themselves. Dragon slavers. The red dragon despised them with a fury like none it had ever known. It hated even the unnatural stink of their blood, the sound of their voices.

And yet still they were standing before it, pointing and chattering.

Its slavemaster placed a hand on its snout. The red dragon longed to bite it off.

The two men were laughing, teasing each other as they paced idly around the dragon's cage. Their tiny yet shrill voices ached the red dragon's ears. It wanted to fly, wanted to hunt, wanted to soar. Instead, it was trapped in a cage.

But most of all, it wanted to kill. The vision of burning these insects into ash flickered before its gaze, over and over.

It wanted to shatter these bonds, to explode in an inferno of flame and fury…

But each time it even thought of such, it felt the pain under its scales. The enchantments were woven by that accursed horn, they caused agonising pain with every spark of defiance.

What should have been a roar of fury only emerged as a low, strained snarl. The slavers looked up at the dragon, and then laughed.

The beast was bound as much by foul sorcery as it was by gilded steel.

"Wild dragons are too unpredictable," the man said. "Ferocious, maybe, but what use is fury without control? You would lose against any bonded rider in the games."

"I do not care for games," the slaver sneered. He flicked his fingers, and a hooded figure rushed to serve more wine. "These jousts bore me. Ivaryx was not meant for the games, he was meant for war."

"You may well have your chance soon enough. I hear that the Consul is summoning riders to stop these eastern barbarians."

"The horse scum?" he scoffed. "Look at how far we have fallen – the greatest concern to us are some invaders from over the mountains? No, these Dothraki are distractions."

"There's a horde of them, from what I hear, and more coming west. Already they threaten our outer colonies."

"You fear their horses?" he sneered. "No, these invaders only show how lax we have become. Unchallenged. Whatever happened to the days of true Valyria, where we could bring conquest from the skies?"

They both took a long sip of wine. "You always were ambitious."

"I am not alone." There was something in the way he said those words, the other man's eyes narrowed. "Our dragons were not meant for this – this peace is suffocating us." His arms waved, motioning over the wide courtyard and intricate statues. "What happened to the days of expansion?"

His partner's voice was guarded. "The Senate says otherwise."

"The Senate." The words were twisted with anger. "A bunch of scared old fools, rotting atop the bones of their ancestor's glories. Cowards all. They have no right to rule the Freehold."

"The Forty Families each have their say–"

The silver-haired man slammed his hand onto the cage's bars, his golden rings chiming against the metal. All around him, the hooded slaves flinched. "Yes, there is no shortage of saying! The Senate twists and turns, debates and holds motions – and all the while Valyria rots from the inside."

The other man did not reply. The slaver took a step backwards, anger wafting from him. His hooked nose peered down at his wine. "I want an expansion," he said finally. 'Is it not our right to rule the world? How can the Senate be satisfied with what little we have?"

There was a long pause of consideration. The two men both turned tense.

"The grey plague has left the Senate scared," his partner said after a time. "That damnable curse still hangs over us all."

"Fear," the slaver scoffed. "Fear makes Valyria weak. These 'Dothraki' are just the latest in a line of plebs trying to topple us."

His partner paused, the silence stretching a bit longer. "I do not disagree, Alexys," he said finally. "But expand where? The eastern lands? The jungle?

"Qarth prefers to pay us off in spices, there is no war there," he continued. They were both looking intently at each other, as they stepped back over the terraces. "After Qarth? Those monkey men are a quagmire on their own, and further east still no dragon is welcome under the Shadow. The southern forests, that is a cursed land, disease in every breath. No," he shook his head. "Sothoryos is folly, the Belaerys girl proved that. What does that leave us with? The lands beyond, a scattering of desolate tribes and primitives? Savages incapable of even paying tribute, scarcely even worth the effort of ruling."

"And the sunset kingdoms?"

"The Senate will never step forward in those lands, they fear the old lore… The trees…"

"Soothsayers and foolish prophecy!" the slaver cursed loudly, violet eyes flashing. His goblet chimed off the ground, he had thrown it over his shoulder. "The Senate is made of old men clutching their withered dicks…"

They were walking away from the dragon, it was hard to hear the words. The human tongues were nigh-incomprehensible to the dragon.

As they walked, the man clicked his fingers, and a faceless slave hurried over with another goblet. "This Freehold has grown stagnant, brother. Thanks to the Senate, we cannot act – ours is the greatest might in all the world, but we are not allowed to use it? Allowed?"

His partner shrugged. "Your family is the same. As is mine. The Forty Families have long since grown comfortable with the cities and colonies they already own. No Lord Freeholder will beseech themselves to move for more, our fathers are too preoccupied with their little power struggles."

"Then they have forgotten themselves. They have grown fat and lazy. They have lost their way, they have forgotten the ideal from which we were born!" His voice was louder, sharper than his partner's. "The only gods are the ones that we have created."

"Brother, this talk…"

"It is not just talk." His voice grew low, the dragon could barely make out the sound. "Others are thinking the same. The red comet heralds the era of change, it is written in the stars.

"No, what Valyria is truly lacking, brother," the slaver muttered, "is an emperor."

The dragon could smell them – its slaver was oozing eagerness and ambition, but the other man wafted fear and hesitance. "Those are dangerous words."

"I told you – these are not just words. There is one among us who could make this realm great again. One who would have been Consul, if not for the Senate's lack of spine." The other figure stiffened, and the dragonslaver peered through the corner of his eyes, inspecting his partner with suspicion. "I have already pledged my support to him, and if you were to pledge yours… well, I wonder… how many of our comrades among the Forty might be thinking the same as us?"

They were muttering in low voices as they walked away. The dragonslavers supped on fruit and wine as they talked eagerly amongst themselves. The red dragon heard the words, but it could not understand or care for half of what they said.

They were the princes of Valyria, being served on hand and foot by hooded slaves. The slaves were each wearing blindfolds – it was forbidden for such to even look upon the sons of the blood. They hid themselves under cloaks, their eyes blind under their hoods, and scuttled around the terrace by touch alone. The slaves kept their heads low, so that the dragonslavers need not even see their faces.

If the slaves ever disappointed, they were simply fed to their master's dragons.

The days passed slowly. The red dragon was left trapped in its cage, watching other dragons – the ones that embracedtheir slavery – fly over the mountains. The red dragon hated them too. It hated them for their weakness, it hated them for their freedom. Its hate for them was no less than it was for their masters.

Something was happening in the palace. There were more dragons coming and going, more discussions happening in the palace and on the terrace. Steadily those conversations grew larger, louder, and more frenzied.

The red dragon could smell it in the air. The stink of fear, apprehension and ambition. The stench of conspiracy, brewing thicker and thicker.

Its slaver was fond of holding his meetings out on the terrace overlooking the ocean, where he could show off his collection of dragons to his guests. The red dragon watched as more and more were summoned – a collection of foul-blooded men and women filling up the manse. Each one of them rode dragons of their own, and each one was followed by chained and branded slaves wearing hoods.

The silver-haired youths sat out on the terraces, underneath the glittering night sky. At dusk, the comet shimmered above and cast its own shadows.

They were all young, all wealthy, and all eager for change.

"Why should we fear the nattering of lesser men?" the slaver announced. "What does the dragon care for the insect? We are the sons of Valyria, the future is ours to seize!"

"It is dangerous to defy prophecy," a voice protested. "The warnings…"

"You sound as bad as that 'Targaryen' bitch," another sneered. "Should we fear the raving of some mad girl?"

"Their family is the weakest of the Forty, their prince a superstitious coward. Targaryen is unimportant," a man argued. "But the Houses Germantes, Belaerys, Vestaeron, or Camaegor… if we can subdue the traditionalists among the Lords Freeholder…"

"The Consul will not allow it!" another voice protested. "You are talking of an uprising – we do not have the support."

"We have the dragons," another prince argued. "Others are mustering for us – Aurion has already left for the colonies, to gather support in our liege's name. This must be done quickly; we burn the Senate, kill the Consul, and the rest will bend."

Others sounded aghast at the thought. "You expect sons to murder fathers, for kin to overthrow the heads of their houses?"

"This is for the future of Valyria, not the future of your houses!" a voice cried, from one of those who stood near the slaver. "It is because of the Senate that our families are left divided!"

Voices rose in protest, a scramble of cries and objections. The red dragon's slaver stepped forward, raising his hands high. "Look around you! The Lords Freeholder sitting in the Senate grow old and hold ceaseless votes, but we are the youth who fly our dragons into battle! Everyone here has been scorned by the freeholders – scorned by those who expect blind obedience and give nothing in return! Our fathers scheme by day and assassinate by night, and our empire rots!"

There was a murmur of agreement. "There have been too many weak Consuls!" one called over the din. "It is conspiracy, clear for all to see. This last election – a farce by any account."

"The Senate is done! The Senate withers away, while we defend Valyria, not they! Their dragons have grown fat, weak and lazy, but ours?" The slaver motioned dramatically, pointing towards the red dragon's cage. "Our dragons are fighting strong and battle-hardened!"

"Hear, hear!" a prince clapped from the crowd.

His voice raised higher. "We are the might of Valyria!" the slaver boomed, to the stomping of feet. "We are its future!"

"We are Valyrians!" another shouted, picking up the cry. "We shall forge our own future!"

The slaver stood up at the centre of the feast and raised his crystal goblet high. The wine glinted in the comet's light, red liquid sloshing out from the goblet's brim.

"We shall perform the Grand Rite!" he declared. "And we shall ensure Valyria's greatness for the next thousand years!"

From its cage, the red dragon just watched. The dissenters were falling quiet, one by one. There were still some objectors to the plan, but those were quickly silenced with promises or threats. One silver-haired youth continued to object – he threatened to tell the Senate – and then the slaver drew a blade of black steel. The youth's corpse dropped to the stones, his throat cloven in two.

The dragonlords only laughed and cheered as their comrade bled out. "Long live the emperor!" they cried. "Long live Valyria!"

Out on the terrace, it was a celebration. The youths were getting drunk on wine and dreams, chanting their support. The corpse was left in the centre of the feast for all to see.

When they finally walked away, they absentmindedly left the body for their slaves to clear up. Without a word, the slaves bowed and blindly obeyed. The faceless slaves dragged the silver-haired corpse over the stones towards the dragon's feeding trough.

But as soon as their masters left, the red dragon saw the slaves starting to huddle. They spoke in low mutters, but they moved with purpose. All the while the princes had been plotting and scheming, they never even gave a second thought to all the hooded slaves waiting around them. Waiting and listening.

To the dragon's nostrils, the slaves stank of death. Underneath their hoods, their faces were false. The dragon could feel their malice in the air, the stink of their illusions, but the silvery-haired men were blind. They couldn't see the ill intent hovering through the manse, hidden in the shadows beneath their slaves' hoods.

The red dragon growled, and it felt the whisper of shadows dance around him.

It was a night of fire, battle and blood.

The dragon sensed when it began. It had been building like a storm hovering over the mountains, the skies growing tense and stuffy with expectation. It was slow to build, but quick to unravel. It unleashed like a thunderstorm, a hurricane of wings and fire. The dragon could feel the death in the air as the civil war cut through the heart of Valyria.

It was a bloody red night as the teams of slaves unfastened the silver chains. On the orders of their master, the hooded slaves prepared the red dragon for war, and its great body shivered.

The dragon was clad in an outer shell of black steel, armoured by a spiked helm with sheathes of chainmail over its wings. The steel breastplate alone was as large as a ship's hull. In full battle dress, the red dragon looked even larger and more formidable, its joints clanging with every movement.

The slaver himself was saddled onto the red dragon's back, with burning whip in hand as it forced the red dragon into the fray.

Red wings blocked out the moon. The dark skies shone crimson with the comet's light, illuminating the city in a bloody glow. The dragon was let loose to burn, but the one who truly deserved to die – its 'master' – stood in command. The accursed sorcery forced the beast to obey.

A blue dragon lunged at it from a nearby mountain, but the red dragon was larger and fiercer. The red beast tore it out of the sky, but there was another, then another. Most were fledglings only a third or less its size – and they were barely even fodder against the crimson dragon.

All around it, the waves of dragons roiled and collided in the sky.

The slaver's whip cracked. The man was laughing. "Burn, Ivaryx, burn!"

The Red Death obeyed. Flames exploded from its jaws, and instantly a crystal palace was consumed by the fire. Black smoke plumed everywhere like a storm, even the ground was burning.

As far as the eye could see, dragons were being ripped out of the sky, the battle spreading outwards over the golden city. Towers of smoke littered over the horizon, and the battle was growing over all the mountains.

The red dragon roared in the dusk. The humans had turned on each other. A civil war raged in the sky.

The youth of Valyria didn't want a Freehold anymore, they wanted an Empire. They wanted an Emperor.

Over the horizon, pale grey wings unfolded, and an immense beast took to the sky. A gargantuan, one of the very few dragons even larger than the red. It was so large that it crushed a smaller beast in its jaws, easily shaking a yellow dragon apart. The air was burning as the grey beast lumbered into the fray, its wings straining just to lift its own weight.

It was a dragon of a Lord Freeholder, one of the largest on the opposing side. One of the largest dragons in the world, over twice the red's size. The flaming whip cracked, and the red dragon was pushed into battle.

All the other dragons avoided the grey behemoth, but the red dragon swooped downwards and engaged.

The grey dragon was massive, but it was also old and heavy. It hadn't seen battle in a long, long time, it had been centuries since it last hunted or was challenged. The grey dragon might have overpowered the red with pure size and strength, but the red was armoured and faster. The grey struggled to maneuverer, while the red swept above it. Burning jaws went straight for the nape of its wings.

Atop of the red dragon, the slaver was laughing. "Kill, Ivaryx!"

The old man riding the grey dragon died in a fiery blaze, scorched straight off his mount's back. The dragon's teeth bit straight into the grey wings.

The dragon screeched so loud that the earth trembled, they both collided in a fiery blaze in mid-air.

The grey dragon was tumbling downwards, but it was still fighting. It didn't fall easily. Huge claws twisted around and scraped at the red dragon's armour, tearing through the metal breastplate and dragging the red dragon down with it. They were both tumbling downwards.

It was too heavy, the red dragon couldn't shake it loose. For one fearful moment, it looked like they would both hit the ground together.

Then a black dragon swept downwards, claws outstretched. Great talons ripped straight through the old grey, and burning blood splattered. The grey dragon went limp.

It crashed onto the earth with a dull thud, flattening two dozen buildings beneath it.

The red dragon was panting as it tried to gain height again. The grey dragon's talons had torn off its breastplate and half its armour, but it didn't care. Its blood was singing with the thrill of battle.

Above it, the black dragon soared. An immense black dragon with bright red eyes, and old scars across its scales. A war dragon. A crowd below was cheering.

The Emperor of Valyria had taken to the skies. The man himself was a strong and broad figure for a human, every bit a warrior. His hair was shining silver, and one eye was vivid purple, and the other burning red. He wore pitch black armour that shimmered with magic, and held a blindingly bright, glowing sword in his hand.

There was fighting in the streets, while crowds of men and women chanted his name with frenzy.

The red dragon flew right next to the black as they devoured the Lords Freeholder in flames.

Most of their enemies never even had time to release their dragons from the cages they were kept, only a few of the opposing dragonriders managed to take to the skies. A dozen great dragons were slain in their cages, burnt to death and crushed as the structures collapsed down onto them.

The battle was quick, devastating and bloody. The red dragon watched from the skies as the imperialists stormed the white crystal structure of the Senate and put all dissenters to the sword. Old men with silver hair – the former lords of their houses – were dragged out in chains.

The slaver's schemes had come to fruition; he had rallied the princes of the Freehold to declare one of their own Emperor. The dragon's slaver expected to be the right hand of the Emperor, the strongest supporter of the new dynasty.

The coronation happened upon the tallest of the fourteen peaks, on the mouth of the greatest mountain above a maw of bubbling magma. The dragon watched as the first Emperor of Valyria was crowned in blood and ash, at the heart of fire, all the while a thousand dragons soared in the sky.

"This is the start of a new era!" they proclaimed. "Long live Valyria!"

The red dragon roared, but even its sound was drowned out by the boom of the shrieking crowd. The mouth of the volcano was surrounded by countless bodies, as dragons soared above on the warm updrafts.

The very first act of the new Emperor was to drop all of the old guard into the fire. The prisoners of war were clamped in a line of chains, and forced to walk one by one over the edge and into the magma. Pale-haired, wrinkled old men and women fell screaming into magma.

The fires were bubbling hotter and hotter with every body that fell into the volcano's maw.

The red comet blazed in the sky as dusk crept over the world. The dragons were dancing, but the red dragon was in agony. Its 'master' was away, so the red took the chance to struggle against its bonds. Blinding pain seared through it with every motion. Flaming whips lashed against its skin.

All of Valyria was in attendance around the mountain's heart – some willingly, others in chains.

The crowd was chanting, some sort of ceremony was happening. Beneath the red dragon, the flames gushed hungrily, devouring everything that was thrown.

"Valyria forever!" the crowds chanted. "Valyria forever!"

The whole crowd was staring at a podium of black stone, awaiting their new Emperor. The dragons were left to soar as the men prepared for the ceremony. The frenzy in the air reached fever pitch.

And then something changed.

The red dragon knew it before anyone else. The red dragon felt the very moment its 'master' perished. The enchantments bound over the dragon's scales suddenly shattered.

Freedom. It felt like freedom.

Its huge heart was pounding, blood rushing, and suddenly the red dragon's wings clapped like thunder. A triumphant boom exploded from its mouth, and the whole mountain quaked.

Its master was dead. The dragon didn't know how, but its tormentor was finally dead.

Above, the black dragon with red eyes roared too. Other dragons were reacting, they could feel it as well. Some were confused, some were angry, some were scared. The red dragon was exhilarated.

It had happened with no warning. No one witnessed it. The first Emperor of Valyria died along with the elite of his supporters as they were getting dressed for the ceremony. One moment the red dragon was struggling against invisible bonds, and in the next the magical chains snapped apart.

Already, the dragon was writhing. Roaring, clawing, going berserk. The surrounding enslaved dragons tried to stop it, but the red dragon powered through. They collided in mid-air in a flurry of colours and glittering scales.

Below them, the crowd was still chanting. They hadn't realised what happened, they never knew…

The sky was filled with roars, the ground was shaking…

… and the man who stepped out to perform the ceremony was not the same man. It was a figure that looked like him and was wearing his clothes, but it was someone else. Something else. It had no smell, no shadow and no warmth.

It was a figure wearing the dead man's face, stepping out onto the screaming podium.

The 'emperor' raised his arms high, and the Grand Rite began. Sorcerers and dragonlords had formed a circle around the mountain's bubbling maw, chanting unearthly words. Their voices raised, echoing across the world as more prisoners, hundreds, thousands were dropped into the flames.

The red dragon raged in the sky, flapping furiously to escape as a half dozen other dragons struggled against it. The black dragon was roaring, sweeping down and forcing it backwards.

The two dragons collided in a clap of fury, spinning around each other as they wrestled. The red was being forced downwards, the black was pushing him back…

Beneath them, the flames bubbled and roared.

It felt growing power in the air, spouting forth from the mountain's mouth in an endless flood. The sorcerers were chanting, unearthly cries echoing across the mountain, hands raised towards the flaming circle in the magma. A burning circle that was glowing, like a hole in the world.

The dragon hadn't felt fear – not true fear – since that night in the mountains when it had first been enslaved. But it felt fear now, the other dragons could feel it too. The red dragon could see it in their eyes, could smell it in the air.

Something was coming.

The red dragon finally managed to escape the black's grip, slipping past and shaking its claws free. It didn't even try to fight, the red dragon only wanted to flee. The black one was slower to react – it roared, still roaring for its master.

There was power all around the sorcerers, reverberating upwards from the earth.

The entire world was quaking.

The night fell, and it felt the magic rising from the ground…

The red comet in the sky shone brighter than ever as it fell towards the earth…

For the briefest of moments, it looked as though the faceless man smiled.

Then the flames burst upwards, a tower of fire roaring through the crowds.


The sky went black. The ground ruptured, flames everywhere. Fires so hot they burnt even through a dragon's scales.

The sound was deafening, the earth itself cracked open.

It felt the mountains shatter.

Dragons were falling from the sky. Some were being burnt by the flames, but most were overwhelmed by scorching clouds of darkness. It saw immense flying chunks of rubble launching into the air, pasting dragons on impact against crumbling mountainside.

A wave of ash rippled outwards, painting the whole world in darkness.

Multicoloured wings glistened in the air, before they were swallowed by the black.

It was an explosion that even a dragon couldn't survive. The beasts were left like insects before the storm.

The red was flapping with all its might, out of its mind with panic. The black dragon was right behind it, and then it was consumed by an explosion of ash. Even the immense black beast was crushed like a bug by the raw power.

Behind it, the mountains were being swallowed by the earth.

They had summoned a miracle, and the gods had answered.

The red dragon didn't drop, it was flying onwards with all its unchained fury. The flames seared against its scales, but it didn't fall. The pain was agonizing, yet it clung to the air with every ounce of strength it had left.

It was riding the shockwave, even as dust and burning debris whooshed around it.

Behind it, the cataclysm split open the land, the entire earth cracking apart, almost as though an unearthly sword had stabbed through the continent. It saw the earth's molten blood por forth in floods out from the gaps, the crust itself was flowing like turbulent water. Smoke and steam howled everywhere.

A solid pillar of smoke was rising upwards, an immense tower of pure darkness larger than a mountain. It was reaching up, spewing outwards and extending over the heavens. Columns of smoke branching apart like the roots of a tree. Or like a hand. It was like a giant hand reaching upwards – a hand so large it might have crushed the sun in its grip. The dragon felt its aura begin to flood over the world like the beating of a crazed heart.

The red dragon just flew, faster and more desperate than ever before. Its body was stained black from the rain of ash clattering around it, its hide was seared by burns.

Everywhere it looked, shadows were gushing out of the blackness, men dissolving into wispy figures going mad…

All was being devoured, it was like a storm concentrated from a single point. Everything was consumed by a single maw of endless hunger, as the shadowy fingers reached for the sky…

The dragon flew. It flew longer and harder than it had ever flown before. It flew over black waves and howling storms, even as it grew delirious with panic and pain.

It flew to the very edge of the earth, but the black skies followed. The black clouds were growing and growing in its wake.

The whole world was trembling, and the red dragon flew, and flew, and flew.

Time became meaningless. The dragon pushed itself to the very brink of collapse. It was crazed in pain and confusion, black burns seared across its scales. It flew for what felt like several days straight, but it never saw sunlight. The skies above had been smothered black.

The ash and clouds covered half the world. It could still smell the death and smoke on the wind, and the echoes of a million dying cries.

The dragon could feel it in its bones. This was the end of days.

Other dragons had also fled the cataclysm, but the red dragon had watched them all fall one by one. Only the red dragon managed to hold on. Its wings were strained, its breaths hoarse, its fire was flickering. Its strength was bleeding away.

Beneath it, the oceans were black with soot, and for a while the dragon feared it might never see land again.

The traces of those cursed enchantments – the slaver's bindings – still burnt against its skin, searing into its muscles. The black magic was polluting the world, the burns from the fires were tainted with darkness.

The pain was beyond agony.

But then there was land. In the falling light, the dragon saw land at the horizon's edge. It could smell it wafting over the seas; earthy and foreign.

The dragon didn't know why it had come here. It followed some engrained instinct. An aura of magic still lingered here, the dragon could feel it. The power was like a memory embedded into the bones of this land, ancient and enduring. A refuge from the cursed flames devouring the world.

The dragon's strength had long since given out. For too long it had been flying on but the memory of strength. It couldn't even feel its wings anymore, exhaustion had long since given way to pain, to agony, to pure numbness. But the time had come – it could flap no more.

Finally, the dragon began to fall from the sky. It tried to beat its wings one last time, but it did not have the strength. It could only watch as it fell downwards into the ocean.

It wasn't even strong enough to reach the coast. The wounded beast crashed into the salty waves, letting loose a strangled cry as the cold water swallowed it whole.

The dragon had to drag itself onto the beach, panting for breath. All around it, the land was desolate and barren. It dragged itself up onto the peninsula, a stony coast surrounded by rocks and desolate cliffs. Old ash still coated the ground, the rocks were twisted and deformed by ancient fires. The caves were screaming in the wind, and the feeling of death clung to the coast.

The red dragon felt cold. It had never felt cold before.

For a time, the dragon just curled up on the beach, half-in and half-out of the water, shivering in pain. Then the beast tried to take flight, but collapsed downwards onto the black rocks.

It was wheezing, strewn out and shivering on the brink of death.

Black flecks dusted against its snout. Wispy dark flakes, falling from the sky.

Snow. The snow was stained black from the ashen clouds.

The dragon limped onwards, searching desperately for refuge against the pain.

Around him, it was a new world. A strange world, cold and harsh. It had never flown this far before. The dragon didn't know what it was doing, but it knew it had to escape. The cold offered shelter, and the dragon ran for it.

The days blurred in agony.

At first, it couldn't see the sun, it couldn't see the moon. The red comet had vanished. The clouds of ash were so heavy in the sky, thick and black and unending. The black clouds continued to twist overhead for what might have been months, but eventually, the snows began to push them back. Gradually, a weak sun began to emerge from behind the ash in the sky, grey and cold.

The dragon was starving, it was maddened, ferocious. The days passed in unending pain. Its wounds were festering, lingering black burns that were slowly killing it.

The red dragon went on the warpath over the wasteland.

It burnt. Everything burnt. The touch of those deathly flames still hissed across its scales. Its once crimson hide had been stained black.

The dragon roared in mad pain, dying spurts of fire shooting from bloody teeth. Even its flames were failing – what used to be a brilliant jet of power had guttered into a smoky hiss.

Strange men in furs and queer voices were screaming, scuttling around the snow like so many insects. They tried to flee, but they couldn't escape.

All around, a village of tents and furs was broken and burning. The dragon howled as it stormed through, shattering a totem of tusks.

The dragon roared, shivering at the agony arcing up and down its hide. Blood dripped from its maw, black blood hissing against the snow. There were so many skeletons crushed in its jaws, broken beneath its teeth that its gums were bleeding. It devoured them all, it devoured everything. It kept eating until it vomited, but the hunger never ended.

The dragon took its rage out on absolutely everything that it could find. It left a trail of devastation in its wake as it moved west over the forests, mountains and icy plains.

It was harder and harder to fly; the festering wounds had grown worse and worse. Instead the beast was left limping on the ground, dragging itself by its claws, hobbling over the snow and rocks. A lesser beast would have long since fallen, but the red dragon refused to die. The hatred kept it alive.

Where it had ended up was a land of jagged mountains and frozen valleys, heavy with snow and white glaciers. In the sky, heavy black clouds writhed over the mountains.

Nostrils sniffed the air, taking it all in. It could feel it. It could feel something in the air, something that had drawn the dragon here. It wasn't sure what, but the aura of forgotten power lingered over this place, in the heart of the mountains.

The dragon felt like there was something calling it, just over the horizon. In the distance, the snows danced over the peaks.

Then there was a cry from somewhere to its right. A bone spear bounced over its scales. The dragon stiffened, a growl bursting from its throat.

There were men scuttling about the frozen ruins, trying to surround it. They were figures clad in shaggy furs, armed with wood and bone. They were following the dragon, trying to hunt it.

"Kill the demon!" their indecipherable voices cried. "Kill the demon!"

It roared, hoping to scatter them, but they did not stop coming. Spears and arrows whistled from the cliffs. They were like insect bites, but they hurt. Most clattered harmlessly off thick scales, but some were thrown at its eyes and snout. The dragon didn't have the strength left to burn them, but it refused to fall.

Its tail whooshed outwards, whipping through frozen ruins. Shards of rubble and ice scattered through the air, cratering into the drifts, shattering the men's bodies.

A dozen died, but still there were more coming.

The cries of battle echoed over the hills, and a pained mewl burst from the dragon's throat.

Its wounds were killing it. The cold was draining its strength. These creatures would pester it until it dropped, the dragon knew.

It had killed droves of them, but it could feel still more coming over the mountains.

The beast limped onwards into the mountains, but then the ice and ground under its feet gave way. The dragon lost its footing amidst the avalanche. It was sent tumbling hopelessly down the mountainside, helpless against the thousands of tons of snow.

Crash. Its huge body thudded into the rocks, and a monstrous whine of pain echoed over the desolate landscape. It was thrashing, trying to claw its way free, but more and more snow was tumbling down the mountain.

It was being buried, consumed by the avalanche of white.

"Enough of this. Dragon, you are not welcome here."

A voice, loud and clear. The dragon's teeth bared as it saw human figures heading towards it from the valley path. Enemies. They just kept coming.

There were five of them, all wearing white. Two were as tall as men, two others were short like children, and one was a thrice the size of any man – an inhumanly large, hairy figure dragging a sleigh. They had strange smells to them. They were clambering over the rocky footpath, the sleigh groaning behind them.

The dragon roared with all the strength it had left, but still they kept on coming. Around it, another avalanche scattered down the mountains.

The giant hoisted the sleigh upwards, while one of the men broke off from the group, crawling on his hands and knees over the snow closer to the writhing dragon.

"I see you, I see you," the man's voice called, as he cautiously clambered over the snows. "I know you're scared, I know…"

They were all terrified, but they were still approaching. The dragon growled, sniffing the air. The man at the front had his hands raised, his eyes lowered. His voice was slow, reassuring. The dragon could not understand the words, but it felt the meaning behind them.

"I know…" he muttered, the man in white. He had dark hair, and weather worn features. "I know…"

The dragon bared its teeth. Men. Men had been its slavers, its tormenters. The men had tortured it, hunted it.

The dragon dragged its body upwards, its neck outstretching, its teeth screaming. It tore free from the snow.

"Greenseer!" one of the companions shouted in alarm.

"It's alright! Stay back, stay back!" His voice was loud and grim, his full attention on the massive dragon before him. "I mean you no harm! I know you're wounded, I know you're lost. I cannot save you, but I can help you."

The dragon could feel it. It could feel the human trying to touch it, it could feel the human's mind extending towards its own. The touch was soft, even comforting, but the dragon reacted with only blind rage.

Humans. It growled and lunged.

The dragon's jaws opened to swallow them all whole. It shot forward like a snake, but then the snow gave way beneath it. It collapsed down the slope, claws losing leverage. Its jaws slammed wide into the rocks, while the man scrambled for cover.

A sudden wind swept through the valley – a gale of snow pummelling against the dragon's eyes. Its vision was obscured, the wind was writhing around it. The dragon roared, angry and confused.

They were doing something. It could smell the strange magic on the wind. The two small ones were singing. In front of them, the man stood tall, glaring down the slope.

It could sense the man's presence. He was extending his mind, still trying to connect with the dragon, trying to reach it. The dragon only let loose an enraged snarl.

The humans were hastily trying to unwrap something from the sleigh they pulled. There was something cradled between them, a long shape that even the giant struggled to lift.

It was a horn, the dragon realised. A white horn. The dragon could suddenly feel the magic radiating from it.

The last time the red dragon had seen such a horn, the cursed thing had been the slaver's tool. A horn of binding. The dragon could not be bound again, it could not fall. The beast growled and scrambled, trying to claw at the cursed thing.

The man set his hands on the horn, slowly closing his eyes and letting out a breath. The dragon couldn't stop him, it wasn't strong enough to pull itself free. The beast could only hiss in fury.

The man in white held himself strong atop the slope, despite the gargantuan clawing and raging below. His companions were already scattering, but the black-haired man stood ready by the mouthpiece.

"I dare not kill you, but I can give you peace." He took a deep breath. "I can stop the pain."

The white horn sounded, long and slow, and the boom of a thousand souls echoed over the world. It was so loud that it smothered even the wind. The dragon roared in anguish, suddenly feeling the magic reach out, and resonate…

The last horn had caused immense pain, but this one was different. It felt like a different type of magic. Similar in a way, and yet so different.

The last horn had been sharp and agonizing, but this… it was numb and cold. The dragon felt the chill soothing through its muscles, the agony of its fiery shackles freezing away. The burns from the slaver's enchantments were fading, the pain of all its wounds replaced by numbness.

The dragon roared, but its power was fading. Fire was pain, but the ice drained its strength. Its wings sagged, its body slumped.

It tried to fight, but the power of the horn could not be resisted.

The dragon's head dropped, its breaths turned low. The will to resist was bleeding away. It felt heavy, like its body was turning to stone.

Ice was creeping over its scales, thin hoarfrost started to crawl over its body.

For a moment, there was nothing the dragon wanted more. It just wanted the pain to end.

The hills turned silent, the only sound the whisper of the wind and the soft wheeze of the dragon's fading breaths.

Across from him, the man slumped beside the horn. They were staring at each other, man and dragon. His pale grey eyes against the dragon's black.

"It's alright. It's alright," the man whispered, soothing the dragon. "You are hurting. Let me end your torment."

There was frost spreading around the man's mouth as well, hoarfrost creeping over his skin. The touch of the horn was affecting him too, the dragon realised. The man must have known the cost – he had given his life to bring the dragon peace. A binding of ice.

In those moments, there was no pain or anger. All feeling drained away. There was naught but emptiness.

After being in pain for so long, the numbness felt almost like relief. The dragon felt itself begin to sag.

Is this what dying feels like?

With his final breath, the man reached out with his mind. This time, the dragon didn't resist. Even as its consciousness faded, it felt the human's presence wrap around the dragon's soul, soft and reassuring.

The ice continued to spread, growing thicker and thicker. Veins of white crept across scales of red.

For that final moment, the dragon just felt lost and scared. The man's aura reached out to touch it, to cradle it in those final moments. The dragon felt a vague confusion, before realising. The man was comforting it, even as they both died.

The dragon had never known a human to be comforting before.

There was nothing but silence, their minds linked and their thoughts passing between them. They were both scared.

I know… I know, the man thought softly, as the ice enveloped them both. Be at peace. In the name of House Stark, I bind you.

The mountains were quiet. The northern winds softly sang over the drifts, and the last of the avalanches scattered downwards. The only movement in the valley was snows lightly dusting over the body of the frozen white gargantuan, slow but unending.

The dragon, the greenseer, and the horn were all buried together.

In 114 BC, there was a civil war in Valyria. The old guard of the Freehold, versus the new blood following an Emperor. The culmination of centuries of political bickering and partisan assassination, the one-night coup d'etat turned Valyria from an oligarchy of Lords Freeholder into an Empire. The new Emperor meant to launch a new age of expansion.

The civil war was obliterated from history by the Doom. No one capable of recording it survived that night. The first and nameless Emperor of Valyria reigned for only six hours before his empire was destroyed by fire and blood.

The blood magic ceremony that was supposed to ensure Valyria's future instead summoned its Doom.

The only surviving witness to the ceremony was a single red dragon, who fled around the world to the northern wilds, before eventually succumbing to the cold.





The Starks trace their descent from Brandon the Builder and the Kings of Winter. For thousands of years, they ruled from Winterfell as Kings in the North, until Torrhen Stark, the King Who Knelt, chose to swear fealty to Aegon the Dragon rather than give battle. When Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell was executed by King Joffrey, the northmen foreswore their loyalty to the Iron Throne and proclaimed Lord Eddard's son Robb as King in the North. During the War of the Five Kings, Robb won every battle, but was betrayed and murdered by the Freys and Boltons at the Twins during his uncle's wedding.

In the Red Wedding's aftermath, its perturbator, Roose Bolton, was raised as Warden of the North. House Bolton held Winterfell, but then a northern coalition formed around Stark loyalists, led by Jon Snow, Robb Stark's bastard brother. After a bloody civil war, the northern coalition retook Winterfell and raised Brandon Stark as Robb's heir and as King in the North.

The words of House Stark are "Winter is Coming".

xxxx KING BRANDON STARK, called BRAN, the King in the North and the King Beyond the Wall, Lord of Winterfell. Also called Bran the Broken, Bran the Immortal, the twice-killed, and the next greenseer,

xxxxxxxx SUMMER, his direwolf. Currently roaming the Wall around Castle Black,

xxxxxxxx his trueborn siblings;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ROBB STARK}, his elder brother, previously King in the North, King of the Trident, Lord of Winterfell, called THE YOUNG WOLF. Slain at the Red Wedding by Bolton and Frey treachery,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {GREY WIND}, his direwolf. Slain at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife, JEYNE WESTERLING, widowed and held hostage at Casterly Rock. Currently under the care of Lord Tyrion Lannister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PRINCESS SANSA, his elder sister, married Tyrion of House Lannister (annulled), also known as Alayne Stone. Serves as the King's Mercy in the Winter Court.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LADY}, her direwolf, killed at Castle Darry,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PETYR BAELISH, also called LITTLEFINGER, Sansa's pretend father, her mentor and her enemy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PRINCESS ARYA}, his sister, a girl of twelve, thought to have died at Winterfell in suspicious circumstances,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NYMERIA, her direwolf, prowling the riverlands,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PRINCE RICKON, a boy of six, believed dead for four years, also known as Stiv Magnar. The Prince of Skagos and Lord of House Magnar, returned to Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SHAGGYDOG, his direwolf, the unicorn killer, black and savage. Currently at Eastwatch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his adopted mother, OSHA, a wildling woman once captive at Winterfell, now the widow of Lord Magnar. Surrendered to the North,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his adopted father, {LORD BJARG MAGNAR}, de facto ruler of Skagos and skinchanger. Killed attempting to possess the dragon Sonagon,

xxxxxxxx his bastard half-brother, PRINCE JON SNOW, former King Beyond the Wall, formerly of the Night's Watch, also called the BASTARD KING, Dragonlord of the North, Defender of the Realm, and leader of the northern coalition's armies. Wielder of the sword Dark Sister. Surrendered his kingship to his half-brother, serves as the King's Claw in the Winter Court,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Prince Snow's skins;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SONAGON the White Doom, ice dragon of the north, remnant of Old Valyria,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GHOST, his direwolf, white and silent. Currently at Eastwatch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PHANTOM, his shadowcat, dark and vicious. Currently at White Harbour,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WRATH, his mammoth. Currently at Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HULLEN}, his goat. Died beyond the Wall,

xxxxxxxx his father, {EDDARD STARK}, former Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. Executed for treason before the Great Sept of Baelor, on the command of King Joffrey Baratheon,

xxxxxxxx his mother, {LADY CATELYN}, of House Tully, former Lady of Winterfell. Murdered by Roose Bolton at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxx his other kin:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his uncle, {BENJEN STARK}, First Ranger of the Night's Watch, lost beyond the Wall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his aunt, {LYSA ARRYN}, former Lady Regent of the Vale of Arryn, widow of Lord Jon Arryn. Murdered when pushed out of the Moon Door,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her son, ROBERT ARRYN, Lord of the Eyrie and Defender of the Vale, a sickly boy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his uncle, EDMURE TULLY, Lord of Riverrun, taken captive at the Red Wedding, held hostage at Casterly Rock. Currently under the care of Lord Tyrion Lannister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Edmure's pregnant wife, {LADY ROSLIN}, of House Frey. Died during the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his great-uncle, SER BRYNDEN TULLY, called THE BLACKFISH, formerly castellan of Riverrun, hunted and then harboured at Greywater Watch, named Warden of the Southern Marches.

xxxx King Brandon's Winter Court;

xxxxxxxx Regent – Lord Howland Reed,

xxxxxxxx The King's Claw – Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxx The King's Mercy – Princess Sansa Stark,

xxxxxxxx Minister of War – Lord Jon Umber,

xxxxxxxx Minister of Seas – Lord Wyman Manderly,

xxxxxxxx Minister of Justice – Ser Ian Poole,

xxxxxxxx Minister of Commerce – unfilled,

xxxxxxxx Minister of Harvests – unfilled,

xxxxxxxx Minister of Tithes – unfilled,

xxxxxxxx Minister of the Interior – unfilled,

xxxxxxxx Captain of the Guard, Lord Gregor Forrester,

xxxx Wardens in the North;

xxxxxxxx Warden of the Bite – Ser Marlon Manderly,

xxxxxxxx Warden of the Northern Mountains – Andrik Knott,

xxxxxxxx Warden of the Stone Isle – the Lord of Bones,

xxxxxxxx Warden of the Eastern Hills – the Weeper,

xxxxxxxx Warden of the Wolfswood – Lord Alger Bole,

xxxxxxxx Warden of the Western Coast – Lyra Mormont,

xxxxxxxx Warden of the Southern Marches – Ser Brynden Tully,

xxxx Prince Snow's Dragonguard (now defunct);

xxxxxxxx {FURS OF OLD MOTHER'S CROCK}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {HATCH THE HALFGIANT}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {HALDUR TWO-NOTCH}, slain during the Battle for the Wall,

xxxxxxxx {TOREGG}, son of Tormund Giantsbane, survived the Battle of the Snows, slain by wraith assassin at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxx {BULLDEN HORN}, unicorn hunter, assigned to search for Rickon Stark on Skagos, killed during the journey,

xxxxxxxx {STIGA OF THENN}, slain during the Battle of the Snows, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {URWEN ROCKFIST}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {GREGG SHEEPSTEALER}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {MO}, slain during the Battle for the Wall,

xxxxxxxx {HARLE THE HUNTSMAN}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {BLACK MARIS}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx ERYN, son of Alvin Whaletooth, assigned to search for Rickon Stark on Skagos, survived,

xxxxxxxx DARK GERWICK, seventh son of Old Man Harwick, assigned to search for Rickon Stark on Skagos, survived,

xxxxxxxx {HARLOW}, actually {RAMSAY SNOW}, betrayed and poisoned the rest of the Dragonguard. Slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx GRENN, of the Night's Watch, only surviving member at Castle Black,

xxxxxxxx {EWAN BOLE}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx SER ALEK, survived the Battle of the Snows, resigned afterwards,

xxxxxxxx {ROLF}, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx … plus nine others, all slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WEX PYKE, squire to the Dragonguard, handler of Prince Snow's wolf,

xxxx Household of House Stark;

xxxxxxxx {THEON GREYJOY}, dubbed Theon Turncloak by northmen, Lord Eddard's ward and hostage, self-proclaimed Prince of Winterfell. Imprisoned, tortured and renamed REEK by Ramsay Bolton. Died during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {WALDER FREY}, called BIG WALDER, once a ward of Lady Catelyn, eight years of age. Served as a squire to Ramsay Bolton, slain during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {WALDER FREY}, called LITTLE WALDER, once a ward of Lady Catelyn, eight years of age. Served as a squire to Ramsay Bolton, slain during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx WYNAFRYD and WYLLA MANDERLY, Princess Sansa's handmaidens,

xxxxxxxx GAWEN GLOVER, a ward of Winterfell, a boy of six, and new Master of Deepwood Motte,

xxxxxxxx BEREN and BRANDON TALLHART, wards of Winterfell, orphaned boys of twelve and six, the new Master of Torrhen's Square and his brother,

xxxxxxxx BENNARD LOCKE, called BEN, fourteen years old, Lord Ondrew Locke's grandson, squire to Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxx MARRION MANDERLY, eleven years old, Lord Wyman Manderly's cousin, squire to Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxx LARENCE SNOW, fourteen years old, natural son of Lord Halys Hornwood, squire to Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxx {MAESTER LUWIN}, counsellor, healer and tutor. Perished to wounds sustained during the sack of Winterfell.

xxxxxxxx ARCHMAESTER MARWYN, counsellor, healer and personal advisor to Princess Sansa Stark. Resident expert on the arcane and magical, scholar of unearthly mysteries, and dragon researcher,

xxxxxxxx MAESTER HENLY, junior maester. Formerly in service with House Slate, now at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxx MOTHER MOLE, former woods witch, now Mother Reverend of the Circle and tutor of King Bran Stark,

xxxxxxxx TYCHO NESTORIS, representative of the Iron Bank of Braavos to the North, a guest in Winterfell,

xxxxxxxx {VAYON POOLE}, head steward of Winterfell. Killed during the purge of the Stark household in the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JEYNE POOLE}, his daughter. Vanished during the purge of the Stark household in the Red Keep. Never seen since,

xxxxxxxx {SER RODRIK CASSEL}, master-at-arms and castellan of Winterfell. Killed by Ramsay Snow during the battle at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BETH CASSEL, his daughter. Imprisoned at the Dreadfort,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JORY CASSEL}, his nephew, captain of Lord Eddard's guards. Killed by Ser Jaime Lannister's men.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lord Eddard's guardsmen;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ALYN}, guardsman, founding member of the brotherhood without banners. Now dead.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TOMARD}, guardsman, called FAT TOM. Killed by gold cloaks during the arrest of Ned Stark.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOMTOO, his son. Fate unknown.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WYL} and {HEWARD}, guardsmen. Killed by Jaime Lannister's men.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DESMOND}, guardsman. Killed during the arrest of Ned Stark.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CAYN}, guardsman. Killed by Sandor Clegane during the arrest of Ned Stark.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PORTHER}, guardsman. Killed during the purge of the Stark household in the Red Keep.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {VARLY}, guardsman. Killed by Janos Slynt during the arrest of Ned Stark.

xxxxxxxx {HALLIS MOLLEN}, Jory Cassel's successor as Captain of the Guard. Escorted Eddard Stark's bones to Greywater Watch, joined with House Reed forces, perished during the taking of Moat Cailin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx QUENT, JACKS AND SHADD, guardsmen. Escort Lord Eddard's bones to Greywater Watch, joined with House Reed forces,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Winterfell's guardsmen, before the sack;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ALEBELLY}, {HAYHEAD}, {SKITTRICK}, {WAYN}, {POXY TYM}, guardsmen. Slain during the sack of Winterfell.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Winterfell's guardsmen, after the retaking of Winterfell;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD GREGOR FORRESTER, new Captain of the Guard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WILHELM, BODERICK, WATT, KEG and DUNCAN, guardsmen.

xxxxxxxx {HULLEN}, master of horse. Killed during the purge of the Stark household in the Red Keep.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARWIN, his son, a guardsman. Founding member of the brotherhood without banners. Currently with Lady Stoneheart's band of outlaws.

xxxxxxxx JOSETH, Hullen's successor as master of horse, imprisoned at the Dreadfort after the sack of Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BANDY and SHYRA, his twin daughters, now imprisoned at the Dreadfort.

xxxxxxxx {SEPTA MORDANE}, tutor to Lord Eddard's daughters. Killed during the purge of the Stark household in the Red Keep.

xxxxxxxx {SEPTON CHAYLE}, keeper of Winterfell's sept and library. Drowned as a sacrifice to the Drowned God during the capture of Winterfell.

xxxxxxxx {MIKKEN}, blacksmith and armorer. Killed by Theon Greyjoy during the capture of Winterfell.

xxxxxxxx {FARLEN}, kennelmaster of Winterfell. Killed by Theon Greyjoy.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PALLA, his daughter, a kennelgirl. Imprisoned at the Dreadfort.

xxxxxxxx {GAGE}, the cook, imprisoned after the sack at Dreadfort,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TURNIP, his child. Imprisoned at the Dreadfort,

xxxxxxxx OSHA, of the free folk, imprisoned and served as kitchen drudge. Fled with Prince Rickon Stark to Skagos, adopted Rickon as her own child, and married Lord Bjarg Magnar, now widowed,

xxxxxxxx NAN, known as {OLD NAN}, storyteller and once a wet-nurse. Imprisoned at the Dreadfort, probably dead,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her grandson, WALDER, known as {HODOR}, a simple-minded stable boy. Perished after the sack of Last Hearth.



HOUSE CERWYN OF CERWYN – Supported House Bolton,

HOUSE DUSTIN OF BARROWTON – Supported House Bolton,

HOUSE FLINT OF FLINT'S FINGERS – Remained mostly neutral, nominally House Bolton,

HOUSE FLINT OF WIDOW'S WATCH – Supported northern coalition, with some betrayers,

HOUSE GLOVER OF DEEPWOOD MOTTE – Split between House Bolton and northern collation,

HOUSE HORNWOOD OF HORNWOOD – Split between House Bolton and northern collation,

HOUSE KARSTARK OF KARHOLD – Supported mostly House Bolton, nominally northern coalition,

HOUSE LOCKE OF OLDCASTLE – Supported northern coalition, with some betrayers,

HOUSE MAGNAR OF KINGSHOUSE – Remained neutral towards civil war, slanted against wildlings,

HOUSE MANDERLY OF WHITE HARBOUR – Supported northern coalition,

HOUSE MORMONT OF BEAR ISLAND – Supported northern coalition,

HOUSE REED OF GREYWATER WATCH – Supported northern coalition,

HOUSE RYSWELL OF THE RILLS – Supported House Bolton,

HOUSE STARK OF WINTERFELL – Supported northern coalition,


HOUSE UMBER OF LAST HEARTH – Supported northern coalition,

ASSEMBLED NORTHERN MOUNTAIN CLANS – Mostly supported northern coalition, many betrayers.


An alliance between the free folk under Jon Snow, the Night's Watch and Stark loyalists among the northern lords, established to seek justice for the Red Wedding, to resist House Bolton and to restore House Stark to the Throne of Winterfell.

xxxx House Manderly of White Harbour;

xxxxxxxx LORD WYMAN MANDERLY, the Lord of White Harbour, Warden of the White Knife, Shield of the Faith, Defender of the Dispossessed, Lord Marshal of the Mander, and Knight of the Order of the Green Hand. Vastly fat, leader of the northern coalition, serving as Minister of Seas on the Winter Court,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER WYLIS MANDERLY}, his eldest son and heir, very fat, held captive at the Twins and rescued by Lord Reed. Later killed during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wylis' wife, {LEONA} of House Woolfield, betrayed the northern coalition and supplied information to the Boltons. Killed at Winterfell by wraith assassin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WYNAFRYD, their eldest daughter,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WYLLA, their younger daughter,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER WENDEL MANDERLY}, Wyman's second son, slain at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxx SER MARLON MANDERLY, heir to Lordsport, Wyman's cousin, commander of the garrison at White Harbour. Sieged and captured the Dreadfort from Bolton loyalists,

xxxxxxxx {SER MADRICK MANDERLY} of Lordsport, brother to Marlon. Killed at Winterfell by wraith assassin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, MARRION MANDERLY, eleven years old, squire to Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxx SER WYLAN WHITWICK, castellan of New Castle, from family of candle-makers.

xxxxxxxx MAESTER THEOMORE, counsellor, tutor, healer. Born Theomore Lannister of Lannisport, exiled on suspicion of treason,

xxxxxxxx {SER BARTIMUS}, an old knight, one-legged, one-eyed, and oft drunk, castellan of the Wolf's Den, killed leading the defence during the Attack on White Harbour,

xxxxxxxx GARTH, a gaoler and headsman, a convert to the Circle,

xxxxxxxx THERRY a young turnkey,

xxxxxxxx SERA, a maid in the New Castle,

xxxx Houses sworn to Manderly of White Harbour: House Manderly of Lordsport, House Woolfield of Ramsgate, House Ashwood, House Poole of Laketon, House Whitehill, House Waterman, House Holt of Westwood and House Saan of the Bite.

xxxxxxxx LORD DYWEN POOLE, Lord of Laketon, an old man,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, SER IAN POOLE, heir to Laketon, married to Baldor Icewall's wildling daughter, serving as Minister of Justice on the Winter Court,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, widowed in Robb Stark's campaign,

xxxxxxxx {VAYON POOLE}, Lord Dywen's brother, former head steward of Winterfell. Killed during the purge of the Stark household in the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JEYNE POOLE}, his daughter, vanished in the south. Vanished during the purge of the Stark household in the Red Keep. Never seen since,

xxxxxxxx {LORD MALCOLM WOOLFIELD}, Lord of Ramsgate, accused of conspiring with the Boltons, executed for treason,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, Ser GARTH WOOLFIELD, led the defence on the Attack on White Harbour, currently imprisoned in New Castle,

xxxxxxxx Lord Malcolm's sister, {LEONA} of House Woolfield, wife to Ser Wylis Manderly, betrayed the northern coalition and supplied information to the Boltons. Killed at Winterfell by wraith assassin,

xxxxxxxx LORD RICKON HOLT, Lord of Westwood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, married to the wildling Gerrick Kingsblood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a second daughter,

xxxxxxxx {LORD ETHAN WHITEHILL}, conspired against the northern coalition, executed by Prince Jon Snow for treason,

xxxxxxxx LORD BENNARD WATERMAN, married a wildling chieftain's daughter,

xxxxxxxx LORD SALLADHOR SAAN, Lord of the Bite, also called the Shark Lord. A former pirate lord and prince of Lys, established a new lordly house in the north after aiding in the Attack on White Harbour. Named Admiral in the Northern Fleet,

xxxx House Mormont of Bear Island;

xxxxxxxx {MAEGE MORMONT}, Lady of Bear Island, the She-Bear. Killed at Winterfell by wraith assassin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DACEY}, her eldest daughter, slain at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ALYSANE}, her daughter, the young She-Bear, slain during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her son, LORD WILL MORMONT, the Little Bear, three years old, the new Lord of Bear Island,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her daughter, nine years old,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LYRA, the Middle Bear, castellan of Bear Island, named Warden of the Eastern Coast,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JORELLE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LYANNA, her youngest daughter,

xxxxxxxx {JEOR MORMONT}, her brother, 997th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, slain by wights in the Haunted Forest,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER JORAH MORMONT}, his son, an exile. Envoy of Daenerys Targaryen and defender of Sansa Stark, slain during the Attack on White Harbour. Posthumously pardoned of his crimes in the North,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife, LYNESSE HIGHTOWER, abandoned Ser Jorah after his disgrace, now is the chief concubine of Tregar Ormollen in Lys,

The words of House Mormont are "Here We Stand".

xxxx Houses sworn to Mormont of Bear Island: House Artos, House Cruden, House Lightfoot, House Woodhall.

xxxx House Umber of Last Hearth

xxxxxxxx JON UMBER, called THE GREATJON, Lord of the Last Hearth. Held captive at the Twins, rescued by Lord Reed, fought through the Battle of the Snows and survived the attack at Winterfell by wraith assassin. Serving as Minister of War on the Winter Court,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his first wife, {ROSEANNE}, slain in a wildling raid two decades prior,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his eldest daughter by his first wife, VALERIE, slain in a wildling raid two decades prior,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his youngest daughter by his first wife, REBEKAH, slain in a wildling raid two decades prior,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his second wife, {SHELLA}, died of fever,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JON, called THE SMALLJON}, the Greatjon's eldest son and heir, slain at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {STEFFON} his son, missing after the sack of Last Hearth,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {KOL}, his son, missing after the sack of Last Hearth,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MIKAEL}, his youngest son, a babe, crucified by Ramsay Bolton during the sack of Last Hearth,

xxxxxxxx MORS called CROWFOOD, uncle to the Greatjon, joint castellan at the Last Hearth. Injured at the sack of Last Hearth, and accused of being traitor against the northern coalition. Brought to Winterfell to stand trial,

xxxxxxxx {HOTHER called WHORESBANE}, uncle to the Greatjon, joint castellan at the Last Hearth. Slain during the sack of Last Hearth,

xxxx Houses sworn to House Umber of Last Hearth: House Mollen of Brandon's Crossing, House Moss, House Lake, House Mull, House Emberly.

xxxxxxxx LORD NORVEL MOLLEN, Lord of Brandon's Crossing, a possible but unproven betrayer at the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx {LORD HOSTER MOSS}, conspired against the northern coalition at the Battle of the Snows, executed by Prince Jon Snow for treason,

xxxx House Glover of Deepwood Motte;

xxxxxxxx {GALBART GLOVER}, Master of Deepwood Motte, unwed. Accused of treachery against the northern coalition, but unproven. Killed at Winterfell by wraith assassin,

xxxxxxxx {ROBETT GLOVER}, his brother and heir, executed for treachery against the northern coalition,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Robert's wife, SYBELLE of House Locke, held hostage with their children to force her husband's compliance, but released,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their eldest son, GAWEN GLOVER, the new Master of Deepwood Motte, a boy of six, a ward of Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their daughter, ERENA GLOVER, a babe,

xxxx Houses sworn to Glover of Deepwood Motte: House Forrester, House Bark, House Bole, House Branch, House Gravel, House Woods.

xxxxxxxx LORD GREGOR FORRESTER, Glover's bannerman, serving as Captain of the Guard at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, married Ygon Oldfather's son,

xxxxxxxx LORD ALGER BOLE, minor lord of the Wolfswood, named Warden of the Wolfswood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, {EWAN BOLE}, served on Prince Snow's Dragonguard,

xxxx House Reed of Greywater Watch;

xxxxxxxx HOWLAND REED, Lord of Greywater Watch, a crannogman,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife, JYANA, of the crannogmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their children;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MEERA, a young huntress, companion of Bran Stark. Rescued Bran Stark from imprisonment by the Bastard's Boys, considered a likely future match to the king,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JOJEN, a boy blessed with green sight, companion of Bran Stark. Thought lost after the sack of Last Hearth, but recovered at the Wall,

xxxx Houses sworn to House REed of Greywater Watch: House Blackmyre, House Boggs, House Cray, House Fenn, House Greengood, House Peat, House Quagg.

xxxxxxxx EDWYLE FERNDOWN, Lord Reed's man-at-arms,

xxxx House Flint of Widow's Watch;

xxxxxxxx LYESSA FLINT, Lady of Widow's Watch, a widow. Accused of conspiring against the northern coalition, unproven,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ROBIN FLINT, Lyessa's eldest son and heir, the only surviving member of Robb Stark's personal guard. Held hostage at the Twins, rescued by Lord Reed, serving as castellan at Widow's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BYAM FLINT, Lyessa's second son and a man of the Night's Watch. Abandoned his post and deserted during the Battle of the Snows,

The words of House Flint of Widow's Watch are "Ever Vigilant".

xxxx Houses sworn to House Flint of Widow's Watch: House Flint of Cloven Cove, House Skye, House Thistlewood.

xxxx House Locke of Oldcastle

xxxxxxxx LORD ONDREW LOCKE, Lord of Oldcastle, an old man. Accused of conspiring against the northern coalition, unproven,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his eldest son, {SER DONNEL LOCKE}, a knight, slain at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, BENNARD LOCKE, squire to Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JEREMY LOCKE}, his second son and heir. Slain by Val at the Battle of the Snows, suspected conspirator against the northern coalition.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, SYBELLE, married to Robett Glover. Held hostage at Deepwood Motte but released, mother to Gawen and Erena Glover,

The words of House Locke are "Bar the Way".

xxxx Houses sworn to House Flint of Widow's Watch: House Benton, House Ceomore, House Dean.

xxxx The Northern Mountain Clans;

xxxxxxxx the chiefs among the mountain clans:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HUGO WULL} called BIG BUCKET, or THE WULL, died from wounds taken at the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BRANDON NORREY}, called THE NORREY, conspired against northern coalition, executed by Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BRANDON NORREY, the Younger, his son, imprisoned at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx two daughters of The Norrey, murdered by wildlings before the northern coalition was founded,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TORREN LIDDLE, called THE LIDDLE, an old man,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DUNCAN LIDDLE, his eldest son, called BIG LIDDLE, a man of the Night's Watch and castellan of Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MORGAN LIDDLE}, his second son, called MIDDLE LIDDLE, slain at the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RICKARD LIDDLE, his third son, called LITTLE LIDDLE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TORGHEN FLINT}, of the First Flints, called THE FLINT, or OLD FLINT, conspired against northern coalition, executed by Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BLACK DONNEL FLINT}, his son and heir, executed at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ARTOS FLINT, his second son, half-brother to Black Donnel, rejoined the northern coalition,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ERIC BURLEY}, called THE BURLEY, slain at Winterfell by wraith assassin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {RONNEL HARCLAY}, a man of the Night's Watch, died during the battle at the Wall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANDRIK KNOTT, eldest son of clan Knott, fought at the Battle for the Wall. Named Warden of the Northern Mountains.


The resistance led by Roose Bolton, Warden of the North, opposing the northern coalition in the name of King Tommen Baratheon. House Bolton was raised to power after the death of Robb Stark, which they claim was justified, and they rallied objectors to northern coalition to resist the King Snow and his wildlings' conquest of the north.

House Bolton received considerable support from allies south of the Neck, especially the remnants of House Frey and an undetermined number of financial and political backers.

xxxx House Bolton of the Dreadfort;

xxxxxxxx {ROOSE BOLTON}, Lord of the Dreadfort, Warden of the North, called the Leech Lord. Conspired with Lord Walder Frey to topple King Robb Stark during the Red Wedding, was raised to Warden of the North for his efforts. Was defeated by the northern coalition during the Battle of the Snows, was taken captive, and later died in his cell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DOMERIC}, his sole trueborn heir by his second wife, died of suspected poisoning,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LADY WALDA FREY}, Lord Roose's third wife, called FAT WALDA, slain during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WALTON, called STEELSHANKS, Lord Bolton's captain. Held siege inside the Dreadfort for months, eventually surrendered to the northern coalition,

xxxxxxxx {RAMSAY BOLTON}, born Ramsay Snow, called THE BASTARD OF BOLTON, natural son and heir. Self-styled Lord of the Hornwood and Lord of Winterfell. Disguised himself as a common man, and infiltrated the Dragonguard, took the King Snow hostage and was slain by the wildling Val during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DONELLA HORNWOOD}, Ramsay's first 'wife'. Perished after being imprisoned without food,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {"ARYA STARK"}, Ramsay's second wife. Perished during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows, in mysterious circumstances,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WALDER FREY} and {WALDER FREY}, called BIG WALDER and LITTLE WALDER, Ramsay's squires,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the Bastard's Boys, Ramsay's men-at-arms:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BEN BONES}, kennelmaster at the Dreadfort,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {YELLOW DICK}, {DAMON DANCE-FOR-ME}, {LUTON}, {SOUR ALYN}, {SKINNER}, {GRUNT}, {MERWYN}, {LOU}, WERWICK}, all Bastard's Boys, all dead,

The words of House Bolton are "Our Blades Are Sharp".

xxxx House Bolton is extinct after the Battle of the Snows. Their lands and fiefs are dissolved, and granted to newly raised free folk lords. Houses previously sworn to House Bolton of the Dreadfort: House Deoredge, House Long, House Pikeworth, House Rose of the Red Knife, House Stonehull, House Towers,

xxxxxxxx BARTHOGAN ROSE, Master of the Red Knife. Previously a Bolton bannerman, surrendered to the northern coalition after the battle.

xxxx House Cerwyn of Cerwyn;

xxxxxxxx {MEDGER CERWYN}, Lord of Cerwyn, perished from wounds at Harrenhal,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CLEY CERWYN}, his son, next Lord of Cerwyn, killed at Winterfell by Ramsay Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JONELLE CERWYN}, his daughter, next Lady of Cerwyn, a maid of two-and-thirty. Slain during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

The words of House Cerwyn are "Honed and Ready".

xxxx House Cerwyn is extinct after the Battle of the Snows. Their lands and fiefs have been claimed directly by House Stark of Winterfell. Houses previously sworn to House Cerwyn of Cerwyn: House Condon, House Gates, House Beck, House Wells;

xxxxxxxx Ser Kyle Condon, a knight in service to Lord Medger. Allied with House Bolton next to his liege lady, but surrendered to the northern coalition after the Battle of the Snows.

xxxx House Dustin of Barrowton;

xxxxxxxx {LORD WILLIAM DUSTIN}, Lord of Barrowton. He died fighting at the end of Robert's Rebellion at the Tower of Joy, alongside Eddard Stark,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LADY BARBREY DUSTIN}, widow of the late Lord Dustin, the Lady of Barrowton. Supported House Bolton against the northern coalition, was defeated and executed. Died without issue and without a designated heir,

xxxxxxxx LORD ARNOLD DUSTIN, formerly ARNOLD SPARROW. Formerly a petty knight who fought for the Boltons, but surrendered Barrowton quickly to the northern coalition. Raised to Arnold Dustin for his efforts,

xxxx Houses sworn to House Dustin of Barrowton: House Stout of Greengrass, House Coffin, House Graveton, House Marsh;

xxxxxxxx LORD HARWOOD STOUT, Lord of Greengrass, a one-armed old man. Allied with House Bolton next to his liege lady, but surrendered to the northern coalition after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxx House Flint of Flint's Fingers;

xxxxxxxx LORD CEDRIC FLINT, Lord of Flint's Fingers, Lord of Cape Kraken. Made token contributions to House Bolton during the civil war, but mostly removed himself from the conflict,

xxxx Houses sworn to House Flint of Flint's Fingers: House Greybane of Reaver's Folly, House Hoardridge of Ulwell Pier, House Ironsmith of Forge Hall, House Saltstone of Sandbanks,

xxxx House Hornwood of Hornwood;

xxxxxxxx Lord {HARLYS HORNWOOD}, slain at the battle on the Green Fork,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lady {DONELLA HORNWOOD}, his wife, the cousin of Lord Wyman Manderly, widowed and then forced to marry Ramsay Snow, and then imprisoned and starved to death,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DARYN HORNWOOD}, his son and heir, slain at the battle in the Whispering Wood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LARENCE SNOW, the natural son of Lord Halys, 14 years old, fostered at Deepwood Motte. Appointed a squire of Prince Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his sister, {BERENA}, wife of Leobald Tallhart. Once captured by Ironborn at Torrhen's Square, then rescued by House Bolton. Died during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows.

xxxxxxxx (MAESTER MEDRICK}, a maester serving House Hornwood. Executed for treachery at Winterfell,

The words of House Hornwood are "Righteous in Wrath".

xxxx The heir apparent of House Hornwood is in question after the Battle of the Snows. Their lands and fiefs have been largely reallocated between House Manderly and new free folk houses. Houses previously sworn to House Hornwood of Hornwood: House Overton, House Slate of Blackpool, House Plumbridge, House Staffin, House Shepton;

xxxxxxxx LORD ANDERS OVERTON, an old warrior. Allied alongside the northern coalition,

xxxxxxxx {LORD HAROLD SLATE}, Lord of Blackpool. Allied alongside the northern coalition, but accused of conspiracy against them and treachery at the Battle of the Snows. Executed at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MANDON SLATE}, his son and heir. Conspired against the northern coalition at the Battle of the Snows, executed by Prince Snow at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER HENLY, a junior maester of the Citadel, once serving House Slate, now serving House Stark,

xxxx House Karstark of Karhold;

xxxxxxxx {RICKARD KARSTARK}, Lord of Karhold, beheaded by the Young Wolf for murdering prisoners,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HARRION}, his eldest son, captured and executed at Maidenpool,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {EDDARD}, his son, slain in the Whispering Wood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TORRHEN}, his son, slain in the Whispering Wood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY ALYS KARSTARK, his daughter, the Lady of Karhold, a maid of fifteen, forced to marry her cousin Cregan and then widowed,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his uncle {ARNOLF}, castellan of Karhold, allied alongside Roose Bolton with the rest of his house. Slain at the Battle of the Snows, commanding the rearguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CREGAN}, Arnolf's elder son, Lord of Karhold after marrying his cousin Alys. Fought against the northern coalition, but surrendered after the capture of Karhold. Forced to fight alongside the northern coalition at the Battle of the Snows, but later died 'accidentally' falling from his horse,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Three sons of Lord Cregan, two of them slain during the capture of Karhold or the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ARTHOR, Arnolf's youngest son, surrendered to the northern coalition after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxx (MAESTER TYBALD}, a maester serving House Karstark. Executed for treachery at Winterfell,

The words of House Karstark are 'The Sun of Winter'.

xxxx Houses sworn to House Karstark of Karhold: House Covenry, House Karmist, House Grey, and House Hunter;

xxxx House Ryswell of the Rills;

xxxxxxxx LORD RODRIK RYSWELL, Lord of the Rills. SUpporter of HOuse Bolton, slain leading the flank in the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his eldest daughter {LADY BETHANY,} the second wife of Roose Bolton, died of a fever,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, {LADY BARBREY}, Lady of Barrowton, widow of Lord William Dustin. Executed at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his sons, all fought at the Battle of the Snows;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ROGER RYSWELL}, slain in Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RICKARD RYSWELL, the new Lord of the Rills, surrendered after the Battle of the Snows, hostage at Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ROOSE RYSWELL, surrendered after the Battle of the Snows, hostage at Winterfell,

xxxx Houses sworn to House Ryswell of the Rills: House Ryder of Rillswater, House Ryswell of Saltshield, House Ryswell of the Spit, House Rysdene, House Rysett, House Glenmore, House Stirling, House Stonehaven, House Fisher of Stony Shore

xxxxxxxx LORD ERIC RYDER, Lord of Rillswater, allied with House Bolton next to his liege lord, but surrendered to the northern coalition after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxx House Tallhart of Torrhen's Square;

xxxxxxxx {SER HELMAN TALLHART}, Master of Torrhen's Square, slain at Duskendale,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BENFRED TALLHART}, his son and heir, slain by ironmen on the Stony Shore,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {EDDARA}, his daughter, briefly Lady of Torrhen's Square. Held captive at Torrhen's Square by ironborn, rescued by House Bolton taken as a ward of Winterfell. Died during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows.

xxxxxxxx {LEOBALD}, his brother, castellan of Torrhen's Square, killed at Winterfell by Ramsay Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Leobald's wife, {BERENA} of House Hornwood. Held captive at Torrhen's Square by ironborn, rescued by House Bolton. Died during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their eldest son, BEREN, a boy of twelve, the newest Master of Torrhen's Square. Likewise held captive at Torrhen's Square by ironborn, taken as a ward of Winterfell. Survived the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their youngest son, BRANDON, a boy of six, likewise held captive at Torrhen's Square by ironborn, taken as a ward of Winterfell.

The words of House Tallhart are "Proud and Free".

xxxx Houses sworn to House Tallhart of Torrhen's Square: House Broadford, House Greenhill of Greenhil, House Shallowstone.


A military order dedicated to holding the Wall, the men of the Night's Watch wear only black, and are known as black brothers. This order has came into much conflict with the free folk beyond the Wall.

After a failed Great Ranging against the wildlings and after the conquest of King Jon Snow, the black brothers were forced to accept a truce with the free folk. The Night's Watch stands as the first line of defence against the threat of the Others from the north.

xxxx The sworn brothers;

xxxxxxxx SAMWELL TARLY, of Horn Hill, nine-hundred-and-ninety-eighth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LORD JEOR MORMONT}, called the Old Bear, nine-hundred-and-ninety-seventh Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Slain at the battle of the Haunted Forest by the Others.

xxxxxxxx Stewards:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EDDISON TOLLETT, called DOLOROUS EDD, appointed Lord Steward,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MAESTER AEMON (TARGARYEN)}, healer and counsellor, a blind man, one hundred and two years old, accidentally slain during an assassination attempt against King Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Aemon's steward, CLYDAS, acting maester at Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {THREE-FINGER HOBB}, steward and chief cook, slain by Malvern,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DONAL NOYE}, one-armed armorer and smith, slain at the gate by Malvern,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SEPTON CELLADOR}, a drunken devout, slain by Malvern,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DAREON called LOVER}, a singer, slain by Malvern,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SATIN}, a recruit-in-training, slain by Malvern,


xxxxxxxx Builders;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OTHELL YARWYCK, First Builder,


xxxxxxxx Rangers;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARLE THE HANDSOME, First Ranger,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BIG LIDDLE, castellan of Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ENDREW TARTH, master-at-arms at Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JANOS SLYNT}, former commander of the City Watch of King's Landing, later Lord of Harrenhal, then a brother of the Night's Watch, and then turned wight by the Others. Slain by Samwell Tarly,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER ALLISER THORNE}, former master-at-arms, executed by Sigorn of Thenn,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {IRON EMMETT}, former master-at-arms at Eastwatch, slain by Malvern,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {THOREN SMALLWOOD}, senior ranger, slain by Val at the battle of the Haunted Forest,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER MALLADOR LOCKE}, senior ranger, slain at the battle of the Haunted Forest,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER WYNTON STOUT, former castellan at Castle Black, old and witless,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOM BARLEYCORN, senior ranger and scout leader,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BLANE}, senior ranger, slain at the battle of the Haunted Forest,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BEDWYCK called the GIANT}, died commanding the siege weapons during the collapse of the Wall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GRENN called AUROCHS, named to the Dragonguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TODDER called TOAD}, slain at the ambush at Castle Black,


xxxxxxxx At the Shadow Tower;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER DENYS MALLISTER}, commander of the Shadow Tower. Refused to surrender to the approaching wildling army, killed during of the Shadow Tower when the dragon Sonagon assaulted it,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his steward and squire, {WALLACE MASSEY},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MAESTER MULLIN}, healer and counsellor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {QHORIN HALFHAND}, {SQUIRE DALBRIDGE}, {EGGEN}, rangers, all slain beyond the Wall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {STONESNAKE}, a ranger, lost afoot in Skirling Pass, used as a sacrifice by the Others,

xxxxxxxx At Eastwatch-by-the-Sea;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {COTTER PYKE}, a bastard of the Iron Islands, commander of Eastwatch. Surrendered to the wildlings, continued to uphold his vows, later slain during the Night of the Dead, the Other's naval invasion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MAESTER HARMUNE}, healer and counsellor, oft drunk, executed on suspicion of treason against the northern coalition,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GLENDON HEWETT}, master-at-arms at Eastwatch, died resisting the wildlings,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {OLD TATTERSALT}, captain of the Blackbird,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MAYNARD HOLT, captain of the Talon, fled from the battle in the Skagosi straits,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {RUSS BARLEYCORN}, captain of the Storm Crow.

xxxxxxxx Free folk who took the Black:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WULF}, Samwell Tarly's bodyguard, died at the Battle of Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WUN WEG WUN DAR WUN, called WUN WUN, the first giant to take the black, survived the Battle of Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ERIK BEARCLAW,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BONE ERIK,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BROGG BIG-CHIN,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THUNDERING MAMMOTH,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JAX,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LEATHERS,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LEMMY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TWO-TOED DIRK,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ONE-EYED WULF,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MARV THE RED HAND},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MARTHE OF THE ANTLERS}, died at the Battle of Caster Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AKI THE WROTH,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {STUTTERING ANDRIK},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANDRIK BONESTEW,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LEFT-HANDED YOLDO}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {QUORT HARLESSON},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {IVAR THE RESTLESS},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KYLEG OF THE WOODEN EAR,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {YVON OF WHITETREE},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BIG ASTA,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HENRIK THE HOG,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and many more.

xxxxxxxx Betrayers, once men of the Night's Watch:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CHETT}, {DIRK}, {SOFTFOOT}, {OLLO LOPHAND}, {LARK THE SISTERMAN}, {ROLLEY OF SISTERTON}, {CLUBFOOT KARL}, {MASLYN}, and {SAWOOD}, deserters, attempted to abandon post at the Fist of the First Men, all slain,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BOWEN MARSH}, former Lord Steward, slain perpetrating the assassination attempt against King Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DONNEL HILL called SWEET DONNEL}, {WICK WHITTLESTICK}, {GARTH OF GREENAWAY}, {JEREN}, {HAKE}, {RAST}, and {PYPAR called PYP}, all slain perpetrating the assassination attempt against King Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BYAM FLINT, led a group of deserters fleeing the battle at the Wall.

In 297, when Jon Snow joined, the sworn brothers of the Night's Watch numbered 966 men.

After several defeats and the conquest of the Wall by the free folk, the sworn brothers were diminished to 432.

Their ranks were later bolstered by approximately 3000 free folk who took the black.

After Others assault on the Wall, less than 2000 sworn brothers remain.


Formerly threats to the realm, under King Jon Snow they were pushed into northern coalition. Any free folk who renounces the wildling ways is granted a blanket pardon from all previous crimes and citizenship in the North.

The most prominent among the free folk were granted lordships of the castles at the Wall, in return for fortifying them.


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Eastwatch, granted to the Lord of Bones,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Greenguard, granted to Gavin the Trader,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Torches, granted to Gerrick Kingsblood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Long Barrow, granted to Big Agnes,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rimegate, granted to Aki Twentysons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sable Hall, granted to Ygon Oldfather,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Woodswatch-by-the-Pool, granted to Kyleg Stonehand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oakenshield, granted to Soren Shieldbreaker,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Castle Black, granted to Mance Rayder,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Queensgate, granted to Morna Whitemask,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Deep Lake, granted to Old Man Harwick,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Nightfort, still unmanned, under reconstruction,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Icemark, granted to Baldor Icewall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hoarfrost Hill, granted to Haldur Bullspear,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Stonedoor, granted to Asta the Swimmer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Greyguard, granted to granted to Blind Doss

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sentinel Stand, granted to Marrik One-Foot,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Shadow Tower, granted to Sigorn of Thenn.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Westwatch-by-the-Bridge, granted to Soren of Thenn.

xxxxxxxx Chieftains, leaders and warlords:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MANCE RAYDER}, former King-Beyond-the-Wall, named Lord of Castle Black, acting Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, slain holding the Wall in the Other's assault,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife, DALLA, now widowed,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their newborn son, born in battle, as yet unnamed,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY VAL OF WHITETREE, Dalla's older sister, the wildling princess, paramour of Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GARTH, Val's friend and companion, named one of the Wardens of the Exodus,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD OF BONES, mocked as RATTLESHIRT, named Lord of Eastwatch, a raider and leader of a war band,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIGORN OF THENN, Magnar of Thenn, Lord of the Shadow Tower,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his father, {STYR}, former Magnar of Thenn, died in prison after being captured by the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, STIGA, named to the Dragonguard, perished during the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, SOREN, named Lord of Westwatch-by-the-Bridge, castellan of the Shadow Tower as well,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his eldest son, {TOREGG THE TALL}, named to the Dragonguard, slain by wraith assassin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his other sons, {TORWYRD THE TAME}, DORMUND, and {DRYN},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter {MUNDA}, murdered after being captured by the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE WEEPER, called THE WEEPING MAN, a notorious raider and leader of a war band,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HARMA, called DOGSHEAD}, slain in the battle in the Haunted Forest,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HALLECK}, her brother, named one of the Wardens of the Exodus, slain during the Other's assault on the Wall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {VARAMYR} called SEVENSKINS, a skinchanger and warg. Named on of the Wardens of the Exodus, perished at the assault on the Wall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his skins; three wolves, one snow bear, one shadowcat, one eagle, one horse,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BORROQ, called THE BOAR, a skinchanger, much feared,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GERRICK KINGSBLOOD, of the blood of Raymun Redbeard, named Lord of the Torches,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his three daughters,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OLD MAN HARWICK, clan patriarch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx many, many sons and daughters,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DARK GERRICK, his seventh son, named to the Dragonguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SOREN SHIELDBREAKER, a famed warrior, named Lord of Oakenshield,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MORNA WHITE MASK, the warrior witch, a raider, named Lady of Queensgate,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YGON OLDFATHER, a clan chief with eighteen wives, named Lord of Sable Hall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {THE GREAT WALRUS}, leader of the Walrus Men from the Frozen Shore, died resisting Jon Snow as king,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx another Great Walrus was elected,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD OF SEALS, later renamed himself THE ADMIRAL OF SEALS, commander of the free folk fleet. Turned craven and fled from the battle in the Skagosi straits,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ALVIN WHALETOOTH}, died at the battle of the Hardhome,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, ERYN, named to the Dragonguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BIG AGNES, named Lady of Long Barrow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BALDOR ICEWALL, named Lord of Icemark,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HALDUR BULLSPEAR, named Lord of Hoarfrost Hill,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GAVIN THE TRADER, named Lord of Greenguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DEVYN SEALSKINNER, captain in the free folk fleet,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AKI TWENTYSONS, named Lord of Rimegate,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARLE THE HANDSOME, joined the Night's Watch, appointed First Ranger,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARLE THE HUNTSMAN, named to the Dragonguard, died at the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KYLEG OF THE WOODEN EAR, joined the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KYLEG STONEHAND, named Lord of Woodswatch-by-the-Pool,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BROGG BIG-CHIN, joined the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MARRIK ONE-FOOT, named Lord of Sentinel Stand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BLIND DOSS, named Lord of Greyguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE BLOODTOOTH, captain in the free folk fleet,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ASTA THE SWIMMER, captain in the free folk fleet,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE OWL LORD, a skinchanger, speaks only in hoots,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HOWD THE WANDERER, a free folk chieftain, left to parts unknown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LARS THE PRETTY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MARTHE OF THE ANTLERS, a clan chief of ill-repute, joined the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ERIK BEARCLAW, joined the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {NED BEARCLAW}, executed by Rattleshirt,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BALDR BOARHUNTER}, executed by Rattleshirt,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LARRS STONEBROCK}, executed by Rattleshirt,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ERIKKSON OF THE WEST RIVER}, executed by Rattleshirt,

xxxxxxxx Raiders, warriors and spearwives;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {YGRITTE}, a spearwife, Jon Snow's once lover. Captured and enslaved by the Others, perished during the Battle of Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LONGSPEAR RYK}, a raider, Ygritte's friend. Captured and enslaved by the Others, perished during the Battle of Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JARL}, an experienced raider, Val's brief lover. Missing after the Frostfangs,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OSHA, a free folk woman, imprisoned and served as kitchen drudge at Winterfell. Fled with Prince Rickon Stark to Skagos, adopted Rickon as her own child, and married Lord Bjarg Magnar, now widowed,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CRASTER}, a man of ill-repute who lived in a keep near the Wall. Slain by warbands in the aftermath of the battle of the Frostfangs,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GILLY, Craster's daughter and wife. Fled Craster's keep with the free folk host, found safety at Hardhome and converted to the cult of the dragon. Currently at Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Gilly's unnamed babe, the last of Craster's sons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BULLDEN HORN}, a raider, named to the Dragonguard. Perished after being tasked to search for Rickon Stark,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ORELL, called ORELL THE EAGLE}, a skinchanger slain by Jon Snow in the Skirling Pass,



xxxxxxxx The Circle of Witches and Wargs

The Circle, also known as the Dragon Cult, or the Cult of the White Dragon, a zealous offshoot of Old God worship. The Circle revolves around the ice dragon Sonagon, and has grown highly intolerant of other religions.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MOTHER MOLE, formerly a wood's witch, now the Mother Reverend and Prioress of the Circle.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her apprentices;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIGRID of Antlerstone, greater apprentice,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx apprentices GUNHILDE, ARSI, HELTHA, SOLVI, and two-score others,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Wargs and skinchangers;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE OWL LORD,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BORROQ THE BOAR,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TORVI ICETOOTH,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BRIAR, GRISELLA, GRIGG, ERROK, BODGER and more.

xxxxxxxx Giants;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MAG MAR TUN DOH WEG, called MAG THE MIGHTY}, a giant, slain by the Others at the Slaughter in the Frostfangs,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WUN WEG WUN DAR WUN, called WUN WUN, a giant, serving at Castle Black,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LEG LUN DAR TAR, a giant chieftain,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAG DE GAR, a giant chieftain,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx two dozen giant clans, approximately 300 remaining,

xxxxxxxx Beyond the Wall;

In the caverns beneath the haunted forest;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE THREE-EYED CROW, also called THE LAST GREENSEER, sorcerer and dreamwalker, once a man of the Night's Watch named BRYNDEN, now more tree than man,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his servant, COLDHANDS, also called the STRANGER, clad in black, once perhaps a man of the Night's Watch, now a mystery,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RAMSAY, an unchained wight taken from the battle for the Wall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the children of the forest, those who sing the song of earth, last of their dying race:



The Others, also known as white walkers, cold gods, white shadows and children of the moon, are beings of ice that exist the north far beyond the Wall. They had not been seen for many thousand years and were considered extinct, but in modern times they are leading an invasion south, already conquering all lands north of the Wall. It is feared to be the second Long Night.

The Others are described as beautiful, ethereal creatures with bright blue eyes, that are prone to playing with mortals before they kill them. They seek to conquer the world, and to turn every mortal creature 'immortal'.

xxxx THE WHITE WALKER KING, the Dread, an immortal and mysterious figure leading the Others' invasion. Said to be the most dangerous creature in the world, and said to be half-human, half-Other,

xxxxxxxx {THE NIGHT'S KING}, a legendary figure from the Age of Heroes, a fearless warrior named as the thirteenth Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. He attempted to make peace between humans and Others by marrying one of them, but ended up declaring himself king and her his queen, and ruling from the Nightfort for thirteen dark years. They still tell tales of the atrocities of his reign, though all records of him were destroyed and his very name was forbidden,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE CORPSE QUEEN, a name given to the Night's King's bride, a woman with skin as cold as ice and eyes like blue stars. Supposedly she took his soul as well as his seed,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MALVERN}, the name given to an ambitious white walker who tricked his way through the Wall. Was wounded in the crossing, but remained strong enough to raise a host of corpses after the Battle of the Snows, and was critical in assaulting the Wall. Later slain after being lured into a trap by Samwell Tarly.



House Lannister and House Baratheon loyalists once held the Iron Throne as the sons of King Robert Baratheon, under the regency of Queen Cersei of House Lannister. After the deaths of several key figures, Cersei Lannister was accused of crimes of infidelity and murder by the Faith, leading towards a stand-off between crown and faith around the Red Keep that lasted for 77 days. Her reign ended in spectacular collapse during attack on the Great Sept and the Great Fire of King's Landing, after crimes against men and gods, and the Iron Throne was conquered by King Aegon Targaryen.

The Queen Regent and her children were declared as illegitimate, stripped of all right, land and deed.

King Tommen's banner once showed the crowned stag of Baratheon, black on gold, and the lion of Lannister, gold on crimson, combatant.

xxxx {CERSEI LANNISTER}, the First of Her Name, widow of {King Robert I Baratheon}, Queen Dowager, former Protector of the Realm, former Lady of Casterly Rock, and former Queen Regent. Also called the MAD QUEEN; accused of infidelity and high treason, held siege inside the Red Keep for 77 days, dabbled in sorcery and set fire to King's Landing in madness, and then slain in circumstances unknown,

xxxxxxxx her children;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her eldest son, {JOFFREY HILL}, also called KING JOFFREY I BARATHEON poisoned during his wedding feast by his uncle Tyrion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her daughter, {MYRCELLA HILL}, also called PRINCESS MYRCELLA BARATHEON, a girl of ten, a ward of Prince Doran Martell at Sunspear, betrothed to his son Trystane. Murdered at Starfall by Ser Gerold Dayne, the Darkstar, at the behest of her uncle Tyrion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her youngest son, {TOMMEN I HILL}, also called KING TOMMEN I BARATHEON. Once the First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. A boy of eight years, supposedly murdered by his uncle Tyrion.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his kittens, SER POUNCE, {LADY WHISKERS}, {BOOTS},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife, {QUEEN MARGAERY} of House Tyrell, thrice wed, twice widowed, once murdered. Accused of high treason, held captive in the Red Keep by Cersei Lannister, murdered by Cersei Lannister and 'resurrected',

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Margaery's lady companions and cousins, {MEGGA}, {ALLA}, and {ELINOR TYRELL}, accused of treachery, all held hostage and slain in the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxx Cersei's brothers:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER JAIME LANNISTER, called THE KINGSLAYER, twin to Queen Cersei, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Presumed dead, supposedly executed by the outlaw Lady Stoneheart,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TYRION LANNISTER, called THE IMP, a dwarf, accused and condemned for regicide and kinslaying. Now Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, and pardoned fully by King Aegon Targaryen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PODRICK PAYNE, Tyrion's former squire, a boy of twelve, captured by outlaws,

xxxxxxxx Cersei's father, {TYWIN LANNISTER}, former Lord of Casterly Rock, Warden of the West, and Hand of the King, murdered on the privy by his son Tyrion,

xxxxxxxx Cersei's uncles, aunt and cousins;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cersei's uncle, {SER KEVAN LANNISTER}, named Lord Marshal and Warden of the West. Committed suicide during the Great Fire of King's Landing.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife, {LADY DORNA SWYFT}, murdered by the outlaw Lady Stoneheart,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their children: {SER LANCEL LANNISTER}, a knight of the Holy Order of the Warrior's Sons. Murdered and 'resurrected' by Lord Qyburn.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WILLEM}, twin to Martyn, murdered at Riverrun,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MARTYN, twin to Willem, a squire, murdered by the outlaw Lady Stoneheart,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JANEI, a girl of three, murdered by the outlaw Lady Stoneheart,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cersei's aunt, GENNA LANNISTER, fled from the outlaw Lady Stoneheart,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her husband, {SER EMMON FREY}, briefly Lord of Riverrun, executed by the outlaw Lady Stoneheart,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their children: {SER CLEOS FREY}, killed by outlaws, his son;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER TYWIN FREY, called TY, Cleos' son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WILLEM FREY, a squire, Cleos' son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LYONEL FREY, Lady Genna's second son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TION FREY}, a squire, Genna's son, murdered at Riverrun,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WALDER FREY, called RED WALDER, Genna's son, a page at Casterly Rock,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cersei's uncle, {SER TYGETT LANNISTER},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife; DARLESSA MARBRAND,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, {TYREK LANNISTER}, a squire, vanished during the food riots in King's Landing,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY ERMESANDE HAYFORD, Tyrek's child wife, widowed before she was weaned,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cersei's uncle, {GERION LANNISTER}, lost at sea,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JOY HILL, his bastard daughter,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER STAFFORD LANNISTER} also called Uncle Dolt, Cersei's cousin, died during Robb Stark's campaign in the riverlands,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CERENNA LANNISTER, Cersei's cousin, daughter of her late uncle Stafford, her mother's brother,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MYRIELLE LANNISTER, Cersei's cousin and Cerenna's sister, daughter of her late uncle Stafford,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER DAVEN LANNISTER}, her cousin, Stafford's son, named Warden of the West, died at the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER DAMION LANNISTER, a more distant cousin, married Shiera Crakehall, named castellan of Casterly Rock, defeated and captured by Tyrion Lannister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LUCION LANNISTER, their son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LANNA, their daughter, m. Lord Antario Jast,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY MARGOT, a cousin still more distant, m. Lord Titus Peake,

After a mass outcry against House Lannister, the main branch of Lannister has been all but extinguished, and Tyrion Lannister (once condemned) stands as the Lord of Casterly Rock under King Aegon.

xxxxxxxx Queen Cersei's small council:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER KEVAN LANNISTER}, Lord Marshal, Warden of the West,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LORD ORTON MERRYWEATHER}, Hand of the King. Murdered by assassin unknown along with his wife and Great Maester Pycelle in the Red Keep.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LADY TAENA MERRYWEATHER}, Lord Orton's wife, and Queen Cersei's paramour, and secret spy of House Tyrell. Murdered by assassin unknown along with her husband and Great Maester Pycelle in the Red Keep. Their deaths sparked Queen Cersei's paranoia,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {GRAND MAESTER PYCELLE}, counsellor and healer. Murdered by assassin unknown along with Lord and Lady Merryweather in the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER JAIME LANNISTER, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Missing, presumed dead,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AURANE WATERS, the Bastard of Driftmark, grand admiral and master of ships. Fled to sea with the royal fleet, turned pirate lord – styling himself the Lord of Waters,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER HARYS SWYFT}, lord treasurer and master of coin. Murdered by assassin unknown during the siege of the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD QYBURN, master of whispers. A disgraced maester and necromancer, Queen Cersei's last supporter. Resurrected a small army of abominations, masterminded the Attack on the Faith, later abandoned the Queen Regent's cause and fled the city,

xxxxxxxx Queen Cersei's former small council;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LORD GYLES ROSBY}, lord treasurer and master of coin, dead of a cough,

xxxxxxxx King Tommen's Kingsguard:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER JAIME LANNISTER, Lord Commander,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER MERYN TRANT}, executed for extreme negligence, then resurrected by Lord Qyburn,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER BOROS BLOUNT}, executed for extreme negligence, then resurrected by Lord Qyburn,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER BALON SWANN}, died in Dorne with Princess Myrcella, slain by either Gerold Dayne or Obara Sand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER OSMUND KETTLEBLACK}, captured by the Faith, turned accuser against Cersei, died in the burning of the Great Sept,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER ARYS OAKHEART}, dead in Dorne,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LORAS TYRELL, the Knight of Flowers, survived captivity in the Red Keep, left crippled,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ROBERT STRONG, a grotesque animation created by Lord Qyburn. Abandoned Queen Cersei along with Lord Qyburn, fled the city,

xxxxxxxx Tommen's court at King's Landing:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER OSNEY KETTLEBLACK}, brother to Osmund and Osfryd. Tasked by Cersei Lannister to assassinate the High Septon, but failed and was captured by the Faith. Tortured for a confession, his accusation against the Queen Regent formed the chief allegation against her. Later died in the burning of the Great Sept,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER OSFRYD KETTLEBLACK}, brother to Osmund and Osney, former commander of the City Watch of King's LAnding. Captured by the Faith, turned accuser against Cersei, died in the burning of the Great Sept,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JOCELYN SWYFT}, Queen Cersei's handmaid. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LEWYS PIPER}, {GARRETT PAEGE}, hostages and squires at the Red Keep. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MOON BOY}, the royal jester and fool. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PATE}, a lad of eight, King Tommen's whipping boy. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ORMOND OF OLDTOWN}, the royal harper and bard. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NOHO DIMITTIS, envoy from the Iron Bank of Braavos. Fled the city,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GREGOR CLEGANE}, called THE MOUNTAIN THAT RIDES, dead of a poisoned wound,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {RENNIFER LONGWATERS}, chief undergaoler of the Red Keep's dungeons. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WAT}, a singer styling himself {THE BLUE BARD}. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HAMISH THE HARPER}, an aged singer, died a captive. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER MARK MULLENDORE}, who lost a monkey and half an arm in the Battle of the Blackwater. Fled the fall of the Red Keep, later executed by Lord Tyrell for his cowardice,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER TALLAD called THE TALL}, {SER LAMBERT TURNBERRY}, {SER BAYARD NORCROSS}, {SER HUGH CLIFTON}, all murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JALABHAR XHO}, Prince of the Red Flower Vale, an exile from the Summer Isles. Murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER HORAS REDWYNE} and {SER HOBBER REDWYNE}, twin boys held hostage in the Red Keep by Queen Cersei. Strapped to a trebuchet and launched into the city in spite,

Vast majority of hostages and captives in the Red Keep suffered horrible deaths during the siege of the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxx Queen Cersei's Mercenaries:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Mountain's Men;


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Brave Companions, or the Bloody Mummers;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx URSWYCK, ZOLLO, TOGG JOTH, THREE-TOES,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lannister loyalists;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx VYLARR, captain of the red cloak guards,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LUM, RED LESTER, HOKE, SHORTEAR, PUCKENS, all guardsmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Various sellswords;


Sellswords and disreputables, hired by Lord Qyburn to purge the Red Keep of Tyrell forces and then to stand siege. Most men holding the Red Keep were slain, some few managed to escaped.

xxxxxxxx The people of the Faith:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {THE HIGH SEPTON}, also called the High Sparrow. Father of the Faithful, Voice of the Seven on Earth, an old man and reformist. Slain in the burning of the Great Sept,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SEPTA UNELLA}, {SEPTA MOELLE}, {SEPTA SCOLERA}, high-ranking septas,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SEPTON TORBERT}, {SEPTON RAYNARD}, {SEPTON LUCEON}, SEPTON OLLIDOR, of the Most Devout,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SEPTA AGLANTINE}, {SEPTA HELICENT}, serving the Seven at the Great Sept of Baelor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER THEODAN WELLS}, called THEODAN THE TRUE, pious commander of the Warrior's Sons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER BONIFER HASTY}, called BONIFER THE GOOD, of the Holy Hundred, of the Warrior's Sons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER LANCEL LANNISTER}, called LANCEL THE REPENTANT, of the Warrior's Sons. Captured and resurrected by Lord Qyburn, surviving only as a deformed abomination,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hundreds of the "sparrows," the humblest of men, fierce in their piety.


The Targaryens are the blood of the dragon, descended from the high lords of the ancient Freehold of Valyria, their heritage marked by lilac, indigo, and violet eyes and hair of silver-gold. To preserve their blood and keep it pure, House Targaryen has oft wed brother to sister, cousin to cousin, uncle to niece. The founder of the dynasty, Aegon the Conqueror, took both his sisters to wife and fathered sons on each. The Targaryen banner is a three-headed dragon, red on black, the three heads representing Aegon and his sisters. The Targaryen words are Fire and Blood.

After Robert's Rebellion, House Targaryen was deposed and usurped, but the campaign by King Aegon VI Targaryen reclaimed the Iron Throne for his family. King Aegon currently sits in King's Landing, laying claim to all Seven Kingdoms but only owning a third of them.

To some, Aegon VI Targaryen is called the Mummer's Dragon, named such by those who do not believe his right or his identity.

xxxx AEGON VI TARGARYEN, Sixth of His Name, called the Dragon Reborn, the Young Dragon, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, King of the Iron Throne, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. A young man thought lost as a babe, but returned from exile across the sea. He vanquished the Mad Queen Cersei, and restored the dynasty of House Targaryen to the Iron Throne. Wielder of the sword Blackfyre,

xxxxxxxx His father, {PRINCE RHAEGAR TARGARYEN}, died at the Trident to the usurper Robert Baratheon,

xxxxxxxx His mother, {ELIA} of House Martell, slain by Gregor Clegane during the sack of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxx His sister, {PRINCESS RHAENYS TARGARYEN}, a babe, slain during the sack of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxx The {PISSWATER PRINCE}, a babe from Flea Bottom, who was murdered in Aegon's place curing the sack of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxx his aunt, QUEEN DAENERYS TARGARYEN, the MOTHER OF DRAGONS, the Queen of Slaver's Bay and Volantis.

xxxxxxxx King Aegon's small council;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LORD JON CONNINGTON}, former Hand of the King, sent as an envoy and executed by Stannis Baratheon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD TYRION LANNISTER, Hand of the King, Warden of the West,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARRY STRICKLAND, master of coin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD PETYR BAELISH, master of ships, Warden of the East,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD RANDYLL TARLY, master of laws, Warden of the South,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LYSONO MAAR, master of whispers,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HOLDON HALFMAESTER, temporarily substituting the duties of Grand Maester,

xxxxxxxx Advisors;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ILLYRIO MOPATIS, magister of Pentos, King Aegon's supporter and backer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx VARYS, also called the SPIDER, King Aegon's shadow backer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SEPTA LEMORE, king's advisor on the Faith of the Seven,

xxxxxxxx King Aegon's Kingsguard;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ROLLY DUCKFIELD, called DUCK, assigned to protect Lord Connington on Dragonstone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER DAEMON SAND, the Bastard of Godsgrace, assigned to protect Lord Connington on Dragonstone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER TRISTAN RYGER,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER OLYVAR YRONWOOD,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER RONALD VANCE,

xxxx Supporters of Aegon Targaryen;

xxxxxxxx GOLDEN COMPANY, ten thousand strong;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HOMELESS HARRY STRICKLAND, captain-general,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WATKYN, his squire and cupbearer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER MYLES TOYNE, called BLACKHEART}, four years dead, the previous captain-general,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BLACK BALAQ, a white-haired Summer Islander, commander of the company archers,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LYSONO MAAR, a sellsword late of the Free City of Lys, company spymaster,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GORYS EDORYEN, a sellsword late of the Free City of Volantis, company paymaster,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER FRANKLYN FLOWERS, called the BAD APPLE, the Bastard of Cider Hall, a sellsword from the Reach. Currently serving as Lord Tyrion Lannister's second in command,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MARQ MANDRAKE, an exile escaped from slavery, scarred by pox,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LASWELL PEAKE, an exile lord,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his brothers, TORMAN and PYKEWOOD,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD TRISTAN DARRY, formerly SER TRISTAN RIVERS, bastard, outlaw, exile. Legitimised and raised by King Aegon,


xxxxxxxx From the crownlands;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx House Stokeworth;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LADY TANDA STOKEWORTH}, former Lady of Stokeworth, an old woman. Died from a broken hip after a fall.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LADY FALYSE STOKEWORTH}, her eldest daughter. Died screaming in the black cells after disappointing Queen Cersei.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER BALMAN BYRCH}, Falyse's husband. Killed by Ser Bronn in a duel.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY LOLLYS STOKEWORTH, her second daughter and Lady of Stokeworth. Past thirty, feeble of wits.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BRONN OF THE BLACKWATER, also called the BLOODY LORD STOKEWORTH, once a low-born sellsword, now Lollys's husband and Lord of Stokeworth. Also claimant to Lord of Claw Island, after service to King Aegon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TYRION TANNER, of the hundred fathers, Lollys's son of rape and sole heir, and possibly the bastard son Joffrey Baratheon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx House Rosby;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LORD GYLES ROSBY}, a weak old man, unwed, previous, Lord of Rosby. Named master of coin by Queen Regent Cersei Lannister, died of his sickness at the Red Keep in 300 AC.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OLYVAR FREY, eighteenth son of Lord Walder Frey, Lord Gyles' cousin amd ward of Rosby. Once a squire to Robb Stark, and now the de facto Lord of Rosby. Allied alongside with Aegon Targaryen, changed his name to OLYVAR ROSBY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx House Massey;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER JUSTIN MASSEY, once heir of his house and a knight in service of King Stannis Baratheon. Left wounded and captured after the battle of Hardhome, executed for his liege lord's crimes at White Harbour,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD GORMON MASSEY, previously Gormon Waters. Once a bastard cousin, raised up as Lord after the sack of Stonedance. Allied alongside Aegon Targaryen,

xxxxxxxx From the riverlands;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx House Darry;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY AMEREI FREY, called GATEHOUSE AMI, eldest daughter of Merrett Frey and Mariya Darry. Married to Lancel Lannister but annulled, very quickly married Tristan Rivers for protection,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD TRISTAN DARRY, formerly SER TRISTAN RIVERS, bastard, outlaw, exile. Married to Lady Amerei Frey, legitimised and raised by King Aegon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD CLEMENT PIPER, Lord of Pinkmaiden. Lost two sons at the Scouring of the Twins, rebelled with Aegon Targaryen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER TRISTAN RYGER, former companion of Edmure Tully. Allied with Aegon Targaryen, later named to Kingsguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER RONALD VANCE, also called Ronald the Bad, former companion of Edmure Tully. Allied with Aegon Targaryen, later named to Kingsguard,

xxxxxxxx From Dorne;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OBARA SAND, bastard daughter of Pricne Oberyn Martell, one of the Sand Snakes. Appointed commander of the Dornish spearmen, later died suspiciously in the Battle of the Roseroad,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANDERS YRONWOOD, Lord of Yronwood, Warden of the Stone Way, the Bloodroyal,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx His grandson, OYLVAR YRONWOOD, named to Aegon's Kingsguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FRANKLYN FOWLER, Lord of Skyreach, called THE OLD HAWK, the Warden of the Prince's Pass,

xxxxxxxx From the stormlands;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD CASPER WYLDE, Lord of Rain House, once fought for Renly, once fought for Stannis, joined Aegon after the landing of the Golden Company,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD LESTER MORRIGEN, Lord of Crow's Nest, joined Aegon after the landing of the Golden Company,

xxxxxxxx From the Reach;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD RANDYLL TARLY, Lord of Horn Hill. Previously commander of Mace Tyrell's forces on the roseroad, he surrendered to King Aegon after the death of his liege lord and the Great Fire of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxx From the Vale;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD PETYR BAELISH, called LITTLEFINGER, Lord of Harrenhal, and Lord Protector of the Vale. Negotiated the surrender of Vale forces in return for being granted title of Warden of East,


The brother of King Robert and Lord of Dragonstone, Stannis Baratheon pursued his right to the Iron Throne after decrying the children of Cersei Lannister as illegitimate. Spurred by the Red Woman Melisandre of Asshai, Stannis has taken for his banner the fiery heart of the Lord of Light—a red heart surrounded by orange flames upon a yellow field. Within the heart is the crowned stag of House Baratheon, in black.

Although once a serious contender for the Iron Throne, Stannis Baratheon has continually dwindled in strength and influence. Presently he holds only his seat of Dragonstone, and King Stannis' campaign has devolved into skirmishes and raids against first Lannister, and later Targaryen.

As converts to the Red God, King Stannis and his men have grown convinced the Jon Snow is the harbinger of the Great Other, and that Stannis is the champion fated to defeat him. They are fixated on the prophecy of the 'Battle for the Dawn', and they are working towards a Grand Rite, a ceremony to summon a weapon that can defeat the Champion of Night.

xxxx KING STANNIS BARATHEON, the First of His Name, second son of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Lady Cassana of House Estermont, Lord of Dragonstone, styling himself Azor Ahai, Champion of the Dawn, and Rightful King of the Iron Throne,

xxxxxxxx his wife, QUEEN SELYSE of House Florent,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PRINCESS SHIREEN, their daughter, a girl of eleven,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PATCHFACE, Shireen's tattooed fool,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the queen's uncle, SER AXELL FLORENT, the Hand of the King,

xxxxxxxx The High Priestess, LADY MELISANDRE OF ASSHAI, called THE RED WOMAN, a sorceress and priestess of R'hllor, the Lord of Light,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the shadows, also called wraiths, Red Envoys or moonless children. Mysterious beings that haunt Melisandre, occasionally acting as assassins.

xxxxxxxx SER DAVOS SEAWORTH, Lord of the Rainwood, Admiral of the Narrow Sea, and previous Hand of the King, called THE ONION KNIGHT. Captured at Hardhome and believed dead, held captive at White Harbour. Later unceremoniously released, his location unknown,

xxxxxxxx King Stannis' Godsguard;

Sworn swords to Rh'llor

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER RICHARD HORPE, his second-in-command,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ROLLAND STORM, the Bastard of Nightsong,

xxxxxxxx his knights and sworn swords:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GODRY FARRING}, would-be dragonslayer, slain by Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER JUSTIN MASSEY}, captured at Hardhome and later executed at White Harbour

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER CLAYTON SUGGS, captured at Hardhome and later defected to the Weeper's warband,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD ROBIN PEASEBURY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD HARWOOD FELL,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER WILLAM FOXGLOVE, SER HUMFREY CLIFTON, SER ORMUND WYLDE, SER HARYS COBB, SER CORLISS PENNY, queen's men and fervent followers of the Lord of Light,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the king's squires, DEVAN SEAWORTH and BRYEN FARRING,


The Greyjoys of Pyke claim descent from the Grey King of the Age of Heroes. Legend says the Grey King ruled the sea itself and took a mermaid to wife. Aegon the Dragon ended the line of the last King of the Iron Islands, but allowed the ironborn to revive their ancient custom and choose who should have the primacy among them. They chose Lord Vickon Greyjoy of Pyke. The Greyjoy sigil is a golden kraken upon a black field. Their words are We Do Not Sow.

Under Balon Greyjoy, the ironborn declared independence from the Iron Throne and set about a new conquest. Balon Greyjoy perished, and his brother Euron Greyjoy was chosen from the Kingsmoot. Although Balon attempted to conquer the north, Euron abandoned the northern campaign to focus on the Reach instead. His campaign has been marked by devastating casualties.

Euron Greyjoy led the Drowning of Oldtown, a cataclysmic battle fought amidst a storm. In its wake, the ironborn claimed Oldtown as their new seat of power, renaming it Gods Arising and converting its citizens to their new religion.

xxxx EURON GREYJOY, the Third of His Name Since the Grey King, King of the Iron Islands and the Reach. Styling himself the God-King of the Seven Kingdoms, the Drowned God Reborn, King of the Iron Islands and the Oceans, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Storm, and Lord Reaper of Pyke, captain of the Silence, called the CROW'S EYE,

xxxxxxxx his bound slave, SH'CAEGLOTH,

xxxxxxxx LORD QYBURN, the necromancer. Once master of whispers for Cersei Lannister, now Grand Vizier under King Euron. Serving as King Euron's chief advisor, counsellor and executor.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ROBERT STRONG, Lord Qyburn's flesh golem and bodyguard – actually the reanimate corpse of Gregor Clegane and others,

xxxxxxxx his family;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his elder brother, {BALON}, King of the Iron Islands and the North, the Ninth of His Name Since the Grey King. Killed in a fall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY ALANNYS, of House Harlaw, Balon's widow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their children:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {RODRIK}, slain during Balon's first rebellion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MARON}, slain during Balon's first rebellion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ASHA, captain of the Black Wind and conqueror of Deepwood Motte, married Erik Ironmaker. Fled from King Euron's rule, presumed dead after House Bolton retook Deepwood Motte,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {THEON}, called by northmen THEON TURNCLOAK, held captive at Winterfell and tortured. Offered back to his family, but Euron Greyjoy refused him,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his younger brother, {VICTARION}, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, master of the Iron Victory. Sent to Meereen to fetch Euron's bride, Daenerys Targaryen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his youngest brother, AERON, called DAMPHAIR. Once Euron's dissenter, now his High Priest,

xxxxxxxx Euron's Grotesques;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MALL THE MONSTROUS}, a deformed giant,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GHRAZZAC, a Brindled Man of Sothoryi,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx many other slaves and deformities,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {URGARD}, a tortured Red Priest,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx many captured warlocks, sorcerers and mages,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FALIA FLOWERS, bastard daughter of Lord Hewett, and Euron's bedwarmer. Later tortured, disfigured, mutilated and pregnant,

xxxxxxxx his captains and crewmen:


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CRAGORN}, who blew Dragonbinder at the Kingsmoot and died,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {RODRIK FREEBORN}, who blew Krakenbinder at the Drowning of Oldtown and died,

xxxxxxxx the ships in his fleet;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Silence}, captained by Euron Greyjoy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Great Kraken}, the flagship of House Greyjoy, captained during the Drowning of Oldtown by Donnor Saltcliffe,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Thunderer}, the ship of House Drumm, once captained by Lord Denys Drumm, taken by the Red Oarsmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Dusk}, the ship of House Harlaw, once captained by Ser Harras Harlaw, taken by Harren Half-Hoare,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Leviathan's Wail}, the ship of House Volmark, captained by Lord Maron Volmark,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Nightflyer}, the ship of House Blacktyde, captained by Lord Waldon Wynch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Hatchet's Edge}, the ship of House Sparr, captained by the Sparr,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Silverfin}, the ship of house Botley, captained by Germund Botley,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Gargoyle}, captained by Hotho Humpback,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Foamdrinker}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Axe Maiden}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Bone Reaper}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Last Light}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Maiden's Tears}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Forsaken}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Northern Hunter}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The Salt Bitch}

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {The King Joffrey's Valour}, stolen from the Arbor prior to completion, its name kept ironically,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx most ironborn ships were lost in the Drowning of Oldtown,

xxxxxxxx his lords bannermen:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ERIK IRONMAKER, called ERIK ANVIL-BREAKER and ERIK THE JUST, Lord Steward of the Iron Islands, castellan of Pyke, an old man once renowned, m. Asha Greyjoy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lords of Pyke:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GERMUND BOTLEY, Lord of Lordsport,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WALDON WYNCH}, Lord of Iron Holt,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lords of Old Wyk:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DUNSTAN DRUMM}, The Drumm, the Bone Hand, Lord of Old Wyk, perished trying to hold Southshield,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son and heir, {DENYS DRUMM}, slain after challenging Euron Greyjoy to a duel,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NORNE GOODBROTHER, of Shatterstone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE STONEHOUSE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lords of Great Wyk:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GOROLD GOODBROTHER, Lord of the Hammerhorn. Once Euron's dissenter, now Lord of Gods Arising,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his eleven daughters and three sons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TRISTON FARWYND, Lord of Sealskin Point,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE SPARR,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MELDRED MERLYN, Lord of Pebbleton,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lords of Orkmont:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ALYN ORKWOOD}, called ORKWOOD OF ORKMONT,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD BALON TAWNEY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lords of Saltcliffe:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD DONNOR SALTCLIFFE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD SUNDERLY

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lords of Harlaw:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RODRIK HARLAW, called THE READER, Lord of Harlaw, Lord of Ten Towers, Harlaw of Harlaw. Currently sitting uneasily in Ten Towers while Euron is away,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SIGFRYD HARLAW, called SIGFRYD SILVERHAIR, his great uncle, master of Harlaw Hall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HOTHO HARLAW}, called HOTHO HUMPBACK, of the Tower of Glimmering, a cousin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BOREMUND HARLAW, called BOREMUND THE BLUE, master of Harridan Hill, a cousin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lords of the lesser isles and rocks:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GYLBERT FARWYND, Lord of the Lonely Light,

xxxxxxxx the ironborn conquerors:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the Shield Islands (lost);

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANDRIK THE UNSMILING, briefly Lord of Southshield, his lands now recaptured by Reachmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {NUTE THE BARBER}, briefly Lord of Oakenshield, his lands now recaptured by Reachmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MARON VOLMARK}, briefly Lord of Greenshield, his lands now recaptured by Reachmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER HARRAS HARLAW}, the Knight of Grey Gardens, briefly Lord of Greyshield, his lands now recaptured by Reachmen. Slain challenging Euron Greyjoy to a duel,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at Moat Cailin (lost);

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {RALF KENNING}, castellan and commander,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ADRACK HUMBLE}, short half an arm,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DAGON CODD}, who yields to no man,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at Torrhen's Square (lost);

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DAGMER, called CLEFTJAW}, captain of Foamdrinker, slain by Bolton forces during the retaking of Torrhen's Square,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Oldtown, renamed Gods Arising,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GOROLD GOODBROTHER, Lord of the Hammerhorn, Lord of Gods Arising,

xxxxxxxx Defectors against King Euron;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BAELOR BLACKTYDE, Lord of Blacktyde, executed for not acknowledging Euron Greyjoy as king, and hacked into seven pieces,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AERON GREYJOY, briefly, attempted to rally the Drowned Men to raise a rebellion against Euron Greyjoy, before submitting to the God-King,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ASHA GREYJOY, the kraken's daughter, captain of the Black Wind. Last seen at Deepwood Motte, reported dead,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her lover, QARL THE MAID, a swordsman, her former lover,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TRISTIFER BOTLEY, heir to Lordsport, dispossessed of his lands,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her cousin, QUENTON GREYJOY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her cousin, DAGON GREYJOY, called DAGON THE DRUNKARD,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LORD DENYS DRUMM}, the Bone Hand, {SER HARRAS HARLAW}, the Knight of Grey Gardens, LORD GOROLD GOODBROTHER, LORD MARON VOLMARK and ANDRIK THE UNSMILING, attempted to defect from Euron Greyjoy after the loss of the Shield Isles, but they either submitted or were slain.


Although Aegon Targaryen claims to have restored the line of House Targaryen, there are many who doubt Aegon's lineage. Aegon Targaryen sits as the de facto Targaryen king, there is another from the same bloodline with unquestioned heritage. Daenerys Targaryen, the daughter of King Aerys, has also made her interest in retaking the Iron Throne clear.

She is regarded as the most beautiful and powerful woman in the world. Aegon Targaryen attempts to resolve the disputing claim through marriage, but Daenerys Targaryen's interests in such are unknown.

xxxx DAENERYS TARGARYEN, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Breaker of Chains, called DAENERYS STORMBORN, the UNBURNT, MOTHER OF DRAGONS, the QUEEN OF ASH.

See below, under 'Queen Across the Water'.



The Arryns are descended from the Kings of Mountain and Vale. Their sigil is a white moon-and-falcon upon a sky blue field. The Arryn words are As High as Honor.

House Arryn remained neutral throughout the War of Five Kings, and only began to support Aegon Targaryen late in the war.

xxxx ROBERT ARRYN, Lord of the Eyrie, Defender of the Vale, a sickly boy of eight years, called SWEETROBIN. Currently being warded at King's Landing,

xxxxxxxx his mother, {LADY LYSA of House Tully}, widow of Lord Jon Arryn, pushed from the Moon Door to her death,

xxxxxxxx his guardian, PETYR BAELISH, called LITTLEFINGER, Warden of the East, Lord of Harrenhal, and Lord Protector of the Vale,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALAYNE STONE, Lord Petyr's natural daughter, actually Sansa Stark,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LOTHOR BRUNE, a sellsword in Lord Petyr's service, captain of guards at the Eyrie,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OSWELL, a grizzled man-at-arms in Lord Petyr's service, sometimes called KETTLEBLACK,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER SHADRICH OF THE SHADY GLEN}, called THE MAD MOUSE, a hedge knight in Lord Petyr's service, actually working for the Varys the Spider,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER JORAH MORMONT}, an exiled knight in Lord Petyr's service, actually working for Queen Daenerys,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BYRON THE BEAUTIFUL, SER MORGARTH THE MERRY, hedge knights in Lord Petyr's service,

xxxxxxxx{SER HARROLD HARDYNG}, Lady Waynwood's ward, oft called HARRY THE HEIR. Slain by Ser Shadrich as he kidnapped Alayne Stone.

xxxxxxxx The Winged Knights;

Eight sworn protectors of Lord Arryn, each one chosen from the most highborn and skilled sons. They serve as personal guardians for three years;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER HARROLD HARDYNG},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ROLAND WAYNWOOD,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ANDAR ROYCE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BEN COLDWATER,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ANDREW TOLLETT,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER EDMUND BREAKSTONE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ELBERT BELMORE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER OSGOOD UPCLIFF,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MYCHEL REDFORT, Ser Harrold's replacement after his death,

xxxxxxxx House Arryn's household and retainers:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER COLEMON, counsellor, healer, and tutor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MORD, a brutal gaoler with teeth of gold,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GRETCHEL, MADDY, and MELA, servingwomen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MYA STONE, bastard daughter of King Robert,

xxxxxxxx The Lords Declarant, the effective rulers of the Vale despite Petyr Baelish's efforts;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YOHN ROYCE, Lord of Runestone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANYA WAYNWOOD, Lady of Ironoaks,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HORTON REDFORT, Lord of Redfort,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARLAN HUNTER, Lord of Longbow Hall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BENEDAR BELMORE, Lord of Strongsong,

xxxxxxxx House Arryn's bannermen, the Lords of Mountain and Vale:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YOHN ROYCE, called BRONZE YOHN, Lord of Runestone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, SER ANDAR, heir to Runestone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD NESTOR ROYCE, High Steward of the Vale and castellan of the Gates of the Moon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son and heir, SER ALBAR,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, MYRANDA, called RANDA, a widow, but scarce used,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LYONEL CORBRAY, Lord of Heart's Home,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LYN COBRAY, his brother, who wields the famed blade Lady Forlorn,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LUCAS CORBRAY, his younger brother,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TRISTON SUNDERLAND, Lord of the Three Sisters,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GODRIC BORRELL, Lord of Sweetsister, secret ally to the north,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ROLLAND LONGTHORPE, Lord of Longsister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALESANDOR TORRENT, Lord of Littlesister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANYA WAYNWOOD, Lady of Ironoaks Castle,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MORTON, her eldest son and heir,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER DONNEL, the Knight of the Bloody Gate,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WALLACE, her youngest son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER SYMOND TEMPLETON, the Knight of Ninestars,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JON LYNDERLY, Lord of the Snakewood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EDMUND WAXLEY, the Knight of Wickenden,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GEROLD GRAFTON, the Lord of Gulltown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {EON HUNTER}, Lord of Longbow Hall, recently deceased,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GILWOOD}, Lord Eon's eldest son and heir, once called YOUNG LORD HUNTER. Died in suspicious circumstances,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER EUSTACE}, Lord Eon's second son. Died along with his brother in suspicious circumstances,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER HARLAN, Lord Eon's youngest son, the new Lord Hunter,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HORTON REDFORT, Lord of Redfort, thrice wed,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER JASPER, SER CREIGHTON, SER JON, his sons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MYCHEL, his youngest son, a new-made knight, m. Ysilla Royce of Runestone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BENEDAR BELMORE, Lord of Strongsong, considered to be corrupt,

xxxxxxxx Clan chiefs from the Mountains of the Moon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SHAGGA SON OF DOLF, of the Stone Crows, presently leading a band in the kingswood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TIMETT SON OF TIMETT, of the Burned Men, grown in power in the Vale,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CHELLA DAUGHTER CHEYK, of the Black Ears,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CRAWN SON OF CALOR, of the Moon Brothers.


The youngest of the Great Houses, House Baratheon was born during the Wars of Conquest when Orys Baratheon, rumored to be a bastard brother of Aegon the Conqueror, defeated and slew Argilac the Arrogant, the last Storm King. Aegon rewarded him with Argilac's castle, lands, and daughter. Orys took the girl to bride, and adopted the banner, honors, and words of her line. The Baratheon sigil is a crowned stag, black, on a golden field. Their words are Ours is the Fury.

In the 283rd year after Aegon's Conquest, Robert of House Baratheon, Lord of Storm's End, overthrew the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen, to win the Iron Throne. His claim to the crown derived from his grandmother, a daughter of King Aegon V Targaryen, though Robert preferred to say his warhammer was his claim.

After Robert's death, his sons Joffrey, and later Tommen, held the Iron Throne through a tumultuous period known as the War of Five Kings. Under the regency of his wife, Queen Cersei, his reign collapsed, his children declared illegitimate, and the Baratheon line left near extinct.

xxxx {ROBERT BARATHEON}, the First of His Name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, killed by a boar,

xxxxxxxx his wife, {QUEEN CERSEI} of House Lannister, the MAD QUEEN, Queen Regent after his death. slain after setting half the city alight,

xxxxxxxx their children:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {KING JOFFREY BARATHEON}, the First of His Name, supposedly murdered at his wedding feast by Tyrion Lannister. Posthumously decried as Joffrey Hill,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PRINCESS MYRCELLA}, a ward in Dorne, betrothed to Prince Trystane Martell, murdered by Ser Gerold Dayne supposedly at the behest of Tyrion Lannister. Posthumously decried as Myrcella Hill,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {KING TOMMEN BARATHEON}, the First of His Name, supposedly murdered in his chamber by Tyrion Lannister. Posthumously decried as Tommen Hill,

xxxxxxxx his brothers:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx STANNIS BARATHEON, rebel Lord of Dragonstone and pretender to the Iron Throne. Currently the last of his line, but condemned as a fanatic,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, SHIREEN, a girl of twelve,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {RENLY BARATHEON}, rebel Lord of Storm's End and pretender to the Iron Throne, murdered at Storm's End in the midst of his army,

xxxxxxxx Robert's bastard children:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MYA STONE, a maid of nineteen, in the service of Lord Petyr Baelish,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GENDRY, an outlaw in the riverlands, ignorant of his heritage,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BELLA, a prostitute in the Stony Sept,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EDRIC STORM, his acknowledged bastard son by Lady Delena of House Florent, hiding in Lys,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ANDREW ESTERMONT, his cousin and guardian,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his guards and protectors: SER GERALD GOWER, LEWYS called THE FISHWIFE, SER TRISTON OF TALLY HILL, OMER BLACKBERRY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BARRA}, his bastard daughter by a whore of King's Landing, killed by the command of his widow,

xxxxxxxx his other kin:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his great-uncle, SER ELDON ESTERMONT, Lord of Greenstone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, SER AEMON ESTERMONT, Eldon's son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, SER ALYN ESTERMONT, Aemon's son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, SER LOMAS ESTERMONT, Eldon's son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, SER ANDREW ESTERMONT, Lomas's son,

xxxxxxxx bannermen sworn to Storm's End, the storm lords:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAVOS SEAWORTH, Lord of the Rainwood, Admiral of the Narrow Sea, and Hand of the King. Thought dead and lost after being captured at Hardhome,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his wife, MARYA, a carpenter's daughter,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their sons, {DALE, ALLARD, MATTHOS, MARIC}, killed in the Battle of the Blackwater, their son DEVAN, squire to King Stannis, their sons, STANNIS and STEFFON,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GILBERT FARRING}, castellan of Storm's End. Slain by Aegon's forces in the capture of Storm's End,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, BRYEN, squire to King Stannis,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, {SER GODRY FARRING}, slain by Jon Snow,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ELWOOD MEADOWS, Lord of Grassfield Keep, seneschal at Storm's End,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SELWYN TARTH, called THE EVENSTAR, Lord of Tarth,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughter, BRIENNE, THE MAID OF TARTH, also called BRIENNE THE BEAUTY. On a quest to recover Lady Stark's daughters, captured by outlaws,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her squire, PODRICK PAYNE, a boy of ten, captured by outlaws,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JON CONNINGTON}, Lord of Storm's End and Griffin's Roost, and Hand of the King. Once exiled by Aerys II Targaryen, returned with Aegon Targaryen and made Hand of the King again, appointed Lord Paramount of Stormlands,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER RONNET CONNINGTON, called RED RONNET}, the former Knight of Griffin's Roost. Lord Connington's cousin, slain by Olyvar Frey in the battle of Rosby,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his younger siblings, RAYMUND and ALYNNE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his bastard son, RONALD STORM,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LESTER MORRIGEN, Lord of Crows Nest, allied behind King Aegon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his brother and heir, SER RICHARD MORRIGEN,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his brother, {SER GUYARD MORRIGEN, called GUYARD THE GREEN}, slain in the Battle of the Blackwater,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ARSTAN SELMY, Lord of Harvest Hall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his great-uncle, SER BARRISTAN SELMY, serving as Lord Commander of Queen Daenerys' Queensguard in Meereen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CASPER WYLDE, Lord of the Rain House, allied behind King Aegon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his uncle, SER ORMUND WYLDE, an aged knight,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARWOOD FELL, Lord of Felwood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HUGH GRANDISON, called GREYBEARD, Lord of Grandview,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SEBASTION ERROL, Lord of Haystack Hall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CLIFFORD SWANN, Lord of Stonehelm,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BERIC DONDARRION}, Lord of Blackhaven, called THE LIGHTNING LORD, an outlaw in the riverlands, oft slain and now thought dead,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {BRYCE CARON}, Lord of Nightsong, slain by Ser Philip Foote on the Blackwater,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his slayer, SER PHILIP FOOTE, a one-eyed knight, Lord of Nightsong,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his baseborn half-brother, SER ROLLAND STORM, called THE BASTARD OF NIGHTSONG, pretender Lord of Nightsong,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ROBIN PEASEBURY, Lord of Poddingfield,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MARY MERTYNS, Lady of Mistwood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RALPH BUCKLER, Lord of Bronzegate,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his cousin, {SER BRUS BUCKLER}, slain by Jon Snow,


The Freys are bannermen to House Tully, but have not always been diligent in their duty. At the outset of the War of the Five Kings, Robb Stark won Lord Walder's allegiance by pledging to marry one of his daughters or granddaughters. When he wed Lady Jeyne Westerling instead, the Freys conspired with Roose Bolton and murdered the Young Wolf and his followers at what became known as the Red Wedding.

In the Red Wedding's aftermath, House Frey suffered extreme condemnation from many. After suffering greatly from prosecution from outlaws and embittered houses, House Frey was all but destroyed during the Scouring of the Twins by Jon Snow.

xxxx {WALDER FREY}, the Lord of the Crossing and architect of the Red Wedding. Slain by the dragon Sonagon, in the ruins of his castle,

xxxxxxxx by his first wife, {LADY PERRA, of House Royce}:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER STEVRON FREY}, his eldest, died after the Battle of Oxcross,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Stevron's eldest son, (SER RYMAN FREY}, slain by outlaws,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ryman's eldest son, {EDWYN FREY}, once heir to House Frey, slain at the Twins on his nameday,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ryman's second son, WALDER FREY, called BLACK WALDER. Absent during the Scouring of the Twins and technically the new lord of House Frey, but fled the riverlands to parts unknown.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER EMMON FREY}, his second son, married to Genna Lannister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER AENYS FREY}, his third son, leading the Frey forces in the north, slain in the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Aenys's son, AEGON BLOODBORN, an outlaw,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Aenys's son, {RHAEGAR}, an envoy to White Harbor, hammered to death by Lord Manderly,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PERRIANE, his eldest daughter, m. Ser Leslyn Haigh,

xxxxxxxx by his second wife, {LADY CYRENNA, of House Swann}:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER JARED FREY}, an envoy to White Harbor, hammered to death by Lord Manderly,

xxxxxxxx by his third wife, {LADY AMAREI of House Crakehall}:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER HOSTEEN FREY}, a knight of great repute, slain in the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LYENTHE, his second daughter, m. Lord Lucias Vypren,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SYMOND FREY}, his seventh son, a counter of coins, an envoy to White Harbor, hammered to death by Lord Manderly,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER DANWELL FREY}, his eighth son, died at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MERRETT FREY}, his ninth son, hanged at Oldstones,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Merrett's daughter, WALDA, called {FAT WALDA}, m. Roose Bolton, Lord of the Dreadfort, slain during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Merrett's son, WALDER, called {LITTLE WALDER}, eight, a squire in service to Ramsay Bolton, slain during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GEREMY FREY}, his tenth son, drowned,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER RAYMUND FREY}, his eleventh son,

xxxxxxxx by his fourth wife, {LADY ALYSSA, of House Blackwood}:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LOTHAR FREY}, his twelfth son, called LAME LOTHAR, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER JAMMOS FREY}, his thirteenth son, slain by outlaws,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Jammos' son, WALDER, called {BIG WALDER}, eight, a squire in service to Ramsay Bolton, slain during the fall of Winterfell after the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER WHALEN FREY, his fourteenth son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MORYA, his third daughter, m. Ser Flement Brax,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TYTA, his fourth daughter, called TYTA THE MAID,

xxxxxxxx by his fifth wife, {LADY SARYA of House Whent}: no progeny,

xxxxxxxx by his sixth wife, {LADY BETHANY of House Rosby}:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER PERWYN FREY}, Walder's fifteenth son, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER BENFREY FREY}, Walder's sixteenth son, died of a wound received at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER WILLAMEN, his seventeenth son, in service at Longbow Hall, dismissed and banished,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OLYVAR FREY, his eighteenth son, once a squire to Robb Stark, now the de facto Lord of Rosby. Allied with Aegon Targaryen, changed his name to OLYVAR ROSBY,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ROSLIN}, his fifth daughter, m. Lord Edmure Tully at the Red Wedding, slain at the Twins, while pregnant with his child,

xxxxxxxx by his seventh wife, {LADY ANNARA of House Farring}:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ARWYN}, his sixth daughter, a maid of fourteen, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WENDEL, his nineteenth son, a page at Seagard, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {COLMAR}, his twentieth son, eleven and promised to the Faith, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WALTYR}, called TYR, his twenty-first son, ten, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ELMAR}, his twenty-second and lastborn son, a boy of nine briefly betrothed to Arya Stark, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SHIREI}, his seventh daughter and youngest child, a girl of seven, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxx his eighth wife, {LADY JOYEUSE of House Erenford}, with child, slain at the Twins,

xxxxxxxx Lord Walder's natural children, by sundry mothers,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {WALDER RIVERS}, called BASTARD WALDER, the eldest bastard. Led a force north seeking vengeance against Jon Snow, slain by the Weeper at the Battle of the Snows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER MELWYS, in service at Rosby, dismissed,



The Lannisters of Casterly Rock remain the principal support of King Tommen's claim to the Iron Throne. They boast of descent from Lann the Clever, the legendary trickster of the Age of Heroes. The gold of Casterly Rock and the Golden Tooth has made them the wealthiest of the Great Houses. The Lannister sigil is a golden lion upon a crimson field. Their words are Hear Me Roar!

Under Lord Tywin Lannister, House Lannister reached great heights of power. Their house rose triumphant from the War of the Five Kings, with Tywin's grandson sitting on the Iron Throne, and Tywin Lannister ruling the realm as Hand of the King. The Lannister downfall was heralded by Tywin's Bane, his deformed son Tyrion. Tyrion murdered his father and allied behind Aegon Targaryen, bringing forth doom upon the rest of his family.

Presently, Tyrion Lannister, with multiple counts of kinslaying to his name, remains the last surviving member of the main line, having captured Casterly Rock and ruling as Warden of the West under King Aegon.

xxxx {TYWIN LANNISTER}, Lord of Casterly Rock, Shield of Lannisport, Warden of the West, and Hand of the King. Murdered by his dwarf son in his privy,

xxxxxxxx Lord Tywin's children:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CERSEI}, called the MAD QUEEN, twin to Jaime, widow of King Robert I Baratheon, and once Queen Regent. Accused of infidelity and slain after setting fire to half the city in madness,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER JAIME, called THE KINGSLAYER, twin to Cersei, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Missing, presumed dead at the hands of outlaws,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his squires, JOSMYN PECKLEDON, {GARRETT PAEGE}, {LEW PIPER},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ILYN PAYNE, a tongueless knight, lately the King's Justice and headsman,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TYRION, called THE IMP, dwarf and kinslayer, sent fugitive in exile across the narrow sea. Returned allied along with Aegon Targaryen and the Golden Company, to conquer the realm. Led the campaign west, captured Casterly Rock, and now rules as Lord of Casterly Rock and Warden of the West under King Aegon.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER FRANKLYN FLOWERS called the BAD APPLE, the Bastard of Cider Hall. A sellsword of the Golden Company, and Lord Tyrion's second in command.

xxxxxxxx the household at Casterly Rock:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER CREYLEN, healer, tutor, and counsellor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {VYLARR}, captain of guards, executed by Tyrion Lannister, for raping a whore fourteen years ago,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BENEDICT BROOM, master-at-arms, captured by Tyrion Lannister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WHITESMILE WAT, a singer,

xxxxxxxx Lord Tywin's siblings and their offspring:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER KEVAN LANNISTER}, m. Dorna of House Swyft,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY GENNA, m. Ser Emmon Frey, now Lord of Riverrun,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Genna's eldest son, {SER CLEOS FREY}, m. Jeyne of House Darry, killed by outlaws,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cleos's eldest son, SER TYWIN FREY, called TY, now heir to Riverrun,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Cleos's second son, WILLEM FREY, a squire,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Genna's younger sons, SER LYONEL FREY, {TION FREY}, WALDER FREY called RED WALDER,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TYGETT LANNISTER}, died of a pox,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TYREK, Tygett's son, missing and feared dead,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY ERMESANDE HAYFORD, Tyrek's child wife,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {GERION LANNISTER}, lost at sea,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JOY HILL, Gerion's bastard daughter, eleven,

xxxxxxxx Lord Tywin's other close kin:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER STAFFORD LANNISTER}, a cousin and brother to Lord Tywin's wife, slain in battle at Oxcross,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CERENNA and MYRIELLE, Stafford's daughters,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER DAVEN LANNISTER}, Stafford's son. Named Warden of the West, perished in the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER DAMION LANNISTER, a cousin, m. Lady Shiera Crakehall. Named castellan of Casterly Rock, captured by Tyrion Lannister,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their son, SER LUCION,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx their daughter, LANNA, m. Lord Antario Jast,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY MARGOT, a cousin, m. Lord Titus Peake,

xxxxxxxx bannermen and sworn swords, Lords of the West:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAMON MARBRAND, Lord of Ashemark,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ROLAND CRAKEHALL, Lord of Crakehall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SEBASTON FARMAN, Lord of Fair Isle,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TYTOS BRAX, Lord of Hornvale,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx QUENTEN BANEFORT, Lord of Banefort,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER HARYS SWYFT}, goodfather to Ser Kevan Lannister, slain during the siege of the Red Keep

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx REGENARD ESTREN, Lord of Wyndhall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GAWEN WESTERLING, Lord of the Crag,


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TERRENCE KENNING, Lord of Kayce,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD ANTARIO JAST,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD ROBIN MORELAND,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY ALYSANNE LEFFORD,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LEWYS LYDDEN, Lord of the Deep Den,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD PHILIP PLUMM,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD GARRISON PRESTER,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GREGOR CLEGANE}, called the MOUNTAIN-THAT-RIDES, the Knight of Clegane Keep, a fearsome man. Slain by Prince Oberyn's poison spear, but resurrected by Lord Qyburn, see 'SER ROBERT STRONG',

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LORENT LORCH, a landed knight,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER GARTH GREENFIELD, a landed knight,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LYMOND VIKARY, a landed knight,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER RAYNARD RUTTIGER, a landed knight

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MANFRYD YEW, a landed knight,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER TYBOLT HETHERSPOON, a landed knight.


Dorne was the last of the Seven Kingdoms to swear fealty to the Iron Throne. Blood, custom, geography, and history all helped to set the Dornishmen apart from the other Martell banner is a red sun pierced by a golden spear. Their words are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.

At the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings Dorne took no part, but when Myrcella Baratheon was betrothed to Prince Trystane, Sunspear declared its support for King Joffrey. However, elements within Dorne conspired against the Baratheon rule, leading to the murder of Myrcella Baratheon at Starfall. Dorne later declared its support to King Aegon Targaryen and helped to overthrow the Baratheon and Lannisters.

xxxx {DORAN NYMEROS MARTELL}, Lord of Sunspear, Prince of Dorne. Held hostage in the water gardens during the war, and later drowned in the pools. His bastard niece, Nymeria Sand, is held responsible,

xxxxxxxx his wife, MELLARIO, of the Free City of Norvos,

xxxxxxxx their children:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PRINCESS ARIANNE, heir to Sunspear, companion and hopeful betrothal to King Aegon Targaryen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PRINCE QUENTYN}, a new-made knight, fostered at Yronwood, and sent as a betrothal to Queen Daenerys in Meereen. Unsuccessful and failed dragon tamer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PRINCE TRYSTANE, betrothed to Myrcella Baratheon, left traumatised by her death,

xxxxxxxx his siblings:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PRINCESS ELIA}, raped and murdered during the sack of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her daughter {RHAENYS TARGARYEN}, murdered during the sack of King's Landing, her son,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {AEGON TARGARYEN}, a babe at the breast, murdered during the sack of King's Landing. Many doubt whether the babe Aegon is the same one that reappeared 18 years later,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PRINCE OBERYN, called THE RED VIPER}, slain by Ser Gregor Clegane during a trial by combat,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his paramour, ELLARIA SAND, natural daughter of Lord Harmen Uller,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his bastard daughters, THE SAND SNAKES:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {OBARA}, his daughter by an Oldtown whore. Conspired to seize control of Dorne and take vengeance against House Lannister. Later died in suspicious circumstances leading Dornish spearmen in the Battle of the Roseroad,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NYMERIA, called LADY NYM, his daughter by a noblewoman of Old Volantis. Conspired to seize control of Dorne and take vengeance against House Lannister. Held her uncle captive in the Water Gardens and held responsible for his death,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TYENE}, his daughter by a septa. Conspired to seize control of Dorne and take vengeance against House Lannister. Later burnt to death in the attack on the Great Sept of Baelor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SARELLA, his daughter by a trader captain from the Summer Isles. Left Dorne under the alias ALLERAS, joining the Citadel at Oldtown as an acolyte. Later apprentice to Marwyn the Mage, survived and fled the Drowning of Oldtown.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ELIA, called LADY LANCE, his eldest daughter by Ellaria Sand, companion to Princess Arianne,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OBELLA, his daughter by Ellaria Sand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DOREA, his daughter by Ellaria Sand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LOREZA, his daughter by Ellaria Sand,

xxxxxxxx Prince Doran's court at the Water Gardens:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {AREO HOTAH}, of Norvos, captain of guards, slain by Ser Gerold Dayne and Obara Sand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER CALEOTTE, counsellor, healer, and tutor, held prisoner at the Water Gardens,

xxxxxxxx at Sunspear:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER MYLES, counsellor, healer, and tutor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RICASSO, seneschal, old and blind,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MANFREY MARTELL, castellan at Sunspear, poisoned as part of the plot,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALYSE LADYBRIGHT, lord treasurer, conspired to usurp Doran,

xxxxxxxx his ward, PRINCESS MYRCELLA BARATHEON, betrothed to Prince Trystane, beheaded by Ser Gerold Dayne, the Darkstar,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her sworn shield, {SER ARYS OAKHEART}, slain by Areo Hotah,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her second sworn shield, {SER BALON SWANN}, died in Dorne with Princess Myrcella, slain by either Gerold Dayne or Obara Sand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her bedmaid and companion, ROSAMUND LANNISTER, a distant cousin,

xxxxxxxx his bannermen, the Lords of Dorne:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANDERS YRONWOOD, Lord of Yronwood, Warden of the Stone Way, the Bloodroyal,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YNYS, his eldest daughter, m. Ryon Allyrion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER CLETUS, his son and heir,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GWYNETH, his youngest daughter, a girl of twelve,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARMEN ULLER, Lord of Hellholt,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DELONNE ALLYRION, Lady of Godsgrace,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RYON ALLYRION, her son and heir,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAGOS MANWOODY, Lord of Kingsgrave,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LARRA BLACKMONT, Lady of Blackmont,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NYMELLA TOLAND, Lady of Ghost Hill,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx QUENTYN QORGYLE, Lord of Sandstone,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER DEZIEL DALT, the Knight of Lemonwood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FRANKLYN FOWLER, Lord of Skyreach, called THE OLD HAWK, the Warden of the Prince's Pass,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER SYMON SANTAGAR, the Knight of Spottswood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EDRIC DAYNE, Lord of Starfall, a young squire to Ser Beric Dondarrion, last seen as part of an outlaw band in the riverlands,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TREBOR JORDAYNE, Lord of the Tor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TREMOND GARGALEN, Lord of Salt Shore,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAERON VAITH, Lord of the Red Dunes.


Lord Edmyn Tully of Riverrun was one of the first of the river lords to swear fealty to Aegon the Conqueror. King Aegon rewarded him by raising House Tully to dominion over all the lands of the Trident. The Tully sigil is a leaping trout, silver, on a field of rippling blue and red. The Tully words are Family, Duty, Honor.

House Tully allied with KInG Robb Stark at the outbreak of the War of Five Kings, but they were defeated after the Red Wedding. House Tully was removed as Lord Paramounts of the Trident and their lands dissolved in the aftermath. Later, under King Aegon, many riverlords supported his cause to find vengeance against House Lannister, Lord Edmure Tully was recovered from Casterly Rock, and House Tully was restored as Lords of Riverrun, on the condition that the riverlands bend the knee to the new Targaryen regime.

xxxx EDMURE TULLY, Lord of Riverrun, Lord Paramount of the Trident. Taken captive at his wedding and held prisoner by the Freys and then Lannisters, and then recovered during the taking Casterly Rock by Tyrion Lannister. Currently under the care of Lord Tyrion, having pledged his support to King Aegon,

xxxxxxxx his bride, {LADY ROSLIN} of House Frey, with child, perished during the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxx his sister, {LADY CATELYN STARK}, widow of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell, slain at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxx his sister, {LADY LYSA ARRYN}, widow of Lord Jon Arryn of the Vale, pushed to her death from the Eyrie,

xxxxxxxx his uncle, SER BRYNDEN TULLY, called THE BLACKFISH, lately castellan of Riverrun. Fled north to join with House Reed and the crannogmen, then journeyed to Winterfell. Pledged himself to King Brandon Stark of the North, named as Warden of the Southern Marches,

xxxxxxxx his household at Riverrun:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER VYMAN, counsellor, healer, and tutor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER DESMOND GRELL, master-at-arms. Surrendered to Lannister forces, left for the Wall to take the black. Never arrived,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ROBIN RYGER, captain of the guard. Surrendered to Lannister forces, left for the Wall to take the black. Never arrived,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LONG LEW, ELWOOD, DELP, all guardsmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UTHERYDES WAYN, steward of Riverrun,

xxxxxxxx his bannermen, the Lords of the Trident:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {TYTOS BLACKWOOD}, Lord of Raventree Hall, perished at the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BRYNDEN, his eldest son and heir,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LUCAS}, his second son, slain at the Red Wedding,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HOSTER}, his third son, a bookish boy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EDMUND and ALYN, his younger sons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BETHANY, his daughter, a girl of eight,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ROBERT}, his youngest son, died of loose bowels,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JONOS BRACKEN, Lord of the Stone Hedge,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BARBARA, {JAYNE}, CATELYN, BESS, ALYSANNE, his five daughters,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {JASON MALLISTER}, Lord of Seagard, held prisoner in his own castle, slain by Frey loyalists after the Scouring of Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PATREK}, his son, imprisoned with his father, perished in the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his youngest son, the new Lord of Seagard, a boy of twelve,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER DENYS MALLISTER}, Lord Jason's uncle, a man of the Night's Watch, died in the collapse of the Shadow Tower,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CLEMENT PIPER, Lord of Pinkmaiden Castle,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son and heir, {SER MARQ PIPER}, taken captive at the Red Wedding, perished in the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KARYL VANCE, Lord of Wayfarer's Rest, slain in the Scouring of the Twins,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NORBERT VANCE, the blind Lord of Atranta,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his son, SER RONALD VANCE, named to King Aegon's Kingsguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THEOMAR SMALLWOOD, Lord of Acorn Hall,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WILLIAM MOOTON, Lord of Maidenpool,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ELEANOR, his daughter and heir, thirteen, m. Dickon Tarly of Horn Hill,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SHELLA WHENT}, dispossessed Lady of Harrenhal,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER HALMON PAEGE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD LYMOND GOODBROOK.


The Tyrells rose to power as stewards to the Kings of the Reach, though they claim descent from Garth Greenhand, gardener king of the First Men. When the last king of House Gardener was slain on the Field of Fire, his steward Harlen Tyrell surrendered Highgarden to Aegon the Conqueror. Aegon granted him the castle and dominion over the Reach. The Tyrell sigil is a golden rose on a green-grass field. Their words are Growing Strong.

Mace Tyrell declared his support for Renly Baratheon at the onset of the War of the Five Kings, and gave him the hand of his daughter Margaery. Upon Renly's death, Highgarden made alliance with House Lannister, and Margaery was betrothed to King Joffrey. With Joffrey's death, Margaery was betrothed to King Tommen.

After the Landing of the Golden Company, House Tyrell suffered a costly defeat on the roseroad and the Lannister alliance fell apart. When King Aegon took the throne, House Tyrell was removed as Wardens of the South and replaced by House Tarly, who bent the knee. House Tyrell and the Reach have suffered great defeats from both Aegon and Euron.

xxxx {MACE TYRELL}, once Lord of Highgarden, Warden of the South, Defender of the Marches, and High Marshal of the Reach,

xxxxxxxx his wife, {LADY ALERIE}, of House Hightower of Oldtown,

xxxxxxxx their children:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WILLAS, their eldest son, the new Lord of Highgarden, crippled

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER GARLAN, called THE GALLANT, their second son, newly raised to Lord of Brightwater. Led the Reach's forces during the Drowning of Oldtown, and missing thereafter,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Garlan's wife, LADY LEONETTE of House Fossoway,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER LORAS, the Knight of Flowers, their youngest son, a sworn brother of the Kingsguard, severely crippled after the siege of Red Keep,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MARGAERY}, their daughter, thrice wed and twice widowed and once murdered,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Margaery's companions and ladies-in-waiting:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her cousins, {MEGGA}, {ALLA}, and {ELINOR TYRELL},

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Elinor's betrothed, ALYN AMBROSE, squire,


xxxxxxxx his widowed mother, {LADY OLENNA} of House Redwyne, called THE QUEEN OF THORNS. Slain during the Great Fire of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxx his sisters:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY MINA, m. Paxter Redwyne, Lord of the Arbor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her son, {SER HORAS REDWYNE}, called HORROR, slain in the siege of the Red Keep.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her son, {SER HOBBER REDWYNE}, called SLOBBER,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her daughter, DESMERA REDWYNE, sixteen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY JANNA, wed to Ser Jon Fossoway,

xxxxxxxx his uncles:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his uncle, GARTH TYRELL, called THE GROSS, Lord Seneschal of Highgarden,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Garth's bastard sons, GARSE and GARRETT FLOWERS,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his uncle, SER MORYN TYRELL, Lord Commander of the City Watch of Oldtown, surrender to Euron Greyjoy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Moryn's son, LEO TYRELL called LAZY LEO, a student at the Citadel, fled the city after Euron's invasion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his uncle, {MAESTER GORMON}, serving at the Citadel,

xxxxxxxx Mace's household at Highgarden:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER LOMYS, counsellor, healer, and tutor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx IGON VYRWEL, captain of the guard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER VORTIMER CRANE, master-at-arms,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BUTTERBUMPS, fool and jester, hugely fat,

xxxxxxxx his bannermen, the Lords of the Reach:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RANDYLL TARLY, Lord of Horn Hill, commanding King Tommen's army on the Trident, named Warden of the South after surrendering to King Aegon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SAMWELL TARLY, his eldest son, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DICKON TARLY, his youngest son and heir. Missing after the Drowning of Oldtown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PAXTER REDWYNE}, Lord of the Arbor, slain during the Drowning of Oldtown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER HORAS} and {SER HOBBER}, his twin sons,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DESMOND REDWYNE, cousin of Lord Paxter and commander in the Redwyne fleet,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER BALLABAR, Lord Paxter's healer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LEYTON HIGHTOWER}, Lord of the Hightower, Voice of Oldtown, Lord of the Port,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BAELOR HIGHTOWER, called the BRIGHTSMILE, Leyton's eldest son, surrendered to Euron Greyjoy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MALORA HIGHTOWER, called the MAD MAID, Leyton's daughter, taken as Euron Greyjoy's bedslave,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ALERIE HIGHTOWER}, Leyton's second daughter, married Lord Mace Tyrell, slain in the Great Fire of King's Landing with her husband,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER GARTH HIGHTOWER}, called the GREYSTEEL, Leyton's second son, slain in the Drowning of Oldtown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER HUMFREY FLOWERS, the Bastard of the Tower, son of Gerold Hightower. Tasked with defending Oldtown from the north, currently missing, location unknown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ARWYN OAKHEART, Lady of Old Oak,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MATHIS ROWAN, Lord of Goldengrove

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LEYTON HIGHTOWER}, Voice of Oldtown, Lord of the Port,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HUMFREY HEWETT}, Lord of Oakenshield,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx FALIA FLOWERS, his bastard daughter, and King Euron's plaything,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OSBERT SERRY, Lord of Southshield,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {GUTHOR GRIMM}, Lord of Greyshield,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MORIBALD CHESTER}, Lord of Greenshield,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ORTON MERRYWEATHER}, Lord of Longtable, assassinated in the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {LADY TAENA}, his wife, a woman of Myr, assassinated in the Red Keep,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RUSSELL, her son, a boy of six,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD ARTHUR AMBROSE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORENT CASWELL, Lord of Bitterbridge,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD JOWAN APPLETON,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD MARTYN MULLENDORE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD ERREN WYTHERS,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD ALESTER CRANE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LORD IVOR VYRWEL,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BRYAN GRACEFORD,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER MATTHEW MIDDLEBURY.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ROGER BULWER,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER JON FOSSOWAY, of the green-apple Fossoways,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER TANTON FOSSOWAY, of the red-apple Fossoways.


xxxxxxxx RENFRED RYKKER, Lord of Duskendale,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER RUFUS LEEK, a one-legged knight in his service, castellan of the Dun Fort at Duskendale,

xxxxxxxx WILLIAM MOOTON, Lord of Maidenpool,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ELEANOR MOOTON, eldest daughter and heir, thirteen, betrothed to Dickon Tarly,

xxxxxxxx SER HYLE HUNT, sworn to service of House Tarly,

xxxxxxxx SER ALYN HUNT, Ser Hyle's cousin, likewise in Lord Randyll's service,

xxxxxxxx EUSTACE BRUNE, Lord of the Dyre Den,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BENNARD BRUNE, the Knight of Brownhollow, his cousin,

xxxxxxxx SER ROGER HOGG, the Knight of Sow's Horn,

xxxxxxxx SER QUINCY COX, the Knight of Saltpans, an old man in his dotage,

xxxxxxxx at Acorn Hall, the seat of House Smallwood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LADY RAVELLA, formerly of House Swann, wife to Lord Theomar Smallwood,

xxxxxxxx LORD LYMOND LYCHESTER, an old man of wandering wit who once held Ser Maynard at the bridge,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his young caretaker, MAESTER ROONE.


xxxxxxxx SER CREIGHTON LONGBOUGH and SER ILLIFER THE PENNILESS, hedge knight and companions,

xxxxxxxx HIBALD, a merchant fearful and niggardly,

xxxxxxxx DICK CRABB, called NIMBLE DICK, a Crabb of Crackclaw Point,

xxxxxxxx SEPTON MERIBALD, a barefoot septon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his dog, DOG,

xxxxxxxx THE ELDER BROTHER, of the Quiet Isle. A former soldier removed to a life of penitence, until his monastery was sacked by knights of the Vale moving south,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BROTHER NARBERT, BROTHER GILLAM, BROTHER RAWNEY, penitent brothers of the Quiet Isle,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the GRAVEDIGGER, a broken man,

xxxxxxxx at the old crossroads inn:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JEYNE HEDDLE, called LONG JEYNE, innkeep, a tall young wench of eighteen years,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WILLOW, her sister, stern with a spoon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TANSY, JON PENNY, BEN, orphans at the inn,

xxxxxxxx at Harrenhal:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BEN BLACKTHUMB, a smith and armourer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PIA, a serving wench, once pretty,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MAESTER GULIAN, healer, tutor, counsellor,

xxxxxxxx at the Inn of the Kneeling Man:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SHARNA, the innkeep, a cook and midwife,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her husband, called HUSBAND,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BOY, an orphan of the war,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HOT PIE, a baker's boy, now orphaned.

xxxxxxxx people of King's Landing:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CHATAYA, proprietor of an expensive brothel,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALAYAYA, her daughter, DANCY, MAREI, two of Chataya's girls. Many prostitutes and working girls were kidnapped, murdered and harvested for Lord Qyburn's experiments,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOBHO MOTT, a master armorer,

xxxxxxxx at the Peach, a brothel in Stoney Sept:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TANSY, the red-haired proprietor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALYCE, CASS, LANNA, JYZENE, HELLY, BELLA, some of her peaches,

xxxxxxxx here and there and elsewhere:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the ghost of High Heart, an old and sorrowful woods witch living under a hill,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the Lady of the Leaves,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the septon of Sallydance.


xxxxxxxx {BERIC DONDARRION}, once Lord of Blackhaven, six times slain,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx EDRIC DAYNE, Lord of Starfall, a boy of twelve, Lord Beric's squire,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE MAD HUNTSMAN of Stoney Sept, his sometime ally,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GREENBEARD, a Tyroshi sellsword, his uncertain friend,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANGUY THE ARCHER, a bowman from the Dornish Marches,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MERRIT O'MOONTOWN, WATTY THE MILLER, SWAMPY MEG, JON O' NUTTEN, outlaws in his band,

xxxxxxxx LADY STONEHEART, a hooded woman, sometimes called MOTHER MERCY, THE SILENT SISTER, and THE HANGWOMAN,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LEM, called LEM LEMONCLOAK, a onetime soldier,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THOROS OF MYR, a red priest,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HARWIN, son of Hullen, a northman once in service to Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JACK-BE-LUCKY, a wanted man, short an eye,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOM OF SEVENSTREAMS, a singer of dubious report, called TOM SEVENSTRINGS and TOM O'SEVENS,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LIKELY LUKE, NOTCH, MUDGE, BEARDLESS DICK, outlaws,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GENDRY, an apprentice smith and bastard son of King Robert I Baratheon, ignorant of his birth,

xxxxxxxx SANDOR CLEGANE, called THE HOUND, once King Joffrey's sworn sword, later a sworn brother of the Kingsguard, last seen feverish and dying beside the Trident,

xxxxxxxx {VARGO HOAT} of the Free City of Qohor, called THE GOAT, a sellsword captain of slobbery speech, slain at Harrenhal by Ser Gregor Clegane,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his Brave Companions, also called the Bloody Mummers:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx URSWYCK called FAITHFUL, his lieutenant,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SEPTON UTT}, hanged by Lord Beric Dondarrion,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TIMEON OF DORNE, FAT ZOLLO, RORGE, BITER, PYG, SHAGWELL THE FOOL, TOGG JOTH of Ibben, THREE TOES, scattered and running,



xxxxxxxx FERREGO ANTARYON, Sealord of Braavos, sickly and failing,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx QARRO VOLENTIN, First Sword of Braavos, his protector,

xxxxxxxx BELLEGERE OTHERYS called THE BLACK PEARL, a courtesan descended from the pirate queen of the same name,


xxxxxxxx THE KINDLY MAN and THE WAIF, servants of the Many-Faced God at the House of Black and White,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UMMA, the temple cook, THE HANDSOME MAN, THE FAT FELLOW, THE LORDLING, THE STERN FACE, THE SQUINTER, and THE STARVED MAN, secret servants of Him of Many Faces,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {ARYA} once of House Stark, a novice in service at the House of Black and White, also known as ARRY, NAN, WEASEL, SQUAB, SALTY, and CAT OF THE CANALS,

xxxxxxxx BRUSCO, a fishmonger,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his daughters, TALEA and BREA,

xxxxxxxx MERALYN, called MERRY, proprietor of the Happy Port, a brothel near the Ragman's Harbor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE SAILOR'S WIFE, a whore at the Happy Port,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LANNA, her daughter, a young whore,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RED ROGGO, GYLORO DOTHARE, GYLENO DOTHARE, a scribbler called QUILL, COSSOMO THE CONJURER, patrons of the Happy Port,

xxxxxxxx TAGGANARO, a dockside cutpurse and thief,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CASSO, KING OF THE SEALS, his trained seal,

xxxxxxxx S'VRONE, a dockside whore of a murderous bent,

xxxxxxxx THE DRUNKEN DAUGHTER, a whore of uncertain temper.


xxxxxxxx The reigning triarchs:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MALAQUO MAEGYR}, Triarch of Volantis, a tiger, put to death by Daenerys Targaryen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {DONIPHOS PAENYMION}, Triarch of Volantis, an elephant, put to death by Daenerys Targaryen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {NYESSOS VHASSAR}, Triarch of Volantis, an elephant, put to death by Daenerys Targaryen,

xxxxxxxx people of Volantis:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BENERRO, High Priest of R'hllor, the Lord of Light, his right hand, MOQORRO, a priest of R'hllor, strong supporter of Daenerys Targaryen, heralding her as Azor Ahai,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE WIDOW OF THE WATERFRONT, a wealthy freedwoman of the city, also called VOGARRO'S WHORE, strong supporter of Daenerys Targaryen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her fierce protectors, THE WIDOW'S SONS,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PENNY, a dwarf girl and mummer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her pig, PRETTY PIG, her dog, CRUNCH,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {GROAT}, brother to Penny, a dwarf mummer, murdered and beheaded,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ALIOS QHAEDAR, a candidate for triarch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PARQUELLO VAELAROS, a candidate for triarch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BELICHO STAEGONE, a candidate for triarch,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GRAZDAN MO ERAZ, an envoy from Yunkai.


xxxxxxxx In Yunkai, the Yellow City:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {YURKHAZ ZO YUNZAK}, Supreme Commander of the Armies and Allies of Yunkai, a slaver and aged noble of impeccable birth,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx YEZZAN ZO QAGGAZ, mocked as the YELLOW WHALE, monstrously obese, sickly, hugely rich,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NURSE, his slave overseer, SWEETS, a hermaphrodite slave, his treasure, SCAR, a serjeant and slave soldier, MORGO, a slave soldier,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MORGHAZ ZO ZHERZYN, a nobleman oft in his cups, mocked as THE DRUNKEN CONQUEROR,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GORZHAK ZO ERAZ, a nobleman and slaver, mocked as PUDDING FACE,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AEZHAR ZO FAEZ, a nobleman and slaver, known as THE RABBIT,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GHAZDOR ZO AHLAQ, a nobleman and slaver, mocked as LORD WOBBLECHEEKS,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PAEZHAR ZO MYRAQ, a nobleman of small stature, mocked as THE PIGEON,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CHEZDHAR ZO RHAEZN, MAEZON ZO RHAEZN, GRAZDHAN ZO RHAEZN, noblemen and brothers, mocked as THE CLANKER LORDS,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE CHARIOTEER, THE BEASTMASTER, THE PERFUMED HERO, noblemen and slavers,

xxxxxxxx in Astapor, the Red City:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CLEON THE GREAT}, called THE BUTCHER KING,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CLEON II}, his successor, king for eight days,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {KING CUTTHROAT}, a barber, slit the throat of Cleon II to steal his crown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {QUEEN WHORE}, concubine to King Cleon II, claimed the throne after his murder.



xxxx DAENERYS TARGARYEN, the First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Breaker of Chains, called DAENERYS STORMBORN, the UNBURNT, MOTHER OF DRAGONS, the QUEEN OF ASH.

xxxxxxxx her dragons, DROGON, VISERION, RHAEGAL,

xxxxxxxx her brother, {RHAEGAR}, Prince of Dragonstone, slain by Robert Baratheon on the Trident,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rhaegar's daughter, {RHAENYS}, murdered during the sack of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rhaegar's son, {AEGON}, a babe at the breast, murdered during the sack of King's Landing,

xxxxxxxx her brother {VISERYS}, the Third of His Name, called THE BEGGAR KING, crowned with molten gold,

xxxxxxxx her first husband, {DROGO}, a khal of the Dothraki, died of a wound gone bad,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her stillborn son by Drogo, {RHAEGO}, slain in the womb by the maegi Mirri Maz Duur,

xxxxxxxx her second husband, HIZADAHR ZO LORAQ, Fourteenth of That Noble Name, King of Meereen, Scion of Ghis, Octarch of the Old Empire, Consort to Dragons and Blood of the Harpy,

xxxxxxxx her protectors:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER BARRISTAN SELMY, called BARRISTAN THE BOLD, Lord Commander of the Queensguard,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his lads, squires training for knighthood:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TUMCO LHO, of the Basilisk Isles,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx LARRAQ, called THE LASH, of Meereen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE RED LAMB, a Lhazarene freedman,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the BOYS, three Ghiscari brothers,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx STRONG BELWAS, eunuch and former fighting slave,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx her Dothraki bloodriders:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JHOGO, the whip, blood of her blood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AGGO, the bow, blood of her blood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RAKHARO, the arakh, blood of her blood,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER JORAH MORMONT}, formerly Lord of Bear Island, an exiled knight. Once Daenerys' most trusted protector, but nearly dismissed from her service for insolence and secrets untold. Assigned as the Queen's emissary, and sent to Westeros to prepare for her arrival. Slain at White Harbour attempting to fulfill his task,

xxxxxxxx her captains and commanders:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAARIO NAHARIS, a flamboyant Tyroshi sellsword, captain of the Stormcrows, a free company. Also paramour to Queen Daenerys,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BEN PLUMM, called BROWN BEN, a mongrel sellsword, captain of the Second Sons, a free company. Multiple time betrayer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GREY WORM, a eunuch, commander of the Unsullied, a company of eunuch infantry,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HERO, an Unsullied captain, second-in-command,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {STALWART SHIELD}, an Unsullied spearman,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MOLLONO YOS DOB, commander of the Stalwart Shields, a company of freedmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SYMON STRIPEBACK, commander of FREE BROTHERS, a company of freedmen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MARSELEN, commander of the MOTHER'S MEN, a company of freedman, a eunuch, brother to Missandei,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GROLEO of Pentos, formerly captain of the great cog Saduleon, now an admiral without a fleet,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ROMMO, a jaqqa rhan of the Dothraki,

xxxxxxxx her Meereenese court:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx REZNAK MO REZNAK, her seneschal, bald and unctuous,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SKAHAZ MO KANDAQ, called THE SHAVEPATE, shaven-headed commander of the Brazen Beasts, her city watch,

xxxxxxxx her handmaids and servants:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JHIQUI, Queen Daenery's Dothraki handmaid,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx IRRI, Queen Daenery's Dothraki handmaid, and occasional paramour,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MISSANDEI, a Naathi scribe and translator,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GRAZDAR, QEZZA, MEZZARA, KEZMYA, AZZAK, BHAKAZ, MIKLAZ, DHAZZAR, DRAQAZ, JHEZANE, children of the pyramids of Meereen, her cupbearers and pages,

xxxxxxxx people of Meereen, highborn and common:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GALAZZA GALARE, the Green Grace, high priestess at the Temple of the Graces,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GRAZDAM ZO GALARE, her cousin, a nobleman,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HIZDAHR ZO LORAQ, a wealthy Meereenese nobleman, of ancient lineage,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MARGHAZ ZO LORAQ, his cousin,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RYLONA RHEE, freedwoman and harpist,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {HAZZEA}, a farmer's daughter, four years of age,


xxxxxxxx her uncertain allies, false friends, and known enemies:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MIRRI MAZ DUUR}, godswife and maegi, a servant of the Great Shepherd of Lhazar, burned alive,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx XARO XHOAN DAXOS, a merchant prince of Qarth,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx QUAITHE, a masked shadowbinder from Asshai, motives unknown,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ILLYRIO MOPATIS, a magister of the Free City of Pentos, who brokered her marriage to Khal Drogo,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CLEON THE GREAT}, butcher king of Astapor.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Slaver Alliance;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Sons of the Harpy, a resistance group of Ghiscari noblemen within the city of Meereen, led by THE HARPY, a mysterious figure,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Wise Masters; {YURKHAZ ZO YUNZAK}, Supreme Commander of the Armies and Allies of Yunkai, {YEZZAN ZO QAGGAZ}, MALAZZA, PAEZHAR ZO MYRAQ, CHEZDHAR ZO RHAEZN, MAEZON ZO RHAEZN, AND GRAZDHAN ZO RHAEZN, GHAZDOR ZO AHLAQ, MORGHAZ ZO ZHERZYN, GORZHAK ZO ERAZ, FAEZHAR ZO FAEZ – the ruling class of Yunkai, who opposed and then made an unsteady peace with Queen Daenerys,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Triarchy of Volantis, the Thirteen of Qarth, the iron legions of New Ghis, all allied opposing Queen Daenerys,

xxxxxxxx the Queen's suitors;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Slaver's Bay:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAARIO NAHARIS, late of Tyrosh, a sellsword and captain of the Stormcrows,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HIZDAHR ZO LORAQ, a wealthy Meereenese nobleman, King Consort of Meereen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SKAHAZ MO KANDAQ, called THE SHAVEPATE, a lesser nobleman of Meereen,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {CLEON THE GREAT}, Butcher King of Astapor,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx travelling from Westeros:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {PRINCE QUENTYN MARTELL}, eldest son of Doran Martell, Lord of Sunspear and Prince of Dorne, travelling to wed Daenerys Targaryen. Unsuccessful and failed dragon tamer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his sworn shields and companions:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER CLETUS YRONWOOD}, heir to Yronwood, slain by corsairs,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ARCHIBALD YRONWOOD, cousin to Cletus, called THE BIG MAN,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER GERRIS DRINKWATER,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {SER WILLAM WELLS}, slain by corsairs,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {MAESTER KEDRY}, slain by corsairs,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx {VICTARION GREYJOY}, Lord Captain of the Iron Fleet, called THE IRON CAPTAIN, travelling to wed Daenerys Targaryen to spite his brother, believing that he can bind a dragon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his bedwarmer, a dusky woman without a tongue, a gift from Euron Crow's Eye,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his healer, MAESTER KERWIN, late of Greenshield, a gift from Euron Crow's Eye,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his crew on the Iron Victory:


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his captains:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RODRIK SPARR, called THE VOLE, captain of Grief,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RED RALF STONEHOUSE, captain of Red Jester,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MANFRYD MERLYN, captain of Kite,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RALF THE LIMPER, captain of Lord Quellon,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TOM CODD, called BLOODLESS TOM, captain of the Lamentation,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAEGON SHEPHERD, called THE BLACK SHEPHERD, captain of the Dagger.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx awaiting her in Westeros;

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KING EURON GREYJOY called the CROW'S EYE, the God-King of Westeros. Made his intention plan to marry Daenerys Targaryen, and sent his brother Victarion as his envoy,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KING AEGON TARGARYEN called the DRAGON REBORN, King of the Iron Throne. Seeks to marry his aunt to secure his reign,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PRINCE JON SNOW called the BASTARD KING, King's Claw to his half-brother King Brandon Stark. Intends to betroth himself to Queen Daenerys, to secure aid for the north.


xxxxxxxx THE COMPANY OF THE ROSE, four thousand infantry, recruited by Salladhor Saan on behalf of the North,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ANDERS FROST, captain and commander of the Company of the Rose,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx RACHEL GREYSTARK, called the GREY BITCH, second-in-command of the Company of the Rose,

xxxxxxxx THE FLEET OF WATERS, a pirate fleet with up to fifty vessels, based around strong three-decked warships. They have taken a red seahorse on black for their flag. Last seen hired by Petyr Baelish; suffered very heavy losses in the assault on White Harbour, but are still formidable,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE LORD OF THE WATERS, actually AURANE WATERS, the Bastard of Driftmark, turned pirate king after stealing the royal fleet of King's Landing. Has grown obsessed with dragons,

xxxxxxxx THE WINDBLOWN, two thousand horse and foot, sworn to Yunkai,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE TATTERED PRINCE, a former nobleman of the Free City of Pentos, captain and founder,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx CAGGO, called CORPSEKILLER, his right hand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DENZO D'HAN, the warrior bard, his left hand,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HUGH HUNGERFORD, serjeant, former company paymaster, fined three fingers for stealing,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SER ORSON STONE, SER LUCIFER LONG, WILL OF THE WOODS, DICK STRAW, GINJER JACK, Westerosi sellswords,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PRETTY MERIS, the company torturer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BOOKS, a Volantene swordsman and notorious reader,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BEANS, a crossbowman, late of Myr,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OLD BILL BONE, a weathered Summer Islander,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx MYRIO MYRAKIS, a sellsword late of Pentos,

xxxxxxxx THE COMPANY OF THE CAT, three thousand strong, sworn to Yunkai,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BLOODBEARD, captain and commander,

xxxxxxxx THE LONG LANCES, eight hundred horse-riders, sworn to Yunkai,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx GYLO RHEGAN, captain and commander,

xxxxxxxx THE SECOND SONS, five hundred horse-riders, sworn to Queen Daenerys, and then to Yunkai, and then to Queen Daenerys,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BROWN BEN PLUMM, captain and commander,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KASPORIO, called KASPORIO THE CUNNING, a bravo, second-in-command,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TYBERO ISTARION, called INKPOTS, company paymaster,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HAMMER, a drunken blacksmith and armorer,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx his apprentice, called NAIL,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx SNATCH, a serjeant, one-handed,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx KEM, a young sellsword, from Flea Bottom,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BOKKOKO, an axeman of formidable repute,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx UHLAN, a serjeant of the company,

xxxxxxxx THE STORMCROWS, five hundred horse-riders, sworn to Queen Daenerys,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DAAERIO NAHARIS, captain and commander,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx THE WIDOWER, his second-in-command,

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JOKIN, commander of the company archers.

Author Notes

Goddamn, this was a pain to write. The epilogue was fairly easy, but the appendix was absolutely hellish. It was made even more difficult because this site doesn't actually allow nested lists or any real formatting whatsoever. Instead, I had to use 'x', as you can see.

Still, this officially marks the end of book 1. Next chapter will be with Daenerys in Slaver's Bay, but I'm taking a hiatus before I start writing it.

Till next time.