The warm wind ruffled Courage's pink fur he dozed peacefully on the front porch of his home in the middle of Nowhere. It had been a busy morning with Eustace cleaning the barn and Muriel cleaning the house. Courage had helped Muriel with the house as much as he could before going out to see if he could help Eustace with the barn. A lot of junk had piled up in the barn over the last few months and, of course, Eustace gave Courage the job of dragging the heaviest of the junk out to the garbage. Poor Courage was exhausted after all that work and the afternoon nap was just what he needed.

Inside the house, Eustace was complaining about his paper being late while Muriel was busy making lunch. "Why can't I get me paper on time for once?!" Eustace grumbled to a paitently listening Muriel. "I pay good money for that paper and they still don't get it here on time!"

Muriel turned around with a large plate of sandwiches in her hands. "Maybe ye should call them and complain."

Eustace watched as Muriel set the plate of sandwiches in the middle of the table. "I'll call them after lunch." he said as he reached out and took one of the sandwiches.

Muriel turned to go call Courage for lunch. "Courage!" She opened the front door to see the peacefully sleeping dog on the porch. Reaching down she gently shook him to wake him up. "Courage, it's time for lunch."

Muriel's gentle voice woke Courage up instantly and he followed her back into the house.

"What's that dog doing at the table?!" Eustace growled and put Courage's plate on the floor. "Dog's are supposed to eat on the floor!"

Muriel just sighed and put two of the sandwiches on Courage's plate. "Sorry Courage. At least the sandwiches are one of your favorites."

The delicious smell of roast beef made up for having to eat on the floor. Courage smiled up at Muriel and quickly finished off both sandwiches. He was about to ask for another sandwich when he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Maybe it's me paper!" Eustace quickly got up and went to answer the door.

Courage heard a nervous voice answering Eustace's angry questions. "I'm sorry the paper is so late", the voice said, "There was a problem and - - "

He was cut off by Eustace's angry voice. "Blah, blah, blah. You guys always have an excuse don't ya?! Maybe if you would quit wasting time making up excuses you could get me paper here on time so I could read it before the next paper gets here!"

A couple of minutes later Eustace returned to the kitchen table. "I can't believe they can't get the paper here on time!"

Outside, a very nervous looking young man walked back to his car. His hands were shaking as he fumbled to get his keys out of his pocket and he kept looking around him as if he was worried that something was after him.

Courage finished his lunch and wandered back out onto the porch just in time to see the young man drop his keys as he fumbled with them to open the car door. The man looked around once again before picking the keys up off of the ground and finally unlocking the car door. After a moment, the car sped away in a cloud of dust.

Courage watched the car speed into the distance and aloud to himself, "I wonder what was making that guy was so nervous?"

Back inside the house, Eustace was finally getting a chance to read his paper. "Muriel, it says here that there was a fire a the museum last night!"

Muriel came into the living room with a cup of tea in her hands and sat down in her chair. "Was the museum badly damaged?"

Eustace's voice answered her from behind the paper. "The fire was confined to the back storage area of the Nowhere Museum." He read aloud, "Several new pieces of artwork and antiques that the museum had just recieved were either damaged or destroyed by the fire. The antiques were donated to the museum by the family of one of Nowhere's oldest citizens who recently passed away. Most of these pieces were very rare and impossible to replace."

Muriel thought about it for a moment. "I wonder why that family donated all those valuable antiques instead of selling them?"

Eustace shrugged from behind his paper. "Maybe they just wanted to get rid of them."

Outside, Courage shivered as the warm day turned suddenly cold. He looked up and noticed a dark cloud forming a few miles in the distance. It looked like a summer storm was heading toward Nowhere. He got up and went into the house to sleep on the rug in the living room.