Hey, so this is fanfiction. Let's not overthink laws and such, alright? Haha. You'll see what I mean in a bit.

It was Christmas Eve in Storybrooke, Maine. The snow fell on the ground; it would truly be a white Christmas. The thought made Sheriff Emma Swan roll her eyes, it was a bit too cheesy for her taste, especially in this town. She had never even pictured herself in such a place, but after she met Regina, she knew the town came as part of the deal. Her now wife was the mayor. The two had met when Emma, at the time working for the FBI, had shown up with her team to investigate a strange series of murders. Sparks flew and before the blonde knew it, she was resigning from her position and taking up a sheriff one. They were married in under a year.

So yes, as much as she hated small town life, she wouldn't change it, for then she wouldn't have her wife.

"Swan," a voice called for her as she was packing up to leave. The blonde turned around to see her deputy, Graham, standing there. "We have a situation."

"Can't you handle it? I have to head home." Regina had made a big deal of her being home Christmas Eve. The mayor herself had to pull a lot of strings to be able to do so.

"It's serious, Swan."

"Alright, alright." She followed him into the lobby of the station where a car seat sat. In it, was a baby, most likely an newborn, bundled up in blankets. Emma frowned. "Who does this belong to?"

"There was a note. You know this is one of the Safe Haven locations," he explained, handing it over.

Emma nodded, she had convinced Regina to add a Safe Haven law due to her own upbringing. She had been abandoned as a small child and was adopted by a great family. Still, Storybrooke was such a small town, this was the first case. She opened the note and quickly read it. "It says here that he was born yesterday and has no name, she's just so young and can't handle it."

"I found this as well," he handed over some documents. "Looks like she signed over her parental rights, they just haven't been notarized or filed."

"She didn't name him," Emma muttered. "What are we going to do?"

"We have to bring him to the hospital."

"No, no, that's too drastic," she crouched down and slowly unstrapped him, looking down at the baby. He wasn't fussing or anything, just staring contently up at her, with big green eyes, chubby cheeks and all. A tear trickled down the blonde's cheek.

Stop, you can't take him. She tried telling herself. She and Regina had talked about having kids, but it was a touchy subject. Regina couldn't get pregnant and though she'd never say it, Emma knew she'd be jealous of her wife getting to carry. Adoption was such a scary process for them, too many unknowns. Though in this circumstances, there were none.

"I'll bring him to Whale," she said. "He should still be open. He'll give him a checkup."

"And then you'll call social services?"

"Sure," Emma lied.

She didn't want to put the baby back into the car seat, she just wanted to hold him and snuggle, but also knew she had to drive over there. She strapped him in and picked it up, heading out to her car. Recently, she had learned how to strap in car seats so she could teach classes to expectant parents, so she did it with little trouble. Soon, they were at the doctor's office. With it being the holidays, there were no patients in her way, however Whale looked about ready to leave.

"I'm sorry Sherriff, but I have to go, Ruby and I are throwing a party," he explained.

"Please, he was dropped off at the station," she pleaded.

"Take him to the hospital."

They're going to call social services! "Need I remind you that when you have your annual bike safety day, you'll need cops to help you run it," she said, hating to blackmail, but feeling at a loss for anything else.

Whale gave her a small smirk. "You're more like your wife every day. Come, come." He lead her into the back and took the baby out of the car seat. Emma felt a surge of protectiveness, but allowed it. I just met this baby, how can I already be so attached to him?

Whale unbundled him from the blankets, revealing that he was naked except a diaper. The blonde frowned. How could the girl just drop him off like that? She tried to remind herself she was most likely a teenager, a scared teenager at that. The doctor began the appointment, looking him over and weighing him.

"He seems to be a perfectly healthy baby boy," Whale concluded. "Healthy lungs and heartbeat, 7 pounds, 9 ounces and 21 inches."

Emma breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness."

"I would recommend calling social services."

"It's Christmas Eve, I doubt they'll be able to find a home that quickly."

The doctor smiled. "Do you want to keep this child, Sheriff?"

"I um, I have to talk to my wife," she stammered.

"Look, I could get in trouble for this, but after all, you're the sheriff and your wife is the mayor," he continued. "You bring him home and talk to her. I'm sure from there, you and Regina will follow the proper channels. I'll pretend that I never saw him here tonight."

Emma beamed. "Thank you, Dr. Whale."

"My pleasure, stay here for a moment." He walked out and returned a moment later, holding a small outfit. "Ruby and I were gifted this last year when we had Matilda, but obviously she was a girl. I keep it here in case one of my little patients spits up."

"I appreciate it," Emma watched the doctor dress him before bundling him back up and strapping him in the car seat.

After getting them both back in the car, Emma checked her phone. It was 7:00. She had promised Regina she'd be home by 6. Hoping for the best, she drove to their home. She looked back in the rearview mirror at the baby.

"I promise no matter what, I'll make sure you have a good home," she whispered. "I'll give you your best chance."

She got out of the car, removing the baby from the car seat and going inside, instantly hit by the warmth. She could smell something delicious coming from the kitchen.

"Emma, please explain to me what could've been more important than coming home on time?" Regina's voice carried from the kitchen.

"I'm sorry," Emma said, feeling like a teenager missing curfew. "I was going to make it but then…" She entered the room and her raven-haired wife spun around, spotting the baby in her arms.

"Is that a baby?" Regina asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Uh huh."

"Do you have something you need to tell me?"

"Well just thank your lucky stars you agreed to sign that Safe Haven bill into effect," the blonde replied. Making sure not to drop the baby, she pulled out the paperwork Graham had given her, handing it over. "The mother dropped him off at the station."

Regina reviewed them, a sigh escaping her lips. "Oh Emma…why didn't you call social services?"

"Because then he'd be in the system and…look, I know I was adopted, but it's not always that simple. Plus, it's Christmas Eve, it'd probably be hard to find a family."

"He needs a wellness check."

"Whale performed one, he's perfectly healthy."

"And he didn't insist on you calling?"

"He understood and is pretending like I was never there."

Regina gave her a Look. "I know we want a child, but this is insane. You can't just bring a baby home, like he's a stray puppy."

"I understand it won't be easy, but from the moment I held him…I just know he's meant to be ours." She watched her wife shake her head. "Just hold him."

"Emma…" Before she could finish, the sheriff was putting the baby in her arms. Regina sighed, making sure to support the head and looked down, preparing to keep her heart cold…

It couldn't. Her dark eyes locked on his green ones and she smiled. He was so adorable, so perfect. This chubby little baby was melting her heart in just a moment of seconds. His little hand poked out from underneath the blanket and wrapped around her thumb.

"Well hello there," she whispered, tears spilling from her eyes.

Emma smiled. "I told you."

Regina ignored her. "I'm sure all of this has been so scary for you," she cooed at the baby. "Left all alone in a strange place, but I see that you were taken care of, oh yes." She began walking back and forth, rocking him. Her eyes couldn't leave his. "How can I love someone so much when I just met him?"

"Because he was meant to be ours."

The mayor nodded, biting her lip, looking over at Emma. "Maybe…maybe we could do this."

Emma grinned wider. "Really?"

"Yes," she breathed. "We'll call social services on the 26th and share our plans to adopt. I'm sure we'll need a home study and such, but you're the sheriff, I'm the mayor. How could they say no?"

Emma cupped her wife's face, kissing her. Regina returned it, letting her lips linger until the baby began to fuss. They pulled apart, laughing. "Sorry my sweet prince," Regina cooed. "We were ignoring you, weren't we?" She wiped away a tear. "So, where's his stuff?"

"Stuff?" Emma repeated.

"You know, diapers, clothes, formula…" She trailed off when she saw the lost look on her wife's face. "Emma!"

"Sorry, I was a bit preoccupied!"

Regina shook her head, looking back down at the baby. "I guess we'll have to send Mama out for some provisions, won't we?"

"Mama, huh?"

The mayor blushed. "Well uh…I always thought you'd be Mama, I'd be Mommy, unless you wanted…"

"I think that's perfect."

Regina smiled.

"Well, grab a pen and paper. I'll tell you what we're going to need."

"Why do I have to go?"

"Because I'm not ready to put him down yet."

Emma chuckled and listened to her wife's list: diapers (newborn size), formula, bibs, burp cloths, clothes, wipes, baby powder, swaddling blankets and bottles.

"What is he supposed to sleep in?" The blonde asked. "I bet I can get all this at the market, but any baby stores are sure to be closed."

"I'll phone Mary Margaret and David; I think they still have Neal's old bassinet."

Emma nodded before kissing her wife again.

"We have a baby," she whispered.

Regina smiled. "We have a baby."

That night, after Mary Margaret had brought by her son's old bassinet and the baby was asleep in it, Emma and Regina stood over it, watching the little one in wonder.

"He's so tiny and yet so chubby," Emma commented.

"Our little squish," Regina cooed.

"He'll need a name."

Regina thought for a moment. "I don't know how you feel about this, we don't have to, but my father, his name was Henry…"

"I think Henry is a perfect idea," Emma replied, rubbing her arm. She knew how close her wife had been with her father. She had only known him a short time before cancer took him from the world. "Maybe Daniel, for a middle name."

"Emma, we don't have to…" Regina began. Daniel had been her first love. While Emma was a lesbian, Regina was bi. Daniel had been killed while fighting overseas when he and the brunette were just eighteen.

"He was a hero, our son should be named after two important, heroic men," Emma replied.

Regina stared at her wife in awe. Emma knew about her past and wasn't jealous, she wanted to celebrate it. Not many would be okay with naming their child after their wife's former lover. "Henry Daniel Swan Mills."

"Sounds perfect to me," Emma told her, kissing her.

They spent the next day with it just being the three of them. On the 26th, they did call social services and a home study was performed and they were granted temporary custody of Henry while they looked into make sure that he could really be adopted. And finally, six months later, they were able to.

To this day, Emma has never been able to top that Christmas present.

Hope you all enjoyed! Like I said, in the earlier notes, legally there were probably a bunch of problems with this BUT I just got the idea and thought it'd make a cute one shot, maybe I'll write a follow up for it in the future.