Unexpected Happenings

Author's note: Hey, go easy on me. This is my first fanfic and I just want to see if I'm any good. This is mostly Claire/Leon, but it has some Chris/Jill and Rebecca/Carlos too. Hope it doesn't suck.

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Chapter 1- The Situation

After 4 Years of zombie-bashing, undesired traveling, and hellacious migraines, the survivors of the Umbrella Crisis would finally get a well deserved..(break, vacation, whatever you wanna call it)

Leon checks his watch one more time. 4:33. Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Carlos, Sherry, and Claire were supposed to meet him at the docks an hour ago. " Where the hell are they?' Looking to see if he sights a familiar face, he walks up the steps to the pier. But to no success he walks back down to the loading dock and sits back on his bench.

Staring out into the ocean, Leon can only think one thing.

' Leave it to a Redfield to give out directions.'

Taking a glance at the invitation sticking out his bags, he takes it out and reads over it.

Dear Leon,

It's been a while since we last saw you. What have you been up to? As you know, Rebecca and Carlos are pretty much unseperatable now. I swear those two could make anybody think twice about making out in public. It's disgusting. Jill says hi. Me and her are doing great. Thanks again for helping me get some balls to tell her. Now maybe I can help you. Everyone back here has a hunch Claire likes you. Even Sherry. And I think you do too. So that's why we're all going to the Bahamas. I'm telling you, all she does is wonder what you're doing. The directions are enclosed. See you in Miami on Saturday at 3:30 pm.

Your Friend, Chris Redfield

That was a week ago.

" Hey Leon, over here. Leon!"

Turning his head, Leon got sight of a 16 year old Sherry Birkin running over to him. It had been months since he last seen her. She was like a sister to him. He happily opened his arms to receive her hug.

"It's so good to see you. Seriously, Rebecca and Carlos won't stop making out. And Claire wouldn't stop talking about the trip. Like she's obsessed or something."

" Surely things haven't gotten that bad without me around Sherry." Leon chuckled at the thought that he kept a peace between the group.

Sherry looked up at him and showed the best of grins. " I wouldn't bet on it."

" What about Chris and Jill? Aren't they here too?"

" Oh, they're over there. Let's go on over." Leon smiled. It was nice to know he could finally walk around without having a 10 foot monster ready to smash his face in.

Claire saw Leon standing a few feet away talking to Sherry. She wanted to go over and say hi but figured it wouldn't be such a good idea. Well, with the fact Sherry and almost everyone else was trying to get her and Leon to hook up. Instead, she waited until Leon and Sherry started walking towards Chris and Jill by the Ice Cream stand.

Claire glanced over to see a photo both next to the Ice Cream stand.

" A photo booth. We should all take pictures before we leave." Claire looked at her watch. 4:45. Fifteen minutes until the ship set sails. She began to walk over to the others.

Leon was making small talk with Chris and Jill when Claire came up to them with the biggest smile in the world.

"Leon! It's so good to see you. I'm so glad you could come." Chris grinned at his little sister's overenthusiastic greeting.

Leon hugged Claire back so hard she couldn't move. 'Well, He sure missed me too.' Claire thought.

"Hey Leon," said Claire after being released from Leon's death grip. " How about we all take a picture before we leave?"

"Sure, Sherry you up for it?" Leon asked. Sherry smiled.

"Uh, maybe later. I really want to get on the ship and check it out. You two go on ahead.." A second later Sherry Birkin was a mere memory to the two young adults.

Leon and Claire got to the booth and looked at each other. Seeing the area was obvious meant for one person to sit they both blushed slightly.

"Um, what should we do about this Claire? It seems we've been had." Leon said in mock anger.

" Oh come on Leon, there's plenty of room. Go ahead and get in." Leon did so. He was about to protest when Claire suddenly jumped in his lap.


Claire smiled. " See, there's plenty of room for the both of us."

Leon pretended to be annoyed. " Yeah, I guess."

Leon put in the money and the machine began to take pictures. They made goofy poses and bunny ears behind each other. Stuff like that. On the last picture Claire leaned over so that here head was resting on Leon's head. They really seemed comfortable together despite the fact they weren't dating.

' I wouldn't mind staying this way forever.' Thought Claire.

Chris and Jill were at the bow of the ship with the other passengers waving goodbye to the crowd. Claire and Leon walked up to them.

" Hey you guys, everyone practically knows who you are already. Do you really want more attention? Leon snickered at the two.

Jill turned around and smiled. " Nice to see you too Leon. Glad you could come. Did you two take pictures?

Claire looked at Jill then at Leon and smiled. " Yeah, we did."

Finally, the ship raised its anchor and set sail. Leon then asked the dreadful question that would change the entire situation between them.

" Who's gonna sleep where?"

Chris took a time out with his lip-locking session with Jill and showed Leon to the cabins.

" Well Leon this is the situation. Of course you got the two insane lovebirds together across the hall. Then Me and Jill are next to those two. Ay Carumba. And finally you have to share with Claire and Sherry. You shouldn't be too worried about it right?

Leon shook his head and reached for his bags. He then set for his room. Before closing the door, Leon turned back to Chris.

"Chris, is part of your little plan to get me and Claire together? Chris let out a small chuckle.

" If that's what you wanna call it. I just didn't want to pay 700 for another cabin. I trust you Leon. You're a smart guy. Besides you already know that if I catch you outta line with Claire I'd kill you anyway." With that, Chris smiled and continued down the corridor.

Leon put his hand on his forehead. " You just made me feel so much better Chris."

Setting his bags aside, Leon looked around the room and saw two beds. Since he was beginning to get sleepy he sprawled out on one of the beds and stared at the ceiling.

' Leon, this is the perfect chance to let Claire know how you feel. You helped her get over Steve's death and helped her deal with the stresses of Umbrella and more. Maybe you should take the next step?'

Leon reached into his pocket and pulled out the pictures he took with Claire earlier that day.

" Yeah maybe I should. She won't be single forever. I just gotta take things one day at a time."

Leon had closed his eyes and was about to enter a deep sleep when he heard Claire and Sherry's voices outside the door. He looked around at the other bed and tried to figure out exactly what the sleeping arrangement would be for the night.

" Okay, we may have a problem." Leon got up to unlock the door. He had 7 days to relax and possibly get together with Claire Redfield. " But what the hell, I'll manage."

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