Unexpected Happenings
Author's Note: Hey you people out there. This is the epilouge to my story. I'm trying to think of a plot for the sequel now. Hopefully I'll start on it this weekend. Well, thanks for all the support and here's the very last update to Unexpected Happenings.
Chapter 17- Epilouge
" Chris, come on we've got to be at the airport by five. Get your ass in gear!' Claire shouted up the stairs as she was about to step out the door. Leon had called them that morning informing them that his flight was on its way in. Claire was ecstatic.

" Hold up a second will ya? Sheesh. Jill, you ready.?" Chris asked loudly as he grabbed a soda from the fridge and made his way to the door. He popped it open and took a sip. Jill snuck up from behind him and yelled back from behind him making him drop his soda.

" YES, I'M READY!" Chris turned around real fast to see Jill laughing at him. He grinned and picked her up. Jill fought to get down.

" Put me down, you bastard you!" She laughed and shrieked at the same time. Chris chuckled and carried her out the front door, locked it and put Jill in the front seat. Claire stared on at the two and shook her head while getting into the backseat.

" You two are perfect for each other you know that. You're both a pain in the ass." Claire told them as they started to pull off. Jill turned around.

" You know the same could go for you and Leon, Claire." Jill shot back, remembering how annoying those two were during the trip. Claire became quiet knowing that she was right.
As Chris and Jill were engaged in a conversation about out of control weddings, Claire sat alone in the backseat, thinking back to earlier that morning when she had received the call. Becca had come over because she was bored. Carlos was at home sleeping and Chris and Jill were out doing whatever. So it was just the two of them talking about stuff when the phone rang.

" Hello Redfield/Valentine residence." Claire answered as she picked up the phone. She could her a crowd of people in the background.

" You have a Collect call from a Leon Scott Kennedy, do you accept?" The mysterious caller replied. Rebecca looked to Claire to see who it was but she received her answer when she saw how wide the smile on Claire's face had gotten.

" Hey, Leon!" Rebecca shouted. Claire laughed. Leon chuckled over the phone.

" Missed you baby." Leon told Claire over the phone. Claire sighed back into the sofa next to Rebecca.

" Yeah, I missed you too." Claire told him. Leon picked back up the conversation.

" Has Sherry left yet? I gotta surprise for the two of you."

" Yeah, she's gone back to Chicago. And what kind of surprise could you possibly have for us?"

Leon sighed. " Oh, well since she's left I guess you'll be the one surprised. I'll call her though". Claire was beginning to get restless with Leon so she put some of that Claire Redfield attitude in her voice.

" Leon." She started flatly. " What are you up to?" Leon smiled on the other line.

" I'm on my way back, Claire. Right now." Leon told her as he started to walk through the gate boarding him onto the plane. "I need you to come and pick me up."

Claire put the phone down for a second and turned to Rebecca who was giving Claire a what's going on look. Claire grinned widely before jumping back into her chair and screaming out loud.

" HE'S COMING BACK!" This caused Rebecca to cover her ears but she managed to smile just the same. Claire, who was wound up in her excitement picked back up the phone.

" Sorry about that Leon, technical difficulties." Claire smirked. Leon just chuckled on the other line.

" I see. Okay, the flight should be in by 4:30 or 5 o' clock. You know how flying is nowadays. The plane's about to take off now. Gotta go. Love you."

" Okay. Love you too. See you soon." Claire said before she hung up the phone.

That's when Carlos had walked in to pick up Rebecca and they told him about Leon. He was happy too. But he and Rebecca couldn't be there when he arrived because they were going to the doctor. Rebecca had complained about morning sickness and all. Carlos told Jill and Jill figured that she was expecting. To say the least Carlos passed out on the spot.

Claire snapped out of her flashback and noticed that they had arrived at the airport. Crowded as usual they made their inside to the terminal and waited for Leon.
" Attention Ladies and Gentlemen, the 5:00 flight from Los Angeles has just arrived in Gate 2." The intercom blazed over the voices of hundreds of agitated tourists and other people. Claire got up from her chair next to Chris and made her way over to the gate.

People had already began to file out. Chris and Jill came over to join Claire as she waited. Finally, Jill picked up on Leon's trademark fiery red hair. She smiled.

" There he is Claire" Jill pointed over to the man coming out. She turned to see Claire already running over to him. Leon didn't have any time before she jumped into his arms. He just laughed it off.

" Could you two help me?" He struggled to get out under Claire's grasp.

Chris walked over to shake hands with him. " Glad to see you're back. It's been a little boring here since that trip. Plus Claire is annoying the hell out of me." Chris told Leon. Claire narrowed her eyes and gave Chris the finger. Jill walked over to Leon and gave him a hug.

" You guys set a date yet?" Leon asked Jill. Chris answered for her.

"Not yet, but we plan on it being in the next 6 months." Leon nodded before looking around to notice Carlos and Rebecca were missing.

" Where are the two insane lovebirds? Leon asked as the group started to make their way out. Claire grinned.

" At the hospital. Rebecca may be expecting." Leon's jaw dropped to the floor.

" No Shit." He said plainly but with surprise in his voice. Jill shook her head.

" Nope, they left about 4:00 today. If she is pregnant, I hope the poor kid doesn't pick up Carlos' personality traits." Chris laughed as he opened the car door.

After putting Leon's luggage in the trunk of the car, they got into the car and prepared to drive off home.

" Let's go eat somewhere." Leon suggested. " I haven't eating anything worth eating since I left California." Claire was laid across his legs in the backseat. Leon was just rubbing her stomach while she just stared at him.

In the front seat, Chris had already put back on the sunglasses. Jill was reading a book she had left in the car.

" Okay, where do you want to go?" Chris asked. Claire spoke up from behind."

" We don't care. Just drive somewhere." Chris snickered at her as he looked through the rear view window. He started up the car and started pulling out.

" See, told you I'd come back to you." Leon bent down and whispered in Claire's ear. She just smiled and leaned forward to kiss him. As Chris continued to take them to some unknown food destination, Leon continued to hold on to Claire all he could. It had been about a month since everything and he wasn't about to waste any time. Hell, he had already lost four years. Now that he was finally back home, he would make the best of it.

Minutes later, Leon had dozed off, tired from his long trip. Claire looked up at him and smiled. Up until the final moments with Umbrella, she had just seen Leon as a very close friend. But soon those feelings began to run deeper. Then Leon moved. Claire couldn't imagine how she managed to be without him for so long. Ever since that morning on the ship, Claire realized she would need Leon in her life. Not only as a friend. But as her partner.

Lying back looking at the car roof, Claire knew that she and Leon would get into arguments and disputes as all couples do. She knew that they would have problems and maybe even separate for awhile. But she knew that as long as she had him by her side here and now that everything would be okay. With that Claire closed her eyes too. The gentle movement of the car and Leon's warmth soon put her to sleep.
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