Chapter 1 Prototype

It was the day after the funeral of Norman Osborn, AKA the Green Goblin to those that knew that. Like many days before, Spiderman could be seen swinging along the edge of a building heading where only he knows.

"Just another normal day in the life of Peter Parker. Gwen still is dating Harry, even though I confessed to her, thanks to how much Harry has been hurt lately. At least she's keeping him off the Green and not becoming some new goblin. That's the only good thing, Harry hates Spiderman since it is my fault his father, the Green Goblin, is gone. Liz hates me after I broke up with her, and if that wasn't enough her brother is now a super villain. Black Cat hates me because her father wanted to stay in prison. Mysterio, Kraven, Hammerhead, and worst of all Tombstone are still on the loose. Eddie became insane after losing the symbiote. John Jameson is still mad with power. And the cherry that tops it all off, Pricklepuss still hates me no matter what I do and I'm narrating to myself."

Spiderman came to a stop atop a random skyscraper and looked up at the sunny sky. "Well, all that exposition didn't do me much good, though it was nice to arrange my thoughts. Am I really doing the right thing as Spiderman? Since-"

Suddenly from down below he heard the rather loud indications of another bank robbery. "Well that's my cue to kick more villain butt."

Spiderman swiftly moved to swing down the building since wallcrawling down would take too long. 'I wonder who it's going to be this time. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if it was Team Rocket or Pinky and the Brain.'

When Spiderman landed near the bank's entrance he saw two people in what looked like costumes. Not much of a shock. One had a feminine figure and wore a black and purple full body suit with a purple mask that included green-lensed goggles, and weirdest of all four wings on the back. The other one looked more masculine and sported a red Iron Man type armor but with a silver beetle-like face with yellow lenses, silver arms connected to a silver chest piece, silver boots, and green plasma wings.

"Okay everyone put the money in the fucking bag and no one loses a head!" The female of the duo said threateningly.

Spiderman then jumped in the bank. "Looks like someone's playing with Ironman's toys again."

Both the male and female in armor turn and saw the costumed hero. "Spiderman!"

"You were expecting Harry Potter?" He quipped.

Rather than respond, the woman rushed at the hero. "You will pay!"

"Oh great, another nut that wants revenge for something I didn't know I did." Spiderman replies while jumping to the ceiling then proceeded to web the woman's visors, "How about you tell me you and your friend's names to skip the introduction?"

The male replied first. "I am Beetle and the woman here is Weevil." His mask hid his expression, which probably could be best described from the tone as unimpressed.

"I'm going to assume that those weren't your first choices for names. Were the good ones taken already?"

The woman now addressed as Weevil sneered, even though her visor hid it. "This coming from a man who calls himself the Human Spider?"

"It's Spiderman, though I do answer to Spidey." Spiderman corrected.

"Answer to this!" Weevil said before pointing her plasma gun at the web slinger and firing it. As expected, Spiderman had little trouble dodging the bullets.

"Now I see why the Beatles broke up."

"DIE SPIDERMAN!" Weevil screamed before launching more plasma bullets at the wallcrawler. Spiderman agilely got out of the way and clung to the wall.

However unknown to Spiderman he was being monitored by some secret cameras on both Weevil and Beetle's armor. The camera fed images to a monitor, and the person watching was a man about 49 with white hair and wearing a white lab coat. "So this is Spiderman, if the armor I made specifically for Beetle and Weevil doesn't unmask or kill Spiderman then the data I am gathering will help me with my next armor." The man then puts down a diagram of what looks like a Scorpion Armor.

Back with our web-swinging hero, Spiderman ensnared and threw Weevil out of the building, "And you are out of here."

"No you don't webhead." Beetle then chose to act and lunged at Spiderman. Spidey dodged it with the ease of a gymnast, making Beetle go right past him.

"That might have actually worked had you not warned me. Seriously, with some guys it's like I don't need a spider sense at all." Beetle turned around in the air and comes back for him with a wrist-mounted gun coming out of his arm. "Right, Ironman toys and his weapons too."

The old man watching the monitors then pushed a button below the monitor, triggering a communicator within the helmets of Weevil and Beetle. "Janice Lincoln, Abner Jenkins, enough. You have the money, leave now."

Beetle rolled his eyes. "Whatever Mr. Smythe, Weevil we are leaving now."

"No way Beetle I haven't killed Spiderman yet!"

"Now Weevil we're leaving!"

Both Weevil and Beetle turned on the plasma wings on their armor and crashed through the bank door making a big hole in the bank, which they used as an exit. However Spiderman swiftly followed them by web swinging really fast.

"DIE!" Weevil declared, shooting more plasma bullets. Used to making sharp turns in the air, Spiderman just kept on dodging them while swinging. "Will you just hold fucking still?!"

"Sorry but I prefer to stay alive." Spiderman quipped before webshooting Weevil's jet pack. "Talk about Déjà vu, only this time it's with a psychotic babe instead of a cranky old man with a beak nose."

A bright flash came into their peripheral vision and before either knew it a fireball was shot at them. Spiderman and Weevil had to put some distance between themselves to avoid it.

"What the hell?" Weevil asked. "Who's throwing fire around here?"

"The one and only Human Torch that's who." A man covered from head to toe in flames said, hovering in front of the armored woman.

"The Fantastic Four?" Beetle asked, looking around for the rest but not seeing them. But considering that one member of the famous quartet had power of invisibility that wasn't reassuring. "Weevil, we need to get out of here."

Weevil either didn't hear her partner or chose to ignore him. "Just more of you for me to take down!" She yelled, firing more plasma bullets at both Spiderman and Human Torch thanks to having mechanisms on both arms. Spiderman and Human Torch dodged, though only the latter fired back.

Spiderman got on the side of a building, pausing to watch Human Torch continue the fire. 'Too bad I can't get a picture of this. Though I don't think the Fantastic Four want Jameson to start slandering them too.'

Beetle joined in to give his partner a hand, though Human Torch didn't seem to mind. He was as free in the air as they were and his attacks easily countered their own.

'Okay, he's got them distracted.' Spiderman thought as he started to swing around to behind them. Once in position he hid and waited, just in case they had noticed him do this. He set up two webs and pulled at them, setting himself up for a slingslot throw.

Timing it right, Spiderman sprung forward, aiming for Weevil. He hit her from behind, essentially kicking her with both feet at the same time, blowing a hole in her jetpack and knocking her out of the fighting area. The propulsion system sputtered and she lost the ability to control herself, resulting in her falling. Not willing to let any of her enemies die, at least not at his hands, Spiderman worked to make a web to catch the falling Weevil.

Weevil got ensnared and struggled to get out of the web but to no avail. Spiderman then hung upside-down in front of her. "Come into my parlor said the spider to the... what are you again?"


"Language young lady, or you will get your butt kicked oh wait, I already kicked your butt a few seconds ago."

Beetle used this chance to get away from Human Torch and attack Spiderman with a red plasma blade that was hooked up to Beetle's hand. He aimed it at the wallcrawler's waist, which activated the spider sense. Alerted, Spiderman dropped down to dodge the laser blade and then web a side of a building so he would not fall on the pavement. "Is that a lightsaber or a bug zapper?"

Ignoring the hero, Beetle took the chance to get to Weevil and cut her free.

"Did you forget about me already?" Human Torch asked, coming down attempting to grab Beetle. The armored man had to move quickly to avoid this, and in doing so he accidentally cut Weevil's suit, making her scream in anger and pain. At the same time the web was catching fire due to the proximity of being so close to the fire-themed superhero.

"Weevil, my love I am sorry I …" Beetle started, trying to cut her free still.

"It's okay, kill that bastard of a spider for all he has done for my family."

'His love? Damn, why does everyone get the girl except me?' Spiderman asked himself

Beetle nodded and aimed another laser at Spiderman, first since he had been the requested target, but like always the acrobatic swinger kept on dodging them. Not to mention Human Torch wasn't just standing there waiting for his turn.


"Well at least he didn't call me an insect like so many others. How hard is it to remember spiders are arachnids?"

Now that Human Torch didn't have the spotlight on him, a shame in his eyes nonetheless, he took the opportunity to attack. One of his fireballs hit Beetle's jetpack and made something explode.

"I'm guessing that's not supposed to happen to your gizmos." Human Torch quipped.

"Hey, snarky comments are my thing." Spiderman protested.

"YOU BASTARD! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY SPIDERMAN!" He screamed in violent rage, though why he directed it at the webhead was anyone's guess.

Spiderman chuckled. "Could you say that less like a Captain Planet villain? It's hard to take you seriously like that."

Human Torch nodded. "I gotta agree."

Rather than answer, Beetle simply went all out on attacking the heroes, while Weevil seemed to be checking her equipment for damage. Spiderman was starting to have a hard time dodging all the plasma bullets now, and had to hide behind some buildings. Human Torch resorted to a flame shield to keep the bullets from hitting anything else.

"Why can't the bad guys just cut their losses and surrender?" Spiderman asked himself while trying to catch his breath behind a corner. "I guess it's time for me to end this battle because I'm running out of time."

Spiderman went back around Beetle, and snuck up on him from below this time. Beetle however had grown aware of this tactic throughout this battle and turned to retaliate. He wasn't fast enough, he was punched in the jaw by an uppercut strike, which sent Beetle into the air with his helmet coming off him, showing a caucasian college student with brown hair and brown eyes.

"Damn it!" The now unmasked Beetle cursed.

"That's Abner Jenkins, Eddie's former roommate." Spiderman noted, recognizing the unmasked criminal. "Tell me, what's a college student like you robbing banks with your girlfriend?"

Beetle glared. "How do you know that I'm a college student?"

"I didn't, you just look that age. Let me guess, tuition too high?"

Beetle chose to zap Spiderman with a laser shot. "None of your damn business!" Spiderman barely managed to dodge this point blank shot, but doing so gave Beetle the chance to fly away and grab Weevil. This time the two took the advice to escape and did so.

"Want me to get them?" Human Torch asked Spiderman.

"Help yourself, I've got a few other things to do right now." Spiderman answered. For the first time he was grateful that this other hero had showed up, had he not Spiderman would have felt obligated to give chase and get his civilian persona into further trouble.

"Thanks man. Better luck next time." Human Torch said before flying off leaving a trail of flame behind him.

On the ground in an alley, Spiderman got to his feet and checked himself for injury. "Note to self, make tracers so I can follow the villains. Hmm... maybe if I play it right I can get Dr. Richards to make a few for me."

Satisfied he was still whole, the wallcrawler checked his watch. 'Oh shit I'm late for class, again.' He immediately started to web-sling to Midtown High as fast as his arms could handle the strain, berating himself in the process. 'This is just peachy. Not only did Beetle and Weevil get away but also I'm late for school. Ugh, can I hire a substitute like the teachers do?'

Unknown to Spiderman another person was watching him, his face and body hidden in the shadow. "So this is Spiderman. I'd say I was unimpressed, but that would be an understatement. He's been in the public eye how long and still is learning what his limits are?" Nevertheless, this unidentified man wrote down a few notes, certain that this would make his employer at least somewhat satisfied.

Midtown High

When Peter Parker finally got to Midtown High as Peter Parker and not as Spiderman, his first thought was that by now it might be better to skip school then sneak in. Nevertheless he went in as quietly as he could.

'There's no way I can get away with trying to get into class itself. I should wait until the next break and act like I've been here the whole time. Hopefully no one will notice I was gone.'

Being careful, Peter went into a bathroom to hide, unaware that a set of eyes had seen him do so. A set of interested eyes.

'Good, no one's already in he-' He thought to himself before the door opened behind him, exposing him and making him jump a bit. 'Where's my spider sense on that one?'

What made this worse, or weirder, depending on your definition, was that this person seeing him was a girl. One with long dark hair wearing a white long sleeve shirt and black shorts.

"What are you doing here? This is the men's room." Peter claimed.

"Peter Parker right?" She asked, eyes on him. "Listen, my name is Cindy Moon, and-"

"Can't this wait? I'm not in here for fun you know." Peter cut in, trying to act innocent, like he was in the bathroom because he needed it.

Cindy held up an arm and that was when his spider sense went off, with a rather weak bit of urgency to it. To his surprise, webbing came out of her sleeve. He dodged by jumping away and force of habit made him cling to the walls.

"How... did you...?" He started, dropping to the ground as she lowered her arm.

"Spiderman, you and I are in trouble. And we're not the only ones."

Peter took a deep breath. "I'm listening."

Authors notes
Beetle's armor is based of Beetle's armor in Ultimate Spiderman Comics but the person inside is Abner Jenkins a.k.a. the Original Beetle in the comics except he is a college student. Weevil is basically Janice Lincoln a.k.a. the current Beetle in the comics only with a few adjustments to her suit and the name change for obvious reasons.