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Name Legend:
APH Estonia: Eduard
APH Latvia: Raivis
APH Lithuania: Tolys
APH Poland: Feliks
APH Finland: Timo
APH Sweden: Björn

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"Here, this will help you warm up."

"Thank you."

Tolys placed the warm mug of tea on the table in front of Eduard. The man's expression was somber as his head hung low, staring at the compact in his hands.

"Will Raivis be okay?" Eduard asked worriedly.

"He'll be fine. The shock of everything that happened made him faint. Some rest will do him good."

Eduard never looked up when Tolys spoke. His eyes instead were fixated on the compact. Rectangular in shape, the compact was big enough to fit inside the palm of both his hands. The outer appearance showed the Estonian flag and boasted a gold fixture, designed with a large star with wings behind on top of the brooch.

Everything happened so quickly, Eduard thought. The monster had come out of nowhere and attacked everything in sight. When Tolys and Feliks were in danger, a flash of light had appeared and he and Raivis were given compacts that changed them into superheroes with special powers. It felt like a plot right out of a movie to him.

Eduard thought further back into the event. He remembered Tolys and Feliks had the same kind of brooches as they did. The way the two of them spoke made it feel as if it were commonplace. It frightened him to know this wasn't their first experience with these creatures.

Grab the brooch! It's the only way to save them both!

He shook his head in discontent. This whole experience was unsettling, to say the least. He suddenly stood up from his seat and slammed his hands on top of the table, startling both Tolys and Feliks and nearly knocking over his tea.

"Tolys, I need answers. Why us? Why were we chosen for this?"

"I don't know. Both me and Feliks are just as in the dark as you are!"

Eduard frowned. "There must be something you must know. You spoke so casually about what was happening back there."

"I've only had this brooch for about two weeks," Tolys explained, "Why we were chosen to do this is still a mystery to both of us."

Eduard turned his head towards Feliks, who had been sitting casually away from the action on a black leather chair near the sofa where Raivis was resting. Feliks however merely looked away and shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry, I got nothing."

Realizing he wasn't going to get anywhere with his questions, Eduard returned to his calm demeanour and sat back down. Nothing more was said between them as the room grew cold and silent. With his arms crossed, he choose to go about things himself, analyzing the situation a little more closely. He thought back to when the creature showed up from behind the trees and into the park. It looked as if it were looking for someone, or something. It only got aggressive when it got close to humans and its frustration began to build. From then on, the events began to blur in Eduard's mind. Perhaps there wasn't much he could do either in answering his own questions.

"What are you thinking about?" Tolys interrupted, snapping Eduard out of his thoughts.

"I was trying to think back to when that monster showed up, if there were any clues that might shed some light on what happened today. But after you two transformed, all the events start to blur together." he sighed. "Tolys please, you and Feliks have been at this a little longer than us. You must know something about what happened today. Anything will do."

Tolys sighed. "There isn't much I can really say. But I have noticed a similarity with the monsters we faced. The word 'key' seems to pop up a lot when they speak."

Eduard's eyes lit up at this new information, "Oh? But the monster we faced didn't say anything."

"You're right. Some of the previous ones we faced were capable of human speech but this one for some reason wasn't."

"Ahhh-" a voice interjected. "You two need to lighten up about all this. All of this stuff is just like in the comics me and Erzsébet read. Answers will come when the time is right but not when the story is just getting started!"

"Feliks, this is not a game. We almost lost our lives today!"

Feliks pouted as he slouched into his seat, his feet laying casually on the wooden coffee table. "You're no fun at all."

"I have to say, he has an interesting way of going about all this," Eduard chuckled. Tolys groaned as he ran his hand through the locks of his hair. Between today's events, Eduard's bombardment of questions, and Feliks's laid-back attitude, he was beginning to stress himself out and a headache was quickly forming. It was then when the sound of moans coming from the sofa caught everyone's attention.

Raivis was beginning to wake from his slumber.

The three men huddled around him as his eyes slowly began to open. Raivis's eyes struggled to adjust to the light of the room, this taking several tries before they could truly open. When things began to become much clearer, he was greeted to the warm and friendly grins that he had come to remember from his friends.

"Hey, you're finally awake!" Feliks exclaimed.

"You had us worried after you fainted." Eduard chimed in.

Raivis was still so disoriented that nothing they said had registered in his mind. His body felt a little stiff but he sat himself up, just enough so he could support himself with his arms. "Was it all just a dream?" he spoke out loud as he looked around the room. He had come to recognize that he was in Feliks's living room, in the house that all, but Eduard, shared. Same colours, same fixtures, nothing appeared out of the ordinary to him. It was only when he caught a gap opening between Eduard and Tolys that he saw the brooch that had appeared hours earlier sitting on the table behind them. He felt his body tense up, the colour disappearing in his face, as he realized what he had experienced was in fact, reality. Raivis erupted into a bundle of nerves and sheer panic as his words came out jumbled. Eduard immediately went down on his knees and placed his hands on the other man's shoulders.

"It's okay Raivis! Just relax, it's all over." Eduard knew his words were a bit of a stretch. It's over for now but what if they return? And how many more will there be until it's truly over? He wished he had the answers so he could do more for him. He feels he's only giving him empty promises.

"Eduard's right." Feliks said as he joined the two at face level. "Everything's cool now and it's all because of you two. You're, like, the real heroes in all this!"

Though it may not have been what Raivis wanted to hear, Tolys couldn't help but grin at hearing Feliks's comment. There was so much truth to his words. They were in such a bind that had Eduard and Raivis not awakened their powers, they may not have made it out alive. He was glad Feliks had brought that up.

Tolys reached down and joined the other three. "The two of us alone were not enough to defeat that monster. Had you two not been there, we may not be standing here right now talking to you."

"How can you all be so cool about this?! Aren't you all scared?!"

"Of course we are. We have so many questions but no answers to them." Tolys answered, his tone quickly becoming serious. "But it's important we stay strong. If they keep coming, we can't show them any fear. Any hesitation will only hurt us in the end."

"You're so relaxed when you talk like that. And here I thought I was supposed to be the one with reason." Eduard joked with a grin. Tolys returned it with a smile of his own and quickly turned back to Raivis.

"It's been a long day and it's already past six o'clock. Let's save this conversation for another time and I'll get started on dinner. Sound good?"

Raivis was still shaking, though not as much as before, and manage to let out a quiet "Okay" before pulling the blankets over himself. He had had about enough of today and everyone around him. Raivis had hoped this in itself was another dream but the achy feeling in his stomach was telling him otherwise.

That was enough for him to get teary-eyed. He never wanted to go through with this ever again.

Tolys whipped up a quick dinner, making noodles and mixing it with leftover chicken and vegetables. The four of them ate together in the dining room however Raivis only took a small portion and quietly excused himself after he finished and headed to bed. They didn't stop him and only watched on with worried expressions. They finished their meal in an uncomfortable silence.

Feliks offered to start up a game of Super Smash Bros. to lighten up the mood. Eduard was down for a few rounds and the two played together while Tolys cleaned up and did dishes. Lots of loud laughter could be heard as far as the kitchen and Tolys managed to crack a smile as he felt things were slowly returning to normal. Eduard won most of the rounds and after a good forty minutes Feliks was growing bored and fell asleep. That signalled the end of the game so he shut off the gaming system and put away the controllers.

Eduard realized that Tolys never joined them and he could no longer hear any shuffling in the kitchen so he decided to seek him out. He searched everywhere on the main floor but eventually spotted him out on the back porch, sitting on the steps in a dim light. The sound of the door opening caught Tolys's attention as he turned around but upon noticing Eduard, he gave him a warm smile and urged him to come join him. Eduard obliged and the space between them grew increasingly tight in the small opening.

"I guess Feliks fell asleep?" Tolys asked.

"Yeah. I was wondering what happened to you. You didn't want to join in the fun?"

"Video games are not my thing." he laughed. "I'm not really all that good at them. Feliks is the one that plays it the most but he quickly gets bored with it so we just have it for when we have friends over, like you."

"I see."

The conversation died rather quickly as they sat in silence together. There was a lengthy pause between them but Eduard was the first to speak up and break the ice.

"I'm really sorry about earlier."

Tolys looked at him rather surprised. "Why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong."

"It's just-" Eduard paused rather nervously as he rubbed the back of his neck. "I had been a little aggressive earlier."

"You had every right to ask the questions you did. I just wish I had the answers you were looking for."

"The way you and Feliks fought though... I know you said you hadn't done this long but it looked so natural, as if you two had done it forever."

"It's a feeling that you'll get used to. When I battled for the first time, the words, the techniques, they were all there in my mind as if the knowledge was always there, just waiting to be used. It still scares me how I can do what I do so easily. Did you feel the same way when you transformed too?"

"Yeah..." Eduard's voice trailed off. "It was a surreal experience holding my brooch and feeling those words that you never knew before echo in your mind. It felt so strange."

"And what is your name? Do you remember what came to you when you transformed?"

Eduard thought hard. Everything had happened so quickly he was't too sure. However the first words that were coming to mind were 'Sailor Estonia'. It made a little bit of sense, the more he analyzed it. Part of his uniform was a sailor costume while his brooch and outfit colours featured that of the Estonian flag.

"I think... it was Sailor Estonia."

"How fitting!" Tolys exclaimed. We all seem to be named after countries that our background is from. I am Sailor Lithuania and Feliks is Sailor Poland. Raivis in that case would be Sailor Lat-"

"Sailor Latvia," Eduard interrupted. "And we're guardians correct?"

"Correct. Guardians of what, I don't really know. But I assume based on our names we represent the countries that we are from."

"Forgive me for asking, but how did you become Sailor Lithuania?"

Tolys seemed puzzled by the question but nevertheless he was happy to oblige in Eduard's curiosity.

It's not very exciting and not that different from how you and Raivis awakened. I hope I don't bore you too much with it."

Tolys recalled the story of how his life was forever changed. He was at the animal hospital doing his internship and Feliks had stopped by, bringing in donuts and muffins to munch on during his break. They had sat outside but left the back door open as the enjoyed their time together but the sounds of screaming and the animals quickly growing erratic in their cages alerted them that something wasn't right. Upon reentering, they discovered a monster shaped as a giant black centipede with many legs and sharp teeth that couldn't be counted. It sensed their presence and turned to greet them with glowing red eyes and a horrifying growl. Tolys was consumed with fear and fell backwards on to the floor. Feliks however was not shaken and immediately jumped into action, standing in between him and the monster. Tolys watched him carefully with surprise and was heavily fixated at his friend's serious expression. This was not the Feliks he knew.

"Feliks, what you doing?! Get away from that thing!"

"It's alright. Get out of here while you still can. I'll take care of this," Feliks said as he turned his head, giving him a cocky grin.

"Are you crazy?!" Tolys panicked. "You're going to get yourself killed!"

"I'll be totally fine. But you won't be if you don't hurry up and leave!"


"Can you, like, trust me just this once?!" Feliks groaned. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a rectangular brooch. Tolys got a quick glance of the design as he stared at it both curiously and surprised. The design sported the Polish flag and gold fixtures on top, designed as a set of wings with a large star in the middle.

"I'm really sorry. You weren't supposed to know about any of this."

Tolys watched as Feliks raised the brooch in the air. He called out a peculiar phrase in Polish and a light had formed around him. His eyes grew wide when the light had faded. Dressed in an outfit that was a mix between a sailor uniform and armour, Feliks's pose was graceful and confident. He gave a powerful introduction, calling himself 'Sailor Poland'. He was ready to fight by any means necessary and Tolys could hardly recognize his friend. Yet, there was something about him that still felt so familiar, especially whenever he saw how expressive his eyes were.

"I'm going to lure it outside. Take care of everyone in here, like you always do."

Tolys didn't have any time to react when Feliks pulled on his arm and threw him with such force, his body crashed into the wall. The monster chased Feliks outside and took part of the entrance with it. He lured it behind the hospital where there was additional parking for the staff and where few on-lookers could see what was happening. Tolys's back was throbbing in pain but he forcefully brought himself back up. He was determined to help Feliks in anyway he could, even if it meant risking his life.

He caught up to the two as they battled it out. Tolys was far enough that he could see the action unfold and was without danger. He watched Feliks carefully as he bravely fought the monster to the best of his abilities. Every now and then, Feliks would launch a fiery attack that did enough damage to slow it down but not enough to beat it for good so he would resort to punches and kicks. Tolys still struggled to take in all he was seeing, not just the creature itself but Feliks as well. When they were young, Feliks's mouth always got him into trouble and Tolys was never far to protect him from the bullies. But now the tables had turned and it was him that needed protection. He never knew Feliks had this kind of strength within him. But the thought of him being this strong and confident left Tolys feeling emotional but proud.

Feliks had launched a powerful attack against the monster and it screeched in pain as it immobilized it. He took his chance to get up close and throw him another attack to finish it off. He jumped in the air and launched himself towards the creature. However, just as he had got closer, it found the strength to use its body as a weapon and hit him with such force that Feliks flew at a high speed into an empty bus shelter. Glass littered everywhere as his body bled from the cuts on his exposed skin. Feliks hissed as he struggled to move. His head felt heavy and his body was bruised and stung from the open wounds. Tolys witnessed everything and with the centipede gaining its ability to move again, it was heading straight for Feliks to finish him off. Without any thought for his own safety, Tolys refused to stand by and ran out of the bushes towards them both.

"Feliks!" he screamed.

Feliks looked up in shock and gasped, "Tolys?! What the hell?! I told you to stay inside!"

The monster was suddenly no longer interested in Feliks and had made its way towards Tolys. He was terrified but if it meant his saving his friend, he would gladly accept this as his death. But to his surprise, an increasingly large glow came from his chest and the light stopped the monster in its tracks. Something green was forming on the outside and surrounding it, a brooch with the Lithuanian flag appeared with the same kind of gold fixtures that Feliks's had. He stared at it curiously with wide eyes as he felt a mysterious power come over him, drawing him closer to the brooch. He reached out, his hand coming ever closer to it, but just before he could grab it, Feliks snapped him out of his gaze.


His hand froze. "If you touch that, you will never have a normal life again. Is that what you want for yourself?"

Tolys didn't know what to say and stared at the brooch. Is this the path he wanted? To fight alongside his friend and risk death every day? Or did he want the freedom of innocence and live as he pleased? His life was perfect. He lived a simple life with the job he worked so hard to get and was surrounded by the people he loved and cared for so deeply.

But what would happen if his loved ones were in danger? How could he protect them if these creatures existed in their world?

No. He couldn't let that happen. He refused to let that fear become reality. Without any more hesitation, he grabbed the brooch and a bright light formed around him. The words came to him as he shouted a phrase in Lithuanian. Everything had felt so warm around him until the light had faded. Feliks stared at him astonished when Tolys appeared in an outfit matching his, only with a different set of colours that matched the Lithuanian flag. There was no time to waste as the creature aggressively came straight for them.

"Hey, let's launch our attacks together! We can totally defeat that ugly thing in one shot."

Tolys nodded. "You got it."

Both men pointed their attacks towards the monster. Feliks shot large flames of fire while Tolys launched a barrage of rue petals. The pedal were first to hit and it screeched in pain as it burned its body before it was fully engulfed in fire. It was quickly reduced to ashes.

Tolys didn't have a moment to catch his breath when he felt a pair of arms wrap behind him. The squeeze that always came with a classic Feliks hug gave him a sense of familiarity. He lifted his hand up and placed it over Feliks's. It didn't matter what form he took, the man behind him was and will always be Feliks. The thought of that gave Tolys some comfort over what he just experienced.

"You're not mad at me are you?"

"No," Feliks mumbled, "I knew you would grab the brooch. I can't stop you when it's in your nature to help people."

Tolys tightened the grip on his hands. He was glad Feliks was still here standing with him. He concluded his story by mentioning that after the battle, he helped Feliks back into the hospital where he was ready to care and tend to Feliks's cuts. But to his surprise, when they reverted back to their regular selves, it impressed him how Feliks looked as if he never fought at all.

"The best part about being a guardian!" Feliks winked.

"That's impressive!" Eduard said. He was fascinated by the whole story and was glad everything ended the way it did. "I would have thought you'd be the first to awaken and not him."

Tolys formed a little smile. He was beginning to feel a little cramp in his legs for sitting down too long. He changed his position slightly that let him let his legs hang out over the steps of the deck. It wasn't any more comfortable than before but Tolys doesn't think they'll be out for much longer. The air had gotten much cooler and neither of them were properly dressed for the outdoors.

"Feliks hasn't really told me much of what he's experienced. All he'll say is that he had been fighting on his own for just over a month. I've tried to push him into telling me more but he just won't budge on the topic."

"Do you think he's hiding things?"

There was a long and heavy pause. "I'm not really sure, to be honest."

"Hmm..." He quickly realized that Tolys didn't seem to like this topic and switched to something else. "Do you think there's more of us out there?"

"Who knows? If there are, let's just hope they're easy to work with. We could use all the help we can get!"

Tolys was quick to get back on his feet. The cold had finally gotten to him and was longing for the warmth of his home. He offered his hand to Eduard to help him up, a gesture he kindly took. A sigh of relief was heard from both of them as they re-entered inside and Tolys locked the patio doors behind him.

Eduard had wondered what the rest of their plans were for the night but Tolys made it clear that he was heading to bed early because he had to be at work for mid-morning. "If you want, you can have my room for the night and I'll sleep in Feliks's room."

He gladly accepted the offer. He usually did anyhow whenever he slept over at their house. There were no other places for him to rest (unless it was the sofa but Tolys refused to have his friend sleep there) so Eduard usually got Tolys's room and he would spend the night in Feliks's.

They had noticed the living room lights were still on and Eduard remembered he and Feliks were there playing video games. However he was no where to be found when they had past the room. "He must have already gone to bed," Tolys said as he flicked the switch for the lights. Eduard made sure to grab his bag from the door and brought it up with him.

At the top of the stairs, there were many doors that lead to different rooms. Three of those doors were closed, each of them belonging to the rooms of Raivis, Feliks, and Feliks's parents. The latter was a room that was always closed and locked. It was forbidden for anyone to go inside. They had decided to check up on Raivis to see how he was doing as they hadn't heard from him since dinner. His door was closest to the stairs on the left-hand side of the hallway and used to be an office before he and Feliks converted it into a bedroom. Tolys quietly knocked on the door and opened it just a crack so he could peek in. Eduard crouched down underneath him so he could see as well. With his body facing towards the door and curled up within the big pile of blankets, they were both relieved to see that Raivis appeared to be resting peacefully.

Tolys showed Eduard to his room (not that he really needed to, but he wanted to be a good host). "I'm sorry for the mess," he said as he pointed to the desk full of books and papers. "If it's too much, I'll move it for you."

It's fine, really," Eduard said as he tossed his massive bag onto the bed. "Your room is fine. You're allowed to have small messes here and there."

Eduard had noticed Tolys had gone quiet and heard shuffling noises to the left of him. He curiously looked and saw Tolys cleaning up his desk, completing ignoring everything he had just said. He shook his head and chuckled. "Never change Tolys," Eduard mumbled to himself.

"What's that?"

"Nothing, nothing," Eduard grinned. "What time do you have to be at work tomorrow?"

"For ten. So I'll be out the door by eight-thirty or nine."

"Oh-" Eduard was hoping to have to have breakfast with him but he isn't too sure if he'll be up early enough for that. It all depended how well he would have slept throughout the night. "Well, if I don't see you in the morning, good luck with everything tomorrow."

"Thank you," Tolys grinned. "Sleep well okay? Don't hesitate to knock on our door if you need something."

He was about to the leave the room and shut the door behind him but Eduard saw him stop in his tracks. Tolys called out his name and a long pause followed.

"Does it make me selfish that I'm glad you and Raivis ended up like us?"

Eduard seemed taken aback by the question but he took some time to think about it. "I don't think you are. I mean, if it was me, I'd be happy knowing that people who are fighting by my side are my closest friends and not strangers. You want to be able to count them when you need them most, like what happened earlier with that monster."

Another pause followed. Eduard's head hung low as he stared at the floor.

"I'm glad I wasn't alone when I became a guardian. I'm glad I was with you and the others when everything happened. Because I'm scared Tolys. I really am. I don't know what the future is in store for us. But I feel a little bit of comfort knowing that whatever happens, we'll do it together."

"Thank you Eduard. I knew you'd understand." Tolys never once looked at him when he spoke. But Eduard knew that Tolys was moved by his response by the emotional tone of his voice. They say their good nights and Eduard shut both the door and the lights after he left. He walked over to the small lamp on the night table and turned it on. He then dug into his pockets and took out both his phone and the brooch and placed them on the table. He slowly undressed himself till he was down to just his shirt and briefs and moved his bag to the desk. Once he got cozy in the sheets, he tossed his glasses on the table and turned off the light. Laying on his side, he remembered he hadn't checked his phone since he left the university. He checked his messages and saw that Timo had both called and texted him multiple times throughout the night, all of them wondering where he was and why he wasn't answering his phone. Even Björn had sent him a few texts saying how worried Timo was and to call him when he had a chance. Eduard was baffled by the urgency of the messages. He selected Timo's number and heard it dialling as he put his phone to his ear. It only took two rings before someone picked up.

"Hold on. Timo's comin' in a sec," Eduard immediately recognized the voice as Björn. He heard some noises in the background and could hear Timo's voice in the distance asking if it was him.


"Hey, yeah it's me. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah, no, everything's fine. I felt bad for not going out with you tonight so me and Björn wanted to surprise you after your last class and bring you along for dinner. But we couldn't find you on campus and you weren't at home either." Timo explained. "I got a little worried but I might have gone a little overboard with the messages. I'm sorry about that."

"No, no! No need to apologize. You were just looking out for me, like you always do. I'm sorry I didn't answer back quick enough. I had my phone in my bag all night."

"Where are you?"

"I'm at Feliks and Tolys's place. I left the university early since my last class was cancelled. They spotted me at the bus station and asked if I wanted to spend the night with them. Are you at his place?"

"Nah, I'm here at the apartment and, as you know, Björn's here too." On the other end, Timo stood out on their apartment balcony and Björn was behind him with his hands on Timo's shoulders. Björn was worried about Eduard just as much as Timo was. But he was also just as worried about Timo and chose to stay with him, giving him all the support he possibly could. He was relieved that Eduard was safe and Timo was back to being his usual cheerful self.

"So then," Timo said, his tone quite chipper, "what did you do all night?"

Though his vision is too blurry, Eduard's eyes were fixated at the brooch sitting on the night table, "Oh nothing much..."