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Chapter 1

Dove watched helplessly the Helinmores prepared to kill him. Don was supposed to be some kind of sacrifice, as far as he could tell. There was nothing that could be done. The Justice League was too far away; they wouldn't be able to save him. Don was going to die. He only wished he could have said goodbye to Hank first. This was going to tear Dove's older brother apart.

The lead Helinmore began some kind of speech, and Don resigned himself to his fate.


"There has to be something we can do!" Hawk growled in fearful anger.

"There's nothing we can do." Batman denied. "We can't save him."

"We have to save him! He's my brother; he's the only family I have left! I won't accept that!"

Wonder Woman put a hand on Hank's shoulder. "I am truly sorry. But we have no choice in the matter."

Hawk turned away. "No…"

Wonder Woman gazed at him with intense empathy. Ever since Kasnia, she had been quite close to both Hawk and Dove; to see Hawk's agony and to know Dove was going to die tore her apart. Because there was nothing anyone could do.


"Reaching subject's zone. Prepare to disengage."

"Preparing to disengage."

"Prepare for entrance, speed is priority."

"Roger that."


"Monitoring beacon." There was a transmitter implanted in Dove, so when the Helinmores disintegrated him, the beacon would obviously stop transmitting, and they would know when it was over. Hank felt his heart hammering wildly, terror clawing at every fiber of his being. No, no, please no, this couldn't happen, Don couldn't die… Then the beacon stopped, and Hank shattered.