Title: Reflections In the Dark

By: Moondreams

Hermione held the lantern up to see the book titles. Harry's invisible cloak rested in her arms. She had kept out of the restricted section but she had finished all her books. How was she supposed to go to sleep without reading something? Really, the new year at Hogwarts had just started, did she really have to finish Magical Mysteries, Mornings with Muggles, and Important Wizards of Asia so soon? It took her half an hour to convince Harry to lend her the cloak. He thought getting a book was a stupid thing to use it for. 'Boys!' she thought with a sigh. They were nothing but trouble. Harry was all goo goo eyes over Cho, which made Hermione simply want to kick him for making such a fool of himself every time he was in inches of her. And Ron. Ron was acting stranger the usual. When she said anything to him he'd blush as red as his hair. It was also driving her insane. Maybe she needed to hang out with more girls, guys were getting way to complicated. She spotted an interesting looking title called Dragons of the Misty Mountains by JRR Tolkin. Unbeknownst to most muggles, the famous author had spent much time in the wizardry world. She picked up the book and thumbed through some of the pages. "The library is closed at night," a male voice echoed out of the darkness. The lantern dropped from her hand and shattered against the stone floor. Hermione grabbed the invisibility cloak, covered herself with it and flew from the library as fast as her legs would take her.

A dark figure knelt down and started picking up the pieces of the lantern. He then turned his attention to the book which had been forgotten. He opened it and read the first couple pages. How interesting. Maybe when the girl is through with it, he'd have a look. Her badge had been one of a Gryffindor. He wanted to return it. well that was entirely true. He wanted to see her again, find out who she was. What kind of girl would break Hogwarts curfew hours to get a book? He paced back and forth. It would be far too dangerous, he'd get a lecture from Dumbledore. After all that the old man had done for him, he just couldn't disobey him any further then he had already.

"Dobby," he whispered. He didn't have to call again for the House elf appeared immediately.

"Master," Dobby said with a slight bow. The boy ignored the title.

"I need you to take this to a Gryffindor girl, with long wavy brown hair. Probably a fifth or sixth year," he said as he handed the large book to the small house elf.

"That would be Ms. Granger, sir. Dobby likes Hermione, Hermione is a friend of Harry Potter's, sir," Dobby said nodding his head. The boy smiled in the darkness.

"Alright, good night, Dobby," he said as he pressed his hand against the oil painting. A wall open and he disappeared through it.

"Good night, sir," and with that Dobby set to his task.

The next morning, Hermione had been half way through dressing when she noticed the book. She paled slightly. She quickly finished dressing and ran down to the Great hall. Harry and Ron were already eating without her. This was nothing new, both had piled great mounds of food on their plates. Both had been growing taller and eating more.

"Something weird happened last night," she said as she helped herself to a piece of toast. Harry looked curious,

"Before or after you returned you-know-what," he lowered his voice.

"Both," she whispered back. She looked around to see if anyone was listening. "Someone spooked me in the library, it was Filtch either. It might have been another student," she whispered. "Nobody is crazy enough to sneak into the library in the middle of the night," Ron commented with a mouthful of food. Hermione shot him a glare. He reddened.

"Then when I get up this morning, the book I dropped was there, on my trunk," she whispered back.

"Are you sure didn't carry it back up and forget about it?" asked Harry. Hermione let out a sigh of annoyance.

"I'm positive," she stated.

"Well this is a bit weird," Ron said simply but Hermione could tell by his voice that he didn't see the weirdness in it. Hermione bit into her toast and went over the possibilities of who was the person the voice belonged to. It was an interesting riddle, one Hermione was determined to find the answer.