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Translation list as in order of appearance, via Google Translate (which I don't own it either). And I apologize if it sadly fails, I'm not a linguist!

Poco Colomba- Little Dove

Salve- Hello




No-No (no means no in more than one way!)

Non lo faro-I will not

Si può avere il mio cuore-You can have my heart

Mi dispiace-I'm sorry

Sono diciannove anni, si sono sedici. Non è vero fastidio?-I am nineteen, you are sixteen. Does it not bother you?

Ti amo- I love you

E io ti aspetterò-And I will wait for you

Bentornato a Venezia Fratello-Welcome back to Venice Brother


E 'un piacere conoscerti entrambi, e vi do il benvenuto a Venezia- It is a pleasure to meet you both, and I bid you welcome to Venice.

Voi due-You two

O Deus fortis-Oh mighty God

Proteggerla, e non lasciare che la seguono-Protect her, and do not let her follow

The darkness that Elinana thought had taken her away from fifteen o-four; slowly lifted away, letting her hear, and feel more of her surroundings. Fire snapped and cracked in the hearth nearby, and heavy rain pelted wooden walls. And her limp body was cradled on a hard mattress with blankets pulled up to her chin.

"Hercules," her hazy mind remembered her loyal stallion, whom wasn't in her feeble reach. "Where's Hercules?"

"Herc…" her voice came out weak, rough as rusty nails, and hardly more than a whisper. Wood creaked next to her. Indicating that she wasn't alone in her unknown whereabouts.

"It is alright," murmured the last voice she ever expected to hear again, and a warm hand caressed the side of her face. "You, and your horse will be alright, Poco Colomba."

She frowned, and tried to open her eyes that seemed to be glued shout. When she finally managed to partly open her eyes, Elinana gazed up at Ezio's whiskery face with a single scar on his lip and chin.

"No," she grounded with her heart painfully twisting. "No!"

"Elinana," Ezio gently spoke her name, holding back his pain from seeing her bend away to curl into a ball. "I am sorry."

"No!" she rasped, pushing against Ezio as he tried to get her to lay still. "I have to try again; I have to get back to Dad!"

"You cannot, Elinana," Ezio replied gripping her shoulder. "You nearly died today, your next attempt could very well kill you!"

"But, Dad," Elinana's voice cracked with the grip of a sob in her throat.

"He would not want you to risk your life for him, Elinana." Ezio stated softly, feeling his heart twist painfully in sympathy for her.

Elinana stopped fighting him. Her strength was sapped, and she lied limp as she started to weep into the blankets. Ezio scooped her into his arms to let her moans and tears fall onto his chest. And there they stayed, even when her tears ran dry.

One week later

"Ah, Ezio! Come in!" greeted Leonardo, looking up at him from his pile of papers with ink smudges on his nose and brow.

"Salve, Leonardo!" Ezio replied, warmly smiling at his old friend.

"What brings you here?"

"I think you should clean that ink off first, friend."

Leonardo frowned in puzzlement, then looked down at his hands that where smeared in ink. He muttered to himself as he looked for a rag to wipe his hands. Finding one, he proceeded to fiercely attempt to clean his hands.

"You might also want to wipe your face." Ezio advised. Leonardo then wiped his face, then glanced at Ezio who nodded.

"I came to tell you that Elinana and I will be leaving Roma in three days." Ezio informed.

"Are you certain that is wise? Last time I saw her, she was only just starting to leave the bed."

"Sì, but I think she needs to leave the city, so she may heal from her internal wounds," Ezio then leaned on the table with a sigh in his breath. "She still grieves for her father, and with every day that passes I can feel her drifting more and more away. I will not see her fade from this world; I have seen her come close to death too many times!"

Leonardo strode to his friend's side, and firmly gripped his arm.

"I know, fratello," he stated kindly. "I know what she is to you, and you to her. Where will you two go then?"

"To the places I traveled to in my youth, and if the weather is fair, we will reach Venezia by December. I think she will enjoy the Christmas festivities there."

"I agree, Venezia always was a sight to behold when it was time for the holidays!" Leonardo stated with nostalgia.

Meanwhile, high up on the topmost rim of the Colosseum, Elinana sat with her legs bent before her. She gazed out to the rolling land that stretched out into the horizon. The wind whistled and blew onto her face. But she remained still, and stoic as the stones she sat upon. Faint grunting sounds reached her ears, getting closer and closer. But she ignored them, and simply kept her eyes on the horizon. Elinana listened to the person heave up behind her, but she remained sill as stone. Even when the person behind her grew quiet.

"E—Elinana?" she heard Dante's soft, musical voice that was just as rich with his Italian accent as Ezio's.

"Let me be." Elinana murmured, not looking away from the horizon.

"No," he replied. "Non lo farò."

Elinana slowly translated his words in her head, then turned around to face Dante. His big chocolate eyes gazed at her with a determination she never saw in him before.

"What do you want?" she asked.

Dante started to breath heavy, his face slowly turned a bright strawberry hue. Elinana half expected him to keel over any moment from a heart attack.

"Dante are you alright?" she asked with concern.

"Will you marry me?" he asked in English, wheezing and cracking as he did so. He hastily pulled out a simple silver band with some small marks of wear. The ring shone in the sunlight like a polished raw diamond. Elinana stared at the ring then at him with bewilderment, trying to understand what is happening before her.

"I—I'm sorry," she murmured, and Dante wilted like a flower without water. "You deserve someone, more. Someone that still has their heart."

"Si può avere il mio cuore!" he pressed, lightly hitting his chest where his said heart laid, then offered out his hands. Elinana could see the hope of acceptance, and of his heart that she could break with a single wrong word or gesture. Taking pity on him, she pushed his arms apart, and pulled him into her arms to embrace him.

"Mi dispiace," she whispered. "But it would be wrong to take your heart, and not offer one in return."

Elinana felt him sag in her arms then patted his back. He pulled back, and looked her in the eyes as the wind tugged at his curly, dark brown hair like an ignored pestering child.

"Aspetterò per il tuo cuore per tornare." He stated with determination.

"Pardon?" she asked, not knowing enough Italian to understand his words.

"Um, I, will, we—wait for your cuore, to return!" he said slowly in English, then smiled in triumph.

"Please don't."

"Lo farò." He stated with a stubbornness she never seen in him till now.

"Does it even bother you that I'm older then you?"

It was Dante's turn to look confused with his own lack of an English vocabulary.

"Sono diciannove anni," she stated in Italian. "si sono sedici. Non è vero fas—ah—fas—,"


"Sì!" she replied, but he shook his head.

"Ti amo," he confessed with a bright strawberry face, and pulled back completely then kissed her hand. "E io ti aspetterò."

"Stubborn Italian." Elinana grumbled, and turned to the horizon with the tug of a smile at the corner of her lip.

December 1st

Fat snowflakes drifted down from the light gray clouds. They danced to the icy waves that carried the ship towards the floating city in the horizon. Elinana stood at the bow of the ship, wrapped in her thick cloak with her hood up. She reached out a gloved hand to the swaying and twirling flaks. Bringing it back, she examined the tiny, delicate patterns of the flakes. Each hade different, sharp designs. And then they melted from the warmth of her hand beneath her leather gloves.

"You will enjoy Venezia," Ezio stated as he joined Elinana's side, placing a hand on the gunwale for support against the rocking of the ship. "Soon enough the festivities prior to Christmas will begin. Streets will be lit by lanterns, merchants will show all a matter of trinkets, bakeries making the streets smell sweet, and you will love the games and plays."

"I'm surprised you haven't said anything about the ladies." She jested, making Ezio smirk.

"Speaking of ladies, we will have to find you suitable garments for the festivities."

"My garments are fine." She retorted.

"I will not have you parading around on Christmas in trousers."

Elinana rolled her eyes to the gray heavens, then watched the city slowly get closer.

"I hope Dante won't be sick once we get to Venice, or else the poor thing will suffer till we can arrange passage back to Rome."

"Speaking of Dante," Ezio stated with a tune of voice her father would use when trying to wriggle something out of her. "You have been trying to avoid him throughout the journey, and I have seen him gaze at you with longing."

"It's nothing." She replied, but Ezio arched an eyebrow, seeing past her remark.

"Has he done something foolish?" he inquired with his deep rumbling voice, reminding her of a tiger.

"No. But, he—he asked me to marry him," she replied hesitantly. "Just some days before we left Rome."

"And did you except?" he asked softly.

"No. But, he said that he would wait."

Silence grew between them. Both paying little attention to the sounds of the water around the ship.

"Do you love him?" Ezio inquired.

"No. But I think I could, if I tried."

Ezio shook his head.

"You need not have to force yourself too."

"Yes but, what is there for me?" she asked, turning to him. "I can't go home! I'm forced to try to live in a world that's not mine, and…I don't know how to stop feeling like an outsider."

Ezio softly starred at her, and saw the pain in her that he felt long ago.

"I never told you this," Ezio began, leaning closer to Elinana, whom leaned on the gunwale. "After the death of my father and brothers; the city that was my birth place turned on me. And when my mother, Claudia and I arrived at Mario's Villa, I too felt like an outsider. But after a while it became home, because that was where my family was."

"I don't have a family, Ezio. You know that." Elinana stated, voice and throat becoming tight with pain.

"Have you already forgotten the oath you took?" he lightly tapped her left hand that bore the brand of the Brotherhood insignia. "You'll always have a place in the brotherhood, Colomba."

Ezio gently pulled her hood away, and kissed her forehead.

"What about Dante?" Elinana asked. "He's in love with me. But I don't want to be the one to break his heart."

"I will have a talk with him. But till then, I want you to enjoy Venezia."

"Alright." she faintly smiled.

The ship gently glided through to the docks of the flouting city. Crew men scurried up and down the deck, and masts. Obeying the Captain's and first mate's barked orders. Ezio stood out of the way with Elinana. She spotted a silky, slightly green faced Dante, and carefully darted to him. Guiding him to Ezio's side, they watched the ship get pulled up next to the docks of the harbor. Soon a plank was lowered and other passengers began to disembark, carrying their luggage.

Ezio lead Elinana and Dante toward the plank just as he saw a familiar face among the docks. The tall, black and gray haired man waved.

"Bentornato a Venezia Fratello!" called the man in greeting to Ezio.

"Salve Antonio!" Ezio called back, moving through the crowd to greet him, and speak in their native language. "It is good to see you again."

"And what of the city?" asked a purring voice. Ezio turned to see the still beautiful—though marked with age—sharp featured face of Rosa.

"Still as beautiful as the last I laid eyes on it." He flirted with a smirk. "Saluti Rosa."

Ezio then kissed her cheeks in greeting as Elinana and Dante joined the small group. He turned to the two, and placed a hand on Elinana's upper back.

"Antonio, Rosa," he addressed. "This is my apprentice, Elinana Cleo Doricent, and the boy is Dante; La Volpe's nephew."

"E 'un piacere conoscerti entrambi, e vi do il benvenuto a Venezia." Antonio greeted them in Italien, and bowed. Dante made a sickly sound beside Elinana,then started to pull away toward the edge of the dock then heaved over the side. He fell to his knees as Elinana darted to his side. Ezio and the other two Assassins cringing in sympathy. Attempting to not get sick themselves from the sounds that the boy made when heaving out his guts. But Elinana stayed by his side, gripping his shoulder, and cooed soothing words. She didn't cringe in disgusts; do to her being used to it after tending to him sense he got on the ship.

"Try to breath, buddy," she murmured. "Let it pass."

"Water sickness?" Antonio asked in his native language to Ezio as Rosa joined Dante's other side.

"Yes," Ezio replied. "and has been since he saw the water."

Rosa and Elinana helped Dante back up onto his wobbly, lanky legs and guided him through the crowds. Rosa then bellowed at a group of thieves that Elinana presumed where her men, and they swiftly headed for the ship.

"They will take your luggage to the Palazzo, don't worry little sister." Rosa informed in English to Elinana.

"Palazzo?" Elinana replied in puzzlement.

"Palazzo della Seta; our base of operations and home. Voi due!" Rosa suddenly barracked at Ezio and Antonio. "Make yourselves useful and help!"

The two men exchanged glances. Then they took the lead to guide, and make room through the bustling streets; as people called to sell their wares, and others simply yelled curses in arguments or after thieving children.

"So, you are the protégé Ezio so fondly wrote of," Rosa stated more then asked. "It is a pleasure to put a face to the name."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Ezio told me you two where close, and good friends."

"Is that how he phrased it?" Rosa inquired, eyeing Ezio.

"More or less." Elinana replied uncomfortably, not wanting to get on Rosa's bad side.

"Well, I am sure Dante will be over his seasickness soon, and we can talk more when it is just the two of us."

Elinana gave a small smile back at Rosa, and took in the sights of the snow blanketed city.

Dark clouds hid the stars, and the Cheshire cat smiling moon. Snow continued to fall beyond the chamber window, though the fire snapped and kept out the cold. Ezio laid shirtless, with Rosa nestled up next to him under the blankets. He traced the line of an old scar on the back of her shoulder, and remembered the night she got it.

"It feels like a life time ago when you gut this one." He murmured, making Rosa purr with a chuckle.

"Not this one," she purred, lightly caressing the firearm wound he received to his left shoulder just as his uncle was murdered. "It is newer."

Ezio took her hand gently, and pushed aside his painful memories. He then kissed her head that only had a few gray strands of hair among her raven black tresses.

"I am not the only one with new scars." He stated, tracing his other hand down her back under the blankets.

"I need to ask you something," Rosa stated, looked up at him with a firm gaze. "Is she your daughter?"

Ezio looked down at her with an arched eyebrow.

"No, Rosa. I did not father her," he replied. "She is like a younger sister in my eyes. Even—at times—she is like a child I never fathered."

"Are you sure you did not father her? There is something about her that reminds me of you in your youth."

"She is not my daughter. Besides, she has lost two sets of parents."

"I did not know that," Rosa murmured, resting her head once more on Ezio's shoulder. "Is that why you have taken her under your wing?"

"It is one of the reasons. Though, there is more that I wish to do for her."

"What more is there?"

"I can make her my heiress," he informed. "I want to groom her to one day take my place as Mentor."

"You think she can handle it? She has the look of someone that has lived the life similar to a noble."

"I was once among the high class, and she is only some odd years older than me when I started on this road."

"Still," Rosa murmured. "She is not yet a woman."

"Not yet," Ezio agreed. "After Christmas, will you help me train her?"

"I will not take it easy on her, you know that right?"

Ezio opened his mouth to reply, but stopped when screaming pierced through the halls. He leaped out of the bed, and quickly pulled on his trousers before grabbing his sword. Stepping out into the hallway, Dante suddenly joined him in the hall, just as the screams stopped briefly. But then it started up again, and emanated from Elinana's chamber. Both ran for the chamber, ready to kill any who were molesting Elinana.

Ezio threw open the door, raised his sword for a fight, but saw no man in the room. But Elinana still screamed with her eyes tightly shout, gripping the blankets as though she where in pain. He darted to her side and dropped his sword to grip both her damp shoulders from sweat.

"Elinana!" he called her name, gently shacking her. "Elinana wake up!"

Her eyes flew open, and she feebly fight, and kicked her way to the head of the bed farm.

"Elinana it is alright, it is me!" Ezio gently spoke to her, his voice razed so she may hear him.

Elinana's wild, fear filled eyes gazed at him. Once she recognized him, she stopped fighting. But she still whipped her eyes around, and breathed heavily as her body shock.

"Elinana," Ezio softly spoke her name as if to a frightened animal, still gripping her shoulders. "It is alright, you are safe. You are safe Poco Colomba."

Elinana shook her head, tightly gripping his arm.

"Something has woken up," she shakenly whimpered. "Something—,"

Elinana stiffened when two forms suddenly darkened the doorway, but she relaxed when she saw that is was only Rosa in a white shift, and Antonio; holding aloft a dancing lantern.

"What has happened?" Demanded Antonio looking about the room as Rosa joined Ezio, and Dante's side; whom leaned on Ezio's sword.

"A nightmare, you may go back to bed." Ezio replied.

"No it wasn't!" Elinana pressed with a raised voice. "I felt her horrid breath and tongue. And—and…" she shook her head, tightly gripping Ezio, and closed her eyes.

Antonio left with the lantern, murmuring under his breath, but the others stayed with Elinana. Rosa reached out to Elinana, and gripped her arm. Elinana's wide gray eyes flew to Rosa to meet her gaze.

"What did you dream?" Rosa softly asked. "Start from the begging."

"In the dream," began Elinana, her slightly stronger. "Five thieves broke into a large, dark cathedral, with angels on the walls, and one on the floor. As they started sacking things, a monk found them, and confronted them. But one of the five came up behind the monk, and slight his throat. They continued on as—as the monk's blood flowed through a crack in the floor, down on to—to a cage of iron with…"

She stopped, shaking her bowed head as her body trembled. Trying to fight her fear.

"It is alright, Elinana," Ezio tried to comfort her. "You need not continue."

Elinana shook her head again, and looked up at him.

"No," she murmured, trying to push her fear down without much success. "The monk's blood fell into the mouth of a corpse inside the cage, and its eyes opened."

"Elinana corpse eyes cannot open their eyes." Rosa stated.

"This one's did, and it broke out and then drank the thieves' blood!"

"O Deus fortis." Dante muttered in Latin, crossing himself.

"You have been listening to too many folktales," Rosa muttered, and rose to leave. "It was a nightmare, nothing more."

"No it wasn't!" Elinana pressed, then turned to Ezio with desperation. "I know how it sounds, but you have to believe me, pleas!"

"What else happened?" he softly asked.

"It turned to me," Elinana murmured. "It sniffed, the air, and came towards me but I couldn't move. She asked me my name, and where I was but I didn't answer. Her body—it turned into a giant monster. It licked me, and called me 'Venenum Solis'. Then you wake me up as it was going to bite me."

"Bane of Night." Ezio's thoughts murmured, and gazed off into his mind, knowing that Elinana don't know Latin. He turned to her, and pulled her close to his chest.

"Dream or vision, I will not let it harm you." Ezio murmured, then kissed her head before pulling away. He rose and pulled the blankets up to her chin. Then he turned to Dante, and ordered to him in their native language: "Proteggerla, e non lasciare che la seguono."

Dante nodded and handed Ezio back his sword. Ezio took it and marched from the room.

"Where are you going?" Elinana called after him.

"To put your fears to rest. One way or another." He replied.

"No!" Elinana yelled, and leaped out of bed. "Don't go after it! It'll kill you!"

She ran out into the hall with Dante behind her. Throwing her arms around Ezio, Elinana pressed the side of her face to his shoulder, and held him tightly.

"I can't loss you." She murmured into his hot flesh.

He pried her fingers away, and turned to her, cupping her face.

"You will never lose me; you have my word as an Auditore." Ezio promised, then pulled away to return to his chamber. Elinana tried to follow, but Dante held her back, and towed her back to her chamber. He entered his chamber, and find Rosa back in bead, her shift discarded on the floor.

"Finally talked some sense into the girl?" She purred, and laid back into the pillows. But he went straight to his robes and gear that sat on a chair by the bed. "What are you doing?"

"Elinana saw Basilica di San Marco in her dream, as well as heard the Latin words: 'Venenum Solis'."


"How can she dream of a place and language she does not know?" he asked, pulling on his white chemise before his robes.

"Do not tell me you believe it."

"Keep an eye on her while I am gone, and do not let her follow me."

"You both have lost your senses." Rosa grumbled, making Ezio smirk as he buckled his belt and armor. He then marched to the window, and opened it to see the moon emerge from the cover of clouds. As he leaped into the window a large flock of pigeons and other birds flew over, flying in the direction of the main land.

"Rosa," Ezio addressed without looking back. "Pray that it is that simple." He then leaped out, then closed the window before leaping down onto the courtyard, and darted into the shadows and sparkling snow that crunched under his boots.

Ezio perched himself on a neighboring roof across from St. Mark's Basilica; a grand, old cathedral that housed the bones of one of the Brotherhood's famed brethren, and has also been called the Church of Gold.

The streets below Ezio where nearly completely vacant of life. One or two people at a time trudged through the street of slowly growing layers of snow. Echoing howls and barks of dogs sounded from all the edges of the city. As they were attempting to escape, or evade something; mush as the birds that all have seemed to have fled.

Ezio would be lying if he claimed that he didn't feel the same urge as the animals; the urge to turn back, and take all his Brothers and alleys far from the city. He remembered well of the stories he heard about creatures that go bump in the night, including those of seductive, blood drinkers known to consume even the bravest of worriers into mad fear. But the curse of human curiosity compelled him to climb down the side of the structure. Landing on the snow with a crunch, the sound was eaten by the hunger of winter's chilly silence. His breaths came out in vaporous puffs, drifting away from under his hood before evaporation into the night.

Ezio slowly strode down the street, trying to determine where the thieves in Elinana's vison could have gotten inside. It was then that he came to a side door that sat ever so slightly ajar. He glanced around the street, then strode to the door, and gently pushed on it. The door creaked loudly as it slowly swung open, and the sound echoed into the darkness of a hall. He stepped into the darkness, and closed the door behind him with the door groaning painfully.

The hallway lead to a large iron gate, and much like the first door, it too sat slightly ajar. Pouching it open Ezio continued. He ignored the nagging voice at the back of his mind, telling him to turn back. He stepped through the gaping mouth of the threshold into the belly of the dark cathedral. Pale rays of moonlight dimly shone through the stained windows that sat aloft in the stone and gold walls, creating a poor light source. A discarded lantern lay on the floor, creating a small, warm glow of false security.

Ezio stood in the darkness, and surveyed the area, searching for the thieves and monk. But all there was, was the cold stillness that of a dead man's tomb in winter.

Finally daring to move, Ezio slowly strode toward the lantern and picked it up. Holding aloft the lantern, he turned to march toward the altar, but halted when a drop of blood fell onto his gloved hand that held up the lantern.

Looking up, he saw a form fall, and land with a thud that echoed through the cathedral. The thing that fell was the body of a thief. The face was distorted in horror, and it was shriveled like a prune; drained completely of blood.

Ezio gazed wide eyed at the body, then turned to the echoing sounds of nails digging, and scuffling high above him. He drew his sword, and the scuffling halted. Silence grew, and he stood his ground against the dark, even when his instincts yelled at him to run. He channeled his focus on his vison, and the darkness deepened. High up to the right where the dim red and single blue forms of bodes; all laying limp in the upper walkways. He looked about the high ceiling, then froze when his eyes found a pair of red eyes that reflected light like an animal's. Ezio tried to move, but his body became as heavy as lead; unable to turn away from the red eyes, and deep crimson painted mouth.

The pair of eyes slowly became slanted, as if the owner of the eyes tilted its head. Drawing a deep breath, he dropped his sword then willed his left arm to reach back, and griped his crossbow. Bringing his arm back, he took aim, then pulled the trigger. The arrow flew for the area between the red eyes. But in a single heartbeat, they vanished; like candles being snuffed out.

Finally gaining control over his body again, he placed the crossbow back on his back, and grabbed his sword. Ezio the turned toward the door. He decided that moon lit streets, and rooftops where a better place to face whatever it was that was hunting him. But as he darted for the mouth of the hallway, something tackled him to the ground. The lantern fell from his hands. And he felt strong hands turn him onto his back, and looked up at his hunter.

Crimson eyes once more held him in a frozen spell. They gazed down at him from an elegantly, sharp featured face. Long blazing curls cascaded to the floor, and coursed his cheek and temple. Her blood bathed mouth grinned down at him, like a cat pinning a mouse under her paws. She lowered herself closer to him, so her twilight colored, silk clothed bust rested on his rising and falling chest piece.

Unable to pull away, he felt her damp tongue lick his neck; reminding him of Elinana's fear filled face, and quivering voice. His body jerked, and he shoved the creature away from him. Backpedaling, he raised his sword, and pointed it at her throat where a bead of blood sat; but mistakenly look her in the eyes.

"Salutations to ye, Adam." She greeted in his native language, her voice hard like nails being dragged over stone.

"That is not my name," Ezio growled. Finding his strength, he brought his sword back in a swing then swung for her neck. But she vanished into the darkness then suddenly pinned him to the cold floor without warning, and again turned him to her.

"Then proclaim thy name." She commanded, her will pressing on him like a pile of heavy stones. He tried to fight her, but his will failed him to keep his mouth close.

"Ezio Auditore da Firenze." He unwillingly replied.

"Ezio Auditore de Firenze," she replied, testing, and rolling the words around in her red mouth. "A handsome name for a handsome man." she then pulled his hood back with her hands that had dirt, and blood stained nails. They were long, and sharply curved; like the talons of a bird of prey.

"Where is thy Eve?" she demanded. "I smelt the stench of her shadow, but she awoke before I could drain her soul."

The thought of Elinana returned some of his strength, and he gazed back at her in defiance.

"Where does the Venenum Solis hid?" She demanded, her will hitting him as one hits the ground from a high distance. He breathed heavily from the effort to fight her.

"Never." he panted.

"So be it then." She murmured.

Her red fangs grew past her lips, then within a heartbeat, Ezio felt her bite into his neck. The pain shocked him out of the spell, and he pushed her with his hidden blades driving into her chest. Her fangs released his neck, and she withdrew, showing no signs of pain. Dark crimson blood pooled around her wounds, but Ezio saw her pearl white skin seal back, leaving no mark of damage.

Ezio bolted for the exit and didn't look back. He slammed the gate shout behind him, as well as the door when he rushed past. Panting heavily, Ezio ran for the structure across the snow blanked street, and quickly clambered up. He ran, and ran, till he came into the Arsenal of Venice. Out of breath, he leaned on the side of a wharf and gingerly placed a hand to his neck that throbbed. The pain spread to his shoulder and back, and felt liquid fire spread through him.

Ezio shuffled to the door of the wharf, and pushed open. Slipping inside, his head spun as the fire crawled up into his skull. His knees buckled under him, and he fell to the cold ground. And struggled against the pain.

"Ezio…" he heard the whispering, pledging voice of Elinana in his head. "You promised me…"

Red glowing eyes in the dark came into his blurry sight. And sat tauntingly like a cat watching a mouse die.

"This embrace is not death," informed the creature, as his eyes went dark. "He comes later, my mate."

End of Chapter I

I'm sorry Ezio! I feel bad doing this to him! But, have no fear (hay! put those spells, curses, and hexes away or I won't be able to save him!) Stay tuned! (please don't hate me!) And I tried/failed to make the lady vampire speak like a Shakespearian. Okay, she is ancient so she is bound to talk funny. But, I do hope you all like it so far.