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Caroline woke up, stretching her arms wide till her fingertips touched the headboard above her head. A small grin played on her face till she reached to the other side and realized she was alone in bed.

Not that she and Klaus ever shared a bed but he would always go to her room in the morning.

This was the first morning where Caroline spent it by herself.

Klaus didn't come home till late the night before, even though he promised her it would only be an hour. But he did set up for her Chinese food to be delivered from Stefan before the henchman had to go back to the warehouse.

She ate dinner alone, naked, in his bedroom and in his bed impatiently waiting for his return. It was already almost midnight and Caroline didn't realize she fell asleep till Klaus jolted her so she knew he was back.

He allowed her to sleep in his bed while he went to his studio for the night.

Caroline vaguely remembered him waking her up early in the morning, informing her he was leaving and would be back. He didn't say where he was going and Caroline was too half asleep to ask questions before he kissed her lips and sped off, which made Caroline feel warm inside at the sweet gesture.

She wasn't sure when he was returning so Caroline decided to just go back to sleep. A few hours later, now about 10:00 AM, she awakened to the sound of a car in the driveway. Caroline ran over to the window which was when she saw Stefan climb out the driver seat and Klaus walked around the front of the car.

Dressed, oh so handsomely, in his signature black Henley and black jeans, the necklaces that she loved tugging on sneaking out of his shirt. His dark curls perfectly placed.

She still couldn't believe such an insanely sexy and powerful man was all hers.

Just the sight of him brought a smile to her face. Caroline missed him so much even after just a night apart.

All she wanted to do was run downstairs, jump in his arms and trap him in her room till he fucked her into a coma.

Well, that was until Stefan opened the backseat door pulling two girls out. Klaus grabbed one by the waist and led her towards the front entrance while Stefan closed the backseat door and grabbing his girl to his side.

Rage, confusion and sadness crept up inside of Caroline at what she was witnessing.

- What the fuck?!

- Is Klaus cheating on me? And has the audacity to bring is whore home knowing I'd be here?!

Of course Caroline knew that her and Klaus's relationship was not conventional and definently not as exclusive as she wished, but they were exclusive enough.

They might not call each other boyfriend and girlfriend but by now, everyone in Gotham knew they were together.

Just a few days ago he was calling her his queen, just last night he was giving her brief insight into his life while being sweet and gentle. Now he's shamelessly bringing random girls home?

Were him and Stefan involved in some kinky orgy or something?

Caroline wanted to scream.

After taking a deep calming breath, she quickly washed up and dressed so she could give Klaus a piece of her mind.

She threw on underwear and a random t-shirt and jean shorts, then combing through her blonde locks with her fingers so they look somewhat presentable.

Her hands were shaking thinking how she would confront him.

Would she hold her ground or break down and cry? Either way she wasn't looking forward to any of it.

Swinging the bedroom door open, Caroline stormed her way down the stairs. Yelling his name.

"Klaus! Klaus!" She stopped when she reached the bottom.

When she barged into the living room, she was rather surprised.

Instead of witnessing Klaus fucking the tramp, he was sitting on the couch feeding off of her.

Stefan was in the other chair doing the same to his girl.

The pretty brunette was draped over Klaus's lap, loosely holding onto him as he aggressively sucked the blood from her neck. His arms were tight around her waist and his other hand was tilting her head so he would have better access.

Caroline's mouth went dry, not knowing what to make of the situation anymore.

"Umm...Klaus?" She softly spoke.

The vampire quickly ripped himself away from the human girl's neck, staring up at the blonde across the room.

Caroline gasped at the sight of his wild gold eyes.

He rarely displayed them in front of her unless he was furious.

They both stared at each other blankly for a minute before Klaus's eyes transitioned back to their usual blue.

A drop of blood hanging on both corners of his red lips.

"Something the matter, love?" He casually asked.

Caroline huffed wiping her sweaty palms on her shorts. "You tell me."

Klaus scrunched his eyebrows.

"What the hell is this, Klaus?" She pointed at the girl in his arms. "I didn't know we were seeing other people."

Klaus laughed. "Love, what are you talking about?"

"Don't call me that!" Caroline spat, stunning Klaus.

"You have this all backwards-"

"This all looks pretty straightforward to me." She claimed, defensively crossing her arms over her chest. "So that's how it is now, you can be with me but still fool around with other girls?"

His face was now hard. "Calm down, no one is fooling around with anyone."

She scoffed. "Don't tell me to calm down! You didn't even tell me where you were going this morning then you come back with this bad expect me to be fine?!"

"Caroline..." Stefan unexpectedly spoke.

"WHAT?" She screamed turning to face him.

Stefan's eyes were gold like Klaus's were, licking the blood off his lips.

"Please calm down. The girls were my idea." He began.

Caroline stood up straight. "What?"

Stefan sighed. "We left pretty early this morning and neither of us had anything to eat so I suggested we feed. Boss wanted to do this in an alley but with detective Gordon around, I suggested we take something...to go." He looked down at the half dead girl limp in his embrace.

- Oh.

"These two were just the most convenient, nothing else was meant to happen. Well, at least not for boss." He smirked.

Klaus softly chuckled as Caroline's face reddened with embarrassment.

So he didn't want to sleep with other people?

God, he probably thinks she's a jealous little girl now.

Caroline cleared her throat. "Oh, well..." She uncrossed her arms and placed her hands on her hips. "Stefan, next time you want to indulge in a meal how about you leave your whores on the street instead of bringing them here hmm?" She concluded with a sarcastic smile before spinning on her heel and walking out the living room to the kitchen.

Stefan raised an eyebrow and turned to Klaus.

"I'll deal with her." Klaus rolled his eyes, pushing the girl off his lap till her body thudded on the carpet covered floor.

Klaus made his way towards the kitchen, wiping the blood off his mouth with the back of his hand.

The vampire sighed into a grin as leaned on the threshold of the door, observing the frustrated blonde pouring tea in a mug over the sink.

Caroline, too caught up in her own thoughts, didn't even notice Klaus enter the room till she felt his hands on her shoulders.

She slightly jumped at his touch but quickly recovered and relaxed.

He felt so warm against her back, she almost forgot she was angry with him earlier.

Caroline placed the tea kettle on the dry dish towel on the counter.

Klaus leant his head down, pressing his face to her hair.

"Caroline..." He softly spoke.

"I don't want to talk about it." She murmured.

He smirked.

Caroline scoffed, pushing away then turning around to face him. "Okay but, you can't blame me for jumping to conclusions."

Klaus raised a brow. "I can't?"

"No, you can't." She confirmed. "You literally ditched me last night then left me again this morning without an explanation. Then you come back and I see you with this gorgeous girl-"

"Gorgeous is a bit of a stretch. She's mediocre, at best." He teased, knowing it only infuriated Caroline more.

She glared at him. "This is not funny."

Klaus chuckled. "I know, I know."

"Then stop laughing." She ordered.

Surprised herself that Klaus was letting her get away with it.

Caroline heavily sighed. "My point is-"

"Your point is, you were jealous." He finished for her.

She scoffed at his accurate assumption.

"It's okay, love. I'm flattered really."

"Deflate your ego a tad. I was not jealous."

He gave her an amused expression.

"I-I just didn't think we were seeing other people." She staggered.

Klaus lowered his gaze. "We're not."

"Well that's not how it looked."

"Sweetheart, not everything is what it seems and Stefan already explained what this was."

"Right, a meal." Caroline huffed.

He smirked. "I am a vampire. Drinking human blood is quite the necessity."

If only he knew how much that was the last thing on her mind.

Klaus tilted his head. "You really think so low of me that I would shag some worthless human when I'm already shagging you?"

She wasn't sure if that was supposed to be taken as a compliment, given that she's also human and thought she was more than a 'shag', but with Klaus she took what she could get.

Caroline bit the inside of her cheek. "How am I supposed to know anything you're thinking? You don't talk to me. How am I supposed to know you wouldn't want to sleep with her? Because I'm supposed to trust you? It's not like you trust me."

Klaus rolled his eyes. "Ah we're back to this debate, again."

Caroline crossed her arms. "Yes, we are and we will keep discussing it until it's resolved."

He stiffened.

"I know we're not using these terms but, you are basically my boyfriend and I want to be exclusive."

Klaus crossed his arms as if he was actually listening to her.

"We barely talk but when we do it's great, just like last night. So when you leave in the morning then come back home with someone else, what are you expecting me to think?" Caroline asked, swallowing down her tears.

Klaus pulled his lips into a line as he looked down at the blonde woman.

She did have a point.

He didn't exactly give her any reason to not think less of him, even if he declared her as his.

Klaus wasn't her boyfriend but he was her's.

Oddly enough, he hasn't even thought of being with another woman since meeting Caroline. And he surely wouldn't move on from an extraordinary human to a basic one.

Klaus grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer to his front so they were staring right into each other's eyes.

He gently pushed a strand of her hair back.

Caroline melted in his touch as he cuffed her face in his hand.

"Caroline, remember when I said you're mine?" He asked.

She casually nodded.

"I meant it. No one else can have you except me but I thought it went without saying that I'm only with you as well." Klaus confirmed.

"How would I know that? It's not like you advertise our status."

"I don't need to do that for people to know about us, Caroline. Just you being with me is advertisement enough."

"Well great, so all of Gotham knows how you feel but I don't? Very reassuring." She crossed her arms over her chest.

His cold fingers brushed her warm skin underneath her shirt, making Caroline shiver.

"You know, I love it when you get like this; all heated and passionate...so sexy." Klaus purred in her ear.

Caroline harshly bit her lip as his palm caressed down her abdomen.

Her breath hitched when his stubbled cheek brushed her bare one. "I have never wanted anyone, as badly as I want you Doctor Quinzel..." He lowly stated, his fingers teasing the hem of her jean shorts.

It took everything in Caroline not to moan in anticipation.

She wanted so desperately to drag his hand into her shorts. For him to cure the agonizing ache between her legs, to feel how much she wanted him right now.

But instead, she took a deep breath and pushed his hand away.

"Don't." She faintly demanded.

Caroline wanted to easily give into him but she needed to find some strength to resist him, to at least know she was capable. For him to know she was serious about her complaints.

Klaus softly laughed at the rejection.

The laugh an attempt to disguise his shock.

He licked his lips while looking down at hers.

There was only so much resistance she was capable of and he was pushing it.

Caroline blinked and before she knew it, Klaus grabbed her hand and dragged her out the kitchen.

She almost tripped over her feet he was walking so fast.

When he opened one of the doors to a guest room, Caroline felt like she had whiplash when he pushed her body up against the door. Her back closed it as his lips latched onto hers.

Caroline was caught off guard at the aggressive action. She eventually got into the rhythm of his eager mouth.

This wasn't what she was expecting but she didn't mind, even if she was slightly still bothered.

She moaned into his mouth, granting Klaus' tongue access into the hot cave of her mouth.

His hips grinding into hers, his fingers getting lost in her curls as he swiftly switched their positions.

Caroline clutched his henley in her hands, desperate for the feel of him and his hands to explore her body.

Klaus pulled away, resting his forehead against her's.

Caroline was breathless, noting how wet she already was just from their brief make out session.

"How could you possibly think, I would want anyone else?" He whispered.

"I never know what to think when it comes to you." She answered breathlessly.

"Well isn't that the fun part?" Klaus grinned, kissing her lips again.

Caroline moaned, trying to pull away. "Klaus..."

He ignored her, still kissing her as he walked her backwards till the back of her legs hit the bed.

She wanted to resist, she wanted to stand her ground but Klaus was overwhelming her senses and she needed him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, moaning at his tongue outlining her mouth.

Caroline pulled away. "Stefan's still here." She mouthed but Klaus dismissed her with his eager lips.

Their heated kisses didn't stop even as Klaus lowered her onto the soft bed.

Quickly departing, he yanked off his henley exposing his toned torso and climbed on top of her.

Clearly neither cared anymore that Stefan was just in the other room.

Caroline's lips were back on his in an instant. Her fingers in his hair, tugging on his curls lightly as he ground his hips into her's causing the perfect friction.

Klaus then kissed her cheek, down to her jaw and then devoured her neck.

He licked and sucked the most sensitive spots that made Caroline beautifully whimper.

She delightfully moaned at the feeling, in the back of her head wishing he would sink his fangs into her neck.

Caroline fantasized about how it would feel, him slowly sucking her blood out and draining her of life. Did it feel as pleasurable as it looked?

Klaus smirked against her skin as if he knew what she was thinking. His lips venturing lower and his hands teasing the hem of her t-shirt.

Caroline pushed him back so she could pull the shirt over her head, delighting Klaus that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her lips devoured his soon after, not wanting to waste another moment not kissing him.

Klaus groaned against her mouth before lowering down her body again, instantly attaching his lips to one of her exposed breasts, sucking on a nipple.

She briefly closed her eyes in ecstasy, her hand buried in his hair to keep him against her chest. His free hand occupied with kneading her other breast.

Was this his way of apologizing? Caroline wasn't complaining.

"Klaus..." Caroline panted as he tweaked the nipple he wasn't sucking on between his fingers.

"You like that, love?" He asked before going right back to his previous actions.

Caroline frantically nodded. "Mhm...I love how you touch me." She breathed, eyes still closed.

He loved when she told him how good he made her feel.

Klaus stared up at her, popping her boob out his mouth which made Caroline finally open her eyes.

Caroline suddenly felt more flushed and not because she was hot from what Klaus was doing.

He continued his path down her body.

Leaving open mouthed kisses around her belly button and briefly, his tongue licked into her navel making Caroline buck her hips up.

Caroline was wondering if her blush was as obvious as she thought it was.

Klaus propped himself up on his elbows, his body in between her legs. "I want to do something."

Her body slightly stiffened when he began unbuttoning her shorts.

"May I?" He softly asked.

Who knew he could be so sweet?

"Umm..." Caroline nibbled on her bottom lip.

Caroline was no prude and the thought of Klaus going down on her was thrilling, since he hasn't done it to her before but...

"Hey..." Klaus's soft voice brought her back.

He made his way back up her body, deeply kissing her lips that chased his when he quickly detached.

They stared into each other's eyes with nothing but desire.

"We don't have to do this if you're not comfortable..."

Caroline shook her head. "No, it's not- I mean, thanks for saying that..." She smiled which he reciprocated.

This was the sweetest he's been with her and she wasn't sure why. She was glad to know he wouldn't force her to do anything, but it was nice hearing it from him.

"It's not that I don't, it's just...no one has ever..." Caroline trailed off, feeling shameful.

"Never?" Klaus asked, practically stunned.

She slowly shook her head.

- Oh great Caroline, just when you're actually getting somewhere with him you admit that you've never had oral sex. He probably thinks you're a prude now. Smart move.

Caroline couldn't help her worry that Klaus wouldn't want her anymore because of this.

Yeah, they had great sex but still.

She's not as experienced, especially after the amount of experience he's had over the century.

He was the best lover she's ever had.

A sex god who took her to new heights she never knew were possible, but she definently wasn't for him.

In the midst of her rambling thoughts, Klaus brushed her hair back from her face.

Klaus lifted her chin up with his finger. "Caroline, the only people who should be ashamed are the men who didn't have the decency to properly worship you. And I might be a lot of things love, but a lazy lover isn't one of them." He said.

She was expecting him to kick her out the room.

"Oh..." Was all she could say.

He smirked. "Oh?"

"I don't know...you're just being really nice about this, that's all." She said with a grin.

Klaus shrugged.

Caroline bit her bottom lip. "I just thought-"

"That I wouldn't want you anymore?"

She looked away but Klaus's finger traced her jaw, making her turn back to face him.

Their blue eyes full of such desire Caroline thought she'd explode.

"Oh my sweet, Caroline..."

His index finger traced down in between her lips, parting them briefly.

"Let me show you how much I want you." He kissed her again while tugging down her shorts.

Caroline wasn't sure what to expect but lifted her hips anyways to assist him ridding her clothing item, kicking them off when they made it to her ankles.

As nervous as she was, she was also excited.

She's never trusted a man with her body as much as she did with Klaus.

Even though he's a serial killer who's capable of doing the worse to her, she felt safe.

Caroline sucked in a breath when Klaus began kissing down her body again.

She gasped when he kissed around both her breasts then his sweet torture on her abdomen.

She couldn't resist wiggling her hips, needing him so desperately.

Klaus smirked against her skin. "Do you want this?"

"I want you." She moaned.

"And you'll have me but first, answer my question." His mouth teasing her just above the lace hem of her panties.

God, he was going to make her work for it.

Caroline bit on her lip again, nodding. "Yes, I want this."

Klaus smirked. "Good girl." He kissed her lips again. "Lie back down, sweetheart." He whispered against her lips as he made his way down her neck then towards her neglected breasts making Caroline squirm.

He reached the hem of the lacy underwear, then met his gaze with her's. "Is this okay?"

She gulped but nervously nodded.

"If you don't want to, we can stop."

Caroline sighed. "I just don't know what to expect. What if I'm like, bad or something?"

Klaus chuckled. "I'll be doing all the work, and I assure you I'll enjoy it as much as you will."

Heat ran down from her face to her core.

"Cocky much?" She smirked.

Klaus smirked back, venturing back up to her face. "I'm going to spell my name on your beautiful pussy, with my tongue..."

Her eyes shot up as his breath hit her face with each seductive word.

"I am going to take my time marking you. Worshipping you. You are mine. Every last inch of you, is mine." He purred, continuing his kisses down her body.

- Did he really just say that?

Klaus' dirty talk made her blush more out of excitement than embarrassment.

Caroline couldn't help but watch him explore her body.

His hot mouth and soft lips teasing just above the lace of her panties, making her slightly stiffen.

Klaus instantly felt it, briefly stopping as he looked up at her.

"It's okay, I want you to watch." He softly claimed.

She blushed.

"Don't be ashamed of what you want, Caroline. You're so sexy." He cooed, encouraging her to relax.

"Mmm..." Caroline moaned, biting her lip.

She loved his voice.

"Sweetheart, I want to taste you..." He murmured. "I want to taste you as I make you come."

"Klaus please..." Caroline whimpered as Klaus carefully hooked his fingers into her panties, tugging them down slowly.

He threw the fabric behind him carelessly.

Caroline impatiently groaned when Klaus kissed just below her belly button, purposely avoiding where she needs him.

The vampire smirked at her irritation before going on his knees, finally settling in between her thighs.

- Fuck, she looked stunning.

He lowly growled, taking in the sight of a hot and bothered Caroline, flushed skin and chest rising up and down from her heavy breathing.

Not to mention her dripping arousal in front of his face.

She gasped when he pulled her hips forward, her hands already fisting the sheets.

Klaus gazed back up to her face again.

"Do you trust me?" He softly asked.

She appreciated his question even though the answer seemed obvious, given that he already had her naked.

But Caroline simply nodded, sinking her teeth into her bottom lip.

Klaus grinned, leaving sweet kisses on her inner thighs as he hooked her legs over his shoulder.

Caroline couldn't stay still, wiggling her hips in frustration.

"Taste me, Klaus please." She begged.

Deciding not to tease her any longer, Klaus devilishly smirked before he lightly placed a kiss on her wet folds.

Caroline's breath hitched at the contact.

- God, that already felt good.

Her hips involuntarily bucked up, chasing after his lips which amused Klaus.

Pleased with her reaction, he gave her pussy a long flat lick.

"Ahh..." She softly gasped.

Caroline's mind was a blur, biting down on her lip in attempt at suppressing her moans.

Klaus drifted his tongue along her slit slowly but effectively.

He growled at the sweetness he was consuming from between her legs.

A soft moan fought its way out her mouth when Klaus repeated his motion, lapping up her juices.

His tongue pushed deeper into her, lightly tracing her clit with each stroke.

"Oh my god..." Caroline moaned.

She felt the sweat forming on her forehead and her body involuntarily grinding against his mouth.

Caroline was so gone she didn't even pay attention to how Klaus kept his promise of spelling out his first and last name with his tongue.

Fuck, she couldn't believe how turned on she was in this moment. His groans against her sex only intensified her need.

- Is this what I've been missing out on?

Klaus aggressively moved his tongue faster, not wanting any of her dew to bypass his lips.

She tasted amazing, he couldn't get enough of her and the fact that her dampness was meant all for him.

He didn't want to do anything but worship her, running his hands up her body and lightly massaged her bare breasts.

Caroline loudly gasped arching her back. "Ah...Klaus...oh god please don't stop!" She breathlessly begged, running her fingers through his hair to keep him in place.

Klaus groaned at her desperation, reveling in his own.

She was so perfect. Tasted sweeter than any fruit, like she was made just for him. Klaus could spend all day doing this to her, making her come repeatedly with just his tongue and fingers. Her hand pulling his head tightly against her center and begging him to keep going.

Never had he felt such desire for another person.

His fantasy was short lived, leaning back when he felt his face transforming.

The black pulsing veins underneath his wild eyes and fangs sticking out.

Still a panting mess, Caroline didn't see as he transitioned to his vampire form and he shook it away before she could.

He had never lost control during sex.

Deciding to ignore it, Klaus dove back down moving her body more towards him to cause more demanding licks.

Already feeling the tightness in her stomach, Caroline pressed his down, needing him to go deeper.

"Fuck...Klaus...I'm so close..." She panted practically riding his face.

Klaus sucked on her clit until she was violently shaking underneath him.

His name spilling from her lips repeatedly, screaming, as she began coming on his lips.

A white haze was in her vision.

It took her a moment to finally reach back to reality after he was done licking up leftovers.

Caroline was a sweaty but sated mess once she came down from her high. Her breathing pattern was irregular but after the amazing pleasure she just endured, she didn't mind that being her cause of death.

With slightly hooded eyes she stared down at the dangerously attractive man between her thighs.

The evidence of her release freshly glistening on his red lips.

Klaus smirked, licking his lips slowly causing Caroline to blush.

He left small kisses on the inside of her thighs, kissing his way back up her shaky body.

Neither one of them spoke yet.

Caroline was too speechless.

Klaus left open mouthed kisses along her stomach and briefly sucked one nipple in his mouth at a time.

Caroline hummed as he continued his ministrations, feeling his undeniable want for her just from his touches alone.

He kissed her neck before finally reaching her face.

Eagerly, he thrusted his tongue into her mouth.

Caroline's tongue caressed his slowly. She moaned at the odd taste of her liquids still existing on his tongue, aroused from the taste of her own desire.

Klaus kissed her once more then leaned his forehead against hers.

"God..." She exhaled, feeling beyond relaxed.

"Not quite." He smirked, making Caroline laugh.

"Wow..." Caroline managed to open her eyes and was met with his baby blues.

"So, did I meet your expectations?" Klaus asked, leaving kisses along her jawline.

She lazily grinned. "Exceeded them without a doubt. Can't believe that's what I've been missing out on."

Klaus hummed, accepting Caroline's kiss that she'd been craving.

Her hands on both sides of his face and fingers teasing his curls.

"You're so good at that." Caroline whispered, sucking on his bottom lip playfully.

"Well, you taste so good." He cheekily responded.

She giggled into another kiss. "There's no way you haven't done that before."

Klaus laughed. "I didn't say I've never done it, I just didn't get on my knees for it."

"But how-"

The words stopped when Klaus gave her a knowing look.

- Stop acting like a virgin Caroline!

"Oh..." She pressed her lips together.

"Love, I've been around for over a century. You really think this was my first time pleasuring a woman with my tongue?" He asked with a laugh.

"Don't laugh at me." Caroline swatted his chest lightly but Klaus only laughed more. "And I don't want to hear about you with other women, even if they're from your past."

Klaus was tempted to continue teasing her but decided not to. Feeling too intimate going back and forth about past sex experiences.

He instead chuckled, brushing her hair off her damp forehead. "Alright, but I hope that put your ridiculous assumptions to rest."

Caroline simply rolled her eyes.

"I get on my knees for no one, never have." He began.

Caroline's breathing finally coming to a normal pace as Klaus continued.

"People please me, pleasure me and beg for my mercy. It's me they bow down to."

"But those other women..."

"Meant nothing to me." He said coldly. "I fucked them, fed from them and killed them without a second thought. If they were anything more than a meal on the go I wouldn't have killed them."

She gulped at his explicit explanation.

He killed the women he was involved with? Would he kill her too?

"So why am I so different?"

Klaus sighed. "Because you intrigue me. Fascinate me to no end and I'm not quite done with you."

His words were chilling.

"I want you. You are mine, Caroline and no one will be giving you such pleasure except me."

Her cheeks reddened at his possessive tone.

"I'm your queen?" Caroline teased with a raised eyebrow.

Klaus smirked, kissing her again slowly.

Caroline smiled, the pad of her thumb caressing his stubble cheek. "Look, I love being yours and all but...

"But?" He questioned.

She nibbled on her lip. "But, I want you to be mine as well."

Klaus furrowed his brows.

"I want everyone to know it instead of thinking I'm just your shag of the month and I don't want to see you with any other girls." She ordered.

"I thought you liked seeing me feed off the hopeless and weak? A secret kink, perhaps?" He teased with a kiss behind her ear.

Caroline's eyes fluttered and she bit back a moan.

He wasn't wrong.

She did like seeing him feed off of people, until today.

"Yeah I did, and it's not the feeding part that I don't like. It's just, when I saw you with that girl all I could think about was ripping her head off." She fumed.

Klaus smirked. "You're more than welcome to still do so."

Caroline scoffed. "My point is that, when I saw you with her I instantly thought the worse and I wouldn't feel that way if you established us."

Klaus quirked a brow.

"If I'm yours then you are mine and I want that to be clear to everyone, including you. I need that." She concluded.

"Sounds like a demand. I don't take demands, love."

"You've also never been on your knees for anyone before, I guess today is a day of firsts." She giggled kissing his bottom lip.

He sighed. "You're really going to milk this, aren't you?"

"Yup." She said with a quick kiss.

"I'll take it under consideration." Klaus teased.

Caroline huffed. "Oh, and don't think you're completely forgiven either just because of...what we did." She blushed.

Klaus chuckled. "It's amazing how shy you still are in regards to sex."

"Not shy, just modest." She corrected.

"Don't be. I like being reminded of our time together."

She grinned.

The more Caroline stayed with Klaus, the more of him she was able to discover.

She loved his playful and soft side. The side that, didn't completely, but felt at ease enough to let his guard down even for awhile.

The side of him that acted like her boyfriend or teased about her lack of sexual experiences.

It felt right and even for a second, she knew it felt right to him too.

Caroline playfully rolled her eyes. "Whatever, just know I expect lots of groveling."

Klaus grinned wide, bringing his face closer to her's.

"How can I acquit myself?" He whispered, ghosting his lips over her's so they wouldn't touch but still being effective.

She moaned at his simple question, she couldn't help but moan at anything he did or said.

He defined sex appeal.

Caroline cleared her throat then looked up at him, rubbing her hands down his chest. "I'm sure you can be creative..."

Klaus smirked at her suggestive tone. "Is that so?"

Caroline nodded with a giggle.

"What did you have in mind, hm? We can rob a bank, kill a few tourists in Time Square or make a trip to Hell's Kitchen and find a few participants for you to test out those new guns while I indulge in their blood." He causally suggested.

"All of that honestly sounds really tempting and romantic..." Caroline hummed in consideration.

He loved that her crazy matched his.

"But," Her hands dragged lower to the buckle of his belt. "I think you should start, by fucking me."

His eyes widened. "Dirty mouth."

She smirked, kissing him hungrily, quickly undoing his belt and dropping it on the side of the bed.

She just experienced the best foreplay she's ever had but now she wanted all of him.

Klaus was just as eager for her, sucking on her bottom lip before letting it go with a snap then licking and sucking down her neck.

A few gasps escaped her pink lips as she moved underneath him, his still clothed lower half rubbing pleasurably against her bare one.

Caroline moaned excitedly.

Her eyes quickly shot up. "Wait...wait." She breathlessly interrupted.

Klaus growled as he pulled away from her.

"What is it?" He impatiently asked.

She gulped. "You still didn't tell me where you were this morning, or what happened last night."

"For fuck sake, Caroline does it matter?"

She shyly nibbled on her lip. "I'm sorry...I've just been overly paranoid since that detective-"

"I told you not to worry about that."

"I know, I just-"

"Then listen when I say don't worry about it." He dangerously whispered.

Caroline slowly nodded. "Okay. I'm sorry babe. I just worry about you."

Klaus sighed, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "Don't."

Everything he said sounded more threatening than calming.

She simply nodded again, eyes shutting and mouth opening with a moan when Klaus surprised her with his middle finger inside her sensitive pussy.

"Now, I believe I owe you some groveling." He smirked with a deep kiss, covering Caroline's beautiful noises with his mouth.

"Ahh...you're not...mm, you're not suppose to be enjoying it." She said in between kisses and moans as his finger circled inside of her.

Klaus chuckled, kissing her. "My type of groveling is always enjoyable, for me at least."

Caroline smiled as she cradled his face in between her hands to pull him in for a kiss, allowing him to do whatever he wanted to her body.

During Klaus's plan to distract Caroline, Stefan took it upon himself to dispose of the, now, two dead young women they fed on earlier.

Stefan wrapped them in body bags first before throwing them in the back of Klaus' SUV.

He drove to the warehouse just outside of the city, dumping them in an abandoned dumpster behind the building. After he was done, Stefan drove back to the mansion and parked Klaus' truck in the garage, closing and locking it behind him.

Stefan heavily sighed.

After all the years of working for Klaus, this was probably the most stressful one.

Caroline made it stressful.

She distracted Klaus, confused and delayed him.

The blondish haired vampire didn't understand why Klaus was even wasting his time with the naive human.

Klaus made it clear he didn't want Caroline handling anything without his say so. He definitely didn't want her involved with the situation regarding Mikael and Detective Gordon.

She was a lovesick fool with a bad boy kink. Getting herself involved with one of the most ruthless criminals he's ever come across because she thinks she can 'change' him.

The girl did her part by training and fucking Klaus but was he actually planning on keeping her around long term? He's said countless times that she's temporary but Klaus didn't seem like he was ready to let her go anytime soon, especially after hearing them 'reconcile' just an hour ago.

Stefan wanted to ask if Klaus had any plans on turning her into a vampire, but he wasn't stupid enough to question Klaus. Even though Klaus, in a sense, trusts Stefan he didn't speak on his personal life unless ordered to do so. He would consider them friends but Klaus was still his boss.

He opened the fridge where Klaus stored his blood bags, in desperate need of one. Harshly opening it with his fangs, he drank hungrily until he sensed someone walking down the stairs.

Quickly disposing the empty blood bag in the trash can, he straightened out his leather jacket and leaned against the kitchen counter.

Klaus walked into the room, dressed in his signature black jeans and grey Henley. He combed his fingers through his messy hair, after Caroline harshly tugged on them when he graciously went down on her a second time.

He looked up at a grinning Stefan.

"I see you took care of the trash." Klaus commented, referring to the two human girls.

Stefan nodded. "How's Caroline?"

"She's resting." Klaus smugly claimed.

Stefan softly laughed under his breath at the innuendo. "If you don't mind me saying boss, Caroline has to be the most interesting human I've come across in a long time."

A small grin appeared on Klaus's face as he walked towards the tray of liquor. "She's definitely not like the rest, that's for certain."

He lifted a glass to Stefan asking if he wanted a drink as well, which he accepted.

"You think she'll stick around much longer?" Stefan asked.

Klaus shrugged. "Caroline doesn't seem like she's in any rush to go."

"Do you want her to go?"

Klaus tilted his head towards his henchman and squinted his eyes.

The moment the question was out Stefan wished he could take it back.

He cleared his throat. "I'm sorry boss, I didn't-"

Klaus put his hand up to stop his rambling. "No need for that, Stefan."

Stefan nodded with a gulp.

"Where are we with the Gordon situation?" Klaus asked.

He didn't bother addressing Stefan's question, mainly because he didn't know how to answer it which was unsettling enough.

"Gotta give it to her for persistence." Stefan claimed.

"I rather not when her persistence interferes with my life."

"Well it looks like it might be paying off."

Klaus gulped. "Elaborate, Stefan."

Stefan pressed his lips into a line. "Mikael decided to finally pick up a phone. Gordon's got in contact with him, they're supposed to be meeting today."

"Mikael is here? In Gotham?" Klaus asked.

Stefan nodded.


He shook his head. "I don't know. That's the most my source could get at the moment.

"That's not good enough. Ask your 'source' for more information." Klaus demanded.

"Unfortunately that's not how it works, boss." Stefan informed.

Klaus knew that.

The stress, anxiety and fear he'd been feeling since hearing about Mikael's possible return was amplified with this confirmation. The return wasn't possible, it was definent.

He tried not expressing his anxiety in front of Stefan. He wasn't supposed to be scared of anything or anyone.

"What do you want to do?" Stefan asked.

Klaus heavily sighed and wiped his hand over his face. "Try to find out where they're meeting today. I don't want too many men on this yet. Just because they're talking doesn't mean anything is set in stone and I don't want to provoke him."

Stefan nodded. "Should I inform Caroline?"

"No." Klaus quickly answered.

He licked his lips nervously. "Let's just keep it between us for the time being. She'll just get in the way and make a fuss, especially when this could just be nothing."

Stefan decided not to bother questioning that false claim.

"Alright. I'm gonna call my guy and see if he can get anything else, I'll meet up with him and let you know." Stefan informed.

"I'll go with you." Klaus suggested.

"Alright. What about Caroline?"

He growled under his breath.

He just spent nearly 3 hours 'apologizing' for leaving her twice in less than 24 hours. The last thing he wanted was her complaining again about this.

But he also was too impatient to wait and hear back from Stefan.

Klaus heavily sighed. "Let me worry about her. We've wasted enough time as is. Let's go."

Stefan nodded, grabbing his bag and opening the garage door.

Klaus pinched the bridge of his nose before he ripped off a paper towel from the rack.

Pulling out a pen, he quickly wrote a note and sped back to the guest room where Caroline was still sleeping.

He observed her soft naked body covered by the white sheets like an angel being clothed by her wings. Her golden blonde curls sprawled out on the pillow and lips slightly parted.

She looked so pure even though she was the greatest sinner.

Klaus placed the note on the pillow next to her.

He tilted his head as he examined her sleeping form.

He traced her jawline with his index finger but quickly dropped it when she began to move in her sleep.

Caroline's eyes fluttered open, arms stretching and heavy yawning.

Her hand extended to the now empty side of the bed.

Sitting up in the bed modestly holding the sheet up to her chest, she scanned the room.

"Klaus?" She sleepily called out.

She didn't even remember falling asleep.

He wasn't kidding when he said she couldn't keep up with him.

He's gone.

Caroline was left alone, again.

After his 'apology' and 'wanting her', he still left. He was definition of hot and cold.

God, she wanted to scream at herself for letting him get to her again. For allowing him back in so easily.

- Why was she so weak when it came to him? Does love do that to a person?

She wanted to just leave him. She wanted to forget him and everything they've done together.

Why couldn't she leave? Why wouldn't she?

He didn't give her a reason to stay. No matter how amazing he made her feel, the things he said when he was inside of her or how his tongue felt against-

Caroline quickly blinked out of the lustful haze.

As upset as she was, she couldn't deny how whole Klaus made her feel after years of feeling so empty.

He made her embrace who she really is, who she was always destined to be. It was them against the world.

As time went on he could be better, be better. She knew he could if he wanted to.

He was her other half, she couldn't abandon that.

She couldn't abandon the man she loved.

"Damn you Mikaelson." Caroline cursed under her breath.

She rubbed her eyes, refusing to cry until she turned towards the other pillow where Klaus placed his note.

Hastily, Caroline opened it and read:

Be back soon.

- Klaus

Caroline exhaled in relief and a smile formed on her face at the paper in her hand.

Though it didn't say much of anything, it meant everything to her.

He didn't just leave this time, he thought about her first and let her know he'd at least be back.

She held the note to her chest and smiled wide.

"Aww...Klaus." Caroline swooned, still holding the paper and laid back down on the bed with a huge smile on her face.

Elena nervously stirred the sugar in her coffee as she impatiently waited.

One of Mikael's 'assistants' finally managed to call her back and was able to get her in touch with Mikael. They set up a meeting but Elena suggested for a public one, for obvious reasons.

She had to beg Damon not to tag along with her. The last thing she wanted was a scene where Mikael would kill both of them in the end.

Also, because Elena wasn't dumb. She knew what Mikael was capable of before she even thought about reaching out to him. If he can take out Klaus Mikaelson then he can without a doubt take her down too. She knew her risks but putting Klaus away was worth it.

It had already been 30 minutes and Mikael was nowhere to be found.

Elena sighed, taking a sip of her now warm coffee.

A part of her would be relieved if Mikael didn't show up but the other part, the desperate part, needed him to show up.

"Is this seat taken?"

A manly English voice asked from behind.

Elena was slightly startled but the man walked around so he was now standing in front of her. She recognized him instantly, dark blonde hair, dressed in a navy blue suit and sporting a big stoned gaudy ring on his right ring finger.

Similar to the one Klaus wears.

"Long time no see, Detective Gordon. You look well." He complimented with a smirk as he sat across from her.

She gulped. "Likewise, Mikael. I'm glad you decided to call back."

He shrugged. "Business has been rather slow lately so I figured, why not?"

Elena tried not taking offense to him saying she was basically last resort.

She brushed it off, taking a sip of her coffee. "Well I think have an offer you won't refuse."

Mikael tilted his head. "Right, The Capture of Niklaus Saga. Groundbreaking." He sarcastically commented.

He reached out to grab the arm of a waitress walking by. Searching for her eyes to make sure she was giving him her full attention.

"Bring me a cup of coffee, black, a danish and a glass of your blood on the side."

Elena uncomfortably shifted in her seat as she watched Mikael compel the young waitress.

Yes, Mikael was a vampire as well.

Mainly why he was the only one capable of even coming close to Klaus.

The GCPD was aware of what he was so it was no surprise to Elena, but it wasn't pleasant to watch either.

He finished his order and turned back to the waiting detective as the waitress walked off.

"Sorry. It was a long flight, built up quite the appetite." Mikael grinned.

Elena pressed her lips together. "Of course. Now can we discuss our business?"

He sighed, folding his hands in front of her. "Actually Detective, we cannot."

She leaned back. "Excuse me?"

"The only reason I agreed to meet with you Detective Gordon was to inform you in person that I'm not interested in your wild goose chase with Niklaus."


"I handed him to you and you allowed him to slip through your fingers again, not to mention your price is a tad steep."

"So it's more money you want?" Elena asked.

"Not just that, I simply have no interest in catching him again only for you lot to lose him, again, then ask me back and not even let me get near him. So he could be your play thing? It's boring." Mikael claimed.

The first time GCPD asked Mikael for Klaus help, the two never even came face to face. Mikael found where Klaus was and the police took it from there, they knew Mikael would kill Klaus if he got the chance and, for some reason, they didn't want him dead.

"We had a deal. I can't have him running loose in my city and making it more toxic than it already is." Elena tried keeping her voice down.

"You really think I care about this wretched city, Detective Gordon?" Mikael laughed as he saw the waitress coming back to the table.

She set down the coffee, pastry and glass of her blood on the table just like he commanded.

Her arm was dripping blood from the open wound as she stood there.

Elena gulped, glancing away from the girl. "Mikael, you're not understanding what I'm asking of you..."

"It's quite self explanatory and I'm not interested. Now," He leaned in closer to her.

"I have compelled everyone in this diner to not scream and stay calm so it will be no bother to slash your throat and everyone else here's open right now for wasting my time. But that might get a bit messy for so early in the day, then again, it could also be fun." He devilishly grinned, examining the waitress' arm as the blood created a puddle on the floor.

Elena nervously licked her lips. Her pulse quickening at his threat.

She knew he'd do it too so she needed to cut to the chase.

Clearing her throats and siting up straight in the booth she opens her mouth. "Tha-that won't be necessary because, I don't want you to just capture Klaus..."

He still wasn't paying attention to her.

She cleared her throat. "...I don't want you to just catch him, I want you to kill him."

Mikael quickly looked up at her, dropping the young waitress' arm from his grasp.

His blank eyes suddenly full of amusement.

He faced the young girl. "Darling, why don't you stitch that up? Wouldn't want you to bleed out and cause a scene."

He tilted his head as the waitress nodded and walked away.

Mikael unbuttoned his coat and took it off to feel more comfortable.

Picking up his mug with a smirk. "Well now we have something to discuss, don't we?"

Elena smirked back at him, as she sipped on her own coffee.


Klaus and Caroline are slowly but surely developing in their "relationship". I mean, at least we see that Klaus wants no one but Caroline but he's not her boyfriend and doesn't love her, exclusive enough? Klaus being so gentle and soft with Caroline's "first time" *swoons*.

So are well hating Elena more than usual now? And well Mikael is in town, given this new proposition, that only means trouble when the two people who want you dead the most are on the same team.