Okay so I've had this idea rolling around my computer for years now (I honestly can't remember when I first wrote it). It's been edited and changed so many times over the years but never posted. Until now that is! I've never been comfortable with my portrayal of the fast and furious characters but I finally figure what the hell? Why not give it a go. Let me know what you think!


By Rosa241

As the plane takes off I can't help but sigh happily. For the first time since everything kicked off I can feel myself actually starting to relax. Sinking into the seat I lean my head back and close my eyes. This past year has been hell.

Getting involved with Toretto was something I'd never have thought I'd do. A cop trusting a criminal? Yeah right! It was my job to put the hijackers behind bars not team up with them and help them get away with it. The plan may have been Dom's but I'd gone along with it happily. Going along with his plan, helping his team…his family get away with this was something I was more than happy to do. And why? Why had I helped them? Well that was something I had expected even less.


I'd clashed quickly with the hot tempered man but not for the reasons everyone thought. Dom and the others assumed it was because of both of our feelings for Mia but it wasn't. Naturally at first I'd thought that Vince hated me for that very reason too. Turns out I was wrong. His feelings for Mia weren't the problem. His feelings for me on the other hand…

All that arguing, fighting and general chaos had been down to one thing – sexual tension! He was attracted to me. When an annoyed Leon and a pissed off Letty had thrown the two of us into Vince's room back at the house we'd both been more than furious. At first we'd yelled, both blaming the other for our situation, before descending into complete silence. For over two hours we'd sat and blatantly ignored each other, both happy to do so. Eventually though the arguing had started up again.

Somehow, someway something had changed during that argument. It wasn't like we were going on about something new, just the same old same old, when all of a sudden something switched. Pinning me against the wall was a shock, very few people could get the jump on me, but his lips against mine…

The moment his lips touched mine electricity had sparked through me and the world seemed to fall into place. Even now a year on I can still feel the way his body pressed against mine. A shiver passes through me as I think about it. How long we'd spent wrapped in each other's arms sharing kisses I don't know. The smug grin on Leon's face when he'd finally opened the door had been worth the feeling of the older mans lips on mine.

We talked later on that night. Turns out that we both felt something for the other. I'd tried to shove my feelings to one side and focus on my job but I kept finding myself drawn back to him. Honestly I don't think I even acknowledged my feelings for the other man, not really. For starters I was undercover there was no way I could get involved with him and secondly never did I imagine that he'd ever feel the same way. To me it was obvious that he felt something to Mia. Dom and the others had thought the same at first but knowing Vince better than me they'd seen the truth before I had. He was attracted to me which didn't sit well with the older man. Apparently he hadn't always dealt very well with his feelings for other guys.

Somehow I was different.

Somehow his feelings for me were more serious which naturally made everything that much worse.

I later learned through a conversation with Letty that Vince had never been fully comfortable with his feelings for other guys. He slept with other guys of course which he had no issue making public knowledge but actual real feelings? Evidentially that had never happened before that he'd been able to accept. He had trouble accepting that this time he wanted to be in a relationship with a guy. That had been the reason why he hated me so much.

There were two things about my relationship with Vince that had shocked me. The first was just how loving he was. In public he could appear a bit stand offish but that didn't bother me, not really. Truthfully I'd never been one for public displays of affection. It was in private that things really mattered and that was where Vince was at his best. The sheer amount of love, affection and passion he was able to show in the simplest of actions bamboozled me. Something inside of me just melted the moment he smiled. I'm not kidding one smile from that man and I became a complete sap.

The second thing that shocked me was just how quickly we'd fallen into everything. Honestly it's like nothing I've ever experienced before. From the moment we'd kissed I felt like I'd known him for years, like we'd always been together. Being with him is just so amazing it's unreal.

For those few weeks before I'd dropped the bombshell things had been perfect. For the first time in my life I had it all. The family I'd always wanted but never been blessed with, a boyfriend who loved me and a job I was so excited about. Don't get me wrong I was excited about being a cop at first but after a few months I slowly started to realise just how much I didn't want it. I'd had this idea in my head over just what being a cop would be like. For those first few months I'd had a rose coloured glasses view of my job. When I realised that I didn't want it…

I threw myself into the job with everything I had, pushing myself more and more. All I've wanted for years was to go back to those first few months. To go back to the time when I had such excitement for something. Looking back it was after that point that the street racing picked up again. Cars had always been the one thing that I'd been excited about. Driving them, fixing them, talking about them…there's nothing about cars that I've ever been less than deliriously excited about.

Then I met the team.

The moment I got involved with them I suddenly felt that excitement return. I felt like I did in those first few months of being a cop. Getting involved with Vince just made that feeling even better. For those few weeks I finally felt like I was at home.

Of course then I'd had to tell them that I was a cop.

God that had been awful.

Vince's face when I'd finally said those words…I don't ever want to see that look on his face again. He looked so betrayed, so heartbroken, that I couldn't even bring myself to stop the tears that spilled down my cheeks. For days I thought that was it that I'd screwed up the best thing that had ever happened to me. That heart wrenching feeling inside of me almost destroyed me completely. Honestly in those few days I wasn't even sure that I wanted to carry on anymore, not if it meant being without him. It was in those few days that I'd realised I loved him. It shouldn't have been as much of a surprise as it was. Things between us had happened so fast so I should have expected that I'd fall for him just as quickly.

When Dom showed up at Harry's and told me about his plan…I grabbed onto it with both hands. If all that I accomplished was to prove to Vince that my feelings were serious then it was worth it. Even if afterwards he didn't love me or even want to be near me, so long as he knew that I was serious about him it would all be worth it.

Dom's plan was genius really.

I led the cops to believe that Dom was behind the hijackings, that he and his team were responsible. It didn't take long for Tanner to organise a raid on his place since everyone was determined to bring the man down. Despite knowing that it was going to happen they'd all managed to look sufficiently pissed off, although I strongly suspect that's more to do with the fact that they raided the place at 3 in the morning. Naturally the cops hadn't found anything during the search which believe me looked terrible for the FBI. They wasted a lot of money, a lot of money, on getting me into this place. Between the cars, the officers, the overtime…we're talking about a lot of money. Which was where the second stage of Dom's plan came into action.

Whilst the cops were busy raiding Dom's place another team, someone who apparently owed him one hell of a favour, hijacked a truck fifty miles away using the same method as his team. With the cops giving everyone the perfect alibi, they were all conveniently present at the house during the time of the raid, they had no option but to drop them from the investigation. Combine the hijacking, absolutely no evidence and the wasted money the FBI promptly dropped the investigation and walked away. I know I should have felt guilty about everything but I just couldn't bring myself to feel anything but total happiness.

The only problem with that plan was that the FBI pulled me out completely. They pulled the investigation and pulled me along with it. It took nearly a month before I could see the team again. The cops may have pulled the investigation but that didn't mean they weren't still keeping an eye on them. After two weeks of nothing but perfectly normal behaviour from the entire team all surveillance had been pulled. I'd waited another two weeks just to be safe before I raced down there as fast as I could.

Naturally I'd been worried but the thought of seeing Vince, the thought of seeing all of them, just made the risk worth it. It was only as I reached the house that I finally allowed my panic to take over.

How would he react?

How would any of them react?

Would they want anything to do with me?

Would they want me around?

Would he want me around?

My internal panic took several minutes to cool before I finally felt able to step from behind the wheel. I still remember walking towards the garage with my fists clenched to stop my hands from shaking. The moment I'd laid my eyes on him I knew right then and there that I'd made the right choices. For the briefest of seconds I'd thought he hated me before that small smile, my smile, had crossed his lips. As soon as his arms wrapped around me, as soon as his lips touched mine everything fell into place.

We spent all that night together before I'd had to leave. The last thing I wanted to do was raise any form of suspicion with my absence. Leaving had been easier this time though. Easier since I knew that he was still there for me, since I knew that he still loved me. Over the next three months I only saw him twice but just knowing that he was there made life worth it. I could wait if he was still there in the end.

It'd been nearly 9 months now since they'd upped sticks and moved down to Miami. Don't get me wrong I know it was part of the plan but it still stung that he was there without me. They left in stages. Leon and Jesse went first, followed three weeks later by Mia and Letty. Vince and Dom were the last to leave. I wanted nothing more than to pack up and go with them but that would be suspicious. The fact that they were leaving at all was suspicious enough so my leaving would only cause more problems.

9 months…

9 goddamn months!

I hadn't been able to call or anything.

9 months without hearing his voice.

9 months without seeing those eyes.

9 months without him…

It was hell!

Quitting my job was easier than I thought it would be. Since everything went to hell with the undercover operation I'd kind of ended up taking most of the blame. After all didn't I encourage them to go after both Tran and Dom? In the end neither of my leads had played out and I shouldered the blame. As much as taking most of the blame had been hell, not only with the cases I got but the general way I got treated, it was worth it. After my waiting was up I'd walked straight into Tanners office and handed my resignation over. He wasn't surprised.

The way those people had treated me had actually made things so much easier. Most of my former 'friends' had kept their distance since the op went to hell and truth be told even Tanner treated me differently. I'll admit that that one had stung. In the end though I guess it was for the best. No one really bated an eye when I left, oh they pretended to care but in the end my leaving was treated with little thought. In the end that's exactly what I needed to happen.

Doesn't mean it didn't sting though.

Shaking my head I force those thoughts out of my mind and focus on the happy reunion waiting for me. Smiling at the thought of seeing my boyfriend and family I rid myself of my previous dark thoughts. Knowing what's waiting at the end of this journey makes everything worthwhile. Leaning back in my seat I let my mind drift to the people waiting for me.

So that's chapter one. A lot to read there but I thought it important to give a good background to what I'm writing. I'm already planning to write some oneshots based on the background but for now I'll see where this story leads me. Until next time bye!

Oh! As for why Brian's flying down to meet the other rather than driving, well I figure after the operation was closed the FBI would have taken the cars that they gave to Brian. Also it gave me time to let Brian think properly rather than driving.