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Kara was so incredibly happy, giddy and over the moon. She and Barry had just spent their first Christmas married in their new home. It had been a marvelous affair. All of their family and friends had gathered at the house to celebrate at one time, to catch up on the months following the wedding. The house was packed with guests, and Kara's heart was full. Little did she know just a few weeks later that feeling would be eclipsed by another, more powerful emotion.

The new year came and went, and with it, the holiday decorations got packed back up and stored in the attic. Kara loved the domesticity of making a home with Barry. Home every night, whether it be early or late. Even when they had to protect innocent people they always made it home to each other. Nearly every morning they woke up together, both super hero's finding what normality they could together. There were also weekly family get togethers that everyone tried to make it to.

The second Saturday in January was actually pretty special. It was Barry's 27th birthday and it was something else too. Kara has a special present to give him that morning before everyone came over. The night before she wrapped it and hid it in her underwear drawer, anticipation curling in her stomach. After supper they soaked together in their garden tub before Barry carried her to bed.

Each time they made love was sweeter than the last. Kara felt the connection binding them grow stronger and brighter, nearly a tangible thing. There was no better feeling than holding her husband deep inside her, meshed together beautifully. The next morning Kara woke before Barry and silently glided across the floor to get his present.

"Barry." She whispered in his ear, running her hand through his hair. Slowly he stirred, rolling onto his side. "Happy Birthday handsome."

"Morning beautiful." Kara settled onto the bed next to him, naked as a Jaybird, knowing Barry was the same underneath the blankets. Excitedly she handed him the slim wrapped box.

"What's this?" He blinked waking up fully.

"My present. Open it."

"OK baby." Laughing Barry tore open the box and lifted the lid, freezing once he saw what was inside. Kara waited nervously, hoping he would like his surprise.

"Wai - Is - For real?" His big green eyes looked at her as he held up the piece of plastic. "A - are you pregnant?"

"Just over a month." Kara nodded. "I had Alex and Caitlin check me out yesterday."

"I'm going to be a dad?" Barry seemed shell shocked, tears in his eyes and a grin on his face.

"You're going to be an amazing dad." Kara, heart thrumming asked. "Are you happy?"

"Beyond happy." He kissed her so softly that she couldn't help crying. "We are going to be awesome parents."

In the blink of an eye they welcomed Laura Grace Allen nine months later. She has her daddy's electric green eyes and her mother's blonde hair. They delivered her in the medical wing of the Hall of Justice since there were no civilian hospitals to equip an alien birth with potential meta human capabilities. Everyone turned out to meet the baby, making Kara so thankful for her family.

Kal introduced Jackson to his baby cousin, over the moon in love with his little niece. Iris prattled about all the cute outfits she was going to buy and dress the newest member of the West family. After all the introductions Barry called Alex and Oliver into the room, the two looking confused.

"We've decided that we would like to to be Karen's godparents." Barry told the two of them with a smile as Kara relaxed in bed, watching Oliver stroke the little girls cheek with his finger as Alex held her. The adoration in the Arrow's eyes for the littlest person in the room made Kara know they chose the right man to take care of their daughter should anything happen to them.

"We'd be honored." Alex gave her sister a watery smile.

True to their word as godparents, the two took being overprotective to a whole new level. Laura grew up knowing that she could always count on Uncle Ollie and Aunt Alex, transitioning to resenting them in her teens and then loving them as an adult. Barry and Kara raised her to be independent yet caring, knowing that her heritage was to be someone who used her powers to help and protect those who couldn't.

Laura had obviously gotten her father's Speed Force powers, being the first speedster ever to be born with the powers. Normally speedsters never married or reproduced, living their lives fairly solitary. Barry was the exception, a kind of changing of the guard, setting a precedent that speedsters no longer needed to fight alone. She also gained her mother's powers, but they were weaker. Her DNA was different than those of a pure Kryptonian, but at the same time augmented by the Speed Force. Even Jackson had diminished powers, but was still powerful enough to help people in need.

Kara and Barry eventually retired from the hero business once they reached their 60's. They still helped their family out from time to time since Laura and Jackson had formed their own superhero team and took to protecting earth alone with Oliver's two children. There was a new Justice League that formed over the years, roster full of humans and aliens, all fighting to live up to the history of previous League.

"No regrets?" Barry asked as the two of them relaxed on the swing on their front porch, watching as hoverships zipped by in the distance, people commuting to and from work. The world certainly had changed over the years. More and more alien technology had been incorporated into everyday life, improving the lives of many. Slowly, Earth was evolving into something that resembled Krypton. Kara only prayed that the two planets wouldn't share fates.

"Never, scarlet speedster." Kara leaned up and kissed her husband, still handsome to her all these years later. His brown hair was now a distinguished silver, face lined from years of hard work and laughter. His eyes though, were still just as beautiful as ever, full of life and love.

"I love you Kara." His still strong arms wrapped around her shoulders. Time had aged her as well, her golden blonde hair now snowy white and cut to chin length like Alex's used to be all those years ago.

"I love you too Barry. More today than the day I married you."

"It's been a wild ride with you girl of steel, but I wouldn't have had it any other way."

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