As promised, a sequel to The Diner.


A year has passed since the events at the diner. Danny thought it was over. But that changes one day when a familiar face glances across to Danny at a gas pump. Something is not right and Danny is about to find out more then he bargained for. Steve and Danny's Road about to turn dangerous.

Chp 1 - A day at the Movies

Steve ran down the steps of the cinema, his gun still drawn. He called for the occupants of the room to stay down. Each one of them was already cowering on the floor, ducking from the gunshots sent their way by the fleeing suspect. Steve chased the man through a fire door at the side of the movie screen. The door opened up to the upper level of the movie theatre. The man was already running down the nearby steps.

"He is coming your way Danny." Steve called. The two partners had split up on arrival at the cinema in their chase for their man. The man in question was now pulling away from Steve and heading to Danny's location.

"Great, maybe we can meet for coffee." Danny quickly replied. Steve watched the once cross country runner almost run into the distance. He had managed to hit the ground and was running up the back alley that ran behind the movie theatre. All of a sudden Danny came running around a corner and was close behind him. Steve took 2 steps at a time as he descended the stairs. Danny kept up the pace behind the fleeing man, heading from the alley into an abandoned building. Danny jumped through the open window, following behind him. He could only hear the sounds of foot steps ahead of him.

"You are surrounded Lewis, might as well give up." Danny called. He was hoping to get a reply so he could track the voice through the deserted building, but the man was too good to fall for that. Danny followed behind, trying to look in every corner he could. The room was dark and cold, full of rubbish and remains of the life it once was. Danny came up to 2 doors at the far end of the room. He knows Lewis had to have gone through one of them.

"Lewis. There is no where to go." Danny said, once more hoping for some small sound. He decided to head through the door on the left. He walked in and was ambushed from behind as Lewis jumped him. The two fell to the floor and Lewis delivered a punch to the side of Dannys head. Danny rolled the man over, hoping to get the upper hand by pinning him to the ground. But he was mistaken. Lewis was quick and flipped Danny over, kicking him in the side.

"Danny!" Steves voice came from the distance.

"Steve!" Danny called back. Lewis started to head for the door, thinking he had stunned Danny. But the detective was not letting him go. He grabbed him from behind, his arms trying to fight the gun away from him. Lewis walked back, Danny hanging onto him, and slammed into the wall behind. Danny called in pain, his back hitting the wall hard.

"Danny, where are you?" Steve called. He could hear the noise from the far room and ran over. Lewis reacted quick. He took advantage of the dazed Danny and snaked his arm around his neck. Steve ran into the room in time to see the man place a gun against Danny's head.

"Woah, don't do anything stupid Lewis." Steve said raising his gun.

"I can't go back. No way." He said.

"You hurt him and you will be going back. Let him go and we will help you."

"I didn't mean to hurt that man."

"Okay, then let us work this through okay. But you got to let Danny go." Steve said.

"You and I both know the system wont allow that. It wont be lenient on me."

"Let us help you. We are 5 0, we have a lot of pull on this island." Steve looked at his partner, looking at the gun against his head.

"Not enough to get me out of all the trouble I am in, you don't know how much."

"Then tell me, I can help you. But I really need you to put that gun down and let Danny go." Steve said.

"I can't. I can't." he said. Lewis moved the gun from Danny's head and pointed it at Steve. All of a sudden, in a flash, Steve had lunged forward and grabbed Lewis, bring him and his hostage to the ground. Danny fell in a lump while Steve pinned Lewis to the ground. He punched him twice in the face and the man finally fell unconscious. Steve looked over to Danny.

"You okay?" he asked him.

"Yeah…..did you have to tackle him to the ground?"

"He had a gun to your head, what did you want me to do…discuss news and weather?" Steve said. He put his hand out and helped Danny up. Danny stretched and then doubled over, resting his hands on his knees. "You sure you are okay?"

"Yeah, got the wind knocked out of me… I need a vacation!"