The twenty-third day brings the noise and gets funky!


"Hey there, space cats! Ulala here coming at you with this week's news stories!"

The pink-haired reporter for Space Channel 5 was on site at Spaceport 9, which had recently been invaded by aliens. People from across the galaxy were tuned in to watch Ulala's broadcast. Although there was one person who hated the fact that Ulala was in the spotlight.

"It's me, Pudding! I'm here at Spaceport 9 to give you much a much more important news story than anyone else could!"

Ulala rolled her eyes at Pudding's words, but smiled nonetheless. One thing she learned about Pudding is that the former teen idol tended to let her ego get the best of her, so as far as Ulala was concern Pudding wasn't too much of a threat. Of course, Ulala didn't mind lending her a hand.

"It has been two weeks since the recent alien invasion and things have returned to normal," stated Ulala. "It turned out that the aliens, known as Morolians, were actually brainwashed by former Space Channel 5 head Chief Blank. Luckily, thanks to the combined efforts of Channel 42's Pudding and myself he was defeated and the Morolians were freed! Isn't that right, Pudding?"

"What? Oh! Right! Yes, evil is no match for me! Hohohoho!" laughed Pudding, trying to take most of the credit.

Ulala let out a few giggles. "Of course we must also thank everyone across the galaxy who lent us the dance energy needed to put a stop to Blank's plans. So Pudding and myself can't take all of the credit."

Pudding at least had the decency to blush in embarrassment. "Yes, thank you everyone for your help."

"That being said, should anything ever threaten our galaxy again, you can be sure that I'll make sure to put them in their place!" exclaimed Ulala.

"H-Hey! You're not the only one who can stop threats!" yelled Pudding as she glared at her rival.

"This is Ulala, signing off!" said Ulala with a giggle.



I had to watch a bit of a Space Channel 5 playthrough to get a better understanding of Ulala and Pudding's characters. Quite possibly one of the weirdest games you'll ever see.