So, I'm a big fan of the Avatar series and its sequel the Legend of Korra and one thing I always found odd is that the Avatar spirit Raava and to some extent Vaatu are the only sprits that ever seem to inhabit people. So, then I thought with other sprits over the centuries had done something similar, now doesn't mean they could bend multiple elements but maybe some could do more things like maybe if a person was housing a fish spirit of some sort they could breathe underwater to some extent and if they are a waterbender maybe their abilities might be just a bit superior to others or maybe they house a bird spirit and have superior eye sight, and stuff like that.

This is where Piteo which is Korean for Peter. And in this story Peter Parker lives in the Avatar world and is a citizen of the Fire Nation and has a spider spirit inside him. Now his abilities would be enhanced strength, speed while inferior to a Airbender's is still impressive, sticking to walls and capable of producing organic webs. He won't however be a fire bender and must rely more on his fighting skills like Mai or Tylee to be able to hold his own in a fight.

I did some research about this kind of thing and to look for a word that I could use to categorize these kinds of people in this story and eventually I settled on something from India called a Ghorala. The Concept comes from Rajasthan, a state in India where Ghorala's are seen normally in a negative light even if the sprit possessing them is benevolent. There's more to it than that but I thought that's all you needed to know at this point

He's also a childhood friend of Azula that over the course of the story begins to like him a bit more than just a friend. This chapter picks up before Lu Ten dies at Ba Sing Se and Azulon dies and all that business

Disclaimer I don't own any Marvel or Avatar the Last Airbender characters seen, mentioned or used in this story

Azula of the Fire Nation was a complicated person, even as a child no one knew what to expect from her. One day she could be the most adorable little angel and the next it was as if she was the herald of some ancient spirit of destruction. But many could agree that she was rather smart for her age and far more observant than many think possible for s girl so young

So when she heard and saw that a distant relative, who was considered family more by law than actual blood was coming to the live at the palace Azula took it upon herself to investigate the manner

Zuko her older brother didn't seem to care and rather spend more time with their mother and for some reason try to win their father's approval.

'Don't why he bothers; father never seems to care much for him anyway' Azula thought as she made her way through the halls of the Imperial palace on her own. From what she's gathered or more accurately overheard, the newcomer was being housed not too far from her rooms.

She eventually found the room she was looking for and took a quick look around to see if anyone was near before knocking loudly. While normally she'd just barge in, the fact that the Fire Lord placed a distant relative here in the Royal Family's quarters spoke volumes

'Maybe he's some illegitimate child that grandfather sired' Azula thought as she heard movement on the other side of the door.

She didn't have to wait long for the door to open and she was greeted to the sight of a boy who appeared to be around her age. She also noted that she was a few centimeters taller than him. He had short brown hair and bright brown eyes that held a sort of mischief in them that Azula has often been told she possess. The boy was also dressed in a red and black tunic like hers and Zuko's but obviously fitted for his size

The boy blinked at her for a moment before he poked his head out and looked around before settling his gaze on her "What?"

Azula felt her brow twitch before speaking "I'm Princess Azula"

The boy looked at her for a moment before nodding "Okay and?"

Azula was taken back by the remark "And? Don't you know what me being a princess means!"

"Sort of" the boy shrugged

"It means that you should be bowing before me as I'm of a higher station as a member of the Royal family" Azula said as she folded her arms and raised her chin "And since you're of a distant relation, that means I'm superior to you!"

The boy looked at her in confusion before speaking "But Fire Lord Azulon said that my status was raised"

This took Azula back as from what she's heard it was incredibly rare for any Fire Lord to ever raise the status of a distant family member that wasn't part of the royal bloodline. Like of the last ten Fire Lords, only thee ever did that

"What makes you so special?" Azula gave him a curious gaze

The boy shrugged "I don't know, but after my parents died I was taken in by the Fire Sages and after a while they said I was special and eventually contacted the Fire Lord. Next thing I know, I'm being told to move here"

Azula frowned at that 'What's so important about him that grandfather wou-'

Azula's eyes narrowed as a thought came to her "Do you know exactly what it was that the Fire Sages said was special about you?"

The boy seemed to think about it for a moment before nodding "Yeah, they said something about me being a… Ghorala"

Azula's eyes widened at this information, this wasn't what she was expecting to hear but none the less surprising "You're a Ghorala?"

The boy looked at her in slight confusion before nodding "Yes… is that a bad thing?"

"…No at least not in the Fire Nation" Azula said as she thought this over

She was right in that the Fire Nation doesn't look down on Ghorala like in the Earth Kingdom that has in the past tried to have the 'False Avatars' eradicated. Ghorala are basically people who contain a spirit within them and possess unique abilities not are too dissimilar to the Avatar and depending on the type of spirit housed within a person they had the potential to be a powerful person. Not to the same degree as the Avatar but pretty darn close

The boy was watching her for a while until he suddenly held out his hand "I'm Peito by the way"

Azula looked at the offered hand and took it with her own and shook it "Princess Azula of the Fire Nation"

"You already said that" Peito said in a deadpanned expression

"And don't you forget" Azula said with a glare that caused the boy to pale

"Yes sir"

Azula smirked at his reaction "Good, now than I want you to play with me"

Peito looked at her in surprise "Really, why?"

Azula gave him an annoyed expression "Because my friends can't visit today and I'd rather not bother with Zuzu"

Azula saw Peito's brow furrow in confusion and quickly elaborated "Zuzu is Zuko, my big dum-dum of a brother"

"That doesn't seem very nice" Peito said

"Yes well neither is not playing with a girl who's all alone and yet that's exactly what you're doing" Azula said as she turned away with a look of mock sadness on her face

Peito looked at her for a long time before he sighed "Your guilt tripping me aren't you?"

"Is it working?"


"HA!" Azula let out a triumphant cheer before grabbing Peito and began dragging him from his room and down the hall

'Having him around here could be fun' Azula thought as she made her way to the gardens with her new reluctant friend

A few minutes later Azula was standing in front of Peito in the gardens eyeing him with a critical gaze. Peito couldn't help but feel intimidated, it also didn't help that she was slightly taller than him and seemingly stronger too

'Than again I've never been around a lot of girls before, maybe it's normal' Peito thought as Azula nodded in satisfaction

"Yes you should do just fine. Tell me Peito how much skill do you have in firebending?"

"None" Peito said with a shrug

Azula looked startled "Wait, you aren't good or you aren't a bender?"

"The second one" Peito said as he scratched the back of his head "Why do I need to be?"

Azula looked at him for a long moment before she sighed "Well there goes that plan"

She than began to look around for anything else to entertain them when suddenly her stomach and Peito's growled. Azula blushed slightly while Peito frowned

"I'm hungry, where's the kitchen?"

Azula rolled her eyes, forgetting about her embarrassment "We don't go to the kitchens Peito, we have servants for that"

"But then won't the food be cold when they finally get it to us?" Peito said in slight confusion

While Peito's family was wealthy and considered nobles, they didn't have a massive estate or many servants outside one to attend to his mother and the guards. Most of the time if he was hungry he'd just walk into the kitchen and ask the staff for something or get it himself

"No Peito, as your now considered a member of the Royal family, that means we have people do it for us" Azula said before she began to look for a servant

"Seems lazy" Peito said as he followed Azula

"It's not, besides they willingly chose the job" Azula said with a roll of her eyes "Not my fault they think being submissive is a great job"

"With if they were forced to be a servant?" Peito asked

"Then they can take it up with the spirits in the afterlife" Azula said before she spotted her mother and Zuko approaching "Or great…"

Peito noticed the sudden shift in Azula's mood and followed her gaze to see a woman that looked like an older version of Azula approaching and a young boy.

'Guess that's her mother and brother' Peito thought as the woman saw the duo and approached

"Azula who's this?" Ursa sked as she looked to see a young boy around her daughter's age standing next to her

"His name is Peito mother, he's the one that grandfather had brought here. He's my new friend" Azula said in a slightly annoyed tone

"Friend?" Peito said with a roll of his eyes "I think forced acquaintance is a better term"

Azula's brow twitched as he turned to glare at Peito "How so?"

"Well for one you kind of dragged me here against my will" Peito pointed out

"And if I didn't where would you be right now hmm?" Azula looked at him pensively

"…Sitting in my room" Peito said with a cough

"Exactly, so shush and be grateful that I even bothered with you" Azula said

"Kind of wishing you hadn't" Peito said dryly which caused Azula to growl in annoyance

"Just for that your banished!" Azula said as she turned her back to him "You can find your way out I'm sure"

"Whatever you say or great Fire Lord Azula" Peito said with a bow

"Don't mock me!" Azula shouted

Ursa was watching the two in amusement as they went back and forth, completely ignoring her and Zuko as if they were in their own little world. She couldn't help the small smile she gave the two while Zuko was watching them for a moment before he turned to his mother

"Mother, I'm hungry" Zuko said as he pulled on her sleeve to get her attention

Ursa looked to Zuko and smiled "Zuko you just had breakfast not even an hour ago"

"I know but I'm still hungry" Zuko complained

Meanwhile Peito and Azula were still arguing only now it's moved from mocking Azula as Fire Lord to the style of her hair

"It looks like something I've seen on those Ostrich horses at the zoo" Peito said as he pointed to her bun

"It does not!" Azula stomped her foot down in annoyance

"Yeah it kind of does" Peito said with a satisfied smile on his face

Azula was on the verge of lighting his hair on fire when her mother cleared her throat loudly and caught both youth's attention

"Azula me and Zuko here were about to have lunch, would you and your friend like to join us?" Ursa sked kindly

It was then that Azula gave her mother a glare "Why? Me and Peito were in the middle of a game"

"No we weren't" Peito said innocently even though his eyes screamed anything but

"Quite!" Azula glared at Peito's grinning face

Suddenly Azula's stomach growled rather loudly and caused her to blush as Peito snickered while Ursa chuckled

"I don't know Azula, you sound pretty hungry to me" Zuko said with teasing grin

Azula growled as she folded her arms "Fine! I'm hungry happy?"

Ursa chuckled as she began gestured the three to follow her "Come along, I sent word earlier to the staff to prepare us a meal"

"I still don't like the idea of strangers making my food" Peito mumbled

"You make it sound like they're going to poison it" Azula said with a scoff

"Wouldn't blame them" Peito said with a sigh

'Agni help me when he meets Mai' Azula thought with her brow twitching as she and her new friend followed her mother and brother into the palace

And done.

So, here's the first chapter, next one will be a bit of a time skip. Not too long like a few weeks and will show more interactions or Peito with the royal family.