Author's Note: Hi guys! So with this story you don't need to have read Silver Wings, but just know Skylar and Fang had a relationship, but Fang left her and the Flock to track down a group called the Jekyll's that was posing a threat to them. I am actually following a plot plan for this story, so hopefully it's not just a random jumble of things happening like it was last time. Thanks! XOXO- Skai.

Fang's POV:

The water I was sipping coldly ran down my throat, I focused on that feeling to mask my boredom. I had been waiting for half an hour the group I had assembled to show up. They were all mutants like me, with powers and abilities, one even had wings too. But most importantly: they were all late.

The door to the small sushi restaurant opened, a little bell spritely announcing someone's arrival. I recognized her from her online photo, her name was Jinx.

She was a noticeable presence in a crowd, with short pink hair that was cut choppily towards the ends. It looked frayed, but it was hard to tell if it was purposefully done that way.

"Fang?" She called out in the opposite direction of where I was sitting.

I replied, "Over here." I stood up and went to greet her. "I'm Fang."

"I'm Jinx, as you probably already know," she said, I noticed she had a slight accent, but I couldn't pin-point where it was from.

Everything about her demanded attention. Her heeled boots, which gave her an extra 6 inches, made her even taller than me. I was over six feet.

Her clothes were revealing and tight, but her eyes scanned the room menacingly. When a boy's eyes lingered too long, she flashed a no-nonsense scowl that would have full grown men cowering.

"Do you want something to eat?" I gestured to the table.

"Perfect," she said sitting down. "I'm famished." I could feel my eyes widen as the waiter came over to take her order, she ate more than Max and I combined.

I was sure she could even eat Skylar by the time she had downed eleven plates of sushi and four sodas. I didn't want to glance around, knowing the questioning and awestruck gazes that would meet me.

"So where are you from?" I asked; I was curious about the accent.

She stopped shoveling food into her mouth for long enough to retort, "That's none of your business."

I ran my hands through my jet black hair hair stressedly. I turned back to the plate of sashimi I had ordered, "Okay, that's… fine." Jinx's eyes narrowed at me but she said nothing as she continued to eat.

I was more than relieved when another girl entered through the door. She was short and I could only make out a flash of hair as she wove her way through the strings of people. I could feel my heart rate pick up. It couldn't be. The hair was shiny and… silver. Exactly like Skylar's.

My heart pounded a thundering beat in my ears. When she stood in front of our table a mix of relief and disappointment rushed through me. It wasn't Skylar.

Instead, a young girl stood before me. She looked around fifteen to sixteen years old. Her eyes were a striking aqua blue that were, thankfully, much different from Skylar's pale grey ones.

She wore an oversized black hoodie and jeans, paired with beat up converse. She looked perfectly normal. "I'm Connecticut."

Jinx let out a blatant snicker next to me. "Connecticut? What, Virginia was already taken?" I felt the sudden urge to slap a hand over her mouth, but I assumed I would end up with a missing limb or two.

"No, I just liked the name," Connecticut replied simply. She turned to me, "You must be Fang."

I reached a hand behind my neck, "That would be me." Connecticut's head tilted, something so animalistic it took me by surprise. She was looking at me intently when I finally asked, "What?"

She was still staring confusedly at me when she answered, "Your heart rate rose when I walked in. It could have been for several reasons, but you looked fairly disappointed to see me. My guess is I look like somebody you know. But who?"

I had to force my jaw not to drop. "Well, look who's the little Sherlock," Jinx quipped.

I could feel my face pale, "How did you know that?" I kept voice calm and controlled, well at least I hoped I did.

"Super hearing, or at least as close as it gets. It comes with these." Connecticut pulled her hood back slightly so Jinx and I could see. Grey wolf ears peaked out from underneath her hair.

To the untrained eye, it might have just looked like a realistic pair of fake animal ears, lots of people had been wearing them anyway. But it was obvious to me in the way they twitched and perked that they were anything but fake.

What surprised me the most was how she had heard my heartbeat. The rest of the Flock had had advanced hearing, but nothing to the degree of hearing heartbeats.

Jinx let out a slew of curses, only they were actually ice cream flavors. "What the rocky road kind of strawberry is that?" It would be an understatement to say not laughing was difficult. Connecticut finally spluttered with contained laughter and Jinx's gaze turned into a withering glare. She fell silent.

All of our heads snapped towards the door when we heard some more people enter. One was a boy with dark curly hair and chocolate skin, dressed in a neon pink nike t shirt and jeans. The other was a girl with platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes, light blue jeans hugged her legs tightly and a loose white hoodie hung from her shoulders. While the boy seemed preoccupied, lost in thought, she was scanning the room, looking for a potential threat.

Her eyes landed on the table and she nodded her toward us, showing the boy where we were. He looked surprised at her but I didn't know why. I kept my eyes trained on them as they walked over. The boys steps were noisy and loud. Her steps were quiet and silent.

The boy's face was split with a grin when he took the rest of us in, "I'm Kieran." We all looked to the girl for a similar response.

Quietly but not timidly, she replied, "I'm Lihn."

When they finally took their seats, Kieran and Jinx started chatting enthusiastically. Both of them had loud enough personalities to handle each other. I noticed that Lihn stayed silent. "Do you want to order anything to eat?" I tried asking, she shrugged in a way to 'sure' and then went back to vigilantly observing the room.

I was growing anxious, "Do you know if there's anyone here tonight?" I hoped she would catch the meaning behind the word 'anyone'.

Her gaze flicked towards me and then back to the room, "That's what I'm trying to find out."

"This isn't a set up," I told her. "Promise.

"Forgive me if I'm still going to be cautious. After all, getting contacted over email to meet at a sushi restaurant in Nevada to meet with a bunch of so-called genetically altered mutant teenagers, seems fairly suspicious to me," she remarked.

When I saw her way of thinking, I became surprised more of them hadn't been the same way. But it wasn't hard to figure out that Lihn had endured much more than the rest of them. Survival and mistrust seemed ingrained into her personality.

But then again, I had to assume the rest of them had their own backstories. I just needed to figure the rest of them out. Once you knew someone's past you knew their values, morals, perspective, and personality.

Everyone ordered and the food came, all of them eating more than humanly possible; but I guess we weren't really human anyways. Finally, when it seemed as if everyone had eaten their fill, I pulled out my laptop from my backpack. I had been stepping on one of the straps relentlessly through dinner, in case anyone were to try and steal it.

I placed it on the table and opened the file I had created, The Jekylls.

I spun the laptop towards the rest of the group, the screen. light slightly illuminating their faces. "I know you're all here to fight the Jekylls for different reason, but that doesn't mean we can act individually against them. The Jekylls are a group with assets all over the world, one person can't take them down.

But it's a possibility that a bunch of super-human teenagers can. So we act together, we work as a team, we help and protect one another while simultaneously taking down the Jekylls. Everyone agree?"

The group murmured their agreements and nodded. I wanted to sag with relief, "Good."

I stood up, leaving a wad of cash on the table, "So let's see what you all can do."

Break in the page

The wind around us was hot and stale and we were standing in a behind a large abandoned building. But there was no one around us, and that was what we needed to be able to reveal our powers and abilities.

I nodded to Jinx first. She stepped out in front of us. "I need someone to come stand next to me and scream."

We looked among ourselves, confused and curious, but Kieran recklessly grinned and went to stand next to Jinx. He opened his mouth and took in a large gulp of air before releasing an ear-splitting scream. Apparently his loud voice carried over into every aspect of him making noise.

Jinx raised her hands and made a sideways swish towards us. The impact wasn't too hard, but it was enough to set me off balance and make Lihn and Connecticut stumbling.

Jinx made a little flourish with her arm and bowed, her short pink hair flopping into her face. I couldn't help the smile that reached my face. Soundwaves: she could move soundwaves. Kieran and Connecticut let out whoops and laughter, as did I. Lihn, as expected, remained silent. But a small smile twitched at her lips.

"I'll go next," Connecticut offered eagerly. I looked on with curiosity. I hadn't guessed that there was more than super hearing and wolf ears. She walked silently until she was a at least twenty feet away from the rest of us.

She took a shuddering breath and I watched as her human figure shrank and changed until a silver wolf stood before all of us. Her aque blue eyes eerily glowed in the fading light.

Jinx's jaw had gone slack looking at her, and Connecticut looked pleased. She trotted over and took a seat next to Lihn. She dipped her head happily, signaling for someone else to go. I admitted to myself I was impressed.

"Lihn," said Jinx with a rude lilt to her voice, "why don't you go?" I couldn't understand Jinx's need to challenge people and assert herself, but she did. Lihn seemed to be her next target.

Lihn shrugged off her hoodie to reveal a tshirt with two holes slashed in the back. She quickly unfolded a pair of crisp white wings. I thought of Angel and her appearance, it gave her a look of unblemished innocence. Lihn's appearance made her seem icy and cold, but her demeanor also added to that.

Jinx crossed her arms over her chest, clearly disappointed at a lack of anything to taunt or rebuff. I shook my head playfully and said to Kieran, "Your turn."

Unlike the rest, Kieran didn't move from his place. Instead he shut his eyes for a minute. I was growing impatient when he opened them again, a glazed milky look covering them.

His once dark eyes were now coated in what looked like a layer of frosted glass. His mouth twitched with murmured words that were indecipherable. I could tell the others were growing slightly frightened at spectacle, but strangely, waves of serenity seemed to wash over my body and mind.

Everyone's rigid forms went slack and the terror left their expressions. It was happening to others as well. I glanced around us, the only person who wasn't affected wasn't even in human form. She was a wolf.

"You're doing this," I remarked quietly, knowing Connecticut would hear. She nodded and gave me a wolfish grin that was all teeth and fangs. I turned my attention else where when Kieran seemed to pull out of his mindless daze and blinked confusedly until his eyes returned to their normal chocolate brown.

"Skylar," he said, sounding far away. "There's a girl named Skylar. She's pretty… with silver hair and eyes. She's… I don't know, it looked like she's having a panic attack. She-."

I cut him off sharply, "Stop. Stop talking about her." I could feel my temper rising. But it wasn't at Kieran or even her; it was at myself.

"I'm sorry," Kieran apologized. "I see the future, past and present. I can't control what I see."

I forced a smile to my face, "It's fine. Sorry, it's just a topic I like to avoid." Once again, I felt feelings of calmness overcome me. I couldn't help but laugh, "You know, did anyone ever tell you it's rude to screw with people's heads?"

Connecticut barked a laugh but Jinx jumped back, incredulous. "You're the one doing that?!"

It wasn't long before everyone began chuckling when Jinx began to run around with her hands pressed against her ears. Connecticut was on the ground laugh. I could hear the sirens begin to blare in the distance. "It's the cops!" said Kieran.

Jinx rolled her eyes, "No duh." We bolted out from behind the building, going the opposite direction of the sirens. Laughter still bubbled from our mouths as we ran down the sidewalks that were being speckled with rain.