There once was a young man named Chris Bezukhov. Chris was a descendant of a 19th century Russian man named Count Pierre Bezukhov. One day Chris was at a local convenient store buying a soda when all of a sudden a beautiful girl walks in. Chris was smitten by her pretty face and nice outfit. Chris then decides to walk over to this attractive young lady and flirt with her. "Hello there" said Chris, "Oh... hello there" said the girl, "I'm Chris Bezukhov" said Chris, "Bezukhov?" Said the girl "sounds Russian", "Well it's because I'm of Russian descent" said Chris "as well as Russian nobility to boot", "Wow, that's very interesting" said the girl "I'm Joanna by the way" Joanna then shook Chris' hand, Chris shook back and then kissed it, Joanna blushed after that. "Has anyone ever told you that you are the most beautiful girl in the world" said Chris in a charming tone, "Aww, thank you" said Joanna as she blushed even more "here, let me give you my number. Joanna then pulled out a pen and a spare piece of paper, wrote down her number and gave it to Chris, she then kissed her cheek, "call me" winked Joanna. Later that day as Chris was walking to the building where his penthouse was located, the paper with Joanna's number blew out of Chris' hand. "NO!" Screamed Chris as he chased that paper across the sidewalk hysterically, bumping into people in the progress. And just like that the paper was long, never has Chris had been this devastated.