Even though he lost Joanna's number, Chris was still determined to meet her again. So every day for years he waited at the exact same convenient store from whence he met her. Every day he waited, ever day she didn't show up. The irritable but overworked current cashier was getting sick of visiting, only buying a soda, and hanging around every single day. "Dang it that girl is never coming back! Now finish your soda and get out! Shouted the cashier. But that didn't stop Chris from coming back the next day, and the next day day and so fourth, much to the cashier's annoyance. One week ago, a girl was applying for a job as a cashier at the very same convenient store Chris visited every day after the last cashier, the same one annoyed by Chris' daily visits, quit after getting fed up with his job, for obvious reasons. This girl's name was Polly.