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Trying Again

A quiet groan lightly escaped from behind a curtain of blonde locks, as a sixteen year old boy stared blankly at his chemistry text book; the teacher at the front of his class drowning on in a dull monotone that caused everyone in the class to fight against the fringes of sleep. Blinking back a yawn trying to escape his mouth that would draw attention to himself, the teen turned his attention towards the window as the clouds passed across the horizon. Jaded blue eyes, once as bright as the sky, were now chipped with steel gray; showed his overactive thought process as his mind fought with itself between slipping back into memories or refocusing on the lesson.

Shaking himself from his thoughts, the youth looked back at his book for only a second before looking towards the clock hanging above the teacher's head. Seeing it was four minutes until the end of class, the teen started collecting his notes while quickly search the students around him for the sleepers before the teacher noticed them. Spotting one, the teen almost wanted to laugh at who it was.

Grabbing his eraser, the teen snapped his wrist, sending it into the forehead of the equally blonde boy behind him. The recently dubbed 'Prince of Kuoh' jerked awake without a sound, as was becoming a daily occurrence, as soon as he was hit. Blinking quickly to reorient himself, the boy looked up at the clock before easily tossing the eraser into open bag next to boy ahead of him. Muttering an almost silent "Thanks Naruto" as he started packing up as well, the 'Prince' did a quick scan of the class to make sure nobody saw or heard him.

The boy named Naruto shrugged while scratching his whisker-marked cheek to hide his answer, "Welcome Yuto."

The second Naruto finished whispering his reply, the bell rang ending the school day, as well as waking the rest of the class. "Hey Na-" Yuto started only to be cut off as the mostly girl-filled class rushed the handsome young man, asking for dates and other things that couldn't be deciphered due to them all speaking at once.

Snickering at his fellow blonde's curse of fangirls, Naruto silently left the room, bag in hand without anyone being the wiser to his passing, something he'd always had a talent for, even before he'd come to this school. Ever since he was found in what remained of a burnt red and black coat with what was now his name stitched inside of it, his abilities always tended to make people ask questions when they saw them. So to stop the questions he started hiding his skills and abilities as best as he could, something that came to him naturally.

Ghosting his way through the halls of the Kuoh Highschool, Naruto made his way outside so he could start his way home, 'humph home yeah right.' The boy thought to himself while he passed by the mostly girl population of the school, most barely even seeming to notice him, while he used most of the popular students to distract attention away from him. His favorite targets for the attention being the 'Two Great Ladies' of the thrid year group; Gremory Rias and Himejima Akeno.

Shaking away his thought Naruto disappeared into the background, just being missed by Kiba Yuto, as he tried and again failed to catch his follow blonde. 'Tsk'ing quietly the blonde 'Prince' turned away from where he knew he'd lost the infamous 'Ghost of Kuoh', Yuto turn back towards the school grounds and set off to meet his club.

Naruto didn't know it but his ability to disappear whenever he wanted to had gathered some attention to him from several groups, one of which happened to be his favored attention grabbers. Due to having several classes with the whiskered blonde boy, Yuto had managed to notice some oddities around him. While Naruto didn't stand out in any major ways he seem to blend in to the background too well; Yuto tried to follow him several times during lunch, only to lose sight of him around a corner that was steps ahead of him, but the hall was completely empty when the princely boy rounded the bend. Politely asking others if they seen the boy only gathered negative replies and his own seemingly growing fan base.

What made it harder as well as annoying for the young teen was he was SURE Naruto wasn't doing it to intentionally lose him, the boy just seem to do it out of instinct or habit. Not even his familiar, a Paragon Falcon, was able to keep track of the other second year. None of this was what truly attracted the attention to him compared to the fact that he seemed to produce no aura, which should be impossible; anything that's alive has an aura except seemingly Naruto. 'What is he? A ninja?' Yuto mentally groaned to himself, keeping his perfectly polite smile in place while he entered the old school building where his club mates where waiting.

As Yuto opened the door, he was greeted with the sight of the rest of the Occult Research Club. The room was a converted class room decorated in Victoriana style furniture consisting of two large couches with a large stylized dark oak table set between them, at the other end and of the table opposite the entrance sat an large mahogany office desk, filled with occult books, mythology books, and a large, ever growing pile of unfinished paperwork. Yuto barely held back his sweat-drop at the last part. Quickly pushing the thought aside, he observed his co-workers of sorts. He was still adjusting to having joined them.

First was a smaller white haired girl, although 14 she looked much younger than she was, and just moved up to highschool first year in the new term. Though her face was blank her golden eyes were focused intently on the cookie she was munching on. This girl was Toujou Koneko. She wore a white and blue school uniform for the middle school nearby.

At the mahogany desk sat the one of the 'Two Great Ladies' of Kuoh Highschool and club president Germory Rias, her long crimson hair flowing down her back, slightly pale skin making a sharp but pleasing contrast as her blue-green eyes moved from her paper work to him with an almost relieved look to them. She wore the female version of the Kuoh uniform with her double D breasts filled out quite completely. Behind her stood the other 'Great Lady' and vise-president Himejima Akeno, her black hair, which was a good deal longer then Rias, was held back in a high ponytail, which she pulled off better than many could. Like Rias she was also in a Kuoh uniform, and her shirt straining E cup chest filled it out. Akeno was also holding a silver serving tray under her bust, pushing it up slightly while she looked up from checking Rias's work.

"Welcome back Yuto." Rias said with a smile, before it waned slightly seeing him alone. "I see you didn't catch him again." Yuto could only sigh and shake his head as he sat on the couch across from Koneko, Akeno serving him a cup of tea as he did so.

"Unfortunately not Buchou." Yuto said with a groan, "He managed to make it out of class while my attention was demanded by our other classmates."

Rias winced slightly, as she realized that this was a hit to his pride, quickly covering the wince with a small but truly kind smile. "It's not your fault Yuto-kun, none of us or our familiars can keep track of him."

"Thank you Buchou." Yuto returned kindly "However, I have three out of five classes with him yet I still can't keep track of where he is most of the day."

"Ara Ara, seems our little Ghosty-chan is living up to his title." Akeno said with a smile that was slightly covered by one of her hands. "What of our other potential guest?"

"Pervert smells like tiger." Koneko said in a monotone voice with a deadpan look.

Rias sighed as she cupped her chin in her hands and stared forwards at the door. "Then we can pretty much knock Hyodo-san off our list. If he had a more powerful gear he'd be worth trying to mesh with our group, however I can't ask you all to put up with his actions; and insults in your case Yuto, if he wouldn't be helpful when the time came."

Yuto gave a strained smile as he remembered what many of the males at the school said about him, it's one of the reasons he was hoping to get Naruto to come join him, he was the only other guy at the school that didn't talk behind any-ones back. 'Then again I rarely see him talk to any ones front either.'

Rias sigh and nodded to herself. "Okay, we'll just have to try and focus more of our time into trying to track Uzumaki-san, I'll see if I can talk to Sona about his records to find his address." The others nodded before Rias looked back to Yuto with a smirk. "So what's this I hear about you missing assignments in Chemistry class Yuto-kun?"

Cue pretty boy sweatdrop.

It wasn't until three days till summer holidays, a full three months of trying, that Naruto finally realized someone was trying to stop from making it out of the school. The Occult Research Club was standing outside the gates while the student council tried to follow his movements inside the school, they were failing but they were getting slightly better at it.

As soon as he exited the doors to the school, hidden among the many students he realized the potential problem, he knew all those that were standing, ahead of the horde he was hidden in, were the 'popular kids'; the attention getters. He still had anxiety problems along with his odd case of PTSD, not that any counselors or doctors could explain his flash back in any form. His fear of being the center of attention, which sprang from nightmare of being attacked by mobs with knives and burned repeatedly, was the reason he stayed away from people.

Narrowing his eyes he slipped around the groups of people that were forming as they stared at ones blocking the gate. Quickly and silently slipping into the shadows of the trees lining the school wall, Naruto jumped the fence using a tree as a booster. Pulling his blazer and school shirt off, Naruto pulled on an orange and black t-shirt from his bag, before moving with the foot traffic to make his way back to the gates and listen in.

"Thank you for your time, I know you all want to be going home after finishing your test, so I'll only make my announcements brief." Shitori Sona, Student council president said loudly before continuing talking. However Naruto ignored her and instead focused his eyes on the two groups of people looking through the gathered students. What really stood out to him was that, other than the searching groups, everyone seemed to be hypnotized by Sona's voice.

Naruto smirked when he saw his classmate Yuto was among the groups searching the students, looking intently at the blonde pretty boy Naruto waited for him to look up. Seeming to feel he was being watched Yuto turned from the students he was searching near to the gates; only for his eyes to shoot open. There standing almost directly behind the student council president was the object of their search, smirking right at him eyes locked and everything; Yuto could almost hear the "got ya." at the look on his face.

Noticing their blonde teammate stop the rest of the ORC followed his sight, only to gape at the scene. Naruto looked at each of them in the eye, smirk clearly visible on his whiskered face. Giving the gathered people a mocking salute Naruto flicked a folded piece of paper towards them, which landed right next to Sona's foot, before stepping back a disappearing to the foot traffic as if he was never there.

Sighing at yet another failed recruitment attempt, which was made worse as they hadn't even gotten to talk to him yet, Yuto made his way over to the paper and picked it up to read:

Better luck catching me next term Yuto,


Rias looked over the note she was handed and couldn't tell if she wanted to start twitching in annoyance or smirk at the implied challenge. "Looks like we have some hunting to do."


Naruto isn't going to have Kurama, but he is going to have his Chakra and he'll regain all his abilities he had eventually, but for the first little while I'm going to make him seem like a normal ninja just with extra strength muscles. The biggest thing I want to do is have his memories fragmented, he is going to have them come back to him in flash backs as he goes, and will get them all back at some point. Two major things are his new abilities will be unlocked as soon as he becomes a devil, although they are slightly showing now.

I'm trying to make this Naruto and Rias have a different basis for their relationship, I've seen him die and Rias save him, but him still be rebellious, him be willing to change and be rebellious; which I find makes the least sense and I've seen him stay human. So I'm trying to take a new look at it, at least I think it's a new outlook.