"VULTURE" by Alessandra Azzaroni

© 2003 by Alessandra Azzaroni vcaoriginals@yahoo.com.au http://au.geocities.com/vcastairwaytoheaven/index.htm



Written in Australia. Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, is a real place in the state of Victoria in Australia.


I often wondered to myself if I was a complete failure or not. I thought I was doing well in life, but I wasn't really succeeding. And if you're not succeeding, you must be doing something wrong… right?
Indeed, I felt as though I'd never live up to everyone else's expectations. But that surely wasn't uncommon; surely there were billions of us failures around the world, knowing we'd never amount to anything, and that we'd learned to live with that knowledge. It was our way of life.
Maybe I wasn't a failure as much as I was a destroyer. I destroyed people's lives… literally. Indirectly, some people had told me, but two lives were lost, and the one left despised me for my "murderousness", as they put it.
"I hope you're happy," they told me, as if I had planned for them to die, but I didn't!
Still, I believed for a very long time that I was a killer, maybe because I had no one else to blame.
And killing my family members had taken away my soul… if I had even had one to begin with.