A quick little update in regards to the OCs.

As I was reading through a couple of them a realization hit me. "Why?"

For some OCs I already have an assumption as to why they want to join Neo's organization. But for the majority of the time, I get mentally unstable people with no particular reason to join. So I've updated the application form a bit with the addition of a 'Motivation:' section. If you've already sent an OC to me, PM ME THROUGH YOUR OLD MESSAGE. Seriously, I don't need a cluster of new messages to be mixed with other OC applications.

The reason behind this is that for most SYOC fics, the author will either announce the chosen or all characters will be introduced by the actual written chapter. Neo's Dysfunctional Criminal Organization isn't about that. I'm planning on introducing the characters a bit at a time. Sure I could make up their own backstory, but then I'm probably going to get an angry PM from the creator claiming I butchered their character.

One more thing. Try to make your criminal record unique alright? I've got a couple so far that overlap with one another – kind of makes it hard to choose.