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Chapter 1

Hadn't it been for Gin, Sherry would not have agreed to go on such mission. Some high school festival full of noise, dirt and strangers? No, thank you. She would have numbered the many reasons she was not the fittest member for the job. She would have claimed not feeling well. But if Gin kept her company… well, that was a different story.

Right there before that festooned gate, Sherry knew Gin stood as a walking bribe. The head scientist Sherry won't leave her laboratory? Just present her with her favorite fair-headed assassin – she'll follow him in no time. And, whether she liked it or not, she had to admit that the tactic did work. What infatuated seventeen-year-old could resist to those bright green eyes that watched her with affection and soft lips that told her he loved her? Not Sherry.

She was in love with Gin – that was a truth she had long ago come to terms with. She liked talking to him, hanging out with him, even standing next to him. Her heart had only recently stopped going pitter-patter whenever they held hands, although he still blushed very faintly. The goal to kiss him had been long achieved and her efforts were focused now on a different part of his figure. A nether region, so as to say…

Navigating the mass of fellow teenagers with some difficulty, Gin and Sherry managed to leave the thick wall behind and step onto the school grounds. She looked around and spotted a multitude of wooden stalls quite obviously built by the students themselves. Somewhere a few foot away stood a (surprisingly stable-looking) stage against a wall. By the amount of effort put on it, no one would guess that the festival only lasted two days.

'What should we do first?' Gin spoke.

Sherry turned at him – the boy waited for an answer with his head tilted towards her. Being outdoors on such a sunny day, his hair looked invetably blonder, nearly golden. It only made him look prettier.

'I don't really care,' she responded, raising her voice above the unpleasant hum of the crowd. 'How much time do we have?'

'A couple of hours,' he informed, gazing at his watch. He looked around. 'There's a bit of everything. Have you eaten?'

'Not really. I had no time.'

Gin sneered in satisfaction and looked at her.

'It's on me, then. I'll buy you wathever you want.'

Sherry knew any other person would have protested. She didn't.

'You owe me, actually,' she remarked with a sneaky grin. 'Last time was on me.'

Gin raised an eyebrow and widened his smile.

'That's not the way a grateful, proper lady should behave.'

'This proper lady has bought you enough meals for you to compensate her. You're the one who should be grateful.'

Gin laughed and held her hand. Taken by surprise, Sherry felt her cheeks blush.

'Let's go!' he exclaimed, dragging her forwards. 'But next time's on you!'

While they hurried through the swarming school grounds and still sporting a smirk on her face, Sherry managed to reply, 'You wish!'


At last! This fic has been finished since October 2nd, but I couldn't publish it until today. First it was because I couldn't come up with a title, then because I was too busy… But here we are now, and that is what matters. The fic consists of a total of six chapters and I'll be publishing one per wek, on Mondays.

The original request was fairly vague in terms of plot, except for one thing: that Gin and Sherry be watching a firework display when he suggests trying having sex. Such a specific detail caught my attention, and so I decided to include it in the final fic at all costs. When thinking of a title, I came up with "Fire flowers" – being "fire flower" the literal translation of the Japanese word for "firework" ("花火"). There's also a relatively obvious game on words with the word 'fire' as an indirect, traditionally literary reference to sex and sexuality.

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