Chapter 6

Gin's lips pressed against the corner of Sherry's mouth as she closed the door of her bedroom behind them and switched the lights on. Either due to their rushed race across the city or the nature of her suggestion on that hill (or a mix of the two), his heart had speeded up as never before.

Their clothes didn't take long to rest on the floor. Sherry's plain white bra felt surprisingly smooth against his chest when she pushed him closer for a long smooch, which left him catching his breath for a moment before his hands could slide up her back and try to unfasten said bra – however unsuccessfully. The girl let out a laugh and took it off herself, dropping it next to their feet.

'It takes practice,' she noted.

'I'll learn,' he responded with a grin.

Sherry made a roguish smile and seemed to prepare to say something else, but changed her gesture and kissed him. Her tongue grazed his while her hands slithered down his chest and onto his underpants, which he hurried to take off. As he didn't fail to notice, her eyes opened wide when they met his freed half-erect dick.

'W-wow!' she muttered. Gin averted his eyes. His cheeks seemed to burn. 'Just… wow…'

'Could you not... stare at it?' he asked. Sherry gazed up. He added, 'Don't you like it?'

'Of course I like it!' she replied. 'It's just that I'm… surprised at the very least. I have seen others before, but never yours, and it's just,' she glimpsed back down, 'surprisingly… ready… '

Gin had thought he couldn't blush any harder.

'It's…' he started, 'it's only half-har….Wait. What do you mean you've seen 'others' before, exactly?'

Sherry's cheeks were the ones to flush then, although the frown she made had nothing to do with Gin's embarrased gesture.

'Did you think that I was oblivious to porn?' she protested. 'Not that there's as much that matches my likes as I'd want, but of course I've seen some penises! And other things… You have anything against that?' she added with a fierce look.

'No, not at all!' Gin hurried to answer. 'It's… it's a relief, actually,' he confessed with a shrug. 'I thought you knew as little about dicks as I know about… you know… pussies…'

Sherry raised her eyebrows and moved an arm over his shoulders.

'Luckily for us both,' she started, 'I do know a thing or two on… that.' She glanced at his bare crotch. 'It may be complex, but actually not that complicated – especially from a scientific perspective.' While she talked, her free hand glided down his stomach. 'It's all about nerve endings… and hormones…'

Gin let out a groan when Sherry clutched his dick. Very slowly, her warm hand started to move up and down, treating the hardening length underneath with such a care as he couldn't have expected.

By the time he had reached a full erection, Sherry stopped. Before he could question why or even ask her to go on, however, she pulled him towards her bed.

'Don't you want to,' she started, leading his hands down her body, 'get your practical lesson on pussies…?'

Gin smirked. As if following a well-studied choreography, Sherry sat on the bed and he dropped to his knees before her. He rolled her panties all the way down and then threw them across the room.

Her thighs felt pleasantly warm when he pushed them open. The view between them took him only partially by surprise – porn actresses tended to lack any pubic hair. Sherry's was reddish brown, only a shade darker than her eyebrows. Gripping her hips, he positioned his face right before her crotch.

Its salty taste did surprise him. He gave Sherry's sex a second lick, pressing his tongue harder against it to make sure. Yes, undoubtedly salty. He realized he had never pondered on how a pussy could taste. He didn't exactly dislike it, actually. At the third lick, he thought he could get used to that flavor. And the purrs of pleasure that Sherry made only motivated him to go on – especially when they turned into moans after he located her clitoris and started sucking it.

At some point, Sherry's whole body tensed up momentarily. Gin felt her hand tap his head and looked up at her blushing face.

'I… I have cummed…' she panted.

'You have?' he exclaimed. 'So quickly?' Sherry nodded. 'I didn't notice…'

'Well, I hope I do when you cum...'

Gin smiled and rose to kiss her. When his face moved away from hers, Sherry turned and opened a drawer of her nightstand. Shortly afterwards, she placed what she had been searching on the boy's palm – a condom. Somewhat clumsily, Gin put it on. Noticing Sherry's stare, he apologized, 'It takes practice.'

She grinned and approached him.

'You'll learn.'

Resting her hands on his shoulders, Sherry kissed him. Gin climbed onto the bed and lay down on his back. She moved on top of him and he felt his hardened cock graze her crotch. With one hand, she clutched his length and carefully guided it inside her. The boy couldn't help a moan. Losing no time, he seized her hips and started thrusting.

His first thought was that masturbation had nothing to do with that. Sherry's body felt pleasantly warm and wet around his penis, and not even the rhythmic, loud clash of her parted thighs against his could divert his attention from the waves of pleasure that ran across his body. The high moans that flew out of his throat were kept company by hers – judging from the wide smile on her face, she was having just as good of a time as he was. His hands pressed harder against her skin.

He let his head fall back when he reached climax. For a brief moment pleasure flooded his body and numbed his mind – and then it slowly died away, leaving him to let out a tired but content sigh.

The sound of Sherry's rough breaths pulled him back to reality. He opened his eyes, realizing only then that he closed them, and his gaze met hers.

'You have cummed, haven't you?' she asked.

Gin nodded. Sherry grinned and dismounted him.

'It's been awesome,' he noted as she lay down on the bed.

'Yes, it has,' she agreed. Once he had taken the condom off, Gin turned to his side and moved an arm around her waist. 'Should we go to sleep?'

He nodded and pulled the blankets of Sherry's bed over the two of them. Extending her arm towards the nearest wall, she actioned a switch and darkness surrounded them. He rolled closer to her.

'I love you,' he whispered.

Sherry's hand found his and held it.

'I love you too.'