Disclaimer: I do not own the cup, sword, tree, or green hill. The Gospel, however, is free!

Come see the blood, poured out for us
Upon the cross; the chalice fills:
Permit us sinners, Lord, to drink!

Since by the sword, o Peter, you
With lacking faith would try to live
Over your neck a sword would hang;
Return, you wandering sheep, to him:
Depend on him alone to save!

Too heavy of a load to bear:
Renounce it now! the Devil tempts.
Eternal justice needs this price;
Eternal love will see it filled.

Great suffering Calvary has seen
Revealing criminals to the Jews
Else they commit the self-same crimes;
Embarks upon the Skull-place now
New hope where once was only pain;
Happy the one who sees the love
Inside the bloody spectacle!
Lord Jesus dies our price to pay;
Love rescues us for His own sake.

A/N: No other story could refresh the spirit quite so well.