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Twenty-five years later:

Hermione laid in the center of the bed, sheets and blankets kicked onto the floor. She was naked, writhing, a hand fisted into the sheet and the other on the dark head between her legs.

"Oh God," She moaned, her head thrashing from side to side. "just like that."

Tom looked up at her from between her thighs and smirked, tongue swirling around her clit like the expert he was. After twenty-five years of marriage, he liked to think he knew every nuance of her body.

Hermione's hand tightened on his head, a sure sign of impending orgasm when there was a sharp rap on the door.

"Bloody Fucking Hell!" Hermione cursed, frustrated and so close to orgasm that she could kill the person on the other side.

Tom frowned at the door, the only sign of his displeasure.

"Mom? Mom, Dad, are you in there?" a feminine voice asked from the other side of the door.

"What's wrong Imogen? I thought you were leaving for France with the Malfoy boy." He yelled through the door, still between Hermione's legs, lazily running his fingers over her glistening slit.

"His name is Scorpius, Dad, as you well know. We have been dating for three years now! And I am still going but I need to talk to Mom. Is she in there?"

Hermione sighed and her head hit the pillow with her eyes closed for just a moment before yelling, "Coming!"

Tom patted her thigh and stood, heading to the bathroom to wash the smell of her arousal off of him. It looked like once again they were going to be waiting. It had initially taken him six months after Imogen turned three to realize that Severus had been sending her to interrupt them since she could talk. It took Hermione another six months to realize that a war had begun between her two husbands and put a stop to the shenanigans saying that she would see to her own needs from now on if she were interrupted one more time. After that, they settled for competing for being the best lover. Something that Hermione never minded in the least.

Hermione wrapped her robe around her and tied the knot around her waist, stopping only long enough to wash her hands. She opened the door, with a smile.

"What wrong, Honey?" She asked, wrapping her arm around her daughter's shoulders, leading her down and into the sitting room.

"I think he is going to propose to me tonight."

"Okay…" Hermione furrowed her brow in confusion. "And you don't want him to?"

"No! I mean, Yes! I want him to ask."

"Then what is the problem?"

"His mother pulled me aside today during our weekly lunch chat and she mentioned to me that I was expected to quit my job. They also want us to live in the Manor! I can't live there, Mom! It would be awful! Astoria isn't a bad sort but I couldn't live with her…"

"Did you discuss this with Scorp?" Hermione frowned. "Has he ever said he wants you to do either of those things?"

"Well, no. But he always does what they say." She wailed.

"Not always," Hermione chuckled. "Astoria was very against the two of you dating in the first place. It was Lucius' insistence that made her capitulate. Well, that and the threat of withholding the Malfoy monies from her. Talk to him. I can't imagine that he would want you to do either of those things. Plus, I have it on good authority that Lucius is going to gift the two of you some property for your wedding. You do not have to do anything you don't want to do. Talk things over and you will see that he wants you, not a Stepford wife. His mother is not part of your marriage. If you need an ally, you have me and your Daddies. Always."

Imogen nodded and rolled her shoulders, relaxing for the first time in hours. She swept her long curly black hair off her shoulder and took a deep breath. Hermione took her face in between her hands and stared into her daughter's blue eyes. Oh, how she looked just like her father!

"When are you leaving?" Hermione smoothed Imogen's hair like she used to when she was a little girl. Imogen was positively feline, in her love of being petted.

"In an hour. I'm supposed to be making sure I have everything, then I am meeting him at the Manor. Wiltshire is a shorter jump than Yorkshire to France. Is Daddy Sev around?"

"Daddy Sev isn't here today. He accompanied Uncle Albus to the Ministry for his yearly visit."

"What does he do there?"

"Oh, well, he catches up with an old friend."

"And they have to do that at the Ministry?"

"Who can understand Uncle Albus? You know how he is darling,"

"Alright, if you don't want to tell me…"

Hermione's brows rose but she stayed silent. Imogen huffed.



"Do you think I am making a mistake?"

"In marrying Scorp? That boy is head over heels for you and has been since you were born. I still remember the day Draco, Astoria, and Scorp came to see you after you were born. He was a spoiled little hellion just like his father was, I imagine. He walked up to your cradle and played with your curls for ten minutes. It was the absolute longest I had ever seen that kid stand still. Then he turned to Draco and said, and I quote, 'she's mine.'. I thought Daddy was going to kill him." Hermione chuckled at the memory.

"Daddy was diligent in making sure I didn't like Scorp, growing up. It wasn't until he camped outside of Gryffindor tower for a week that I finally agreed to one date." She giggled. "He had so many detentions that year."

"I believe Minerva retired that year too."

"Scorp and I barely caused any trouble. Not compared to Magnus and James, anyway."

"Yes, well your brother and James Potter always were thick as thieves. I thought for sure their friendship would end that first year when Magnus was sorted into Slytherin and James into Gryffindor…"

"Can you imagine if they were sorted into the same house?" Imogen whispered in horror. "The girls of Hogwarts have a hard enough time keeping those two away. Can you imagine if they had even more, time to plot their seductions?"

"I doubt they are doing much seducing. Uncle Harry keeps a decent eye on them."

"Uncle Harry gave James the Marauders Map!"

"I highly doubt that, but I will be speaking to Uncle Harry just to be sure."

"What are you speaking to Potter for?" Tom asked as he came into the room and dropped a kiss on Imogen's curls. He sat on the couch and threw his arm around the back. Hermione rolled her eyes and sat next to him, leaving Imogen to take the chair opposite them.

"Imogen thinks he gave James the Marauder's map," Hermione said, putting her hand on his knee.

"I highly doubt that. If the boys have it, it's because Potter is incapable of properly warding his things."


"Don't Tom me! He has never changed in all these years. A complete idiot."

Imogen was smirking, having heard her father rant about Harry Potter her whole entire life.

"Regardless, this is a conversation for later. Imogen, haven't you got packing to do?" Hermione asked. Imogen jumped up, having completely forgotten herself.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad. I'll see you Monday before work. Tell Daddy Sev I said that I love him."

"Of course," Hermione waved her out of the room and slid her hand up higher on Tom's thigh, his brow rising by degrees the higher she moved. "Where were we?"

Tom smirked and buried his hand in her curls, bringing her face to his so that he could kiss her breathless.


Severus and Dumbledore walked into the special prison deep within the ministry, as they did every September the thirtieth. Albus was getting up there in years and Severus hated that the old man refused to move into Gaunt Manor with them. It worried him that Albus still lived alone. He was going to have another talk with Potter to see if he could make Albus see reason.

The lights brightened as they entered the room that held the warded cell of Grindelwald. Guards stood around the perimeter of the room and only took note of the visitor's arrival before returning to their duty. The Unspeakables knew Severus and Albus well enough by now. Not only because Snape had been married to their former queen or because Albus was Headmaster of Hogwarts during their education but because they were the only visitors that the prisoner ever had.

"Albus, come to gloat?"

"You've heard then?"

"Oh, I head," Grindelwald sneered. "Did she know of the bet we made all those years ago?"

"Of course. Did you think I would make such a bet and not tell my queen?"

"Three days! If she had just waited three more days, I would have been a free man. I have never met a more infuriating person than Hermione Granger."

"Gaunt," Severus said. "Hermione Gaunt. She married Tom and I shortly after she took her throne."

"How happy for you," Grindelwald glared and curled his lip in disgust.

"I see the Unspeakables took away your radio. What happened?"

"I made contact with Sven,"

"That old bastard is still alive? I thought all of your generals were captured at Nurmengard before it was destroyed." Severus asked nonplussed.

"Sven is not to be underestimated,"

"And yet you are still here, twenty-five years later," Albus said, letting a twinkle slide into his eyes.

"It is only a matter of time until I escape."

"Good luck with that," Severus drawled. He conjured a red stuffed chair and helped Dumbledore to sit, right next to the tiny slit which allowed the prisoner to talk. "I will be just outside when you are finished, Albus."

Albus nodded and slid a small yellow candy through the small slit. "Lemon drop?"

Grindelwald glowered and popped the small muggle treat into his mouth.


Harry Potter stood behind his desk in the Headmasters office of Hogwarts with his hands on his hips. Two boys sat in the chairs opposite, hanging their heads.

"And what do you think your mothers are going to say about this?" He hissed angrily.

"What can Mom say? She is married to two men! It's not like there is no precedence." Magnus Gaunt looked up with his black eyes and black hair that hung to his shoulders. He was just as pasty as his father had been as a boy, just as smart, but was way more popular with the girls than Snape had ever been.

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose.

"You both know very well that inappropriate touching is forbidden in Hogwarts! I don't care if you each had one girl or ten. It is still not allowed!"

"You don't care if we have ten women?" Magnus smirked, emulating his father with his haughty disdain.

"THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID MR. GAUNT!" Harry yelled, completely losing his composure. "I am the one that has to tell those girls parents that they were involved in an orgy in the room of requirement with my son and godson! How do you think that is going to go over? Hmmm?"

"We didn't have sex with them, Uncle Harry. We were just,"

"You were just? You were just?!" Harry choked on his response and walked stiffly over to the fireplace and threw a handful of Floo powder into the flames. When the emerald flames flared, he yelled into it. "Hermione, Severus, and Tom Gaunt!"

"Harry? Is that you? Are you okay?"

"Can you come through?"

"Sure. Just me?"

"Bring your husbands too."

"Severus is at the Ministry. It's just Tom and me today."

Harry backed out of the way and threw a look of anger over his shoulder at the two boys, who looked truly panicked indeed. Hermione stepped through followed by Tom. They were adjusting their clothes and Hermione tried to pat down her hair, but it was obvious that they had been caught at a bad time.

"What is the meaning of this?" Tom asked Magnus dangerously.

"Hi, Dad," Magnus choked, avoiding Tom's eyes for fear of his Legilimency.

"I caught the boys using the room of requirement as a den of iniquity. Four girls were with them. Can you guess what they were doing?"

"What were they doing?" Hermione asked in a dangerously low voice. Magnus gulped and slid further down his seat.

"They said they were practicing their 'oral' skills on the girls."

"Oh, Merlin!" Hermione said before smacking the back of Magnus' head and yelling, "Magnus!"

"Mom! The girls were all seventeen! We weren't even their firsts!"

"Don't you dare!" She whispered. Magnus shivered in fear and looked up at Tom, who didn't look a bit impressed. No help would be found there.

"What are you thinking for punishment, Potter?" Tom asked.

"Detention for the next three months, no quidditch or Hogsmeade visits for the rest of the year."

"But this is our last year here!" Magnus protested.

"I think that is fair," Hermione said slowly. Magnus glared at the floor, not daring to make further protest.

"What about me?" James whispered.

"Oh, you are getting the same and your mother is coming," Harry said in a hard voice. James looked up in horror.

"No," he choked on his whisper.

"Oh yes," Harry nodded.

"A little birdy told me today that these boys may have gotten their hands on the Map," Hermione said bringing her dangerous look around to pin Harry.

He whipped his head right around and held out his hand out to James, "If this is true you better give it up now or so help you,"

James gulped and reached in his pocket, handing over the Marauders Map to his father.

"Do you need my wife to come over and ward that safely for you?" Tom sneered and the two men exchanged glares.

Just then, the fireplace flared green and out stepped Ginny Weasley sporting a look that could turn the bravest of men into stone.

"Hermione, Tom," Ginny murmured and nodded in their direction. She leaned in to give Harry a kiss on the cheek and turned her unamused stare on her son.

"Hi, Mom," James said with a worried smile.

"Don't you 'hi mom' me, James Sirius Potter!" Her wand was clenched in her fist and she had that look in her eye, the same one that preceded Uncle Ron's hexing last Christmas after he had told her that she should skip dessert.

Ginny took James by the ear and pulled him into the Headmaster's quarters. Despite the heavy wards, thick stones, and closed door, they could all still hear the verbal assault that James was receiving.

"If this happens again, James Potter, I will bring you straight home and you can walk into the Ministry in May and explain to them why you aren't taking N.E.W.T.s with the rest of the students in your year!"

"It won't happen again, Mom, I swear!"

"Damn right it won't happen again. This is a school, not a whorehouse. If you step another toe out of line…"

"I will be the perfect gentleman, Mom. I will even make an unbreakable vow to prove it to you!"

"I don't want an unbreakable vow. I want a son who waits until he is off of school property like everyone else! You may be an adult by law, James, but you are still attending school. Just because your father is the Headmaster, doesn't mean you get to act however you want. You are lucky that it was your father who caught you and not me! If I were in charge of this situation…"

"I'm sorry!"

The yelling stopped and Hermione was staring daggers at Magnus. "The same goes for you Magnus, we can't allow this kind of behavior to continue."

Hermione nodded at Harry and left, the same way she arrived. Tom looked at Magnus, no emotion on his face. Magnus always thought this was so much worse than his mother's naked rage.

"Slytherins don't get caught," Tom said in a disappointed voice before following Hermione back through the fireplace.

"Son of a …" Harry started to say to the empty fireplace as the door to his quarters slid back open. Ginny walked out followed by a thoroughly chastised James.

"I hope you boys learn a valuable lesson from this," she said.

"You two may go back to your dormitories. Your detentions will start tomorrow with Professor Longbottom. He has a new shipment of Hippogriff dung that needs to be spread in greenhouse five."

The two boys left, sighing once they walked far enough away.

"How long do you think it will take for Dad to realize we made a copy of the Map?" James asked Magnus quietly.

Magnus pulled the second Map out of his pocket, tapped it and whispered, "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" quickly scanning to see if their way was clear. He glanced at James. "Never. But perhaps you should put back that cloak where you found it."

"No way! He hasn't caught me yet and I've had it for nearly two years now. How else are we going to get around this school after curfew?"

"Mischief managed," Magnus muttered before looking at James and smirking. He folded the map and tucked it back into his pocket. "Parkinson did say she wanted to know what all the fuss was about,"


Severus walked into the Manor completely frustrated. His hair was disheveled as if he had been running his hands through it incessantly.

"What's wrong, Love?" Hemione murmured, rising from her desk as he walked in.

"Albus still refuses to live here! I even told him Potter wanted him in that shoddy mongrels' house but the old goat is being stubborn. Says he doesn't need a nursemaid, nagging him constantly!"

"He will come to us when he is ready, Severus. You can't expect him to be thrilled about living in Gaunt Manor. He has never forgiven Tom for his past."

Severus slid his arms around her waist and buried his nose in her neck, dropping little sucking kisses as he went.

"That's ridiculous," He murmured. "It not the same as it was twenty-five years ago. Tom wouldn't do anything to jeopardize what we have or his relationship with the kids."

Hermione let her head roll back as he continued licking and sucking, moving the collar of her robes out of the way and unbuttoning them for better access.

He walked her backward until her bum hit the desk and let her robes fall to the floor around her feet.

"Sev," She whispered in desire. He turned her around and pushed her chest to the desktop.

"Don't move," He murmured, kissing his way down her spine and pushed her knickers down her shapely legs.

His fingers found her center, wet and ready. "So wet, Sweetheart. Is this for me?" Severus said as he slid his fingers in her pussy. Hermione's only answer was a groan.

He turned her back around and lifted her onto the desktop and pushed her down, lifting her legs to wrap around her hips. His thumb was on her clit as he sheathed himself in her warmth, hissing in a breath of pleasure.

"Rude!" Tom said as he leaned against the library doorframe. "I was the one who got her all excited and I don't get any of the rewards?" he complained.

"Get over here," Hermione said, lids half open.

Tom sauntered across the room, dropping articles of clothes to the floor in a trail behind him so that when he reached the desk, he too, was naked. Hermione reached for him and let her head fall off the other side of the desk, running her tongue over his glans. Her nails dug into his arse as she pulled him closer, his cock sliding past her lips and into her throat.

He thrust slowly, keeping rhythm with Severus' movements making sure she was alright while also receiving the best blowjob of his life. Severus smirked at him and reached up to Hermione's breasts, fondling her nipples. She moaned around Tom's cock, causing him to throw back his head, mouth open, breathing heavily.

Severus' thumb found her clit once more and soon enough, Hermione was strung tight as a bow before flinging right off the edge of ecstasy. Her body clenched around Severus and her throat relaxed even further, taking Tom all the way until her nose met his abdomen.

Tom lost it, stilling in her mouth as he emptied into her throat. Severus smirked at the pair and picked up the pace once Tom withdrew from Hermione's mouth. Tom leaned down and kissed her lips and tweaked her nipples.

"Ah," Hermione sighed, as pleasure began mounting again. Severus thrust faster and faster, slamming his hips into hers like a madman. Sweat covered his body and his breathing grew harsh but he didn't stop.

He grew erratic as he neared completion, and the grove between his eyes deepened as he came, his mouth slack with bliss. Standing there for a moment unmoving, he was too tired to pull away. He petted Hermione's thighs, chest heaving with his effort.

"Amazing as always," Hermione muttered happily. Severus chuckled and collapsed back into her chair. Tom pulled Hermione off the desk and slid into one of the chairs opposite, with her on his lap.

"You have a note stuck to your arse, Love," Tom said, peeling a pink square off her skin and brought it close enough to read. "Flourish and Blotts picked up my book, A Dark Lord's Memoirs. That's fantastic!" He murmured happily, caressing Hermione's waist. "The council is ready to accept any artifacts I have from my time as Voldemort for the museum. Will do! And Lucius wants to discuss resurrecting the monarchy and putting Imogen and Scorpius on the throne." He chuckled.

"Lucius will never give up that dream, I am afraid," Severus said, his lips twitching in amusement.

"Magnus and James were caught last night in the room of requirement with four girls," Hermione told Severus, her eyes closed and her head resting on Tom's shoulder.

"What were they doing?" Severus asked, his head laid back against the bookcase behind him.

"What do you think they were doing?" Tom asked, amused.

"Slytherins don't get caught," Severus said.

"It must be James' influence. Magnus is the most Gryffindor Slytherin I have ever known. It's all Potter's fault!" Tom muttered.

"Aren't either of you going to comment on the fact that your seventeen-year-old son was caught with two naked girls doing sexual things while in school?" Hermione demanded.

"I vaguely remember a seventeen-year-old witch living in Gryffindor tower with her husband, shagging his brains out regularly. I think the precedent is already set." Tom smirked.

"Urg!" Hermione growled. "I can't believe neither one of you is taking this seriously!"

"Calm down, Love. He was punished, right?" Severus asked and Hermione nodded. "Then don't make this a big deal. When I was a Professor, do you know how many dunderheads I found shagging all over that school after hours?"

Hermione snorted and rolled her eyes. "I could guess,"

"Exactly," Severus said.

"He is graduating in eight months. After that, it won't matter." Tom murmured into the skin of her back.


"Come ON, Minerva! You have been playing this game for years and years and years. Can you please just give me a chance? Just one chance? If you do and you hate it, I will never ask you again" Rosier begged as he sat in the chair across from Minerva McGonagall in the three broomsticks.

She sighed heavily, obviously worn down. "Fine. One date. Pick me up at eight pm, Friday. Now, get out. I'm meeting Teddy Lupin today to start our apprenticeship."

"Yes Ma'am," He breathed, his eyes bright as he lifted her hand to his lips. She pulled away with thinning lips and disapproval written all over her face. He left before she could take it back and threw a fist in the air in triumph. He finally won her over!

"Good day, Professor," Teddy said in greeting. He smiled at her as he passed Rosier on the way to her table.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Lupin. Shall we get right down to it?" She pulled out a contract and pushed it in front of him, a huge smile on his face and a quill in his hand.