A/N – This is a rewrite of an old story I wrote around ten years ago. In re-reading it I found many things I would do differently (along with many grammar issues) including the ending which I found cliché and gross actually. I really do love the VHD novels and universe so decided it deserved a second go. The main story is still the same, however, the ending is different. I will be posting a chapter a week and hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1 : What will you do?

The yard was as quiet as the grave as a thin mist crept lazily over the ground. The air was thick with the smell of wet musky ground and death. Blank windows stared out at a cloak covered solitary man who stood in it's the courtyard. His large, wide brimmed hat hid his eyes from view. He knelt to the ground, his hand hovering above the moist earth.

Muffled sounds came from the hand itself, "There were... thirty or so humans, some kind of mob I'm guessing... And by the reeking smell of death in this place it seems they took our business."

The man didn't reply. He straightened himself and strolled into the brick building. His slightly heeled boots echoed through the empty house. The whole place was a wreck. Furniture was smashed to bits an thrown around the silent rooms. It seems it wasn't enough for the villagers to kill the house's occupants; they had the sack the house as well.

"The basement D, if they killed some sort of monster it would most likely have been lurking in the basement..." the hand mused. D continued at his slow pace to the basement stairs. "I don't know why you're bothering with an already slain monster, donpeal. No money in that!You are a strange one..."

Silence again. D descended the creaking wooden stairs. The small basement had one high small window from which shone a beam of light through the thick dust. The smell of blood was strong here and D soon found its source. A light haired human woman hung from on of the cross beams with what was left of her insides dripping from her torn open abdominal cavity. Most of her organs were laying in a heap just below her suspended toes. Laying near this festering pile was a man, no a vampire. He had a stake through his heart and his head was missing.

The hand scoffed at the pair, "Two lovers, doesn't this seem familiar..."

"Quiet..." the man ordered in a monotone voice. His hand slowly went to the hilt of his giant sheaved sword. With lightening quick reflexes he whipped it out and pointed it at the stairs. "Come out from there..." he said. Through the dark of the basement a figure rose from behind the stairs. Sniffling it stood just beyond the reach of the light. "Come out into the light..."

Louder sniffles were all D got for a reply. Reluctantly the figure stepped forward into the hazy light. It was a girl, a longhaired, dirty little girl. Tear trails shone in the light and in her aqua colored eyes. D slid his sword back into its sheave and approached the girl, who backed up a step in terror.

D stopped and spoke, "I won't hurt you..." He got no reply so he continued, "Those were you parent correct?" The girl swallowed and nodded.

"A donpeal...?" The hand breathed out. The two donpeals stood silently, one afraid and the other momentary unsure of himself. The little girl choked out a sob and wiped her face with the back of her sleeve.

The little girl finally spoke. "T-that's what t-they said too..." she said quietly. "They said they wouldn't hurt me...or my mother..." D was silent a moment, simply watching the girl as she folded in on herself and sat with her knees to her chest. D stepped forward the girl. The little donpeal stopped her shaking shoulders in fear of his approach.

"Yes, they told me that once too... "D spoke. He stopped in front of the girl who still sat with her head tucked into her legs. Slowly the girl lifted her head to look up at him, her aqua eye still shone from her tears. D stared back at her. Looking into her tear filled eyes pulled at D, it pulled at something deep down in himself that he didn't know he had. He turned his heel and walked back to the base of the stairs. He put one foot on the bottom step and stopped. With out looking back he asked, "Are you coming or not?"

Slowly he climbed the stairs, and stopped at the top. He glanced down the stairs, seeing if the girl would come. After a moment the girl appeared at the stairs, her hands held to her chest. Seeing that she meant to follow D continued through the house and out into the courtyard, the little girl trailing behind him a few feet the whole time.

D walked to his horse, who stood outside the gate. He looked back at the girl. She had stopped three feet from him, looking unsure of what to do. She was a pitiful looking thing; her blue dress was torn at the ends and covered with dirty and her long pale blonde hair was hopelessly tangled. "Come here girl..." he called to her. Again she hesitated before obeying him. She stood in front of him and looked up at him. D bent down and grasped the girl by the waist; with no effort at all he placed her on his horse and climbed up behind her. He reared his horse and rode off to the closest neighboring town, being that this town is probably the ones who killed her parents it would be foolish to seek help for the little donpeal girl here. D was pleased that the girl didn't complain at all during their ride, granted he didn't go as fast as he usually would, but he was please nonetheless. He kept an arm around the little girl, unsure if she'd fall off or not.

By noon the morning mists had cleared and the two had reached a sleepy little town. D dismounted his steed and went to the first house he saw. He knocked and the door opened. An old woman stared at the tall completely black-cloaked man and the little girl, who stood just behind him peeking around at her. She knew right away from the two's pale faces they weren't human. She went to close the door, but D caught the door.

"I need your assistance... "He said while forcing the door open. it smacked against the house with a loud bang.

The woman backed away from the pair, "What? What is it you want?"

D pulled loose a bag that hung from his belt and tossed it to the floor were it slid to a stop at the woman's feet. "That bag is full of money, all I ask is for you to help clean up this little girl." D reached behind him and gave girl a push through the door.

The woman picked up the bag. She smiled down at the girl. "Come here girl," she said holding out her hand. "I'll give you a bath..." The girl looked at D. He nodded to her and she took the woman's hand. While the girl was led into a back room D sat down at the woman's kitchen table.

"It's funny how money changes a person attitude..." D's hand murmured. "You spent a lot of money just for a bath for that girl..." D was silent. "Well?" Again nothing. "DONPEAL?"

"Well what...?"

"What will you do? You spent a lot on this girl already, I figured you'd just dump her at the first village..."

D was silent for a moment, thinking things over in his head. That was what he was going to do at first; leave her.

"I'm going to keep her..."


"I'm going to keep her with me... If I left her now she'd die at the hands of humans or some hungry monster..."

"Oh, getting all sentimental on me, eh? I see, you don't want what happened to you as a child to happen to her... I can't believe you getting all muss-"The voice was cut off when D dug his nails into the palm of his hand.

After a while the woman and girl re-emerged from the little back room. The girl's hair had been washed and brushed. It was fluffy and curled toward its ends. Her old dress had been abandoned and she now wore a dark red dress with lace at its ends. It was long sleeved and had a tight neck on it. The woman had also given her knee high white stockings and black Mary Janes.

The woman ushered the girl into the room and than turned to D. "her dress was a lost cause so I gave her this dress I had made for my little granddaughter..." she explained.

D rose from his spot and walked over to the girl. She was still afraid of this strange man but his recent kindness and maybe just general curiosity caused her to look him in the eyes. D felt the something stir again as he gazed down at her. Any doubt he held when speaking his intentions to that parasite in his hand was gone. D let out a sigh, that something still not clear to him, and held his hand out to the girl.

The girl smiled at him and took it. While the old woman watched, a bit stunned, the two walked hand in pale hand out the door and mounted the horse. The two rode off again, D's arm around the girl again. The little girl leaned back into D this time the simple gesture of holding his hand dissolved her fear.

The scenery rolled by as they rode till nightfall. D decided to stop in a olive grove to sleep, not sure yet of the girl's stamina. As D settled his back against the twisted truck of a tree, the little girl was sitting with her knees to her chest a few feet away from him, a thought struck him.

"What is your name?" he asked.

The girl turned to glance back at him. "My name is Clove... "She said quietly. "What's your name?"

"D..." He said simply. He held out an arm to her, offering her a seat next to him. Clove stood up and walked to D, she sat at his side and did something D did not expect. She lend against him. Her head lay on his lower chest, and her hands were drawn up to her face. D brought his arm to lay gentle on the girl and drew his cape around her small body.

"Ya know, I've been through a lot with you donpeal but this is about the strangest thing you've ever done..." D's hand said. D silently agreed. He and little Clove were asleep in minutes