Chapter 2

Kitty started to open her eyes and groaned before realizing she was bound. Her ankles and wrists were tied with rope and she was tied to something with a chain.

She looked around and found herself inside some kind of factory before hearing GB groaning and realized that's who she was chained to.

"GB! Wake up!" Kitty said before she heard laughing and turned to see a grizzly bear wearing a black suit, pants and tie.

"Ah, you're awake." The bear said.

"So, you're the mastermind?" GB asked.

"That's right, Danger Rangers." The Bear responded. "And since i can't let you reveal our plans to put drug enduced candies on the street...i guess i'll just have to kill you!"

Both Kitty and GB turned and gasped to see a Woodchipper.

"And don't bother trying to call your friends or the cops!" The bear said as he revealed he was holding their SAVO units in his hand.

Meanwhile, The rangers had finished their conversation with Mr. Hershey and returned to the Hovercraft as Sully kept messing with his SAVO unit.

"Hey, guys, Kitty's not answering her SAVO unit." Sully said to the other rangers.

"She's probably busy." Squeaky responded.

"I know, but i feel like she's in trouble...SAVO, check the location of her SAVO unit." Sully told the AI.

"Look, Sully, She's probably fine. I know you care about her, but you don't have to be that overprotective." Burble told him.

Sully slowly inhaled and exhaled before responding to what Burble said. "You're right, Burble. I have been a bit overprotective."

"Hmm, That's odd." SAVO said.

"What is it, SAVO?" Sully asked.

"It seems that Ranger Kitty and Gabriela are not at the park, they're at the harbor." SAVO said as the location was shown on his screen.

Squeaky then tried to contact GB...Nothing.

"Okay, GB not answerin' her SAVO unit eiether. SAVO, are ya sure your circuit's don't need rewirin'?." Squeaky asked.

"No, "Ranger Rodent", My circuits don't need rewiring and i checked this three times, it's the same result." SAVO responded.

Sully then manned the wheel of the hovercraft and had rage written all over his face.

"SAVO, call the Police!" Sully said as the Hovercraft took off to the Harbor.

Back at the Harbor, The boss came down and cut the ropes from Kitty's ankles, grabbed her and brought her over to the wood chipper.

He was about to activate it before she kicked him square in the "Cubs" and started to run off, but the Boss caught her.

"Boys, Help me!." The boss yelled as two other bears, another Grizzly and a Black bear came out and restrained Kitty as she was brought back to the Wood chipper and it was activated.

"Kitty!" GB yelled as the bears got ready to kill her.

"Alright, boys. one, two…" The Boss said before the doors suddenly burst open and a squadron of Cops and SWAT came in with Sully running in and knocking out the goons.

The Boss started to run before being stopped by Burble, knocked to the ground and handcuffed by police before being taken away along with his cronies.

Kitty suddenly hugged Sully and he hugged her back as Squeaky freed GB from her bindings.

"Thanks, Squeaky." GB said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek, which made the mouse blush.

"N-No problem, Gabriela." Squeaky said as the Rangers left with Sully and Kitty and Squeaky and GB holding hands.


Oct 30th

Mt Rushmore, Keystone, South Dakota

7 PM

The Rangers were back at HQ as it was almost Halloween.

"Well, all the tainted candies have been revived, Mr Hershey's company gave a special bag of Candy for the kids hospitalized, the drug dealers are in prison and a insider cop for the drug dealers has been arrested for revealing where you were going." Sully told the other Rangers, sitting on the couch and holding popcorn as they are about to watch a scary movie.

"That's good." GB said as Sully sat next to Kitty and played the movie.

Scary sound effects and a jumpscare were heard, making the Rangers jump and scream. Kitty held onto Sully as he smiled at her.

"Overprotective, huh?" Sully asked as Kitty blushed heavily.

Kitty chuckled sheeply as the sea lion put his arm around her and held her gentley as they watched the movie.

The End