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The fire dwindled down to embers in the library when she lifted her head slightly from the warm, comfortable chest of her lover. Thorfinn's steady breathing lifted his torso up and down seamlessly as he slumbered. Hermione's lips curved into a smile as she watched him sleep. He had been a light sleeper as of late. The constant threats that surrounded her, them both really, had him on edge almost all of the time. It was rare that she woke before he did and despite the early morning hour she planned to enjoy the sight. It was to her immense disappointment short lasting. Before long, Finn inhaled sharply and groggily opened his eyes.

"Little witch," he mumbled his voice drowsy from sleep. "What time is it?"

"It's early. Not dawn yet," Hermione answered. "We fell asleep in the library though. We should go to bed." Her wizard suddenly seemed to realize that the way their bodies intertwined she was straddling him. He seemed to wake fully and smirked at her.

"To sleep?" He queried. "Cause if you keep wiggling like that princess there isn't going to be a whole lot of sleeping going on." Hermione whacked his arm playfully and moaned slightly at the suggestion. The sound awoke the large wizards libido and the rest of him rose to the occasion. Despite having stopped moving around on his lap, Hermione could feel the evidence of his arousal poking her, right at her clothed core. She breathed in a ragged gasp and whined softly in appreciation.

"I figured so that you could get more sleep, comfortably," she whispered her voice tender and oozing desire.

"You like the sound of the other idea more though don't you?" Finn grinned wickedly at her, eyes blazing with lust. Hermione only nodded. "Very well then Princess," Thorfinn stated and in the next instant cupped her arse in his hands and stood up from the sofa holding her against him. With effortless ease and a fair deal of haste, he strode in the direction of their bedroom, carrying her to the massive bed and laying her on it. Before she could sit up and beckon to him his lips sought hers and their tongues met and tangled in the searing kiss.

Only the kiss didn't last long. At least not on her lips. No, Thorfinn decided quickly as he climbed atop his witch that he would rather love to savor her. So, he was soon trailing kisses down her jawline, to her neck, and then to her breasts. In one fluid motion, he ripped apart her dress and bared her twins to him. Drawing one nipple into his mouth he lavished attention there and not one to neglect fondled the other with gentle pinches. His witch writhed beneath him arching her back to press more fully into his embrace. He pushed her back down and shushed her whine and he receded further down her body. He teasingly kissed his way down until he was comfortably situated with his head between her soft, pliable thighs.

Bringing his hands up he tugged down her lace knickers and then reaching up to her knees he wretched her legs apart and appraised the beautiful sight.

"Your pussy is so wet," he commented. "Is it all for me?" As he prosed the question he circled her clit with his thumb, and then pulled back abruptly.

"Fuck!" His witch exclaimed. "Yes, it's yours."

"My, My. Somebody's needy."

"Finn Please!" She begged and he grinned wickedly.

"As you wish Princess." He spread her open with his thumb and index finger and leaned in to lightly lap at the arousal that pooled there. Sweet Salazar, she tasted like the nectar of the gods. Hermione mewled at the tender caress and Thorfinn began to eagerly lick her thrusting his tongue in and out of her. As he suckled her, he rubbed her clit and brought her to the edge of glory if her panting and moaning was any indication. When he was certain she was on the cusp of breaking he traded places with he mouth and hands. His fingers plunged into her depths and his mouth sucked hard on her clit.

His witch screamed as she came. "Thorfinn!" She wasn't even recovered before he pounded into her with a vengeance. He needed this; his cock rock hard from the taste of her. He brought Hermione to another orgasm quite quickly after her previous one and as her tight satch clamped around his cock he too spent himself inside of her. Sated he collapsed over her. Moments later he shifted them so she was sprawled across his chest and hiked the quilt over them. He was still buried inside of him when sleep lulled them both into it's inky, black depths.

Hermione was surprised to find that although there was much to do with the wedding plans yet Pansy decided to give it a rest. Aside from a brief owl from the dark-haired witch explaining that she would make herself available for assistance with dressing for the upcoming ballet, there had not been a peep from her in the past two days since the tense meeting. Hermione had no doubt that her friend was not being idle, certainly, the wedding plans were still going strong just outside of the Rowle family home. Whatever, she was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth and made the most of the relative peace.

It was in the quiet that Hermione considered something that could make or break their plans. "Finn," she hummed the question. His soft grunt from above her was the only response she got. No doubt he didn't appreciate her talking in the middle of what she was doing to him at that moment, "Remind me that I have a question for you when we are finished here." His answering grunt confirmed he received the message and dutifully Hermione set back to her task at hand.

Her hand which had previously been stroking the lengthy erection of her fiance was soon replaced by her mouth. Leaning forward and inhaling his masculine scent she licked the slightly weeping tip before engulfing him into her moist heat.

"Fuck yessss," he hissed as his hands came to rest on her head, his fingers tangling in her hair. Hermione bobbed her head up and down the turgid member careful to sheath her teeth. His sheer size was enough for her to know she couldn't even get close to taking him all so what she couldn't fit she massaged with her hand. Hermione fell into a pattern of fucking him with her mouth. She would take him down as far as she could and ease back repeating the move a couple of times before withdrawing completely and lavishing attention to his head with her tongue. She lapped up all of the precum that leaked from him and revealed in his husky groans. She would stroke his base with her fist and cup his sac in her other palm and oh so gently squeeze and fondle him until she would take his length down her throat once more.

Hermione avoided gagging for the most part. The few times it happened she readjusted her position and avoided taking him so deep again substituting her mouth with her fist. It wasn't long before Finn was lost to the moment and firmly began to lift and lower her head over his own lip as he thrust gently into her eager mouth. As his groaning intensified Hermione knew he was close. She chose that moment to hallow her cheeks and suck him with all of her might before humming as loud as she could with his cock stuffed in her hole. The vibrations seemed to undo him.

"Fuck, I'm coming," He hollered and seconds later was spurting his hot seed down her throat. Dutifully Hermione drank him down until he was spent. Finally, she released his deflated cock with a small pop and laid her head in his lap. She was extremely satisfied with her handiwork as she listened to the soothing sounds of Finn's labored breathing.

Regaining his breath after his witch's antics he untangled his hands from her riotous, magically sparking curls and lifted her up to sit beside him. "That was lovely, princess," he praised. "I believe you have a question for me?" His witch snuggled close to his side and laid her head on his shoulder. Suddenly he realized that whatever was on the witch's mind was serious. He was surprised she hadn't stopped pleasuring him to voice it from the get-go.

"Does MacNair usually attend events like the ballet?"

"Not typically. If there is a very good reason he may make an appearance but it's not his thing. He considers the pub a far more appealing social venue than elite and extravagant parties and events."

"As much as a relief as that is, I think it may work to our advantage if he were there," Hermione expressed eyes wide in earnest and voice heavy and solemn. Thorfinn's teeth bit into the meat of his cheek as he drew in a deep breath as a practice in remaining calm. His features betrayed him. His quirked a brow and steadfast frown bespoke his doubts of the witch's sanity at her suggestion.

"What makes you think that?" he finally huffed.

"Finn, you know I don't want to be anywhere near that monster. However, if we are trying to sway the other lords in our favor, then setting up a situation where he will more likely than not to confront me, well it would help us considerably." Thorfinn closed his eyes in a mixture of agreement and apprehension. Hermione had a point, but at the same time, it was risky. He loathed anything that put his witch in harm's way. However, even he couldn't deny that his brilliant, sweet, bleeding hearted Gryffindor was right.

"Bloody, buggering hell," he groaned and raised a hand to rub his eyes in exasperation. "I often wish that you weren't so logical. It would make it a heck of a lot easier to keep you safe sometimes."

"I know," Hermione sighed. "I wish you could shelter me from this Finn, I do. I want this over, I'm sick of living in the constant fear and waiting for the bomb to drop. If this is what pushes us in the right direction then so fucking be it."

Thorfinn clenched his fists at his side. "Blast it all. If we are going to do this I'd feel a lot better if we ran the idea past Theo and Draco first."

"I agree," Hermione acquiesced. "I'll enlist Pansy to help dress me for the occasion as well."

"I'll send them a bloody owl," Thorfinn ground out rising to his feet. He needed to remove himself from this conversation immediately. The more they talked about the fucking bastard the more he wanted to punch a wall. He never wanted his witch to witness his more violent tendencies. Without another word, he stalked from the room.