The following characters will be/ or will stay alive:
Regulus Arcturus Black
Sirius Black
-Cedric Diggory
-Godric Gryffindor
Salazar Slytherin
Background information:
Harry: is a water elf so emotions and high stress affect him in a very bad way; because he didn't not have a connection with his parents he is not able to bond with many people; it was only when he found his mate that he began to be able to cope with stress and negative emotions.
Draco: He is a dominate male Veela; who's family saves Harry with the help of the Diggory's.
Cedric: Hogwarts champion and Harry's adoptive brother. He is also a wood elf and has adopted Harry and helped him through his inheritance.
Seamus: Dominant Veela; mated with Dean and Colin.
Dean: Dominant Veela; Mated with Seamus and Colin.
Colin: Submissive light Fae; mated with Seamus and Dean.
Fred & George: Dragon inheritance. George is dominant and Fred is a submissive
Viktor: a submissive wood nymph who is being courted by George. He is rather self-conscious about being a submissive because his parents are always saying that he is a failure because of it.
Percy: Submissive dragon inheritance was to be mated to Oliver but medalling from his mother, Penelope, and Dumbledore prevented him from doing so; will once again be mated to Oliver.
Oliver: Dominate wood elf who is going to be mated to Percy. Due to meddling from Dumbledore, Molly, and Penelope they were broken up.
Penelope: evil bitch who broke up Percy and Oliver.
Dumbledore: Was bonded to Grindelwald, and because he was the one to defeat him he has lost most of his mental capacity to grief. He is currently responsible for all the stress and abuse that has been placed on Harry.
Charlie: Dominate Dragon inheritance; will be mated to Neville.
Neville: Submissive day walker (Original Vampire).
Blaise Zabini: Demigod son of hades. His has a very intelligent nature and is very protective the ghosts of Hogwarts protect and guide him. Soul mate is Regulus Arcturus Black.
Regulus Arcturus Black: dark Phoenix. Was killed by Voldemort, but do to his Phoenix blood he was able to be reborn as only a natural death can kill him.
Sirius Black: Dark Phoenix like his brother. He is on the run because of Peter Pettigrew. He is hoping that he can clear his name so he can help protect Harry, his godson. He knows that the Malfoys are good and is hoping that they can keep harry safe for the time being.
Godric Gryffindor: Mated to Salazar Slytherin and is Grim Reaper. He is immortal.
Salazar Slytherin: Mated to Godric Gryffindor and is a Guardian Angel. He is immortal.
Logan Barlow: Son of Zeus; mate of Severus Snape
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Elven Hero: The Rebellions Order

Chapter 8

Severus' P.O.V

I gently rubbed my forehead as I looked over to the sleeping student. I had cast a diagnostic spell on the red head, and I was completely shocked to see how utterly depleted his magical core was. It was honestly amazing that he was still able to preform any magic, even the most basic, with how bad the condition truly was. Surprising it was now event he most shocking of my discoveries. The diagnostic spell had revealed that he was suffering from a straining soul bond. I understood the pain that a broken or straining bond could cause. I had lost my own mate, a demi-god, who had been lost on a quest. Slain by a Minotaur. Logan had met me when I was taking my potions mastery.


I blushed looking at the sales clerk at the Apothecary. I was there gathering the last ingredients for the last potion of my mastery exam. I was surprised to see such an attractive man working at the old Apothecary. Biting my lip, I looked back down at the ingredients that I was selecting; I knew I needed to be careful with my selection as the ingredients could affect the final outcome of the potion as well as the potions would be examined by the potions bored before I could progress with the exam. Hearing a soft clearing of someone's throat; I looked up and almost gasped. Standing in front of me was the Adonis of a man that I had been staring at. Biting my lip harder I looked down mentally preparing myself for the ridicule that was most likely to come when the man simply asked, "Hi there; can I help you find anything?"

I stared at him for a few moments before finally realizing he was speaking to me in a friendly manner. I quickly opened my mouth to respond when a voice cut me off, "Is that Snivellus!"

My body went stiff as I recognized the voice to belong to Bellatrix Black, and I knew if she was here then Narcissa Black would be with her. They were honestly worse then the Marauders ever were. There treatment cruel, and their actions should have resulted in expulsion, but Dumbledore never believed me when I tried to seek help, only ever telling me that I was a trouble maker and that I should be ashamed that I had tried to get two respectable noble born ladies in trouble with my lies. The sales associate seemed to notice my change in posture and my frightful look as he stepped closer and touched my arm; allowing me to notice our height difference, as he blocked me from the view of the women asking softly, "Are you alright?"

"It really is Snivellus!" Narcissa sneered stopping me from answering, "What are you still doing in the Wizarding World you filthy Half-breed."

"He is probably to disgusting to be allowed back into the Muggle world," Bellatrix supplied sending the two sisters into a cackle.

"Excuse me Ladies; but we do not tolerate the harassment of our patrons in this establishment, and I must ask you to leave." The sales associate all but growled his voice deep and commanding; smooth enough to cause a shiver to go down my spine. I took a soft shaky breath as he stepped closer to me preventing the two witches from even coming near me. No one outside of Lucius had ever defended me or protected me in any way, and yet here was this stranger; a man who did not even know me doing the very thing I had come to never expect.

"Excuse me!" Bellatrix all but shriek as a familiar head of stunning blond hair came up behind the crazed woman.

"Bellatrix, Narcissa. Stop making a fool of yourselves we are leaving." Lucius drawled and forced the two ladies to leave the store giving me a small nod as they left. I took a small relieved sigh as they left; but stiffened again to see the sales associate giving me a soft look.

"Are you alright?" He asked softly as I looked back down feeling ashamed. Instead of replying I gave him a small nod and turned to gather the rest of my supplies. I heard the man sigh and I expected him to leave, but suddenly I felt a hand cup my cheek and lift my head to meet his eyes, "Please don't, you are far to lovely to allow those shallow women to upset you like that. Those ladies were being cruel yes, but you cannot allow them to get to you," he whispered softly moving slightly closer to me causing me to have to look up at him.

I blinked in shock at his words, my heart beating heavily in my chest as our eyes met and my face flushed softly, "T-thank you…."

"Of course; I am Logan," He said sweetly and stepped closer our chest almost touching.

"S-Severus…" I stammered back; my eyes unable to leave his as he gently stroked my cheek. I could almost feel electricity from his hand as it moved.

"Tell me Sev… Do you believe in destiny?" Logan asked softly closing the gap between us as his lips pressed against mine in a gentle kiss. As his lips descended on mine my eyes fluttered closed; feeling truly safe for the first time in my life.

*End of Flashback*

Hearing a soft groan, I was drawn from my thoughts to see that Ronald was waking. Straightening up I watched as the young Weasley boy's eye fluttered open as a whimper left his lips, my eyes widening as pure white feathered wings burst from his back his shirt ripping open and blood coming from the new appendages. Rushing forward I quickly started to tend to my student.

Draco's P.O.V

Harry and I jolted awake as a deep scream pierced the air. Both of us rushed out of our room quickly realizing the scream had come from the common room and that is was Theo; who was still in the common room studying. Rushing forward I gasped to see the normally subdued bookworm on the ground two large reptilian like wings bursting from his back. They were bright red in colour with black edging. His eyes narrowed and reptilian like as well as he scanned the room for something. Quickly I pushed Harry behind me for protection as I followed his every movement.

"Where is he!" Theo snarled angrily crouching low in defense his eyes meeting my own.

"Where is who?" I asked back keeping my voice calm as out of the corner of my eye I spotted Blaise slipping from the room to get help.

"Do not play with me! I can smell my mates blood!" Theo shouted and charged at me tackling me to the ground hard as Harry gasped from behind me; backing away as Theo and I grappled with each other on the floor. He was vicious with his fingers as they had grown claw like and were incredibly sharp. Taking a deep breath, I let my Vella take control and fought back with one of my best friends.

Hermione's P.O.V

Something was wrong; incredibly wrong. Ronald should have been back with my book by now; unless someone had figured out what was wrong with him. That thought alone sent a shiver up my spine. Gathering my belongings quickly I rushed from the library and down to the hospital wing. Explaining my worries to Madame Pomfrey she allowed me to use her Floo as I rushed to the Burrow. Calling out as I arrived, "Mrs. Weasley!"

The red-haired woman appeared from the kitchen and motioned for me to follow her into the den were Professor Dumbledore was already seated with a cup of tea. Almost immediately my fears were confirmed; someone had realised that Ronald was under the Imperios curse and had freed him. Luckily Dumbledore and Mrs. Weasley had made sure that there was a fail safe; an incredibly powerful memory potion that would wipe out his entire memory from the whole time he had been at Hogwarts. This would insure that none of us could be charged with anything as the potion was untraceable and set to activate as soon as the curse was cancelled.

"Do you think they will figure out that he is not mine nor Arthur's son?" Molly asked casually taking a sip of tea.

"I do not believe so; besides it was only right to remove those two children from Fabian and that abominations care. I still cannot believe your brother presented to be part angel and mated himself to Rodolphus Lestrange, and not only that but fathered two children with the man," Dumbledore sneered, "It truly is such a shame I had to put him and Gideon into a magical sleep after Ginny was born. Your brothers could have served me well."

"They were honestly always such a disappointment to me; both of them not following the right path and mating with those Lestrange brothers. It is so good that Bellatrix was able to lead Rabastan away even though she was meant to marry Rodolphus. I still remember when Fabian presented as half angel and was drawn to that horrid dark Vella. Our parents were so proud, but I was shocked and disgusted! It was simply unnatural." Molly replied back before turning tome, "Hermione dear you must be getting back to school before anyone gets suspicious." I nodded and stood back up as the two adults wish me goodnight as I left back through the Floo.

Lucius's P.O.V

I was surprised with Severus had summoned me, but more so was I shocked to see a younger red headed version of Rodolphus Lestrange passed out on the couch; beautiful white angel wings sprouted on the boys back. Turning to my old friend I asked softly, "How?"

"He is Fabian's little boy…. I ran the test myself when his wings appeared." Severus stated softly, "Rodolphus swore up and down that his mate and children were alive when we pulled him from that rubble, and this proves it." Hr finished just as Blaise burst through the door.

"Professor! Theo… he had gone crazy he is attacking Draco!" Blaise shouted his form shaking as Severus went to calm the boy. I felt my blood run cold as I rushed from the room to get to my so.

Entering the Slytherin common room I was stunned to see a draconic looking Theodore; stunned and unconscious with my son being fused over by Harry. With a sigh of relief, I quickly went over to check on them both all my questions momentarily forgotten as the worry for my son and his mate took over my mind.

End of chapter.