Dragons and Thrones: Rising Tensions – Healing the Breach

Chapter 1 of my next crossover story, we continue from the end of the last one, as this is part 2 of the third story. As a result, the ages listed at the start of the third story are the same in this, we are still in 299 AL, or 9:41 Dragon; although the last three chapters take place on the first day of the year 300 AL/9:42 Dragon. While the other story was predominantly GOT POV characters, with only five Dragon Age POVs, this story features the opposite, only five GOT POVs, the rest are Dragon Age.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this, we'll also be seeing new POVs too.

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Now onto the story.

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It was an almost detached expression that the thirty-five year old man stood, watching the sun rise from the walls of Astapor. He was tall; with medium length messy black hair as well as a full black beard and moustache. He also had warm brown eyes and a firmly toned build.

There were a few greys in his hair, yet none in his beard and very few lines on his face, merely some around his eyes, certainly premature for his age, but brought upon by stress from his life for many years, recently added too from recent events.

'We took Astapor; but Yunkai and Meereen remain...We still need to capture those cities, save Merrill and free the slaves here.' He thought seriously. 'Merrill; you are at Meereen, I...you will be saved, I swear it.'

Merrill was a young Elf Woman, Hawke's beloved and now a prisoner in Meereen, having been captured by a dark and dangerous being, Corypheus, an ancient Tevinter Magister, afflicted by the Blight and therefore considered a Darkspawn, yet retaining his sentience and adapting his terrible magical powers to his new form.

He had new weapons and now also possessed armies, as well as forming alliances, through deception or openly allying with people who shared his goal.

Hawke glared. 'Corypheus still has aspirations of Godhood, now calling himself the Elder One...He needs to be stopped, but still; Merrill needs to be rescued first; once that is done, then we can focus on stopping Corypheus for good.'

He knew that they still needed to plan their next move, they could not simply remain in Astapor, not with the other two cities poised to attack; they had to strike first, yet couldn't just attack one, they needed to deal with both.

Taking a deep breath he prepared himself and turned away, heading through Astapor, now mostly rebuilt from the attack and many of the people more relaxed. Hawke was glad of that, it was one less thing to worry about.

He was meanwhile on his way to the palace, to meet with his new ally, Daenerys Targaryen and the leaders of the various groups allied with them now. Many more had arrived upon hearing of their victory, some from Essos, some from Thedas even. Hawke thought about what he knew about Daenerys.

He considered. 'She is apparently the last survivors of an ancient family from the land of Westeros; once a Royal family, she aims to reclaim her family's throne, she came here for an army, along with the people she brought with her. Now she aims to help me end the slavery in these cities and save Merrill.'

He had to admit, he did not understand Daenerys' motive in helping him, but he was grateful, he'd accept any help he could get at this stage. Entering the palace he found everybody gathered in the main hall; he was amazed at how quickly it happened, but it seemed that many looked to Daenerys as a new leader of sorts.

Still, they had spoken and shared their history, he supposed he could understand, given what he now knew about her.

He looked around at everybody present; Cassandra and Leliana were here, along with those who had surrendered or joined them without any prompting, such as Daario. Also present were people loyal to Daenerys, Ser Jorah Mormont, Ser Barristan Selmy and now several others too.

'Our army grows, and if things continue the way they are, when we claim Yunkai and Meereen, it will grow further still. Could these people help us after the cities are freed, would they fight with us against Corypheus?' He wondered.

It was then Daenerys looked up and smiled lightly.

"Ah, Hawke, there you are, we were about to send for you, we're ready to begin." She said.

Hawke nodded and took his seat. "My timing seems impeccable as always then..I have to ask however, how…?"

Leliana shook her head. "There's no word yet on Varric's condition Hawke, he remains unconscious."

Hawke sighed but nodded.

"I see, very well then, shall we begin?" Hawke replied.

The others all nodded and Daenerys looked at the map that had been laid out on the large table before them. It was an enlarged map of the region of Essos known as Slaver's Bay, where they currently were.

"So, we are here in Astapor, Yunkai is there, Meereen there...We have to divide our armies between them and strike quickly, but..." She mused.

Cassandra spoke up. "But we do not know what traps they'll have, their defences, and the time it will take to send scouts, to march upon the cities, we will either be pre-emptively attacked or find something we did not expect when we arrive."

Daenerys nodded in confirmation. Hawke agreed, this all looked tricky.

In the end, after much discussion they were able to figure their plans.

"So, we will split the armies, my forces, the Stormcrows and a few Mages and Templars will attack Meereen. The other force, the Mages, Templars and others will attack Yunkai." Daenerys said. "In terms of overall leaders, I will lead the attack on Meereen, Hawke, I think it would be best if you lead the Yunkai assault."

Hawke froze at that, shocked at Daenerys even suggesting that. "What, but, Meereen is..."

Daenerys nodded. "I know what Meereen is, Hawke; trust me when I say it is best I lead that attack."

Hawke suppressed a growl; Merrill was being held captive in Meereen, he had to save her. Yet he was now being denied that chance; yes he knew the importance of capturing Yunkai, the strategic value of capturing it and the importance of helping free the slaves and ensure the populace was aided. But he still needed desperately to save Merrill.

"I...Very well..." He replied at last; knowing better than to argue in full view with people here. "If I may make a request."

Daenerys turned to him confused. "Yes?"

He sighed. "I understand one of the men who joined you, is an old friend of mine, Anders. I wish for him to join me in the attack on Yunkai."

Daenerys nodded and agreed; after some more quick discussion they were decided and everybody began to leave, ready to go and prepare their armies for the upcoming battles. Hawke also left to make preparations, but he also knew he had to confront Daenerys on her decision.

He had to go to Meereen, he was determined to save Merrill and to do that, he needed to go there.

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