It was there, right in front of us, the Demogorgon. Lucas got his 'Wrist Rocket' and opened fire, it did nothing, one, and another one, and then one hit, and the Demogorgon flew back against the chalkboard. We realized, it wasn't the wrist rocket, it was El, she was walking towards it.

"El no!"

I ran up to her, but she pushed me back. I couldn't do anything; I was too winded.

She went up to the Demogorgon, and it started breaking.

"Goodbye Mike."


Right as it was imploding, I ran up and pushed her out of the way, and everything went black.

He woke up, he wasn't dead, he got up and looked around, and realized where he was.

"This is the upside down."

It was the school, it looked the same, but there were giant vines everywhere, and something weird in the air.

Joyce, Hop, they had to be in here.

He ran outside and ran to the lab as fast as he could.

Once he got there he started looking, in every room until he found an elevator, it wasn't operational but there was a rope. When he got down there he looked in every room there, until he got to a room that seemed to be affected more by the vines. There was a hole in the wall, shrinking, about the size of a manhole cover, shrinking fast, it was gone before Mike could get to it. That was it, he was trapped here, no way out.

He went out of the building, and started towards his house. Once he got there, he setup a fort in his room, heat rises he figured, it was cold, really cold. Now he had to figure out food, there was nothing natural here, he couldn't think of anything, nothing was edible, he checked his pantry, everything was covered in vines, he checked his fridge, everything was spoiled, he checked his freezer, everything was spoiled there too, except for one thing, Eggos. He laughed, the one thing he could ever find was more stuff to remind him of El. He went back upstairs, ate his Eggos and went to sleep, that was a lot of what he was going to do.


"Mike!?" Yelled Dustin

"MIKE!" Yelled Lucas

They looked around, no sign of their friend anywhere.

"Ha ha, very funny prank, would you please come out?" Said Dustin

It wasn't a prank. Mike was gone.


El woke up.

Lucas and Dustin rushed to her.

"El, do you know what happened to Mike?" Said Lucas

"He isn't here." Said Dustin

She shook her head, starting to cry.

"Hey, it's not your fault, you saved us, just, Mike saved you too." Said Dustin

They heard police and ambulance sirens outside.

"Come on." Said Lucas

Dustin was carrying her.

"What happened in there?" An officer asked Lucas

"I don't know, we were getting the notebooks we left and suddenly guys went in there with guns, she passed out, and hit ground with her face, and the sounds of the gunshots made her ears bleed, and we walked outside the classroom and we saw bodies and ran and- "

"Ok, ok kid. Hey can I get these kids to some ambulances!?"

Paramedics took them to ambulances and gave Dustin and Lucas blankets. They went to check on El.

"Hey El, are you ok?"

She nodded.

Her nose had stopped bleeding and she had gotten a blanket.

Mike's parents' car drove in

"Michael!?" Yelled his mom

She rushed around panicked. She found Lucas and Dustin

"Where's Michael?"

"Um." Said Dustin

"Ok, this is what's been going on for the past week, Will disappeared, he's not dead, when we went looking for him, we met a girl named Eleven, Eleven helped us figure out where Will was, a place called the upside down, which is basically our world but all run down and dark and shadowy. The upside down was home to a monster the we named the Demogorgon, the Demogorgon started kidnapping people, namely Will, and Nancy's friend called Barb or something. The Demogorgon came to the school and we killed it, Mike disappeared with it, shoving Eleven out of the way." Said Lucas

He caught his breath, he had spared her the whole El had powers, and that they setup a swimming pool in the gym.

"What? Wh-Where is he?"

"We don't know."

This was hard to take in.

"Hey, we were wondering, could El live in Mike's room? She doesn't really have a home." Said Dustin

"Doesn't have a home?"

"Yeah, her parents died in a car crash and we don't want her in foster care, plus Mike liked her."

"Um, O, Ok."

"Don't worry, Nancy has met her before, she'll know what to do."

"El, go with her for now, we have to wait for our parents. Don't worry Nancy will be there."


She walked to Mike's mom.


She tried to look positive even though her son was missing.

"Oh, and she has a pretty, troubled, childhood, she's pretty quiet."

"Oh, ok."

They left.

"What are we going to do?" Said Lucas

"I don't know! For all we know Mike is dead!" Said Dustin


"Ok, for now we go home, tell our parents the same story and help El. Got it?"