Darkness, there was no light anywhere. The ground was wet, and for some reason the air made him feel light headed.

"What is this place?" Asked Mike

"El!?" He yelled

He closed his eyes, but when he opened them, there was his basement. It was him, and El, laying on the couch. It looked like El was waking up.

"Why am I here?"

No answer, not that he expected one.

"Mike?" Asked El "Mike, wake up." "Mike? Mike!?" She yelled, shaking him

Nancy came down the stairs

"El what's wrong!?"

"Mike, he won't wake up."

Mike went to go sit next to El, still freaked out on where he was, or what was going on.

Nancy went over to Mike's body and felt for a pulse.

"It's there, but it's weak. He's barely alive. We have to get him to a hospital." Stated Nancy worriedly

El's face was a face full of pure terror now.

Nancy ran to the phone and called for an ambulance.

"Mike." Said El, faintly and quietly

Nancy ran back down the stairs

"Ok, El, we have to get him upstairs for the paramedics to be able to get him."

She nodded

Nancy carried Mike's body upstairs, and the scene disappeared for Mike.

Mike had a thought, could he carry stuff, grab stuff? He didn't even try then, he was to shocked. He decided he would try by pranking Dustin. He thought of Dustin, and found him eating at his house.

Mike started by grabbing a bowl, sitting down next to Dustin, who was too concerned with his own cereal to pay attention originally. Mike grabbed a spoon, and started pouring the cereal.

Dustin looked up at the sound.

"Woah! What the hell? Eleven! Mike! Is this one of you little shits?!" Said Dustin

So it did work, Mike went to go grab some paper and a pen.

"Mike! Eleven! Where are you?" Yelled Dustin

Mike came back to the kitchen table with a pencil and a sticky note, it was the best he could find. He wrote: 'Help me. Trapped in darkness. Meet my sister and Eleven at the hospital. Tell the others.'

"What!? Darkness?!" Yelled a very confused Dustin

Mike wrote down one more sentence: 'Just go.'

Dustin ran to his room, came back downstairs with a backpack, filled it up with some snacks, and left his house.

"Good." Mike said to himself as the scene was yet again disappearing

Mike suddenly felt tired, and collapsed to the floor.

The paramedics took Mike, Nancy, and El to the hospital. Once they got there, they rushed Mike into the emergency room.

"Can't I come too!?" Nancy yelled "I'm his sister!"

"I'm sorry ma'am, but we have to ask you to wait in the waiting room." Said a nurse

Nancy stomped back to the waiting room and sat by a very worried El.

"Will he be ok?" Asked El shakily

"Yeah, yeah he'll be fine." Nancy replied with a failed tone of confidence

Dustin was biking over to the hospital, and was telling the guys the news

"Lucas, Will, come in, over." Dustin said to his supercomm

"Dustin? What do you want, I was sleeping, over." Said Lucas

"Yeah, I'm here, over." Said Will

"Good, meet me at the hospital, I'll explain when you get there, over and out." Said Dustin, turning off his supercomm and putting it back in his backpack