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The Youma attacked Usagi charging at her head first with a wailing call. Screaming Usagi stumbled over her own feet. Falling butt first to the concrete floor yet again.

"Sailor Moon! Get up!" voiced Amy as she ran to help her fallen princess.

"Mercury, go back! I can handle this myself!" Usagi ordered rolling as she dodged the Youma's second attack at her.

"But.." Amy was cut short by Usagi, "Watch out!" Amy turned around to see the Youma running at her. Its glowing red eyes mocking her. Amy stood there frozen in fear at the Youma dark shape. The she felt herself being pushed to the ground. "So this is it, this is how I'm going to die, I'm sorry I've failed you Usagi, my Moon Princess" her body hit the ground roughly. She waited for the final blow, but none came. Opening her eyes she saw her Princess flying through the air. Usagi had pushed Amy out of the Youma's path letting herself take it's harmful blow. Bruised, scratched and bleeding, Usagi tried to stand. But fell into a heap on the cold ground once more. Defeated. She put her hand on her chest an spoke to the Silver Moon Crystal inside her. "Crystal, lend me your strength to defeat the Youma and protect the people of earth." The crystal chimed in agreement and almost instantly she felt her strength returning an her injuries lessening. The Youma returned for another fatal blow. But it was too slow. Usagi was on her feet an reaching for her tiara. She would turn this Youma into moon dust before it reached her no problem. She locked eyes with the Youma, determined and yelled, "Moon..T.." a red rose cut her short, flying through the air loosing petals as it went. Stopping the Youma in its tracks, as well as Usagi. A familiar voice called out "Sailor Moon! Use your tiara!" followed by a flash of red cape and then none other than Tuxedo Mask standing protectively beside her. Growling Usagi reached for her tiara again. "Moon Tiara, Magic!" she yelled letting her tiara fly. Hitting the startled Youma head on, turning it to dust. Instantly Usagi turned and started to limp away. "Usagi", 'Sailor Moon!" the Sailor Scouts called out running after her.

"Usagi!" Amy cried gasping as she reached her side. "Thank you, you saved my life. I owe you"

"No problem" she replied smiling.

"Aren't you going to thank me too, Usagi??" came Tuxedo Mask's voice. Still in the same spot, she stopped. Slightly turning her head to see him standing there. A grin on his face. Angry, she turned her head back around. The Sailor Scouts looked at each other. Confused. As Usagi stalked away. Not answering to the scouts calls.

~~//~~BACK AT HOME~~\\~~

Usagi stalked into her home and fell onto her bed, exhausted. Careful not to wake her parents. Using the crystal may have given back her energy at the time. But for the next few days she'll be exhausted. While muttering some dark thoughts about Darien, Luna jumped through her always opened window. "Great work tonight Usagi. Your lucky Tuxedo Mask came along when he did. You could have been moon dust if it weren't for Darien."

Usagi rolled over, shoving her face into her pillow. Not wanting to face Luna's lecture on Darien, aka Tuxedo Mask. "Usagi? Are you ok? Why did you run, well limp away tonight?"

"Nothing Luna. I was just tired is all…" getting up she went down to the bathroom to get ready for bed, still limping. Nearly asleep, she was woken by Luna once more. "Usagi. I have been thinking…"

" Don't do that too often Luna, you might cause your self harm" mumbled Usagi.

"Ha, Ha. Seriously Usagi. Something si the matter with you. You didn't go running to Darien after the fight tonight. For you that is very odd. You NEVER miss a chance to drool over him and flirt. What's wrong? What happened?"

"Nothing for you to worry about Luna. I've just realised a couple of things about myself and other people tonight is all. I'm fine really."

Still confused, Luna curled up next to Usagi and went to sleep, "Sleep well princess" she muttered before falling into a deep sleep. Usagi on the other hand was wide awake. Rethinking her life. Why did she fawn all over Darien, when it was obvious he didn't trust her of believe in her at all?she had that V cornered. She would have delt with it no problem. But he just had to step in. 'maybe' she thought, 'maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing? Then again, I can rember when every time I was in trouble, when I actually NEEDED him, he'd be there. Not just because he could show me up, like tonight.

~~//~~FLASH BACK~~\\~~

Screaming Usagi fell bouncing limply to the ground. She was cornered. This was the end. A red rose slashed the sky, loosing petals. Followed by a deep husky voice, "get up Sailor Moon. I know you can do it!" Usagi looked up and saw his face. Darien's face. Glowing with love and pride for his Usagi. She tried to get up. But the bruises, scratches and blood that covered her body prevented her. The next thing she knew, she felt a strong presence beside her limp body. Vaguely opening her blue eyes she was greeted by the deep blue eyes of none other than Tuxedo Mask. "You can do it Usagi. We can do it together" helping Usagi stand, his arms around her delicate waist. He whispered in her ear "Sailor Moon, use your tiara" smiling in agreement she reached for her tiara, "Moon.." stopping as she started loosing consciousness. Griping her harder to keep her standing, Tuxedo Mask lifted her chin to face his face, "now Sailor moon, You can do it. I know you can. I believe in you!." Slightly nodding Usagi reached for her tiara again, determined. "Moon Tiara, Magic!" letting go of her tiara she collapsed into Tuxedo Mask's arms unconscious, just after seeing the Youma disintegrate into moon dust. Tuxedo Mask lifted Usagi gentually kissing her on her head. "I love you Usagi" he whispered, "And I will always be there for you and protect you from any harm. I will never let anything or anyone hurt you. I promise."

~~//~~END FLASH BACK~~\\~~

Sadly smiling at what Usagi once had felt she fell asleep. A solitary tear slipping down her cheek.

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