*Gasp* What is this. Is 6-4 pilot finally making a story with Starcraft. Yes he is. And it's with his favorite (At the moment) anime, Fairy Tail. Now I want some ground rules. First, the Protoss will be the main good Starcraft faction here. The other factions will show up as antagonists along with Protoss forces but the ones allied with the Daelaam may show up. I haven't made my decision yet and even then they will appear much later. Second, the protoss will be not joining a guild. They will be their own independent faction. Third, the semi-cannon pairing are going in here (Natsu and Lucy, Gray and Juvia, Erza and Jellal, etc.) or the popular fictional pairings within Fairy Tail (Mirajane and Laxus, Bickslow and Lissana, etc.). Don't like that? Then either not read, or make your own story. Fourth, this will happen around or before the Grand magic games arc. Fifth, this will happen some decades after the events of Starcraft two, so expect some advancements in Protoss technology, forces, ships, etc. Now let's get the first Starcraft and Fairy Tail crossover begin! (Or the newest because there may have been one before but got deleted.)

AN: (5/23/17) Some changes to author notes and story.

At a distance world in the Koprulu sector, a battle was raging in the world's surface. On one side were Terran soldiers clad in CMC-400 Powered combat suits were fighting against Daelaam and Tal'darim forces. The Terran forces here were some of the last remnant of Amon's followers and were sent here to this world for the Xel'naga artifacts here. The Daelaam, having heard about this, sent a fleet to attack the Terrans in hopes of preventing them from acquiring the Xel'naga artifacts in this world. The problem was that the world was in Tal'darim territory. So, Artanis asked Alarak to allow the Daelaam passage in Tal'darim territory. Alarak agreed on the condition that both Artanis and the Spear of Adun were sent as well. With reluctance, Artanis agreed and the Spear of Adun was sent with the attack fleet. Artanis couldn't fathom why Alarak would want the Spear of Adun and himself in this assault but quickly figured out why as a portion of the Tal'darim death fleet arrived with a ship that was of similar size and shape as the Spear of Adun. It was when he saw it that Artanis figured out the reason why. Alarak wanted to show Artanis his new warship as a means to intimidate him and to show him just how deadly the Tal'darim have become over the decades. It was made clear when the ship destroyed the Terran fleet with no effort. After the enemy fleet was destroyed, the Protoss forces joined together to defeat the Terran forces as they were spread out in several locations. Artanis was monitoring the battle from the Spear of Adun. He was in thought. Why was the enemies weaker than what he was informed of? The report was that the forces here were much larger than what his and Alarak's forces have fought. It also said that there were Protoss that allied with Amon were here as well. So where were they? He was pondering on it when a Zealot informed him that Alarak was contacting him from the battlefield.

"Put him through." Said Artanis. The Zealot complied and the face of Alarak came into view on the monitor in front of Artanis. "What is it, Alarak?" Asked Artanis.

"Oh. Is that any way to say hello?" Asked Alarak, mockingly. "I come to inform you that another Terran base has, once again by my own hands, been destroyed while you cower in the safety of your ship."

"Is that all?" Asked Artanis, already wanting this conversation with the high lord to end. "Or are you just hear to mock me?"

"Oh. There is some fight in you after all these years after all. I thought that all that time of peace soften you, Artanis." Said Alarak. "But no, while this base was the last to fall, there is still a Terran presence holding on near the proximity of a Xel'naga artifact. The artifact is protecting them from orbital bombardment with a shield of some kind. Our weapons have no effect on it. I recommend you see it for yourself."

"Very well. I will be there." Said Artanis, before ending the transmission and wrapping to the Xel'naga artifact. It was there that he saw the artifact first hand. It was a large tower that had a dagger shape in the end and it was emitting a large dome shield that was taking any damage their warships were dealing to it. However, Artanis noticed that it seemed to be damaged as he saw fire and holes scattered all over the hull of the tower. Artanis eventually found where Alarak is.

"Nice of you to finally join the fight, Artanis." Said Alarak. "Had trouble with the ghosts of the enemy we slain in space?" Asked Alarak, mockingly. Artanis glared at him before replying.

"Enough, Alarak! This is not the time for games! Whatever the Terrans found here, cannot be good. We must find a way pass that barrier or risk the fate of Koprulu and our people." Said Artanis. "Now, do you know of a way past that barrier?"

"Only two." Said Alarak, respecting Artanis's outburst. "If we combined the fire power of all the ships in our fleets, we may be able to destroy that shield and anything in it. If that fails, we will have to go through a hail of Terran fire to reach our target. It appears that we can pass the shield just fine. The problem is the Terran return fire on us."

"Are those are only options?" Asked Artanis.

"Unless, you want to destroy this planet then yes." Said Alarak.

"*Sigh* Very well, let us attempt this plan of yours." Said Artanis, ordering his fleet to fire on the Xel'naga shield with Alarak doing the same. The two and their forces on the ground waited until a barrage of energy blast from the ships in orbit fired at the shield. The shield held on for a few moments before succumbing to the barrage and breaking entirely, allowing the barrage to annihilate the Terran forces outside the Xel'naga tower. The barrage soon stopped and the Protoss forces moved in. Artanis looked at the devastation brought to the Terran forces. Nothing was left, not even ash. It was to his surprise that the Xel'naga artifact was, for the most part, intact. However, it still received some damaged from the barrage as there were more holed in the structure. Artanis then sent an observer to scan the tower. It eventually came back and revealed that there were only one scientist remaining. Artanis then decided to go in alone and went inside, with Alarak in tow. The two then saw that the scientist was hastily trying to activate something in the tower.

"C'mon. Work! You infernal machine!" Cried the man in anger. He was so distracted by his work that he didn't notice the two Protoss coming right behind him. "C'mon. C'mon. Yes! I done it!" Cried the scientist in joy.

"Amusing. Now die." Said Alarak before slashing the man in half. Artanis then glared at Alarak and was about to berate him when the tower began to shake.

"Hierarch, we are detecting massive power coming from the tower." Said an operator of the Spear of Adun.

"Is it dangerous?" Asked Artanis.

"I am not sure Hierarch, but I recommend that we remove our ground forces. Just to be safe." Said the operator.

"Then do so." Said Artanis, before being warped into the bridge of the Spear of Adun with Alarak being warped into his ship, the Bane of Amon. The ground forces soon following. "Are all forces secured?" Asked Artanis.

"Negative, we just need a few seconds longer." Said the Operator. After a few seconds, the last of the troops were inside the Protoss ships when the tower activated. It emitted a large sphere that grew in size, engulfing both Tal'darim and Daelaam ships. With it soon engulfing the entirety of both fleets.

Unknown Location

Dazed, Artanis blinked at how instantaneous whatever trip he and those aboard had taken was.

"Are we...are we still alive?" Said Artanis, as he looked around to see his crew dazed as well. He then attempted to contact his fleet and the Tal'darim. After several tries he managed to make contact with both. It was then that he saw through the bridge view of the outside and was confused at the sight that greeted him. For he saw, not the barren world that he and the Tal'darim fought in but a lush and full of life world. Looking to his ships instruments, it became apparent that they were no longer on the planet they were just struggling upon. They were not even in the same part of the galaxy, as noted from the correlation of the stars.

"But if that is indeed the case...where, then, are we?" Artanis questioned as it became apparent to him that the Xel'naga artifact caused them to enter some brand new galaxy.

First chapter done. Next time, we'll have the Tal'darim and Daelaam sent scouts to investigate this new world while there they will find many things that will shock them. Also, this is taking place during the magic games. Particular the first match. You know, the whole find the real person game. Anyway, yeah I gave Alarak his own Spear of Adun. Because I think that Alarak wouldn't just stay on board on the Spear of Adun for so long without some interior motive, like trying to have as much information as possible for the ship so he can make his own. Also there will be pairings for both Alarak and Artanis. The possible ones are:

Alarak: Kamika, Meredy

Artanis: Kagura, Cosmos, and Sayla.

I still haven't decided which gets paired with who as I really like all of them. Also, I am horrible at making names. So can anyone help me and make names for Protoss OC's. I appreciate it. Final thing, should I go make my own intro for this as well and talk to the characters in here? Read, Rate, Review, and see you all next time!