"I lost our baby"

Melinda looked up from her book. "We don't have a baby." She said, eyes daring him to call it what it actually was.

Coulson groaned, "Come on May, he's missing, is now really the time?"

"I'd wonder if now is the time to be calling him our baby." She said sardonically, going back to her book. "He's a dog Phil. You're not meant to supervise him every second of the day."

"He's a dog." He said earnestly, "And this is a secret base. He could get hurt, he could get into the lab or get run over by a jeep."

Damn him for that mental image. "Fine." May said shortly, marking her page, "But if he hasn't been crushed by a jeep, you owe me a drink."

Coulson grinned, "I mean, I probably would have gotten you a drink anyway."

"Two drinks then."

He snorted.

Melinda had been looking through the kitchen. At least it was late, less chances of the dog Phil had decided was totally necessary for their team of secret agents getting squashed. If she was being honest, she was pretty fond of the thing. If she was even more honest, the excitable golden retriever reminded her of Daisy. Before she had given up on the world. She heard the quiet, hurried footsteps approaching. Hopefully he'd found the dog.

She turned her head, but did not stand up.

"Melinda!" His voice was hushed, hurried. But not worried or scared.

She looked up and saw that his eyes were bright. "What?"

Coulson smiled, "Come on!" He gestured to the door.

May rolled her eyes, but followed him. "Did you find it?"

"Him, Melinda, he's a him."

"He's a dog, and if you care so much you should name him."

He grinned, "Well I tried, but you said no."

"We're not naming the dog Steve."

"Why not?!"

"You know why."

"Well what about Cap?"

"No Phil."

"Oh, hang on." He hushed her, falling quiet himself. They had reached the quinjet, and Melinda felt the usual pang in her heart that came with the knowledge that Daisy refused to leave it.

Melinda quietly moved up the ramp, and when she saw the sight inside the plane, she inexplicably felt tears well up in her eyes.

Daisy lay on the ground, fast asleep, with a blanket that Phil had likely put over her, and a sleeping, peaceful looking golden retriever cuddled up in her arms. She looked so small. So young.

Phil came up beside her, clicking a quick picture of Daisy on his phone. "Pretty cute, huh?"

Melinda sniffed quietly, trying to surreptitiously wipe her eyes. "Yeah." She murmured.

He looked at her and Melinda cursed internally. She knew he'd see.

Sure enough. "Oh, hey, Mel." An arm wrapped around her shoulders. She wished she had the strength to push it away. "She's getting there. She just needs time."

"I know." She mumbled. "I just-" She wasn't even sure.

Phil pressed a kiss to her hair. "Come on." He said, "I owe you a drink."