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In Stein's class, Maka sat, head on her hand as she half paid attention to the dissection going on below. There were so many now that they all started to blur together. Tsubaki sat beside her, fidgeting every now and then. The meister glanced over.

"Don't worry, Tsubaki. They'll be fine." They better be fine. She added quietly in her head. Or I swear Blackstar will regret it. She mulled over and frowned, surprised she'd thought something like that but blamed it on her incessant worrying.

Tsubaki crossed her arms on the table and laid her head on them," I just don't understand why Blackstar would leave." She seemed lost in thought. Maka giggled," I don't think anyone really understands Blackstar. It's just what makes him who he is." The chain scythe huffed out, watching Stein bring the dissection scissors to the animal's belly and chose to look away for the actual cutting.

Forcing a smile to her lips, she looked down. "He'll be fine, right?" Her eyes met Maka's and the girl threw a thumbs up. "Right. If anyone's going to be okay, it's Blackstar." Even though she doubted every word she said, she said it to reassure Tsubaki. The last thing she wanted was to transfer her doubts onto someone else.

"Psh. If they want to be together that badly, maybe they should just marry each other." Maka added quietly.

The end hurt like hell. He was pretty sure he must've ripped or broken something in his back because it sent waves of pain racing along his spine, similar to when cars race on a highway. While the thick blanket of snow cushioned his fall, he was still hurting. He groaned and pulled his arms closer, expecting to feel a body. "Oh no." His hand came to his chest and pulled slightly at the fabric there. "Damnit!" His breath came in puffs and he shot up into a sitting position.

Unfortunately, somewhere between falling and landing, he'd let go of Soul, probably when he landed. He curled into himself, arms crossed over his chest and shivered. "So fucking cold." He grits his teeth. The assassin slowly pushed himself to stand, cursing all the way and tried to straighten his back when he stood. It screamed in agony and he snarled in pain but finally managed.

Cupping his hands over his mouth he yelled out. "Soul!" Seemed like that's all he was doing recently, he thought with a quirk of his lip. Looking for his friend in the snow. Looking for his friend in the air. All he needed was to look for his friend in himself, he sarcastically added.

Blackstar smirked, despite himself and encouraged," I've landed from greater heights than this! There's no way this is taking me down." He ignored his smarting back and surveyed the area. White sky. White ground. Even some trees, although the bark was brown, had white snow clumped together on the flimsy branches. Damn Soul's white hair. He pressed forward confidently, walking past several trees and looked around again. Nothing changed and it didn't look like anything would.

He felt a pang of fear and hated the way he turned back around and followed his disappearing footsteps. Back where he started. The cold started getting to him. It shouldn't be too surprising; He was only wearing his black shirt and normal pants. Same with Soul. Their change of clothes was in their luggage which was on the plane that went down with all the people and he really shouldn't be thinking of that large family that sat behind him or the baby that cried on the ride or the just married couple who were taking a vacation. Oh god, he was a murderer.

Shaking his head to get rid of the thoughts, he stood stock still, waiting. For what, he wasn't sure. He didn't know which way to start walking because if he did and didn't find Soul, he'd turn around and his footsteps would be erased and he'd be lost without his partner whom he would never forgive himself for leaving for dead. He waited for an answer, he guessed. To what? He wasn't yelling his name anymore, it's not like the guy could hear him being unconscious and all that. He couldn't have gone far.

He couldn't have gone far, Blackstar worried and didn't realize he'd rethought the same thought. In frustration, he screamed out, hands balled into fists at his sides," Damnit! Stuck in the middle of freaking nowhere! Nowhere to go. I just- UGH!" He shook in anger. Angry at how useless he was. He suddenly realized he couldn't stand here forever and freeze to death so he started to pace angrily in the same spot. "Walking around and around like a damn dog chasing his tail." He muttered.

He'd fucked up. Big time. He should've just stuck with Tsubaki. Who's stupid idea was this, anyway? Oh right, it was his. Hell, he didn't even know the extent of Soul's injuries. For all he knew, the guy was dead already. He didn't like the thought of that. He promised himself he wasn't going to follow that train of thought.

Easy mission. Yeah right. He kicked some snow with the toe of his boot. A moan cut him off. It startled him really. Enough to make him stumble. He stood still again, using his assassin skills to try to control his breathing and listen to see if he could hear a heartbeat. Tsubaki was always the best with this stuff. He furrowed his brows and pressed on, seconds or minutes he didn't know how long he stood there before he hesitantly accepted the fact that he could have imagined it. It was faint after all and if he couldn't find it, then it must not have happened although he didn't like the idea of him imagining things. Guess the cold really was getting to him.

Then, a low whine penetrated the whistle of wind and Blackstar swore he didn't imagine that. Fool me once, right? He crouched low to the snow, back sending fireworks in his vision but he ignored it. Digging up the snow, he bit his lip. He knew he heard that. He did not imagine that! Damn it! He turned and started on the other side but his fingers stung with a numbness he couldn't express.

He pulled his hands back as though burned, cupped them in front of his face, and exhaled deeply, watching the warm smoke curl around his stiffening fingers. Feeling a smidge of warmth return, he cursed and balled them up, crossing his arms and pulling them close to his body, hunching over. The position sent new waves of pain up his spine but eh. He had more pressing matters to deal with.

"Damn, SOUL!" Knowing the other was awake, he was positive he would get a response. Another whistle of wind blew past him followed by silence. He heard something. Something faint. Then, he saw something. He saw the snow to his right shift ever so slightly. It was a short distance away, five steps and he was probably there. That was all the proof he needed. He shot up and practically tripped to get there as soon as possible. Falling to his knees, he huffed out as his fingers scooped handfuls of snow. It burned, which was ironic because it was cold.

His breath came short when he spotted a tuft of white hair, standing out amongst the rest of white due to its texture and slight movement. I found him! He thought excitedly, digging with much more vigor. Soon, he'd uncovered his face, which startled him at first because those intense red eyes stared back at him, mouth drawn in a scowl. For a second, he thought he was frozen. Those eyes moved to focus on the sky and he was proven wrong.

"Hang on, I'll get you out." Blackstar forced a grin on his face and from the looks of it, Soul didn't buy it. Moving his dead fingers, he kept working. His jacket came into view and it was clumped with frozen snow, the thing was practically frozen itself. Moving faster due to increased worry, he tried not to notice the frozen blood on his torso. He couldn't keep his eyes from wandering every now and then.

When he'd reached his waist, Soul pulled his arms out of their cocoons, snow falling with a plop and pushed himself upright using his elbows. The movement tightened the muscles in his abdomen and he shut his eyes, sharp teeth showing in a snarl. After a pained exhale, Blackstar placed his hand on his chest and guided him to lay back down.

"You should take it easy. Not everyone can be as strong as me."

Soul looked to the side," Great. Just great."

"What?" Blackstar kept digging, now at his knees.

"I can take care of myself, you know. I don't- "Soul paused, looking for the right words. Letting out another huff, he closed his eyes," What I mean is that it's hard."

Blackstar couldn't feel his fingers anymore but raised one up to quiet the other and spoke," I get it. It's hard to admit that you need help from someone as great as me and that's understandable."

Soul opened his red eyes," No, that's not really what I meant."

"After all, lots of people get confused with their words in my presence." He cast his gaze back down to the frozen red stain and swallowed a lump in his throat. Quieter and with his eyes downcast, he answered," No, I know what you mean." Shaking his head to forget the crash, he brushed away the last of the snow and revealed Soul's complete body. Taking a better look, he noticed the weapon was shivering slightly.

He pulled Soul's arm over his shoulder," I've got you. Just try to take it easy." Standing was a problem for both of them; Blackstar's back reemerged to remind him of his fall and Soul hissed, hand clutching his side tightly. After finally righting themselves, Blackstar started to walk forward, determination shining in his features. He was determined to support them both. Even though his spine flared up again, he kept Soul's arm around his neck.

The snow crunched under their footfalls, breath coming in pants from the exertion. It was cold. It was white. Blackstar looked down at Soul when he heard him mutter. "Oh man, this is so uncool."

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