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The throne room of Nazarick was brightly lit by the magical chandeliers. Ainz Ooal Gown had gathered most of the floor guardians and Sebas for two reasons. One was to hear about and commend them on their progress. And the other…

"The. Lizardmen. Are. Very. Great. Full. For. The. Gifts. Bestowed. On. Them. By Ainz-sama," wrapped up his report Cocytus.
According to him the 3 adamantite armors crafted by the dwarfs were given to Zenberu, Zaryusu, and Shiryusu. Leaving the other lizardmen in awe of the armor's craftsmanship and of their lord Ainz Ooal Gown's generosity.

"Very good. The armor will protect Zaryusu from harm..." an image of the albino lizardmen with many albino children flashed in Ainz's mind. "Zenberu deserved a reward for being our guide to the dwarfs, and Shasryu getting the armor as the leader of the lizardmen is also good."

"You have done an excellent job Cocytus!" Ainz commended while nodding his head. "I know you have requested armor and weapons for the lizardmen in the past. Now that we have the dwarf runesmiths working for us, your lizardmen will be amongst the first to receive rune crafted equipment."
"Your. Servant. Is. Most. Great. Full."

"Now, Albedo. I understand your visit to the Capital had gone quite well as well?"
"Yes, Ainz-sama!" Replied Albedo, turning to face Ainz. "With the help of Eight Fingers, we were able to prop up a worthless human, to create a third faction in the kingdom. Princess Renner is also proving to be a useful puppet. Although, if she can open the box she was given, she might even be worth welcoming as a servant of the great tomb of Nazzarick."

I still don't know what Albedo's and Demiurge's plan for this Princess is. But is letting someone so smart near me a good idea? Suzuki Satoru thought full of worry. His skull face betrayed no emotion, of course.
"I'll leave it to you then!" Ainz said as he waved his hand gracefully. The many hours spent practicing such movements in front of the mirror had begun to pay off, as he was able to execute such a move with a regal appearance befit of a true ruler.

"I will do my best to please Ainz-sama," replied Albedo, blushing a little as she bowed.
Purging his mind of any thoughts about the reason for her blushing, he looked at Demiurge, the only one who hasn't yet given a report.

"Demiurge, can you share your progress in the Holy Kingdom with the other guardians?"
"As you command," replied Demiurge with a bow. "My preparation in the Holy kingdom is complete. We can move forward with the plan to use a doppelganger."
While Ainz was wondering why Demiurge would require a doppelganger, Shalltear spoke.

"Doppelganger? I thought the plan was to use Jaldabaoth to throw the Holy Kingdom into despair, forcing them to ask the Sorcerer Kingdom for help. Much like we did in the Kingdom's Capital."
Thankful that not all of his subordinates possessed genius level intelligence Ainz awaited Demiurge's reply.

"Kuku," Demiurge laughed. "Do you really think someone as unfathomable as Ainz-sama, the leader of all the Supreme Beings would play the same hand twice?"

"What is he talking about?!" Thought Suzuki Satoru as he felt his none existent stomach ache. "Wasn't that exactly the plan?" Thankful for his undead emotional suppression and even more for his skull face, he listened on.

"Do you really know our master so little? Ainz-sama is a truly unimaginable being, whose plans go far beyond what any of us can comprehend." Demiurge said smiling.

Shalltear had a puzzled look on her face, as did the other guardians except for Albedo, who nodded approvingly during Demiurge speech.
"But.. wasn't subjugating the Holy Kingdom.. the next step in our... conquest?" Asked Mare, in his panicky voice.

"Please. Explain. It. To. This. Ungrateful. One." Said Cocytus while looking at Ainz. Aura's eyes were on him too, eager to learn about his incomparable plan.

"Explain what?! I know just as much as you!" Suzuki wanted to scream. Naturally, he did not do that, having anticipated this turn of events. In fact, the other reason for gathering all the guardians was to avoid being alone with Demiurge and Albedo while discussing the plans for the future.

"What was it that happened the last time." Ainz thought about his last meeting with Demiurge. It was after the dwarfs allied with them. In a conversation with Demiurge, he got distracted and said something out loud at the most unfortunate time. "Ten thousand years" was it? He tried to play it off as a joke, but it was obvious Demiurge didn't take it as such.

"It seems Demiurge had seen through my plans once again," Ainz said with a chuckle.
"Not at all Ainz-sama. I could never have imagined how far your plans go. If it wasn't for the light you shone, I would still be in complete darkness as to your true plans," replied Demiurge, bowing to Ainz.

"What are you talking about?" Ainz thought. "Why does he always make things so difficult for me?" Truly Suzuki was full of regrets. In the beginning, he could have easily told Demiurge and Albedo that they need to tell him their plans in order not to interfere with his brilliant schemes. However, he didn't do that. Doing so now would make them both feel like they've failed, that he could not trust them and that they needed his supervision. It could also reflect badly on his own image as an all-knowing ruler – since the guardians were convinced that Ainz already knew their plans.

Ainz sighed, and used a new variation of his usual escape tool: "It seems that not all the guardians are as perceptive as you are. Do explain to them our plans for the Holy Kingdom," he told Demiurge.
After bowing to Ainz, Demiurge began.

"Like you, I thought Ainz-sama's goal was to conquer the world and rule it as a Supreme Being should. However, I began to doubt it after observing Ainz-sama's deeds in the Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom. World conquest seemed too simple of a goal for the leader of the Supreme Beings. And then in a recent conversation with Ainz-sama, he confirmed it. 10,000 years!" Demiurge proclaimed loudly.

"10,000 years! That's how far ahead our master had predicted the future of The Sorcerer Kingdom."
The throne room went silent before words of awe and admiration filled the air. Albedo's wings had opened and closed from excitement and her body shuddered.

"I told him it was a joke, didn't I?" Ainz thought desperately, his none existent stomach churning. "Why did he have to bring it up here? Now everyone thinks it's true too."
"It is as Demiurge says," Ainz stated betraying none of his emotions. Still, even with his undead body and face, pulling off such a thing took most of his energy. "Please proceed Demiurge."

"Yes, Ainz-sama! It finally made sense. If all Ainz-sama wanted was to conquer the world, he would need but to give a command to the legions of undead which have been created. They would overrun and conquer everything in their way. And allow us to observe anyone who could stop them, such as the party responsible for mind controlling Shalltear. We could then gather information on any such entities and eliminate them."

"However, such a plan is short-sighted. It would bring immediate results but would cause many problems in the long term. On the other hand, Ainz-sama's plan sacrifices some immediate results for the long-term advantages. His actions in the Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom had allowed me to peek at his true plans. Although I could never fully comprehend them."

"What the hell is he talking about?" Wondered Ainz. "All I did in Empire was duel the Arena Lord. And while recruiting runesmiths and reclaiming dwarven capital was a good achievement, I don't think that's what Demiurge is speaking of."

"I still don't understand," said Shalltear, looking like a student who just can't grasp the lesson.
"Me too," added Aura, "doesn't Ainz-sama want to conquer the world?"

"There is a difference between doing so, and doing so in a way that will result in Sorcerer Kingdom reigning supreme for 10,000 years." Said Albedo. All eyes were on her as she continued.

"From our research into this world's history we know that every two hundred years or so, powerful beings appear in this world. Similar to how Nazarick had been transported here. By all accounts, those beings might be on the same level as us."

There was a commotion in the throne room as gasps of surprise and exclamations of protest were heard.
"Naturally, no one can challenge the might of Nazarick!" Exclaimed Albedo, her wings opening and closing in excitement. "But if we use force to conquer this world, its inhabitants would be chomping at the bit to join forces with anyone who'll oppose us. Be it some newly transferred beings, or those already in this world."

Understanding dawned on all of the guardians.
"I see. Ainz-sama seeks to conquer the world in a way that would make The Sorcerer Kingdom not an enemy, but a hero to the people of this world. Preventing them from allying with our enemies in the future and even helping us find any of the ones already here," Sebas said.

"Indeed. If you look at AInz-sama's accomplishments it's clear that he has been pursuing this goal from the start. Carne village, lizardmen, Baharuth Empire, the Dwarven Kingdom, even his reorganization of the Adventurer's Guild. He had not simply achieved victory over them by force, but inspired the kind of admiration and worship that such a Supreme Being deserves."

"However, there are still obstacles – some fools just don't know their place," Demiurge said, a scowl on his face. "That fool, Jircniv of the Baharuth Empire. It seems he had given up on opposing us openly but is still looking for a way out"

"Which bring us to the Holy Kingdom. We will use this country to make the legend of Ainz Ooal Gown, making him a hero to the people of this world. While flushing out those who oppose us and inspiring even greater loyalty

from those loyal to The Sorcerer Kingdom."

"Demiurge has explained my goals quite well. Now that you know of my true plans, I hope you will work hard to fulfill them"
All of the guardians bowed to acknowledge their master's words.

"Still your intelligence knows no limits Ainz-sama. To think that you have already predicted this course of action back when you've created Pandora's Actor," Demiurge threw cold water on Ainz who had begun to relax.

"What?!" Suzuki thought, thankful for his skull face which could not betray any emotions. "Why is he mentioning Pandora's Actor now? I truly don't understand his plans"

"You give me too much credit Demiurge, it is just a coincidence."
"I should be safe saying this, right?" Suzuki wondered.

"Still, the whole plan would be impossible if it wasn't for Pandora's Actor's doppelganger ability. As the only one in Nazarick proficient enough to fully resemble anyone, could it truly be a coincidence since he is the one being created by Ainz-sama?" Demiurge asked with a smile.

"How should I answer him? I am not even sure what he needs Pandora's Actor for, or why he's such a key to the plan." Ainz agonized for a few seconds, before going with what he thought was his safest option.

"I had considered several possibilities at the time. Although, even I cannot see so far into the future. Now Demiurge, explain our exact plan of action for the Holy Kingdom so that everyone present here can understand it" Ainz ordered Demiurge.