From the author

I would like to thank You for reading this "Overlord" fanfiction of mine, as well as your feedback and reviews. If you haven't yet, then please leave me a comment. It's much more fun to write things people not only read but find interesting enough to comment on and provide feedback.

I'd also like to thank Maruyama Kugane for writing "Overlord." I'd like to thank Ainz Ooal Gown for writing his "Light's Downfall" fanfiction, which inspired me to write mine.

Originally I wrote this fanfiction in the Fall and Winter of 2016, which is why it follows the original volume 11. However, in 2017 I had to deal with a personal tragedy, and so I didn't feel like writing the last two parts to finish this story.

I've come back to it in early June of 2018. I was horrified at all of the typos and other errors that littered the pages of this story. So I've edited it, fixing (hopefully) most of the typos and incorrect word usage. I've also rewritten some of the scenes and also elaborated on why certain choices were made by the characters of the story. I feel it came out pretty good, not the best it could be, but pretty good.

I feel my writing needs to imrpove though, and the best way to improve is to write, a lot. And what better subject to write about than more "Overlord" fanfiction?

That's right, this Volume 12 is only the beginning. Right now I plan to write about 4 more volumes, following this one. Given my current writing speed, this should take me about 6 months, and with two updates per week, it will take about 10 months for all four volumes to be released.

It's a long road, but one I hope you will take with me.

Thank you for reading my work,

Jac Onue

PS: Be sure to check out the next part in the series "Volume 13: No One Can Escape Fate" updated on Mondays & Fridays. 2 parts are up on my site (as of 7/14/2018) and I'll probably start uploading it here starting on July 20th, 2018. So, look forward to that :)