It begins...

'I better make my way to the temple ruins'... Lunar says to himself, as he leaves Kakariko cemetery, 'it's going to be a long trip'. He leaves the cemetery and walks past Shaman's home; noise of laughter and chatting can be heard coming through the open windows of the large building, Lunar stops for a moment and looks inside long enough to see Impa walk past. 'I better go now, before I am caught. It's not safe for me here.' And with those words, he walks to the village's northern exit; stops and summons a twilit portal, and teleports away.

'Link, just where do you think you are going?!', Zelda yells, as the green clad swordsman, walks through the castle gates. 'I'm going after him, Zelda...' Link says as he stops. 'I can't let him just leave like this.' Zelda walks up and places her hand on Links shoulder. "Lunar no longer feels safe in Hyrule, Link; you know this.' 'Besides, He works under direct command of the Goddesses; If he is to keep the Triforce of Power out of Ganons' reach, He must leave Hyrule. Link sighs; 'I know that Zelda, but I can't just let him leave with out saying anything!' 'Fine, Link; just be careful. Not all of Ganon's forces have been eradicated.' 'There will still be plenty roaming throughout Faron's Forest and around the Sacred Grove.' Zelda turns away from Link and walks back to the Castle.

It takes a few hours, But Link arrives at the entrance to the Sacred Grove. Faron Woods are all quiet, except for the sound of birds chirping and a few Red Gels bobbing away in the serene wooded paths. Link makes his way past a small stall selling Red, blue and Green magic potions, glancing only for a moment at the parrot manning the shop. He comes to the cliff edge, transforms into a wolf, and jumps the gap and over the 3 ledges up to the entrance of the Grove. Back in human form, he walks into the grove and immediately notices a change in the ambiance and atmosphere of the Sacred Grove. No longer did it feel serene, peaceful and safe, but, instead it felt vile, dark and heavy. 'Something's not right here' Link says, as he cautiously makes his way deeper. He draws the Master Sword from it's scabbard on his back and Readies his trusty Hylian Shield. 'Din, give me strength.'

'Lunar appears from his twilit portal in front of the large ruined door of the Temple of Time, in the ruined courtyard. He immediately notices a dark ominous presence in the holy grounds, and readies himself for a fight. He makes his way down the stone steps to his left, and draws his twin Elbow Blades, the Side Harpies, as he does so. 'I don't like this one bit' He says, walking past the two golems that once guarded the door to the room that houses the Pedestal of Time. 'Something is here, and it's an evil I have never sensed before' Suddenly the shadows in the once grand room darken, and an evil laughter can be heard emanating from it. Lunar, stops in his tracks, dead center, in the middle of the room, getting in to his battle stance; the Side Harpies screaming as he spins them. He screams into the shadows, calling forth the enemies hidden within, 'Might as well come on out and face me! And may Farore have mercy on you, cause, I swear to Din... I sure as hell won't!' 'Let's see if my Shiekah training has been worth it!'

. to be continued.