Rebirth of the Chrysalite by WJTW:
A Story Based on the Oni Script "Aftermath"

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Oni, have the rights to it nor even helped develop it. Oni and the characters within are the product and property of Take Two Interactive unless the character(s) is/are invented by me (not many, though)


This story is an expanded version of the storyline provided for the Oni script called Aftermath. Well, you cannot actually say the storyline provided at OniChars* is a real story, though.
I highly recommend you play the script FIRST before the story…(more about the scripts at the end of the story…)

Whatever… just get on with the story!


Dec 03, 2032
11:55 p.m.
Project Sturmanderung Megacomputer Complex
The Syndicate Mountain Compound


The sickening sound of a communication trooper's back snapping echoed across the Sturmanderung Megacomputer Complex of the Syndicate Mountain-based compound.
Mai Hasegawa pulled her leg away the Communication Trooper's back.
Mai Hasegawa, otherwise known to the whole of Neo Japan as simply Konoko, was a rogue agent of the Technological Crimes Task Force (TCTF).
Both the TCTF AND the Syndicate want her dead. She has no one left to trust.

The purple haired agent brushed back her hair (which has grown quite long…) covering her beautiful green eyes and activated the console. Klaxons sounded, and the Sturmanderung Dish lit up.

"Sigh… here goes…"

Konoko did a small jump and landed on the platform supporting the enormous Dish, feeling grim at the thought that she would finally meet the person she wanted to get her hands on so much.
Gears started turning and machines began churning and groaning as the platform slowly rose.
Konoko wondered to herself. Since a few months back, she wanted nothing but to defeat Muro, the Syndicate Boss.
Her brother.

But now, being so close to Muro and on her way up to meet him, she wanted to go back down. She had several doubts, whether she would be able to defeat Muro and even if she did, would the world regard her as a heroine or still as an enemy? Would the TCTF continue to chase her? Would she be able to hide forever if they did?

The green lights near the top only made her more nervous. The loud churn generated by the gargantuan machine didn't help, either.
"Well, even if I wanted to quit now, its too late…", she thought to herself. She was right. Escaping would mean a 200 feet or more drop straight down to the machine's engine room.
The platform slowed down gently as it approaches the top.
Konoko expected Muro to be waiting for her. She took a deep breath, "Well, Mai, its now or never. The whole world depends on you now…"

Kla-Chunk! The platform locked itself into position at the top.

She looked around. Muro was nowhere to be seen.
It was too quiet for Konoko. She was afraid this would be yet another wild goose chase, just like the time at the Musashi Manufacturing Plant.
She looked up and saw the dish starting to pan. It pointed at the direction of the gaps in between two nearby mountains.

The Dish seemingly sucked up orange-pink rings of energy. The intense heat of the energy collected by the huge Dish caused sparks to appear on the concaved surface of the dish. Konoko silently hoped the dish would not have a meltdown now that she has come so close to meeting and defeating Muro.

Suddenly, a huge blast of orange energy was fired, then transforming into white pulses of extreme temperatures. Konoko could feel the heat from here. She shifted her legs uneasily, while looking around for Muro.

The pulses of white rings were used as a mean to reverse the Atmosphere Processors' default settings – to process the poisonous gases and then release it into the air as breathable oxygen.

Muro's going to destroy the whole world unless people are willing to subject to his wishes: sell your soul to him for a Chrysalis: the thing needed to survive the poisonous air being released due to the reversal.

Footsteps were heard and came from behind Konoko.

Konoko turned quickly face to face with a boy at his late teens. He was wearing dark clothing with a purple jacket that matches his purple hair. His long, pale and undeniably handsome face looked at the enormous dish before fixing those cold, emerald green eyes at Konoko.

The teenage boy was Muro.

Muro was escorted and protected by 2 Valkyrie (Red) Furies – personal bodyguards of Muro's. Trained in the harshest and strictest combat training environments, Konoko knew that she could possibly be pounded to dust if she wasn't alert enough.

There was silence for a while.

Then, Muro started speaking.

"You were a FOOL to come here alone!" Muro's voice was different. It sounded sharper, more sinister. Konoko felt uneasy just by listening to the voice.
Before Konoko could throw a reply, the sound of rotor blades could be heard from behind.
All of a sudden, a huge, green helicopter emerged.
Even though no wordings were on the helicopter, Konoko knew this helicopter belonged to the Syndicate. She had seen a few of these helicopters outside the main compound.
Oh, great… reinforcements! Now I'm toast.
An evil grin painted on Muro's pale face; a grin so evil, Konoko could tell that even the furies beside Muro were feeling uncomfortable.
The helicopter hovered several metres away from Konoko and the doors slide open to reveal… Griffin!
Griffin? What is he doing here? Konoko thought, obviously puzzled.

Griffin, the old TCTF regional commander was in fact here to help Konoko. He gave Konoko a nod.
Griffin did not come alone, of course. He brought along two remaining TCTF BlackOps (the others had been slaughtered by Konoko herself when she infiltrated the TCTF Headquarters earlier.) SWAT troopers. Konoko caught a glimpse of 2 hypo sprays, a kind of treatment for injuries, in the pockets of the TCTF Officers.
Griffin brought along his trademark weapon: The Van De Graff, a weapon capable of stunning people by shooting a certain voltage of electricity through a person's body.

"She ISN'T alone!" Griffin's eyes burned with anger. "You're under arrest… this ends, HERE and NOW!"

Muro sneered at Griffin and proceed to speaking with his sister, "You trust him? He used you!"

Why does it seem like Konoko's going to work with that old coot? This cannot be. Everything is planned, this shouldn't happen… these thoughts whirred through Muro's mind. He could not, obviously, believe his sister is going to fight him, her only kin, her only relation alive…

"Join me, or DIE like all the others… choking on dead air and foul water." He scanned Griffin and his agents. The words 'all the others' were meant for them.
"I have accomplished EVERYTHING our father dreamed of doing…"

Konoko was totally pissed off. Is this what their father wanted? Killing people if they are unwilling to buy a Chrysalis, an invention of their father's? The Chrysalis was used to save lives!
She knew what she must do and said to Muro, rejecting his offer, "He dreamed of life, all you know is DEATH!"

"Surrender! We have you surrounded."

He glowed orange in fury, with his fists clenched. If this is what his sister chose, to oppose him it is fine with him. She would have to suffer the consequences.
He would wipe all of them from the surface of the Earth.

"NEVER!!" He hissed, and attacked.

FOOTNOTES/Author's Notes

*OniChars – The Oni Character Analysis Site! (

## I know, I know… most of the story is written on what happened at the ending in the game. Bear with me, as the next chapter would be the real meat of the story. Hey, this is just the Prologue!

## Oh, do play the Oni Script, Aftermath, as well! Yup! It's the Oni script this story is based upon.

## There are actually 4 different versions of the Aftermath script; each on an alternate timeline but has the same basic storyline. The script that has the closest resemblance to this story (dialogue, fight sequences, etc) is the 4th part of Aftermath, named, simply, Aftermath IV… however, I'm still in the process of scripting it, so, hang on for a while…