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Title: Sharp Minds, Sharper Tongues Author: Dumb Question Disclaimer: Another dumb question Summary: Don't really know yet, just writing J/I stuff A/N: Tell me what you think.

Basically, she was stuck there. There wasn't much she could do about it, but sit, think and sleep. What a life. Irina truly had nothing left to ponder and was ready to start devising a means of escape even if she wasn't planing on doing so when she heard the metal gates moving upwards.

It had been days, maybe weeks since anyone had come to actually talk to her, and by anyone she meant Jack or Sydney. They seemed to have disappeared for no real reason and she wasn't prepared to ask questions, it was, in her opinion, a weakness begging to be shown to the world. So she'd held her tongue and had heard nothing of them. But now, someone was coming and instead of rushing to the window, she stood up and crossed to the window.

Her gaze was met with steely brown eyes, so she grinned, the irises were unmistakable, definitely Jack's and that simply meant, in her eyes, a conversation worth analysing. You see, Jack was more difficult than most, his motives were shrouded with the past and everything he did was measured and worked at just as Irina did. Even now, Jack's expression was the perfect mixture of indifference and coldness that to most he would project cold-blooded authority.

Irina was getting slowly better at reading him, however, and she saw through it to something niggling at him, making him uncomfortable. Instead of being the first to speak, she waited, knowing he was there for a reason, just not sure what that reason was. Finally he did speak, "We need to know about this man." He held up a picture of a sketchy security camera still and waited, holding it to the window and staring straight ahead of himself.

Her mouth twitched up again. He's said 'we' not 'I', that meant he isn't truly care for an answer, he'd said 'need' instead of 'want' in the lame hope she would believe him and he had said 'this man' instead of an actual name because, she guessed the CIA had no idea who he was. There was also a stiffness to him, a physical stiffness that hadn't been there in the pass, fleetingly, she wondered why.

Deciding it best to appear to be cooperating, she looked at the picture properly. The man was old, probably over seventy with little hair. He appeared Indian with a small frame and little glasses perched on his nose. He was wondering around with a firmly set mouth but Irina knew from past experience that he had a smirk that oozed death and destruction.

Looking back up at Jack who still refused to lock eyes with her, an anomaly as he was usually brave enough to at least try, she answered, "Perce, he's Indian drug lord, literally, thousands believe he's a god. He has bases on every continent, if you bother to give me something to write on I will give you addresses." She raised an eyebrow at his still unwavering posture. "Married, two children, both of which he sells drugs to. I'm guessing you're interest in him is due to his recent acquisition of a Rambaldi text up until now unknown to anyone."

A flicker of surprise brought his feature to life, but only for a second, Irina just dipped her head and smiled at him, "Except me, I knew about the book before you even knew about me."

Jack glared back at her, wanting to leave but not prepared to until he had a name. He knew she was playing with him, trying to make him admit that he, that the CIA, had no idea who he was, and as he had no time to waste, he gave up on his pride and just asked, "His name?"

Irina's eyes lit up as he disclosed the fact that no one knew his name, "Percy Bo-oharri" Jack immediately went to leave, turning quickly and not even uttering a 'thank you'. For a moment Irina didn't want to tell him, but she convinced herself that the open look that would take over his face would be worth the information, "Wait."

Jack stopped but didn't turn around, knowing it was most certainly just another game for Irina, "Look at me or I won't bother to tell you." This only served to make Jack madder, but, knowing that superiors were watching and listening from upstairs, he turned back and stared at her chin, hoping he didn't let his eyes slip to hers. "Good." She paused, dipping her head and trying to make him look at her, "The book he has is fake. I have the real one."

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