Chapter One:

The Widow and The Dragon

Narcissa Malfoy never thought she would be where she is. All her life she depended on her husband to keep her son safe but he had failed. So it was up to her to save her son from the madman. In a quick decision, Narcissa flowed to a secret location to meet someone no one knew she had met. If they did she would be tortured for affiliating herself with them.

It was a risk she was willing to take. She could not allow Draco to become a servant of a madman. The only way out she could see was to show Draco a different side of life. A different path. To be a superhero instead of a villain.

The room she flowed into was dark and secluded. Perfect spot for both her and the person she was meeting. She checked the time with the flick of her wand; the time was six twenty-six, four minutes before they should meet.

Taking a deep breath Narcissa found a chair farthest from the window and waited for her friend. She knew she was going to show up just on time. Never a second early or late. That was fine with her. So there she sat, in the dark just waiting for time to pass.

Four minutes later Narcissa heard a noise from behind the door; she paled instantly. The door knob began to twist making Narcissa grip her wand tightly in her right hand. She was not going to be taken down if she could help it. No one knew how well she could fight. It was thanks to the very friend she was meeting who had taught her how to fight with her body, not just her magic.

The door opened and Narcissa spotted the familiar red hair she often missed. A part of her regretted having to disconnect with her friend but at the time it was necessary for both of them.

"Cissa," the woman spoke up and sat across from her with a smile on her face.

"Nat," Narcissa replied smiling back.

"Been a long time, Cissa ," Nat replied, "a lot has changed. You even have a child."

"I do and that is why I am here," Narcissa sighed straightening herself. It was time to get business. Nat did not say anything and waited for her to continue. Narcissa took another deep breath before locking her gaze with Nat and began her request.

Draco sat with arms crossed in the waiting room waiting to get onto a muggle contraption that allowed you to fly through the sky. Draco could not see why he could not have just flown across with his broom or just side-along apparated with his mother to the desired location but his mother did not want to risk being caught. He knew what his mother was trying to do and a part of him was glad that his mother forced him to do this. Though he would never be caught dead saying it.

Finally after sitting for what seemed like forever a man walked up to him wearing a muggle suit and wearing something dark over his eyes. He wanted to ask but he would feel stupid asking. The man grunted at him to get up. Draco rolled his eyes but got up and followed him outside.

It was windy and cold. Draco hated every minute of the walk towards the stupid needle-like contraption that was going to take him to his final destination. Draco held his bag close to his chest shivering a bit. The bag was magically expanded so all his belongings fit inside this one bag.

He climbed into the flying needle to find quite a nicely spaced accommodation. If this is how muggles traveled it's no wonder they do it as often as they do. Then he overheard the world 'spoiled' and instantly knew that no, this was not the norm. Well, he was rich so he could probably pay for it. Whatever.

Sitting down a woman came up to him and asked him to connect the straps next to his thighs together over his hips. He glared at her and her American accent but he complied since he was unsure what would happen if he did not listen. He was not ready to die on a muggle contraption.

Suddenly the needle was moving and he was in the air. It did not take long for Draco to fall into slumber.

The next time he awoke they had landed on American soil. His head hurt and he just wanted to continue to sleep but the woman from the first time around. Draco grumbled grabbing his bag from the lady as she held it out for him. He sneered at her before shuffling off the flying needle.

"Hello, Draco," a female with very red hair stepped up to him once he disembarked the last stair, "I am Natasha Romanov, a friend of your mother's."

"Hmph, I am just here because my mother forced me to," Draco tilted his head up in arrogance. For a split second, he saw her smirk and that threw him off. He looked at her oddly before tightening his hold on his bag.

"You may be a wizard, Mr. Malfoy," leaning in the lady whispered into his ear, "but I can still wipe your ass. Actually, I know a lot of people who can. My team and I are here to teach you so I suggest you lose the attitude."

Draco just glared at her before looking towards the floor. How did this muggle know about the magical world? Did mother inform her? Well, his mother did mention that the lady was a master spy and that there was little she did not know.

"I don't know how you know about me or my world but I won't be defeated by a muggle like you," Draco growled.

"You can't use magic outside school nor in front of a none magic person so I would like to see you try to take me out without your 'magic'. You can often learn how to be stronger, faster and smarter than your opponent just by being better than them. To have skills they don't have. But if you feel like you are not up to it you can turn around and go back to England."

"A Malfoy never backs down," Draco declared.

For the first time, Draco saw the lady smile at him. Truly unnerving.