It was a dark night when a battleship was seen floating in place off a shore. There were some marines marching around on the deck, keeping watch to make sure nothing suspicious approaches the ship.

Unknown to them, a group of people were standing at the shore, hiding behind a rock that hid them from the soldier's view. Those people talked with each other as quietly as possible, and when they were done, four of them, dressed as frogmen, went into the sea and swam towards the battleship underwater.

It was dark underwater at night, but as they did not want to grab the attention of the marines with flashlights, the frogmen wore specialized goggles that had night vision, so they were able to see in the dark water clearly.

They quietly made their way to the battleship. One of them was able to make contact with it, and he got ready to get to the top of the ship using suction cups equipped on his palms. The moment he planted the suction cup against the exterior of the battleship, one of his partner tapped him on his shoulder. He turned and saw that all four of them had look of horrors on their faces while pointing at something. He looked at what they were pointing at and became as horrified as them. Staring right at them was a bizarre-looking creature they had never seen before. It was a quadrupedal creature with antlers on its head, and it lacked a visible face.

Three of the frogmen swam towards the shore in hurry, while the one who touched the battleship had problems removing his suction cup from the battleship. He was able to do so eventually and swam fast to escape the monster and catch up with his partners, but the monster rammed its head into him from behind and then swung its head upwards to toss him out of the water. The frogman screamed as he soared through the air in an arc and crashed back onto the shore. Those at the shore came to meet him and wondered what happened, and shortly afterwards, the other frogmen came ashore and explained in horror what they saw.

On the battleship, some of the marines saw what happened. "What happened?" one of them wondered.

The monster the frogmen saw suddenly leaped out of the water with wings on its back and landed onto the deck of the ship, and then it shrunk in size while gradually taking a human form. It transformed into a silver-haired woman wearing silver armor. "Vice Admiral Kamui! Did you send that person flying into the air just now?" one of the marines asked her.

"They were trying to sneak onto the battleship," she explained.

"Oh, that explains things," said one marine.

"We're sorry for not paying attention..." said another one.

"It's all right; they were being very sneaky," Kamui told them. "Anything suspicious other than this?"

"None as far as I know," said a marine.

"Vice Admiral Corrin gave a message some time ago that the portal is secure," said yet another marine.

"That's good to hear," said Kamui. "Let's continue to do our best to keep watch. We mustn't let any of these people get near the portal. Make sure to be on a lookout for ambushes."

"Yes, ma'am!" said the marines while saluting.

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Chapter 1
Uneasy Demand

It was a peaceful day at a particular park located in the world the yukkuris were all relocated to. Yukkuris of various kinds were frolicking around the place happily. The people at the park played cheerfully with them and fed them food. Some people even brought along yukkuris that they obtained as pets. Such yukkuris could be distinguished from strays by circle, yellow badges attached to either their hair or a part of their accessories.

While all the happiness was going on, a flash of light could be seen coming from among some trees. A few seconds later, some people stepped out from behind those trees. They were Peach, Zelda, Link, Kirby, Jigglypuff, Yoshi, Lucario, Duck, Hunt, and Gunner. "We're here!" said the first person happily.

They looked and saw the sight previously described. Almost as soon as they walked towards a more populated area, some yukkuris gathered around them, greeting them cheerfully. Some even asked for sweets.

"I knew you little things would be asking for them, so we came prepared!" said Zelda as she opened a plastic bag containing Gummi bears that she dropped onto the ground for the yukkuris to eat. The bun-like creatures gobbled them up happily and thanked her.

Some passersby saw the Smashers and said, "Hey look! They're the ones who introduced yukkuris to this place!"

"Wow! It really is them!"

"I think they look better in person!"

Looking around to see that people were talking about them, Gunner said, "You people sure are well-known here."

"Yeah, they have a billboard depicting us or something like that here," said Link. "People here really love these yukkuris, so they praise us for introducing them to this world."

Just then, a bespectacled man with messy, brown hair approached them. "Smashers! What a surprise to see you again!" he said to them.

"Do we know you?" asked Yoshi.

"If I remember correctly, you're Barry Yeazy, right?" Link said to the person. "One of the lead scientists on yukkuris here."

"Glad of you to remember me!" the man happily said.

"How's everything?" the Hylian asked him with a smile. "I suppose that things are doing fine regarding yukkuris."

"Indeed! We have managed to learn a lot about them!" replied the scientist. "It was actually mostly thanks to the help of your military providing us with reports taken from the yukkuris' previous world that we managed to learn about them. That world has been coexisting with yukkuris for as long as history itself, so they obviously have a lot of information, most of which are new to us. It was great help in learning about these marvelous creatures!"

"I'm glad you're happy!" said Link.

"Want to come over to my lab? Feel free to come take a free tour!" Barry said to them. "A scientist from your world has come over to this place after obtaining the permission from your world's government. Quite an eccentric and friendly fellow is he!" He looked at Kirby and said, "I'm sure you'll get along with him well!"

"What do you mean?" asked Kirby.

"You'll see what I mean if you come along!" said Barry.

The Smashers arrived with Barry at the research facility for yukkuris. They greeted some of the employees and employers inside while heading for the area where yukkuris were kept. They soon arrived at a large room that contained several terrariums that housed various species of yukkuris. "Did the collection increase since the last time we came here?" asked Zelda.

"Indeed," replied Barry. "Yukkuris reproduce incredibly fast, so we have to make rooms for them often. This actually became quite a bit troublesome, but we've managed to come up with a solution. We created a type of serum that when exposed to yukkuris, will make them sterile. That way, we can keep the population under control."

"Sterile? You mean keeping them from giving birth?" asked Yoshi.

"Indeed," replied Barry. "It's completely painless. The serum we created is sweet tasting, so the yukkuris will drink it up without hesitation. They don't even have to drink it; you just have to apply it to their skins. This will halt their reproductive systems so that they are unable to reproduce. This is actually on sell in public for pet owners who don't want their yukkuris to reproduce."

"Jigglypuff think this is better than old world method, but I know no what method they use," said Jigglypuff.

"We've also discovered new species of yukkuris, such as this these, junkos," said Barry, showing them a terrarium containing yukkuris with long, orange, wavy hair wearing a black oriental headgear. "Chang'E, are you watching?" said one of the yukkuris inside.

"What's it talking about?" asked Gunner.

"That... We're still trying to figure out..." replied Barry. "The old world doesn't have much info on it, so I guess it's a very rare species that they have yet to find out a whole lot about..."

Barry led them into another room that had some other scientists, and he introduced to them a yellow puffball that was the exact same species as Kirby, but he was yellow, wore glasses, and had a brown flattop haircut. "This is the person I was talking about, Doctor Furhead!" Barry said to the Smashers.

"Nice to meet you!" the yellow puffball said to them in a youthful-sounding voice like that of a 20 years old male. "I assume that you are the Smashers, right?"

"Oh wow! A fellow Dream Lander!" said Kirby in surprise. "No wonder Professor Barry said I would get along well with you!"

"I'm sure we can get along well!" said Dr. Furhead. "I'm the leading biologist back in Dream Land, even one of the best in Tooneria! Some of you might have heard of me."

"I do, because we have a book written by you at our home!" Zelda told him.

"I feel honored!" said Dr. Furhead with a smile. "Anyway, I came here because I have contact with the government for reasons I'm not allowed to say."

"No surprise..." said Yoshi.

"Because of this, I was told about the yukkuris, and my interest in them sparked, so I asked for permission to come here and see these odd creatures myself," continued Dr. Furhead. "I am not disappointed! They are some of the most incredible creatures I've ever seen!"

"What your people did was nothing short of an act of terrorism, though it's not like it's the first time they attempted something like this," Field Marshal Sarge, the supreme commander of all the military factions on Tooneria, said to various leaders of the former yukkuri world, which was dubbed "World OYP" by the government of his world.

After the attempted infiltration against the battleship that night, the world leaders of that place was summoned together to have a conversation with Sarge, who served as the face of Tooneria's governing leaders, the Pentaglorious and Big Brother. The world leaders didn't actually arrive at the meeting area; they met each other via telecommunication.

"If you people haven't made a mess out of our world in the first place, this wouldn't have happened!" said one leader angrily.

"You took away what has been with us since the beginning of time! Do you expect us to sit quietly now that they're gone forever?!" said another one.

"Do you realize what has happened to our people? They're going insane!" said yet another one.

Indeed, that was the case. Several people had gone crazy due to the lack of yukkuris in their world, not because they loved them and wanted to have fun with them, but because they wanted to abuse them. Several yukkuri abusers had gone mad due to the lack of yukkuris to abuse. Some entered a state similar to that of being brain dead, while some became like savages, running around and screaming for yukkuris to kill.

"Indeed I have, and it is a pity that your people are addicted to something as disturbing and terrible as animal abusing," said Sarge sternly.

"Animal abuse? Yukkuris aren't animals, so it doesn't count as animal abuse!" said another leader.

"Animal or not, they are living, breathing organisms that feel pain, have feelings, and reproduce," Sarge told him. "If living things are to die, then it should be for a productive reason, yet all I heard about you people is that you are killing them mainly for entertainment. That sort of thing is unforgivable! Life should never be killed for the sake of entertainment!"

"What do you know about the history of our world? You know nothing, so you have no right to judge us!" said a leader angrily.

The world leaders argued with Sarge about this, until one leader suggested something. "Perhaps we can make a deal. I have been thinking about this for some time, and I think this might solve our situation a bit."

"What do you have in mind?" Sarge asked him.

That leader then explained that he had the idea of yukkuris being allowed to be sent to their world every once in a while, but into a confined place and were not allowed to leave there. People of World OYP were then allowed to go in there to abuse the yukkuris until all of the latter perished. He even went as far as suggesting offering the government of Tooneria payment for this. The military would oversee everything so that things wouldn't go out of control.

This sounded like a good idea to several of the world leaders. As long as they were able to let their people interact with yukkuris in any way, they were willing to take the opportunity. "I will speak to my leaders about this," Sarge told the leader who suggested this.

Sarge wasted no time in returning to Tooneria and reporting this to the Pentaglorious. "Do you think this is a good idea?" Sarge asked them. "They are willing to pay us us and let us oversee things to keep things under control."

"Those people sure are persistent, aren't they? Going this far just to abuse these little things," said Smash Pumpkin.

"You have to give it to them for coming up with this idea," said Ice Dragon.

"Come to speak of it, is there really a point in us going this far to protect these yukkuris?" asked Paprista. "We have never gone so far to protect the faunas of our world, and here we are, driving an entire dimension mad because we are withholding these creatures from them."

"They abused these creatures to the point of causing the resurrection of the Destructor in their world," Mike the Smart reminded him. "That is something not to be taken lightly."

"Indeed, and I cannot help but think that the behavior of those people are barbaric," said Hyper Knee. "Who in the right mind would find defenseless creatures fun to torture?"

The Pentalgrious discussed among themselves regarding whether or not they should say yes to the idea the world leader came up with. They then told Sarge that they would give him an answer by tomorrow, so the field marshal left their presence.

Edward Oblong, one of the world leaders who attended the meeting earlier, went into his office room. He was a short, roundish man with glasses and short, black, neatly-trimmed hair. "Those b******! Who do they think they are? Taking our one true source of pleasure from us and ruling over us without our permissions!" he angrily said. "At least something good came out of that meeting. Buffox's idea is at least a start to getting back yukkuris."

"I don't think that's enough," said a man who entered the room shortly after him. He had light brown hair with a hairstyle that was best described as a Elvis hairstyle. "Some people won't be satisfied only being able to abuse them every once in a while."

"You're not the only who thinks that, Elrond," Edward said to him. "I don't think that's enough to satisfy people who are into abusing yukkuris as well. If only there is some way to make things better than this..."

"I do have the idea of smuggling yukkuris out of such places and forcefully making them reproduce in order to populate our world with them again," said Elrond.

Edward became interested upon hearing this. "That sounds like a good idea! Nice plan you have there, my secretary!"

"I am honored that you like my idea," said Edward.

"Smuggling yukkuris from that place and breeding them in secret... Before long, we will have a large enough amount of yukkuri that the government of that world will not be able to do anything about it but accept that yukkuris are once again populating ours!" said Edward. "We shouldn't spill this secret to too many people just yet. I think I know some people trustworthy enough to share the secret with, but for now, try to keep it to the minimum."

"I will, and I will not disappoint you when the government of the other agreed to President Buffox's idea," said Elrond with a smile.

Lucina was taking a walk out in the military grounds with her two koyukkuris, a marisa and an alice, moving in front of her. She decorated their accessories with pink, girly stuff to make them cuter, and they loved it.

Reflet eventually came up to her and greeted her. "Having a happy time with your pets?"

"I am!" Lucina said to her. "Do you like the decorations I've added to their accessories? They look so cute!"

"They sure do look cute!" said Reflet while bent down and letting the koyukkuris rub her hand in affection. "By the way, I just learned about something that may disturb you."

"What is it?" asked Lucina.

Reflet stood up and told her about the idea of letting World OYP have a batch of yukkuris every once in a while so that the people there could be allowed to abuse them. Lucina was obviously shocked to hear this. "How can our government agree to this?!" she asked.

"They want to test and see if this is a good idea first before making this permanent," Reflet told her. "The people of World OYP have gone really restless and crazy over the lack of yukkuris, and the world leaders there are doing everything they can to keep their world under control. Our government decided not to be too harsh on them and thus decided on this idea, which was suggested by World OYP in the first place, mind you."

"Those people! How can they be so addicted to hurting these cute little things?!" said Lucina angrily.

"Our people will be keeping watch over things to make sure it doesn't go out of control," Reflet told her. "Measures are taken to ensure that nobody secretly smuggles out yukkuris in an attempt to repopulate World OYP with them. In case something like that may happen, the yukkuris will all be sprayed with a special liquid created by the people of the new yukkuri world that makes them sterile so that they cannot reproduce."

"Still doesn't deny the fact that this is messed up! This is basically accepting the terms of terrorists!" said Lucina.

"I don't agree with it as well, but since World OYP is basically in a state of oppression, you can say doing this is showing them mercy," said Reflet.

"Yeah, you have a point... Still cannot accept the fact that abusing cute animals is an acceptable way..." said Lucina.

The PentagloriousPentaglorious had indeed gave an okay to World OYP's idea. Soon, various locations were established in different parts of that world for people to go and abuse yukkuris. It was an event that would happen only once a week, and limited amount of yukkuris would be transported there to be abused for a certain price. After all the ones there were killed, that would be the end of it for the week.

News of this spread like wildfire, and people immediately flocked towards those locations to be able to see yukkuris and abuse them again.

One of the locations was a soccer stadium. Several yukkuris were transported to that place via large crates transported from the new world, and the crates were opened to let them out and run throughout the field.

Behind the entrance to the field, soldiers were standing by to let the people come in. They could hear shouting and crying coming from the other side of the door, and it was being pushed against as well. "We're going to expect a stampede..." said one soldier.

"Yes, Captain Obvious..." said another.

The captain of the soldiers went through the instructions and orders regarding what they must do and what they should keep an eye out for one more time, and when he was done, he checked to see if everything in the field was ready. When things were ready, he gave orders for the door to be opened. The soldiers took a deep breath before opening the door, and indeed, a stampede happened.

Thousands of screaming people poured into the stadium, several of them behaving like wild animals, and went for the yukkuris, who were all surprised by the appearance of these terrifying-looking people. In no time, high-pitched screams filled the air, while the grassy field became covered in dead bodies of yukkuris.

The abusers, after being unable to abuse yukkuris for so long, were going all out. They chased down yukkuris, stomped them, tore them apart, ripped off their accessories, and ate them. Their behaviors were so wild that one could say they were no longer human.

The whole place was full of chaos. People even beat up each other trying to take yukkuris from each other. The soldiers were even getting dragged out into the field unintentionally by the mob and getting stepped on. Monstrous cries filled the air alongside the yukkuris' high-pitched screams. Some soldiers tried to keep things under control, but they were unable to do anything and even got hurt doing so.

Soldiers positioned at the audience area were safe from the chaos down there, and they could not believe what they were looking at. Some soldiers saw a screaming bodied reimu running up to the wall below them and trying to climb up it while crying for help. It was then pulled away by two insane abusers and then torn apart while screaming in terror. The soldiers felt as if they did nothing to help a little girl getting brutally killed.

It wasn't just this place that was like this. All other locations where this was happening was just as crazy and chaotic. One soldier described what he saw as being even more terrifying than war.

"According to reports, there are more than hundred of deaths as a result of this event," Sarge reported to the PentagloriousPentaglorious. An entire day had passed, and when all the yukkuris were killed, those places became closed and the people were forced out. They would have to wait until next week in order to abuse yukkuris again. Sarge received reports of casualties caused by the chaos and reported it to the ruling bodies of Tooneria. "Some of our men are included in it as a result of getting into the mobs' ways. We have a recorded footage of one of the locations. It will show you how things went."

Sarge showed them a flash drive that contained said footage. He played it to the PentagloriousPentaglorious, who were shocked by the brutality and chaos of what was happening in one of the locations there.

"Such barbarians! I can't believe those people!" said Paprista.

"This really tells a lot about what the people of that world is like," said Hyper Knee. "They are nothing short of savages who still have the minds of their primitive, stone age ancestors!"

"Are we still going to allow something like this to happen again and potentially forever? We lost our men because of this!" said Ice Dragon in anger. "Such barbaric and violent ways should not be allowed!"

"Let us wait and see first," suggested Mike. "We will give them another week before deciding whether or not this should remain permanent. I am trying my best to tolerate the actions of these people, mind you, and at the same time, I am trying to show mercy. If they continue to try our patience, then you can say that they do not deserve such mercy."


Took a while, but it's good to get it out at last. Lost interest in this story, but then decided to go ahead with it, since I already previewed it. I didn't really like how the second installment turned out, so I'm making sure that this one has a higher quality, one comparable to the first one, which I think it pretty well made.

Barry, Dr. Furhead, Sarge, the Pentaglorious, Edward, and Elrond are all my OCs.