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Chapter One

Dancing with the Wizards

Come on and dance with us.

Monday 29th of June

Season Premiere of "Dancing with the Wizards"

Come on and dance with us.

The TV at The Burrow continued blaring the song while the entire Weasley family, their respective halves, as well as Harry and Hermione, were all gathered around it. It was their Saturday night ritual; a home cooked meal and an episode of their favourite reality TV show. They all had busy schedules and looked forward to huddling up in The Burrow's living room to spend some quality family time.

Six years after the Final Battle, the Magical World had rebuilt itself anew. The incorporation of Muggle culture into the Wizarding World had been a mandatory decision made by the new Ministry. The aim was for future wizarding generations to no longer feel a sense of superiority between the magical community and the Muggleborn one.

Over the years, the Muggle relations office had become one of the most important divisions in the Ministry of Magic. Responsible for the Wizard-Muggle cooperation, it had taken onto itself the task of introducing Muggle culture and technology into the Wizarding world. The whole division was led by Arthur Weasley whose passion and knowledge of Muggle items had proved invaluable, especially when talks of incorporating said items into the magical world had begun.

One of Arthur's decision was to incorporate Muggle technology into the Wizarding world; an idea that had many of the Wizengamot members protesting their distaste and petitioning for Arthur's removal from his position.

This only made the newly elected Minister, Kingsley Shaklebolt, more adamant to see the project through. The task was enormous and it took months of planning and the backing of private investors to get the project off the ground.

After that, it took less than a year for the first product to hit the shelves. The Wizard Mobile Phone had a less than successful start and was met with apprehension by the magical community. They had been using the Floo Network to communicate for so many years that they were apprehensive to any other form of communication. It made it even harder for them to use something that they had no prior knowledge of. It took Arthur and his team using Harry's notoriety as The-Boy-Who-Lived to promote its use to get it adopted by people.

For weeks the pages of Witch Weekly and The Daily Prophet were filled with pictures of Harry using his wizarding phone in various different situations. The most emblematic of them showed Harry chasing a known ex-Death Eater down the streets of Knockturn Alley and using his phone to call for backup.

Following that particularly good publicity stunt, shops had been full of people wanting to get their hands on a mobile phone, especially once they realised just how practical the little invention was. They no longer needed to find an owl or a chimney connected to a Floo Network to get in contact with their friends and families and Harry was let off his role as unofficial spokesperson for the brand.

Shortly after the mobile phone, computers and televisions were introduced to the wizarding population. Less dubious now that they were used to the wizarding phones, TV's and computers were quickly embraced by the magical community, with every household owning at least one of each.

With that came new opportunities in entertainment for wizards. A whole new world of possibilities opened to them. Music from the Muggle world was making a transition into the wizarding world, becoming a huge hit with the younger generation. The Weird Sisters now had to compete with the likes of Beyonce, Taylor Swift and One Direction (for which the loss of Zayn was as much a calamity in the Wizarding world as it was in the Muggle world). Young witches and wizards had even started to venture into the Muggle world to be able to see their favourite celebrities perform live. A big coup for the Ministry as it further encouraged witches and wizards to discover the Muggle world.

TV shows were especially successful due to the new kind of entertainment they brought without having to leave the house. Shows such as 'The Only Way is Diagon Alley' and 'Made in Beauxbatons' were absolute hits. The Weasley family, just like all the other families were as hooked to them as could be.

"Made in Beauxbatons" in particular was a firm favourite, to Fleur's great indignation. Every time they sat down to watch the show she reminded them of how dramatised it was and what an inaccurate picture it painted of her school. The girls, she said, were not at all that catty. Hermione and Ginny found that hard to believe seeing as the show reminded them of some of the girls at Hogwarts. It was during one of these Saturday night viewings when the advert for a new show appeared on their screen.

The advert showed two women in sequinned bodysuits with an attached fringed skirt coming down to mid-thigh, dancing with two young men in black high waisted trousers and white shirts. The top three buttons of the men's shirt were opened revealing their toned and hairless chests. The two couples performed different types of dances with intricate lifts and flips that had Mrs Weasley on the edge of her seat in wide-eyed admiration.

"What a wonderful idea for a new show," she said as she listened to the voiceover telling them about the debut show, her eyes twinkling in excitement.

Since the end of the war and all of her children having flown the nest, Molly had found herself with a lot of spare time on her hands. No longer having to cook or clean for her large brood, she had had to find new ways to occupy her spare time, which she found in the way of television amongst other things. Even after Victoire and Dominique were born and her duties as grandmother had begun, she still wasn't as busy as she used to be. Looking after two children was a walk in the part compared to seven.

"Penelope you have to tell us more about this new show," she said turning towards her daughter-in-law.

Penelope had married Percy two years ago and was working at the Wizarding TV Network as Senior Media Planner. She was the person they all went to whenever they needed information about a certain show. She indulged them as much as she could but was always careful to never divulge anything that might get her into trouble. She was firmly against spoilers and refused to reveal even the tiniest of information, no matter how much they begged for it. Most of the time, though, she kept things to herself, enjoying watching her family argue and debate over what would happen next, feeling oddly satisfied knowing something they didn't.

"Well, I'm not quite sure how much I can tell you," she answered, pondering the thought for a few minutes. "The show is based on the Muggle show called 'Strictly come Dancing' or in America 'Dancing with the Stars'. The whole gist of the show is that there are eight supposedly famous contestants that are partnered with professional dancers. Every week they have to compete against each other in a predetermined ballroom dance which will be scored by three judges and audience votes. The couple that receives the lowest combined judges score and audience votes will be eliminated each week until only the winning pair remains" she explained to her family.

"Everything was pretty hush-hush until now. For a while, we weren't sure if it would be something that would appeal to the viewers. Muggle dancing is a bit different from Wizarding dancing. There's also the fact that unlike the Muggle world we don't have very many celebrities per say or even professional dancers for that matter. And then we had to deal with all the logistics and adapt the show to wizarding standards. There was really no point in telling you until it was 100% certain" she continued.

"Do you know who is taking part?" Molly asked almost bouncing in an attempt to calm her down.

"I do," she said mischievously, "one, in particular, is in this room right now."

Early on Friday morning, she had received an email informing her that the contestants on 'Dancing with the Wizards' would be able to tell their families about their participation in the show come Monday morning. She didn't think it would hurt if the Weasley's got a two-day head start. Plus, she had been holding onto the information for months now and had been dying to tell them ever since. Behind Penelope's scholarly and uptight demeanour was a playful and good humoured person who, every now and again enjoyed engaging in a little tomfoolery.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth and almost simultaneously every head in the room turned to look at Harry. Mrs Weasley was now very certainly jumping up and down in her seat with excitement.

"Why are you all looking at me?" Harry said in mock outrage from where he was lying on the sofa, his head propped up on ginny's lap. "What makes you think that I would want to take part in that show?"

"Well, Penny did say that only famous contestants were taking part in this. And you are The-Boy-Who-Conquered-The-Forces-Of-Evil" George said from the floor, leaning against the armrest. "There is no one more famous than you."

"Well, it's not me so you can all stop staring. I'm sure you all remember the catastrophe that was the Yule Ball and you expect me to learn a new dance routine every week. I'd rather not look like a Flobberworm on live television, thank you very much. And anyway I've had enough attention to last me a lifetime. "

"He was asked, though," Ginny piped in and Harry huffed at her statement. He had rather hoped to live his life without that information being known. You could always count on Ginny to ruin your plans.

"Of course he was asked," Ron interrupted, a sore look on his face as he rolled his eyes.

"They even said that they had the perfect partner for him," Ginny continued while brushing her fingers through Harry's hair. "I wish they had asked me, I would have loved to take part in something like that."

"Ballroom dancing? Really? You've clearly been hit one too many times by a Bludger to your head" Ron snorted. "The whole thing is just ridiculous. I mean who would want to go learn to dance and be judged by strangers. And let's not forget being watched and most likely laughed at by millions of people. It's ridiculous and embarrassing. People would stop at nothing to get their five minutes of fame"

"Thankfully not everyone is as much of a grouch as you are. Or as insensitive. I think you've forgotten that someone in this room is taking part in the show. " Hermione intervened. "Now if you don't mind we still have to figure out who here is taking part in the show. I for one am curious and think it's a wonderful initiative," she finished giving Ron a deadly glare.

George burst out laughing while Bill watched the exchange in amusement. Watching Hermione put Ron back in his place was always entertaining. Ron never seemed to realise that what he was saying was hurtful or inappropriate and seemed surprised when Hermione would lash out at him. Merlin only knew he needed it sometimes.

"That would be me," said Fred sheepishly from the armrest of the sofa where he was sitting, feet dangling over the edge. His twin immediately stopped laughing and turned to look at his brother with a look of shock on his face.

"What do you mean that would be you?" George asked, going from being amused to surprised in a flash.

"Well, they came to me and asked if I wanted to take part in this new TV show. I was dubious at first but after having listened to them it seemed like a good idea, so I agreed. I thought it might be something fun to do, get out of my comfort zone and all that," he said to the group. Then turning to his twin, "I wanted to tell you, but they made me take a confidentiality vow," he explained.

Everyone in the room was looking on in surprise, not quite sure what to say. Out of all of them, the idea of Fred taking part in a dancing competition was the most incredulous.

"You're serious then? This isn't some kind of a joke?" George questioned.

It was common for the both of them to play pranks on each other. After all, when it came to testing their products it was the safest option. Some of the side effects that developed during the first stages could turn out to be quite nasty. Testing was as much a part of the creation as any spell or potion was and it was the only way to improve on it. The best way for them to do that was when the other didn't know what was coming, it guaranteed a better reaction and review of the product.

"Nope, not a prank. You're not upset are you?" Fred asked.

"No, I'm not upset. I just can't believe they asked you and not me." George said pouting while everyone else in the room snickered at his obvious jealousy.

"Blimey!" Ron snorted, leaning back against his chair, "I thought it was going to be Fleur. This is getting out of hand."

"Fleur was your brilliant choice? Four months pregnant Fleur? Aren't you a genius," Ginny mocked, rolling her eyes.

"She was riding a broom while six months pregnant with Dom. Dancing hardly seems unreasonable," Ron defended, resisting the urge to stick his tongue out at his sister. "This just seems like a bizarre idea, even for you," he said to Fred.

"Nonsense Ron," Molly interrupted. "I think it's a wonderful idea."

Since the end of the war, Molly had been particularly encouraging of everything the twins did. For weeks after the Final Battle, she had been so distraught at having almost lost Fred that her maternal instinct had gone into overdrive. The fear of having almost lost a child, especially one of the twins with whom she had always been harsh with had subdued the stricter side of her. She had been nothing but encouraging towards whatever her children decided to do. She didn't even blink twice when Ginny had announced that she wanted to play professional Quidditch and instead had baked a cake in the shape of a Quaffle to celebrate.

"I can't believe one of my sons is going to be on television," she said clapping her hands.

"I just mean that it's a bit weird for Fred to take part in such a show. It's not like he even likes to dance. If you wanted the attention you could have just gone and invented a new prank," Ron continued ignoring his mother's statement and oblivious to Bill's shaking of his head. "I just don't see why you would want to embarrass yourself."

Fred sighed and his brow furrowed in exasperation, the scar on the right side of his forehead that he had sustained during the Final Battle when the wall had fallen on him hidden in amongst all the creases. "Unlike some, I don't want to sit around and watch the world go by, I want to learn new things, fun things that push me out of my comfort zone and make me feel alive. I want to make the most of my life and if that entails humiliating myself on television so be it. We fought so hard for this life and it would be a waste to sit around and let it go by. I for one do not want to waste this opportunity to stand up proud and say that even though I failed I at least tried something new. That much can't be said about you." Fred finished leaning back against the back of the sofa, arms crossed in front of him a proud smirk on his face.

"Hear, hear" George shouted from beside him, raising his hand for a high-five. Around the room, everyone cheered Fred's wise words while Ron sulked in his chair.

"So what's going to happen next Fred," Ginny asked upon settling back down.

"I have to go down to the network and sign the contract on Monday and then straight to the studio to meet my partner. We have to start rehearsing then and there. We only have two weeks until the premiere. I don't know what to expect from her, I just hope she won't be too tough on me."

"Well I feel bad for her, she's got her work cut out for her with a partner like you" Bill joked.

"Let's just hope she's fit. After all, you will be spending quite a bit of time with her, it couldn't hurt if she was a looker" George interrupted. "Though it might things harder for you."

From her seat on the armchair, Hermione's cheeks turned a shade of light pink. Nobody seemed to notice, too preoccupied with questioning Fred. Except for Harry who smiled at her knowingly and sent a wink her way before returning to the conversation at hand.