A Troubled Feline

Darkness. A small fire lit up the area, one lone figure sitting beside the flame. Her eyes were wet, the firelight reflecting off of the small droplets that fell down her cheeks. Katt stopped crying, rubbing her eyes fitfully. She heard someone approaching, and didn't want to be caught in this state. She dried her eyes and waited for the person to step out of the darkness of the small, dilapidated house nearby.

Ryu exited the small building. He was having trouble sleeping. His thoughts kept going back to the fight just a few hours before...

"So what is it Ryu? Are you just friends?"


"So you're more than friends???"


"Fine. We shall fight to see who will win Katt's heart!"

The gruff Worren, Tiga, had challenged Ryu to fight because he thought they were competing for Katt's love. Ryu didn't honestly know how to answer Tiga's questions, so he stayed silent. He knew they were friends at least. They had gone through a lot together. He didn't know how deeply she felt for him, so he didn't make any advances on her. Besides, he had Nina competing with her...and the three shamans took enough interest in him...as well as the witch that cursed Jean...

Ryu began to get dizzy just from counting all the women that seemed to swoon every time he was near. He placed those thoughts aside and shook his head. Maybe some fresh air would clear his troubled mind. He stepped out into the night air, chilled slightly. He saw a campfire in front of him, and a small figure curled up against a log. Ryu stepped over to investigate who was up this late other than himself. As he approached, he saw the girl's fiery red hair and her deep, green eyes, which were slightly bloodshot and reddened from crying. He could still see a tear on her cheek. Walking slowly, he made his way over and sat next to her.


The young fullen sat up, hearing her name called. She hoped it wasn't Tiga. She had already had enough of him and his attitude today. He just thought that because they belonged to the same race, that they should immediately fall in love. That kind of thinking was pathetic in Katt's eyes, and she wished that Ryu had won the fight. But, a single thought placed itself in her mind. 'Why hadn't Ryu won? He always seemed so strong before...' And then it hit her. He lost on purpose. But...why? She looked over at the person who had called out to her. She sighed with relief. "Oh...Ryu, it's you. What are you doing up so late?" she queried.

"I could ask you the same thing. I just couldn't sleep, so I decided a little fresh air would do me some good," he answered.

"I just couldn't sleep either...Too many things to think about right now..." she trailed off, fidgeting slightly, mainly to get comfortable.

"Like what?" he asked, gazing into her eyes. A look of concern and a small amount of fear were clearly shown in his eyes.

She fidgeted uncomfortably, not wanting to reveal she had been thinking of him. "I was just wondering...in that fight, you didn't seem to be yourself. I know you could have taken him. I mean, you've killed hundreds of monsters, some of them being 10 times your size."

"Well, I had my reasons." He stated, staring into the fire.

"Like what?" she asked, mirroring his previous question. She edged a little closer, tilting her head slightly as she watched him.

"When I was fighting...I thought about a few things. Like...why Tiga was so insistent upon having you. I had heard about how rare a fullen is, and since you two belong to the same race, I figured that he either fell in love on first sight, or he was wanting to protect his race, seeing as how there are so few of you. Or maybe both happened at once. I'm not sure, but apparently he wants you pretty badly...I wasn't sure what to do."

At this statement, Katt sobbed, sadness filling her heart. Ryu looked down, but Katt had already composed herself. He did notice another tear had fallen down her cheek, sliding next to the first one he had seen when he first arrived. Ryu reached down and brushed her tears away gently, placing his hand on the side of her face. She sighed at the touch, looking up into his light green eyes.

"Thanks..." was all she was able to say to him, though she cursed herself mentally for not acting on this moment. Normally, she would have jumped at the chance to place herself higher in regards to the love that was being fought for by her and the Windian princess. However, she felt that this was the wrong time to compete.

"Maybe you should give him a chance, Katt. Who knows, maybe he'll turn out to be a really great guy," Ryu suggested.

Katt couldn't offer an answer, or even any other kind of response. Ryu had just told her to be with another guy. She was almost crushed. She just leaned back on the log that sat near the fire and looked up at the starry night sky.

Ryu didn't understand that he had just hurt her. He just wanted her to be happy. He stood up, brushed off his pants and gave one last look at the young fullen who was reclining by the fire. She returned the look with a slight smile. He smiled back and went back inside the broken-down shack that served as a base for the rebels here.

Shortly after he left, Katt felt the tears return. She didn't want another guy to love her. There was nothing she could do to stop him, though. Her pride wouldn't allow her to admit that she loved him, even after what just happened. Pride was her downfall, and she knew it. She still hadn't thanked him for saving her life back at the coliseum. She dozed off, the warmth of the fire lulling her to sleep.

Disclaimer: Breath of Fire 2 belongs to Capcom, but the twist on the story is mine. So there.