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It was early morning on the streets of Tokyo and three of the closest friends that could ever be, rode their motorcycles through the quiet streets weaving their way through the silent neighborhoods.

"Hey Sango," Kagura yelled over the dull roar of her custom painted Yamaha YZ-RF6. "Did you get that hot guy's number?"

Sango was not as flashy as the other two girls were and she had a bike to match her personality. She rode a custom made Harley styled machine with an exhaust system that was loud enough to let everyone know within a three block radius, she was near. Sango did hear Kagura's question and responded, "No, he was too chicken when I told him I wanted to take him home and tie him up. Too bad though, he seemed to have a body that could bring me pleasure."

"Dear sisters," Kagome said. "You both had shots of going home with hot guys and you both blew it!" Kagome had a personality and tastes very similar to Kagura. So, she also had the same bike. However, instead of it being painted a light purple, hers was painted a bright red to match her fiery personality and attitude.

They pulled up to a stop light with Kagome in the middle of the three. Then Kagura and Sango turned their heads to Kagome and Sango asked, "What happened with thy guy you were dancing with? You both seemed to be hitting it off and you both were giving off signals you wanted to go further."

Kagome eyes never left the stoplight in front of her. Just as the light changed, she answered, "I fucked him in the back of the club." Then she took off, leaving the other two stunned females in her wake.

Sango and Kagura looked at each other before focusing on their friend and attempting to catch up with her as Kagome sped through the streets.

About the same time, two pairs of eyes opened to greet the sunrise.

Touga rolled over to kiss his wife of over three-hundred years and said, "Good morning."

"It is now," Izayoi said before she kissed her husband again. "The shine is going to be very busy today. Can you wake the boys while I get breakfast started?"

"Certainly my love," Touga said as he slipped out of their shared bed and pulled on a pair of shorts.

Izayoi watched has her husband dressed. She especially admired his taut bottom as the waistband of his shorts pulled up past his hips. She crawled back across the bed, wrapped her arms around his waist and said, "You have made me a very happy woman Touga. Not only do I have the pleasure of being married to one of the most considerate and loving men in the world, but one who has a body that makes other women and some men do a double take as you pass."

Touga loved his wife beyond compare, especially when she felt like being playful as she did now. He turned around and picked her up off of the bed and said, "And you my dear Izayoi have made me very happy as well. You have warmed this old dog's heart. After my first wife passed, you gave me something that I could never repay in equal value."

"Oh," she replied as her eyes piqued with question. "And what would that be?"

"A family," he responded. "You gave me and Sesshoumaru a home and then a son."

"And I love all of my dogs," Izayoi said. She slapped his butt, then said, "Go and wake your sons, this shrine will be full of visitors in a few hours and we have to clean up from last night's rain storm."

"Alright, I'll go and wake our sons, plus Miroku. You will have to remind me why we took him in again when he has his own family across town," Touga said as he separated from Izayoi and went to their bedroom door.

"He is Inuyasha's best friend and he needed a safe place to stay while his parents are away and you know, you like him like family dear," Izayoi said as she dressed.

"You are right dear," Touga replied. "He would make a very good addition to our family." He slipped out of the bedroom and into the hallway before sliding the door closed. As he walked down the narrow hall with lavishly adorned walls and polished wood floors, his slipper covered feet barely made a sound. He listened to sounds of crickets still singing their songs from outside of the shrine's walls as he stopped at his first son's door. He turned to the left and softly knocked on the door frame before sliding the door open.

Sesshoumaru was already awake and dressed for their busy day when he heard the door slide open. He turned and bowed to his father and said, "Good morning father."

"Good morning son, you ready to start our busy day?" Touga asked.

"Yes father, I'm looking forward to teaching the ways of Shinto to the children of this city again," he responded.

"Good, they children love you son. I'm proud of you, I hope you know that?" Touga said.

"Of course I do father," Sesshoumaru said as he synched his belt to his waist.

Touga smiled at his first son, then left. He walked down the hall to his second son's door and knocked before sliding the door open.

Inuyasha was busy going through his morning exercises when he heard the door slide open to his room. As he performed a one-arm push-up, he said, "Good morning father."

"Good morning Inuyasha, why are you not dressed yet?" Touga asked.

"Sorry father, I was up late studying for a test. I accidentally slept late. I apologize," he answered as his ears drooped forward.

"Inuyasha, there is nothing to apologize for," Touga said. "You are a fantastic student and you are going to pass that test, even without studying the way you do."

Inuyasha stood up and went to his father. He hugged the older demon tightly and said, "Thank you father, you don't know how much I wanted to hear your praise."

Touga hugged his son back and said, "I'm always proud of you Inuyasha. You, your brother, and even your friend Miroku make me proud.

"Father, can you let me go? I want to shower and get dressed," Inuyasha said.

Touga let go of his son and Inuyasha went to go and shower.

After he left for the bathroom, Touga couldn't help but to take a look at a test that happened to be lying on his son's desk. He picked up the piece of paper and read the grade. Touga put the test down, looked at the bathroom's door, and smiled. He turned back to the test and wrote his own note to his son before leaving the room.

Inuyasha returned from the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. He quickly noticed that his father wrote something on his recent calculus test. He went over to the desk and picked up the test. His eyes filled with tears as he read, 'Your mother and I knew you could ace this test Inuyasha. Great job son! We love you!' Inuyasha turned towards the closed door of his room and said, "I love you too father."

Touga heard his son and smiled a little wider. He finally made it to Miroku's door and gave it a light knock.

Miroku was busy practicing his chants and the scriptures he was to give a sermon on later in the day at the shrine's temple. He had a pair of earbuds in his ears and was listening to a series of chants and reciting them back perfectly.

Touga watched and listened to Miroku studying and reciting the chants without flaw. He finally said, "Miroku, my wife is making breakfast and if you want any, I suggest you head downstairs and get some before my sons get there first."

Not getting a response from Miroku, he lifted an eyebrow and walked over to the boy. He noticed Miroku still didn't respond to his footfalls and finally noticed the earbuds in his ears. He tapped the boy on the shoulder and Miroku removed his earbuds and turned his head to face the demon who took him in. He said, "My apologies Mr. Takahashi, I didn't hear you."

"Miroku, how many times have I asked you not to call me Mr. Takahashi?"

"Too many Mr…" Miroku started to respond but noticed Inu-Taisho's starting to turn red. "Touga."

Touga relaxed then said, "That is much better Miroku. You have been part of our extended family for decades. You might as well be family." He placed his right hand on the boy's right shoulder, then asked, "What are you working on so intently Miroku?"

"This passage is very prevalent to this time of the year Touga and I want to get the chants perfect for every member of the community," Miroku replied.

"Miroku, every time you take the altar, the parishioners no matter how young, stop what they are doing and listen to everything you say. You really should think about becoming a priest." Touga said.

"I have thought about it Taisho, and I think I would love to be this shrine's priest," Miroku stated.

"You have some competition for that spot Miroku," Touga said. "Izayoi is making breakfast and if we want any, might I suggest we head to the kitchen before Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha get there first?"

"Your wife is making breakfast?" Miroku asked as his eyes went wide and stood up. "She makes some of the best mackerel there is and you are right, if we don't get there before your sons, they will eat everything in sight!"

Touga laughed for a minute then heard the footfalls of his sons in the hall. He then said, "Move it son, or those two are going to get to my wife's cooking before we do," and ran out of the room.

Miroku was completely stunned with what Touga had just called him. Yes, he loved being around Inuyasha's family and he felt at home while at the shrine but to actually hear Touga, the most powerful demon in Tokyo call him son, made his heart beat faster. As he followed the Alpha demon out of the room, he proudly said, "He called me son!"

After the boys had breakfast, they started their morning cleaning of the shrine's grounds. Sesshoumaru started sweeping by the torii gates, while Miroku and Inuyasha swept the stairs and the sidewalk leading to the shrine's grounds.

Meanwhile, the girls were riding through the streets near the old shrine when Sango heard a funny noise from her bike's engine. "That is the last time I let one of your boyfriends touch my baby Kagome!" She pulled off to the side of the road and got off of her bike. She crouched down to listen to the engine.

Kagome and Kagura turned around and stopped next t Sango. Kagome lifted her visor and asked, "Yoso only gave it an oil change. How badly could he screw up your engine?"

"If he wasn't so busy staring at your ass while he was changing the oil, he might not have cross-threaded the oil pan's drain plug." Sango responded.

Kagura removed her helmet, shook out her hair, then said, "Sango is right Kagome, Yoso was so engrossed in watching your ass in those leather pants, he couldn't even handle a screwdriver! It's no wonder he screwed up Sango's bike."

"Hey! I can't help it if I have a great ass that looks good in leather!" Kagome yelled back.

"No you can't Kagome but now what am I going to do?" Sango asked.

"My brother once broke down around here. He told me that one of the sons of the shrine's owner was able to fix his car and didn't want anything in return," Kagura stated.

"Perfect!" Sango stated as she stood back up and threw her right leg over her bike. She sat in the saddle and threw her hair back over her left shoulder then said, "At least with him looking at my baby, I might be able to ride her home instead of leaving her by the side of the road."

They all slowly made their way to the shrine and parked in front of the torii gate. Sango took off her helmet and turned her head to the right to look at the impressively large gate straddling the long staircase leading to the shrine's grounds. "Are you sure we are in the right place Kagura?"

Kagura already dismounted her bike and had her helmet removed. She put her helmet on the saddle of her bike and replied, "This is definitely the right place. There is not another shrine with a gate like this for miles around."

Kagome got off of her bike and intently looked at the gate. The longer she stared at the gate, the more she felt if she passed through it, her life was going to change. However, she didn't know if the premonition she was feeling was going to be a change for the better or throw her life into a tail-spin she would never recover from. Kagome shook her head to clear it and said, "If you are going to have this guy look at your bike, let's go and find him. I want to go back to our apartment and get some shut eye before we head back out again tonight."

Again?" Kagura asked as she turned her head towards her friend. "We have been out clubbing for the past three nights in a row. Can't we just stay in tonight?"

Kagome went over to her friend and got in her face. She then spat, "If you are too tired to go out and find a man to take back to our apartment Kagura, then stay out of our way when we get back. Sango and I plan on having a good time with the men we bring home and I don't need your wimpy ass killing our mood!"

Sango quickly got between the two girls and said, "Kags, calm the fuck down! We are all tired. Face it; we have been out partying for almost three days straight. We all need to rest."

Kagome was about to respond when she heard a very commanding voice from the top of the stairs.

"Ladies, if you would mind watching your language, I would very much appreciate it," Inu-no-Taisho said with his arms crossed looking down at the three girls who in his opinion were not dressed appropriately at all.

Kagura knew who the voice belonged to and also knew this particular demon was not to be crossed at all. She responded, "Please forgive us, my friend's bike has a cross threaded oil plug and she was hoping that your son could take a look at it. He worked on my brother's car not that long ago and his work was phenomenal."

Inu-no-Taisho remembered Miroku working on some lower demon's car just because he asked him for help. He un-crossed his arms and said, "Ladies, please bring your bikes around back and I will find Miroku for you. However, he is rather busy preparing to give a sermon in a few hours so you might have to wait awhile, if that is alright?"

Kagome was about to protest but Kagura held up her left hand to her and answered, "That will be fine and thank you."

Inu-no-Taisho smirked at the female demon and walked away.

"Why did you stop me from telling that pompous ass, we don't wait for anything!?" Kagome yelled.

Kagura turned to the other two and said, "That dear Kagome was a demon you don't want to ever be on his bad side."

"What are you talking about Kagura?" Sango asked.

"That man is one of the strongest demons around. Touga Takahashi has been the Alpha demon of the Western Lands for centuries and his sons are almost as strong and powerful as he is," Kagura replied.

Sango put her hands on the handgrips of her bike and started pushing it towards the back entrance of the shrine as she said, "He can be the head clown for all I care, as long as his son fixes my bike. Let's go girls."

As they walked their bikes though a smaller torii gate at the rear of the shrine's grounds, Kagome felt a large weight on her shoulders. She shook her head in attempt to dispel the feeling she was experiencing at the moment. But it didn't work.

"You ladies can leave your bikes here and if you want, you can come into the temple or head over to the rectory for a cold drink," Inu-no-Taisho said.

"Thank you for your kindness," Kagura responded. She turned to her friends and sternly said, "Right girls?"

Sango quickly caught on to what Kagura was telling her and she responded in kind, "Yes, thank you so much."

Kagome still did not like being on the shrine's grounds let alone being polite to a man she barely knew. Although she didn't want to make her host upset. She responded, "Thanks."

Touga left them alone to make their decision.

Since none of us want to go into the temple, let's have that drink," Sango said.

They left their bikes and walked over to the rectory building. As they walked, a few of the older parishioners took noticed of the way they were provocatively dressed and snickered as they passed.

As they arrived at the rectory, Kagura slid the door open and entered. Just as soon as she did, her eyes fell on who she could only assume was Inu-no-Taisho's eldest son. She let her eyes wander down his tall and well-built form dressed in white shrine robes with red accents. Then her eyes locked with his golden orbs.

She held her gaze for a minute until Sesshoumaru asked, "May I help you with something miss?"

Kagura quickly shook her head and replied, "Your father invited me and my friends to have a drink."

"Friends?" he asked not seeing the other two. He looked in disbelief that such an attractive woman would debase herself by wearing a short black mini-skirt and a halter-top. Although he did have to admit, he liked the way her long legs looked in her outfit.

Kagura pulled Kagome and Sango into the room without moving her eyes from the hunk of demon in front of her.

"What the hell Kagura!?" Kagome asked as she was pulled into the room and tried to regain her balance.

"Please refrain from using that type of language when visiting these grounds young lady," Sesshoumaru said as his eyes narrowed and focused on Kagome.

Once again, Kagome was about to tear into the man in front of her but Kagura stopped her and quietly said to her, "You don't want to go there Kags. The Takahashi's are very powerful as well as very influential. One wrong move around them and their family can make our lives very miserable."

Kagome swallowed her aggravation towards Sesshoumaru. She then looked past Kagura and said, "I did not mean to offend you or these grounds. Please accept my apology."

"No harm done. Please keep in mind there may be children on these grounds and I would prefer they do not hear such harsh language," Sesshoumaru replied. He started walking towards the kitchen and said, "I will return shortly with your beverages, please make yourselves at home."

As he disappeared behind a divider, the Sango and Kagome turned to Kagura who was watching every step Sesshoumaru took. Sango elbowed her in the ribs and said, "Someone's got a crush on a certain demon, I wonder who that could be?"

"Sango, are you saying that our dear friend has got the hots for Mr. Tall, mysterious, and hunky?" Kagome mockingly asked.

Kagura simply removed a feather from her hair and waved it like a fan at the girls. A gust of wind blew them back and into the arms of Inuyasha and Miroku.

"Good morning ladies," Miroku said.

Sango turned her head to see a very handsome man wearing a white shrine robe with blue accents and was carrying a book in his arm. His jet black hair was very neatly done in a low pony tail that stopped just above his shoulders and from what she could feel below the robe he wore, he had a decent build.

Miroku gazed at the girl he was holding and looked into her eyes. To him, they radiated a heat that burned into his soul, then he gazed lower to her long and curvy body dressed in a tight black shirt and matching pants. On her feet were these scarlet boots with chains that wrapped around the tops. His heart beat faster the longer he held her in his arms. Miroku smiled at her and asked, "I'm Miroku, what is your name?"

Sango for some reason felt like she belonged in Miroku's arms. She shuddered for a second when he spoke to her, then replied, "Sango, my name is Sango."

"Such a sweet name for a delicate flower. Might I ask what brought you and your friends to the shrine today out of all days?" Miroku asked.

"One of acquaintances tried to give my bike and oil change, but messed it up very badly. I was told you could take a look at it?" Sango asked.

"I can defiantly take a look at your bike Sango," Miroku replied. "Unfortunately, it will have to wait. I have to give a sermon in about a half an hour and I can't get these robes greasy. I hope you understand."

"Miroku captivates the entire temple when he speaks," Inuyasha said. "I have an idea, why don't you ladies stay for the sermon and then Miroku will take a look at your bike? The New Year just past and today's sermon is special. I promise you are going to love hearing him preach."

Kagome lifted her left hand and felt Inuyasha's silky tresses slip through her fingers. She then looked up and noticed the most gorgeous pair of golden eyes she had ever seen. She also noticed his chiseled jaw, his wide smile, and these two cute dog ears on the top of his head. She backed away from him ever so slightly and asked, "Just what are you?"

"I'm sorry miss, I'm Inuyasha. The second son of Touga and Izayoi Takahashi. I'm also as you could guess, not 100% human. I am what is known as a hanyou, half human and half inu-youkai. And you are?"

Kagome quickly glanced over his body and she liked what she was able to see. Inuyasha seemed to have a very muscular build and was very handsome for a hybrid. She responded, "Kagome."

"Nice to meet you Kagome," Inuyasha said and quickly looked her over as well as her friends. He then said, "If you three are going to attend today's services, you will need to change your clothes. We can't have you three parading around is such skimpy and tight attire."

"My brother is right ladies," Sesshoumaru said as he returned with a pitcher of cold orange juice. As he put the pitcher down as well as a small stack of cups, he said, "You can't wear your current clothes in the temple. It would be disrespectful to the other parishioners. You should be able to find suitable attire in our sister's closet."

They all sat around the table and had their beverage while Miroku beamed with pride as he told Sango about the sermon he was about to deliver.

Inuyasha couldn't keep his eyes off of Kagome. There was something about her that drew his eyes to her and he wasn't sure what that particular thing was, but he was determined to find out.

Kagura was in the same boat as Inuyasha. Her eyes wouldn't break away from Sesshoumaru. Between his eyes and his very handsome features, she was drawn to him like a moth to light.

Eventually, the pitcher was drained and Miroku got up to clean up.

Sango joined him in the kitchen despite him telling her that he didn't need her help and she was a guest. But she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Kagura leaned over to Kagome and said, "It seems I'm not the only one who has developed a crush. Our friends Sango appears to be smitten with Miroku and I have caught you looking at Inuyasha on more than one occasion. So, do you like him?"

Kagome was never the type of girl to be saddled with one man at any one time. She always had men at her Beck and Call. But Inuyasha seemed different than the men she hung out with. He seemed to be honest, caring, and the type of man any woman would die to be able to call theirs. "He's not bad Kagura," Kagome replied.

Miroku and Sango returned from the kitchen and Miroku said, "You three need to get changed, services start in fifteen minutes. Inuyasha, would you be so kind to show our guests to Shiori's room?"

"Sure. Ladies, will you follow me please," Inyasha said and led them out of the rectory and across the shrine's grounds to the main house.

The house was simple but large enough to let six to seven people live comfortably. They entered the kitchen and noticed a woman standing by the stove, making a pot of tea. She had long meticulously straight black hair that fell to her knees. She was humming a song to herself while being completely engrossed in what she was doing.

"Mother, I would like you to meet our guests," Inuyasha said.

Izayoi turned around with a wide smile on her face and said, "Welcome into our home girls. I'm Inuyasha's mother but you can call me Izayoi. I hate being called Mrs. Takahashi."

The girls all noticed Izayoi was gorgeous and they all laughed at her statement.

Kagome stopped laughing first and said, "If you were only a hair younger Izayoi, you would fit right in with our little crew."

Izayoi chuckled for a second then said, "I appreciate you saying that miss, but I am older than I appear. Ever since I mated Touga, I was able to take on his life span. I'm actually about 250 years old."

"You're what!?" Sango asked.

"You heard right young lady, I am close to 250 years old and my husband is bordering 275. Our sons are 200 and 175 respectively," Izayoi responded.

"Mother," Inuyasha said. "Our guests need to change their clothes so they can hear Miroku give his sermon in the temple."

Izayoi looked the girls over and said, "I don't know why you three beautiful girls need to dress like that. However, it's your choice but you cannot wear such revealing clothing on these grounds." She turned to her son and then said, "Inuyasha, please take our guests to Shiori's room and show them her closet. She must have something that will fit them."

"Of course mother," Inuyasha said. "Please follow me." As he started to leave, Kagura turned to Izayoi and said, "Thank you for your hospitality Madam Takahashi."

Izayoi looked at Kagura for a moment, then recognized her. She asked, "Is your name Kagura?"

Kagura nervously asked, "You know who I am?"

"Yes, and I know that you are a very powerful wind youkai," Izayoi said as she walked towards Kagura. "Please change and come back here. I want to have a word with you, in private."

Kagura knew she could not refuse her request. However, the fact she wanted to talk to her alone made her nervous. Eventually she responded, "Of course Lady Izayoi, I'll be right back."

They all left Izayoi in the kitchen and walked down a short hall until they stopped at a wall. "Please follow me. Shiori's room is down this way." Inuyasha said.

They turned to the right and walked another twenty five feet to a sliding door with white dense paper windows and a few sakura trees painted on the panes.

Inuyasha slid the door open and motioned for the girls to enter.

Kagome was the first one in and heard the sounds of lightly running water in the back ground. She also noticed the room was very sparsely decorated and there wasn't even a bed to sleep on. Kagome looked to the wall that had a simple desk and chair on it and noticed several paintings of flowers and trees hanging from the wood paneling. As she went to examine one of the paintings, she asked, "Who painted these? They are very good."

"That would be my sister," Inuyasha replied as he walked over to her and looked at the painting she was staring at. "Shiori always had an eye for finding the beauty in every living thing out there. Before she left for college, she would spend hours in the shrine's garden painting her heart out only to give her paintings away to one of the children visiting the shrine."

"She sounds like a very kind and giving person Inuyasha," Kagome said.

"She is," he replied. He finally turned around to look at Kagome's face and really got a chance to notice how beautiful she actually was. He gulped as his desire to touch her delicate face increased. Chastising himself for thinking that he might have found someone that might actually want to be with him. Not as a friend but as a romantic interest. He backed away from her, went over to his sister's closet, and said, "Shiori's taste in clothing might not be to your liking. However, I can guarantee she will have something that will fit you." Inuyasha said before he left the room and slid the door closed.

He leaned against the opposite wall and looked at his sister's door for a second before he said, "Don't be a fool. She is way out of your league and would never think about dating you."

The girls watched him leave then after the door closed, Sango went over to Kagome and said, "I thought he was going to kiss you Kags and from the look on your face, I don't think you would have minded at all."

Kagome turned her head to face Sango and replied, "I doubt it. He seems to be the type of guy that wouldn't kiss a girl unless they were serious about each other." She turned her body to look at the door and said, "Too bad though, he looks like he could be a real good kisser, not to mention he has a nice butt."

"Hmm, a nice butt?" Sango mocked. "You have been watching him enough to notice that he has a nice ass. I think Kagura and I had better start making plans for your wedding Kags. I can picture it now you and he get married and have three or four kids and all of them have his adorable ears."

Kagome smirked then put Sango in a headlock under her left arm.

As the girls play fought on the other side of the door, a certain hanyou heard everything that was said. His demeanor perked up when Kagome said that he could be a good kisser and walked back towards his own room to finish getting ready for the sermon.

The girls all finished changing into Shiori's clothing and looked at themselves in a full length mirror by the closet door. Kagome now was wearing a white dress that stopped at two inches above the knees and a very modest neck line. Sango managed to find a black dress where the right side's hem was higher than the left and was held up by a single wide strap over her left shoulder. Kagura had changed into a sky-blue dress which almost fully covered her collar bone but left the upper part of her back exposed. The skirt fell just below her knees and moved with every step she took.

"Wow Kagura, you look gorgeous in that!" Sango said as she looked over the wind demoness. "If I was into girls, I would be begging to sleep with you."

"I'll take that as a compliment Sango," she replied and looked her friend over. Kagura then said, "You are going to have the un-divided attention of a certain monk when he sees you in that. I only hope he doesn't screw up his sermon because he is focusing on you."

"Yeah and I wouldn't be surprised if a long-haired demon didn't swoop in and carry you away for some private time," Kagome said to Kagura.

She turned to her friend and said, "So says the girl that has a hanyou wrapped around her finger already. Inuyasha would be your little lap dog if you let him. All you have to do is give him a little pet and he is yours."

Kagome sort of liked Inuyasha but she also knew he was too good for her and would probably never think of her in a romantic way. She just huffed in response to Kagura and left Shiori's room.

As Kagome stormed out of the room, she collided with Inuyasha who was now wearing a shrine robe that seemed to hug his body and showed off his build perfectly. Kagome's eyes wandered over his body and started to feel very warm all of a sudden.

"I'm sorry Kagome, I should have been paying more attention to where I was going." He said then looked at her. Seeing Kagome in Shiori's dress made his heart flutter. He then said, "You look beautiful in that dress Kagome."

"No harm done Inuyasha and you look quite handsome yourself," Kagome replied.

"Not many girls say that to me," Inuyasha said as he blushed. "Thank you. Shall we head over to the temple? It's not polite to be late and we are going to want a seat to hear Miroku give his sermon."

"Can we wait for Sango?" Kagome asked. "She is going to want a seat right up front."

"Sure," Inuyasha answered. "If you want, we can wait here for her or in the kitchen where it would be more confortable?"

"The kitchen would be fine," Kagome said.

Sango and Kagura finished fixing their makup then Sango turned her head to the demoness and asked, "What do you think Lady Izayoi wanted?"

Kagura was placing a blue and black colored feather in her hair which only enhanced her beauty even more when she heard Sango's question. As she walked over to where Sango was standing, she answered, "I have no idea but apparently, she knows who and what I am."

"Is that going to be a problem Kagura? Sango asked.

"I doubt it," Kagura replied. "Lady Izayoi seems nice and I doubt she has a malicious bone in her body."

Then they left Shiori's room and returned to the kitchen. As they entered, they found Inuyasha and Kagome over by the windows looking over the shrine's grounds and his left arm was draped over her shoulders.

Sango gave Kagura a slight shove and pointed to them. She then said, "I think those two are smitten with each other but they both are too nervous to admit it. Care to give them a not-so-gentle shove in the right direction?"

"Oh yes. Our friend could definitely use a good push," Kagura responded.

Izayoi heard Kagura's voice and said, "Good, you're back Kagura. Can you please help me bring these trays of snacks out to the Children's Temple?"

Kagura separated herself from Sango and went over to where Izayoi was standing. She picked up one of the trays of snacks and said, "It will be my pleasure Lady Izayoi."

They both walked out of the rear door of the kitchen and onto the shirne's grounds. As they passed over a small foot bridge that spanned a Koi pond, Izayoi said, "Kagura, you are one of the most powerful wind demonesses in the world as well as a very compassionate soul. I have asked you on more than one occasion in writing to join us at the shrine and assist with the teachings. But you refused every time. I would like to know why."

"I do appreciate the offer Lady Izayoi. But I as you said, I am a very powerful wind demoness and also a young one too. I want to have the wind guide me to where I should go and right now, it's telling me that I am home with my two friends," she responded.

"Kagura, as romantic as that sounds, you are missing your calling," *Izayoi said as she stopped in front of the very colorful building. She put the tray down she was carrying and went to stand in front of Kagura. As she looked into the demoness' eyes she said, "You do belong to the wind Kagura but as you well know, the wind is very fickle. This shrine needs someone like you in order to help it flourish and nurture those who come onto its grounds. It also needs another female's touch around here and as much as I want my daughter to help out around here, she has discovered her passion in life and I doubt she is going to return other than visiting for short periods of time."

"Lady Izayoi, what would you have me do, give up my life to serve the shrine?" Kagura asked.

"Not at all Kagura," Izayoi responded as she turned and picked up her tray again and walked towards the door of the building. Just before she opened the door, she said, "I want you contemplate what your life would be like after you see what goes on behind this door. My son didn't want to be in service to the shrine either. However, after he witnessed me teaching the children who visit the shrine and helped me nurture the children, he changed his mind and now; he willingly teaches the class on his own and loves every minute of it." She slid open the door and listened to the sounds of very happy children playing in the distance. "Come and see for yourself Kagura. Then make your own decision." She said as she entered the building.

Kagura followed Izayoi into the building and heard the kids playing as well as Sesshoumaru's laughing right along with them. She put her tray down right next to Izayoi's and gazed out into the classroom. Kagura witnessed the second most powerful Inu-youkai in the west, reading to several children who seemed to be hanging on every word he spoke. The wind-demoness felt very warm all of a sudden as his eyes lifted from the book he was reading and met hers.

A little girl saw Kagura standing alone by the kitchen and went over to her. She tugged on the hem of Kagura's dress and asked, "Why are you standing here by yourself miss?" She reached out with her tiny hand and took the demoness' hand in hers and led her towards the circle of children.

Kagura only wanted to see what was going on and listen to Sesshoumaru tell his tale, but she didn't want to upset the girl either. She allowed her to lead her to the circle and took a seat.

The girl looked at Kagura's features and asked, "You are very pretty, can I sit in your lap miss so I can see better?"

Kagura smiled at the girl and replied, "Sure."

The girl climbed into her lap and Kagura placed her left arm around her shoulders.

Sesshoumaru noticed the way Kagura sat with one of the smaller girls of the group and how her arm was protectively draped over the girl's shoulder. As he continued with his tale, he thought, 'There is something about this demoness that intrigues me. I need to find out what that is other than her beautiful smile.'

Kagura lifted her head away from the girl sitting in her lap and noticed Sesshoumaru looking directly at her as he told his tale from memory. She felt a shiver run down her spine as his eyes bored holes into her soul. Kagura never felt this way before and she narrowed her eyes ever so slightly and thought, 'No man or demon made me feel this way before. Even though he is quite handsome and is apparently very fond of the children, I'm not going to let him get under my skin.'

Sesshoumaru finished telling his story, closed the book he was holding, and asked, "Does anyone have any questions about the story I told?"

Not getting an answer from any of the children, Sesshoumaru then said, "My mother is in the cafeteria with some snacks for all of you."

Upon hearing that Lady Izayoi was present with their snack, all of the children got up from their seats and went to the cafeteria.

The little girl that was sitting in Kagura's lap turned to her and said, "Thank you miss." But before Kagura could respond, she kissed Kagura's left cheek and ran off to catch up with her friends.

Kagura rubbed the spot where the girl's lips touched her cheek and watched as the girl disappeared behind a divider. She smiled then heard Sesshoumaru say, "Ryoko seems to like you Kagura. She is normally quite shy and sits in a corner by herself."

"She is such a sweet child, why does she feel the need to be by herself?" Kagura asked.

Sesshoumaru stood next to her and when Kagura ran her fingers through her hair, he caught a faint odor of Sakura blossoms as well as something else that was quite pleasant. He then answered, "Ryoko came from a broken home. Her father left them when Ryoko was three after he was caught cheating with another woman. The divorce was rather hard on Ryoko and one night, she ran away from home."

Kagura listened to Sesshoumaru tell Ryoko's story and not only did she feel sorry for the little girl, she also wanted to have a little chat with her father about how stupid he was for throwing his daughter away for a piece of ass.

"I found her on the steps of the shrine, crying her eyes out and saying that her father didn't want her anymore. I picked her up and brought her into the residence building. I made sure that Ryoko ate something and out her to bed before calling the police and letting them know she was here and safe. The next morning, her mother came to pick her up and by brother noticed a large bruise on her left cheek. While Inuyasha is normally not a violent person, seeing Ryoko's mother like that made him see red. He took one sniff of her fingers and he locked in on the scent of Ryoko's father and went to teach him a lesson that he would never forget," Sesshoumaru said as he stepped away from Kagura before he was compelled to do something that he would regret.

Kagura noticed him stepping away from her and lifted her left eyebrow. She got out of her seat and stood next to Sesshoumaru before she said, "I hope Ryoko's father learned his lesson and he apologized to his family?"

"Unfortunately for him, he did not," Sesshoumaru replied. "He is currently in jail for assaulting my brother and Ryoko's mother."

Kagura hugged Sesshoumaru and rested her left cheek against his chest before she closed her eyes, listened to the demon's heart beating, and said, "I feel so sorry for her. Ryoko seems like such a sweet girl, I can't fathom the reason for her father acting like that."

Sesshoumaru returned the demoness' embrace and lowered his face so he could smell her hair again. The sweet odor made the demon smile and his desire to be with her increased rapidly. He pulled back ever so slightly, looked down at Kagura, gently lifted her head with his right hand so she could look into his golden eyes, leaned forward, and kissed her.

Kagura was not expecting to be kissed by Sessoumaru. However, her body responded very favorable to his intense kiss. She brought her arms up around his neck and kissed him back with the same intensity he kissed her.

"Who would like a cold drink?" Izayoi asked as she came out from behind the divider holding a tray of cups with cold juice. She quickly stopped in her tracks as she watched her eldest son kissing the young demoness. She put the tray down on a table and returned behind the divider to leave the two alone. She then said, "I knew they were meant for each other and all they needed was a gentle push and Kami would take over. Now, if my other son would realize what is in right in front him and ask the girl out, I could be a very happy woman."