The amazon walked her way into the ring, smiling and waving to the crowd. She had a look of fierce determination, as she was in to win, and wanted to prove her universe proud. The Watcher looked at her with unnervous and unfeeling eyes, as she made her way up to the steps of the ring.

Her opponent from the other universe, Hercules, was less humble. He flexed his biceps proudly, confident and assured in his victory. He had the intent of winning the match, and was convinced no Amazon was going to stop him from doing that.

He jumped over the ring ropes, read to box.

"I've fought with Amazons before and won. I'm sorry, but it's clear I'll be the victor of this match", as he showboated, doing muscle poses for the crowd.

A alien announcer, announced the fighters.

"In the red corner, the Amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman!". Diana smiled for the crowd, waving to her adoring fans.

"In the blue corner, the Greek God, Hercules". Hercules, got the same amount of cheers, albeit slightly less, and the crowd cheered for him as well, doing muscle poses for the crowd.

The Watcher announced the fight. "Regular boxing rules apply. No powers except speed, stamina and strength. Win is by Knockout, nothing else."

Hercules offered a glove tap, and Wonder Woman took it in stride, tapping her gloves back.